Comparing Police To Hitler Can Get You Banned From Facebook

Cop Block Post Banned From Facebook for Comparing Cops To Hitler

Just a few moments ago I went to check my Facebook notifications and saw the dreaded “You need to log in again” message that preceded all of my many Facebook bans. Since the account that I received the notification from is already banned from posting, and has been for over a week, I was pretty confused about this.

As a regular contributor to, I am an admin of the Cop Block Facebook page. Another admin posted the image below, showing three still frames from a video of a cop setting a dog on a helpless suspect, then a frame of Hitler with a German shepherd, pointing out that the Nazis used dogs to hunt Jews in WWII. An astute observation, originally made by the fine folks of Police the Police.

Cop Block Censored on Facebook

Cop Block Censored on Facebook

Someone apparently reported the post, we’re not entirely sure if it was for violence or for racism, but in either case it’s fairly obvious that we’re not glorifying violence with this post, and we’re surely not promoting racial hatred. We’re pointing out government corruption and condemning it.

There’s been a rash of libertarians being banned from social networks. The great purge of Voluntaryist middle names from a few months back, a Statism is Slavery post mocking Che Guevara, and another comparing Obamacare to Hitler for a few older examples. More recently, Mark Dice and Stefan Molyneux were both banned from YouTube, followed by Josie the Outlaw, and Adam Kokesh being banned from Facebook.

Add to this the fact that Facebook has been limiting the reach of pages, in hopes of convincing them to buy advertisements, and the social media scene is starting to more closely resemble that of cable news, than the free and open internet we all hoped would bring citizen journalism to the forefront.

Here is the image that Facebook removed.

Cop Block Post Banned from Facebook

Cop Block Post Banned from Facebook

Be sure and stay in touch with your favorite content producers via their websites. Facebook and YouTube censorship is getting worse by the day, and it’s really becoming hard to believe they aren’t targeting libertarians. There are a lot of benefits to being on the most popular social networks, but many of us are relying on them way too heavily for our communications. It was bad enough that they helped the government spy on us, but now they’re helping the government with their perception problems, and that’s where we’re going to have to draw the line. Check out Diaspora, or for alternative networks that won’t censor you for exposing government corruption.

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  • Right

    Facebook doesn’t belong to you. Respect their property rights, hippie. You signed a contract with them when you created your account, abide by it. In this relationship, they’re the boss, you’re the worker. You provide your labor to produce content, and they make money of it. It’s the free market at work, bud.

    • Averyfoto

      And it’s obviously run by douchebags like you. because I trust the Russian government more than the American one.

    • Scott Downey

      Correct does not mean right,Right.

    • MistyH

      Are you a cop, pissed at freedom of speech in our Constitution, and want to see it done away with as it exposes the corruption in our police state? Are you a cop who enjoys brutalizing helpless victims as they lay facedown and handcuffed, do you enjoy kicking and punching them as they lay is such a helpless state, and are pissed that people are exposing this, and you WANT to see them shut down? That’s what you are coming across as, Nazi.

      • Right

        LOL! You’re coming across as a girl that likes it rough! Do you like to be spanked?? 😛

        • AtlasAikido

          Perhaps you should whine on facebook about those stupid anarchists. Perhaps it will earn you some brownie shirt points…

          mistyh makes the connection to a fascist state (corporations as an entity of such) and **censorship** and **destruction of property rights** backed by those who serve and protect your property rights? (sarc intended)

        • MistyH

          You are a sick mofo.

      • Mike

        Such butthurt. He made a valid and legit point. They are free to do as they wish, and you are free to stop using them if you don’t like it.

        …but you won’t, cause you have no other forum to whine on.

        • AtlasAikido

          By whining about it here ()as you put it these **censored** sites are being re-instated.

    • miseshayekrothbard

      Theres a reason that stores have a customer service department.

    • Alex Sawyer

      It’s not just about Facebook. It’s about all these massive corporate-owned sites who are systematically banning things that threaten to expose the system for what it is. YouTube is doing it, too. Whether FB has a right to ban what it wants isn’t the point. The point is the appearance of collusion to deliberately suppress viewpoints that could undermine support for the corporatocracy. Better to keep everyone dumb, distracted, and happy. Carry on with your cat pictures, sports scores, and celebrity gossip. The rest of us have a message to get out.

    • AtlasAikido

      As best as I can tell MistyH is looking at power with structures not power over (what you are talking to).

      People don’t make good slaves in a fascist corporate environ when they are in touch with their needs. Needs we all have. **Privacy and Freedom from censorship** are part of property rights. You are saying that she should know that she gave up that right and human need

      This is CERTAINLY not the free mkt at work (life serving and enriching lives)…it is crony capitalism. It would not survive without the state.

  • Scott Robart

    I think it might be time to start looking for a new social media site which is more liberty-oriented and doesn’t censor people for saying the “wrong” things.

    • Michael Lafond

      Oh you mean like a lot of the other anti-cop/government FB pages do?

    • Marilyn5555

      ABSOLUTELY! This is one of the things I DESPISE about Facebook! Apparently they feel the need to help Obama silence anybody who doesn’t agree with him, dems, liberals, cops….you name it.

    • MistyH

      How about Google’s social media site? G+, or something like that?

  • Gregorio Thousandaire

    Free market my a ss. Farcebook is as “Free market” as the Federal Reserve. The only thing holding them up is massive influxes of Taxpayer cash.

    • Greg G

      Facebook isn’t taxpayer funded, its funded with ads they sell.

      • oscar

        they sell ad space not ads

      • miseshayekrothbard

        There is loose CIA involvement thru a few separations of front organizations, but on the other hand, that could be from their opium sales.

        • Greg G

          Better get back to the bunker and wait for the apocalypse bro. Go alone, the CIA has already put your neighbors, family, and us on the payroll.

          • Gregorio Thousandaire

            Silly disinformation agent, tricks are for kids. Farcebook is a CIA front. Sorry but millions of us are starting to wake up to your games. And it’s so easy for criminal sociopaths to wave their hand to low IQ CNN-watchers and dismiss critical thinking and actual KNOWLEDGE of FACTS as “conspiracy theory.” PS: I am NOT your “bro,” duuude.

  • Reginald Whitcomb

    While I agree with the theme of the meme in question. I as an owner of GSDs was unhappy to see the issue taken to breed specific comment. GSDs are wonderful animals, the focus should be on their owners, not their breed.

    • miseshayekrothbard

      I want a German Shepherd actually. If they make good police dogs, they must make good guard dogs…

  • Michael

    You honestly don’t see what is wrong with that?

    Hitler committed mass genocide… This cop was just being a dick knubler.

    Im not agreeing with the ban or with police brutality…. but you DO see why it could be offensive to Jewish readers, right? I don’t go around calling every guy who leaves a pregnant woman and runs off a N***** do i? No…. Because that is offensive as hell… And im sure you would agree with that. It shows a lack of tact. A tact-lack if you will (say that out loud 5 times and you will no longer be angry enough to comment and call me a nazi-loving-hate-monger)

    • James A Saunders

      news flash Hitler started out as a dick knubler too. And its not just 1 isolated incident, it is becoming a standard policy for the entrenched dick knubler’s and the new wave of military trained replacements for the few old core good cops.

    • malcolmkyle

      According to Paul Craig Roberts, a former editor of the Wall Street Journal and former assistant secretary to the treasury under Ronald Reagan, “Police in the US now rival criminals, and exceed terrorists as the greatest threat to the American public.”

    • miseshayekrothbard

      Im Jewish and not offended. Only leftwing “jews” who havent had a challah or passover since their bar mitzvah (If they had one) would get offended by this.

    • Manley Caughell

      Cry me a river

  • Kaila Jackson

    Police are similiar to Hitler.

    Police are modern day American Nazis.

    The Government is allowing corrupt police to slowly flourish in an attempt to desensitize Amercian citizens to police brutality. They want you to stick it in your head that, “If you are a good American citizen (Sheep-Slave) then you wouldn’t have been beaten. You irritated the officer, therefore, the officers’ actions were justified. Get in line American sla…citizens… We are doing what’s best for you.”

    That way when citizens start to believe the government is doing what’s best for the citizens, it’ll be easier to take our firearms, our rights, and our freedom. They are in the process of creating the modern-day Holocaust.

    Fuck all these “given rights”. That’s bullshit. I have the right to do whatever the fuck I want to do, NOT because I am an American citizen, but because I’m an adult, I make my own money, and I depend on NO ONE.

    So, I’ll do and say what I damn well please and I’ll do it anywhere I want.

  • jpor

    If anyone is offended, go somewhere else! FB needs to take the “Report” button away.

  • Jeremy Criquet

    Don’t suggest wordpress sites as alternatives…the coder in me cringes at the thought!

    • miseshayekrothbard

      Why? I like wordpress. Its easy and looks good. Its not much of a social network tho.

      • Jeremy Criquet

        Have you seen the code behind it? It’s so ugly and clunky. I’m not much of a PHP fan these days though, anyways.

  • miseshayekrothbard

    Its not just libertarians. Ive been banned for any number of things and Ive heard complaints from across the spectrum. It seems completely arbitrary how reports are adjudicated because Ive reported political enemies for harassing me (and they were) but Facebook does nothing, while I call someone an idiot and get banned for a week. On top of that, you cant appeal any of it. So a clever bastard could hack your account, write niggerfaggot on a page, report you with their own account, and get you banned despite having done nothing.

    I have read that they hire third world click slaves for 50¢ an hour, but some of this seems too robotic to be done by someone. I am so sick of Facebook that Ive taken to twitter lately and really want to ditch facebook, but its my only connection to many people and its so goddam addicting.

  • miseshayekrothbard

    I made an account there, but the only people there are Russians.


    I saw that post. I clicked like on it too. Too bad Facebook thinks they can kill free speech. Time for a new site I think. Facebook is going to lose users faster than the clouds lose rain very soon.

  • Ed Thayer

    I see constant posts about liberal hatred and libertarian victim-hood. When are people going to see the fact that making every aspect of our lives a form of corporate controlled capitalism is what fuels the need to censor and divide us? So many would love to kill this president while blowing a corporation. Look at the big picture. Wall Street and our empowered corporate elite have us all over a barrel.

    • Manley Caughell

      Dem corprashiouns maaaaaan skull and bonez and illuminaughty keepin us down maaaaan row row fight the powa maaaaaan its all wall street maaaaan quit blaming government its all to do with capitalism maaaaan.
      Shoot yourself, you hippie fuck.

  • 3A5UC

    Companies must be allowed to discriminate! Except against libertarians!

    • Jungle Jim Miller

      Shaddup, homo.

    • Jungle Jim Miller


  • image successfully posted to facebook

  • I have been blocked from FB for posting about racial profiling by police.