VIDEO: Conservatives & Liberals Upset That I Celebrate Dead Police

So I wrote an article celebrating the death of Brentwood, New Hampshire Police officer Steve Arkell, for breaking into a stranger’s home. Predictably, this upset a bunch of people. The conservatives call me a liberal, the liberals call me a conservative, and I laugh at both of their stupid tirades. I am happy about dead police, because police are violent criminals who almost never go to jail.

See the original article here.


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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • David Otto

    I’m with you Chris all the way.

  • Levi Dietrich

    well now, that was Passionate lol

  • Gun toting cracker

    Police shoot unarmed civilians hundreds of times, beat, tazer them to death. Their Union screams, “Qualified Immunity”, and that is that. More and more Law abiding citizens with video and audio are catching the brutality LEO dish out and are now being held accountable for their actions. THESE government workers don’t need qualified Immunity, they need personal liability insurance policy’s, just like any other professional. LEO are not even on the top 10 list of dangerous jobs. My dog shutters every time a LEO drives by our house…

  • Richard

    Him telling the libtards and the right wing loonies to die was incredible.

  • Steve White

    I totally agree with every fucking word you said

    • blewvelvet

      I fucking did also!!! Damn..that was good.

  • JoeSixPack

    Agreed 100%. Everyone cheers when a private criminal breaks into someone’s house and gets shot, so why the double standard? I don’t give a fuck if you have a badge or not, breaking and entering is breaking and entering. If you didn’t want to get shot, find a different profession that doesn’t expect you to routinely commit crimes against others.

  • E.B. Wilkes

    I take the same stand. Most COPS ARE CRIMINAL!

    • Mad Hearted

      f+ck the pigs

  • MolechDestroyer

    Thank you for speaking for the great silent majority of us that are sick and tired of all the bullshit.

  • Devon

    Live two towns over from where this happened. I was trying to explain to two broads all day the same thing. They don’t understand he broke into someone’s house.

  • Chris Melton


  • Jeff M

    Well said my brother

  • Joe Somebody

    Funny how when anyone speaks out on things like this, They are conservative or liberal. or even worse, they are Tea Party. No possible way for them to just be American tiered of the governments bull shit.

  • Gma

    I’M IN LOVE!!

  • n4zhg

    When enough of them pay the price, the supreme court will finally revisit exigent circumstance and qualified immunity. That probably won’t happen until Scalia dies and is replaced.

  • JAY

    Daaaang someone didn’t get her flintstone vitamins this morning……

  • SinStar

    You rock Christopher. The truth hurts and telling the truth takes a lot of balls these days,

  • state hater

    That video kicks ass! Hopefully it goes viral, as it’s a message that needs to be heard far and wide.

  • xXrefuseRESISTXx


  • Jesus Fucking Christ – you sound like a younger version of me – it’s damn good to see that someone else hates the pigs, religion, liberals and conservatives as much as I do!

  • xXrefuseRESISTXx

    yup, the same state that gave us GG Allin gave us Chris Cantwell.

  • Michael Lafond

    Time to take out the trash and that trash is you. You fucking coward. You talk all this shit, why don’t you step up and pull the trigger then asshole.

    • Donovan Bock

      Go lick some more boots you fucking douchewagon.

  • ThomasThePaine

    So. . . He got a well deserved Darwin Award. . . What’s the big deal?

    Let’s face it: We are now at the point when it’s reasonable for Americans to kill cops on sight, out of JUSTIFIED fear for their lives!

    • Mad Hearted

      as it should be..

  • Phister Gagghol

    Couldn’t agree more. About the only good thing about living in Indiana is the fact that the castle domain laws now include public servants.

    Public servants.

    Public SERVANTS.

    Sorry for repeating myself, just a small service for the cops who are stalking Mr. Cantwell’s site to remind them of what their actual role in society is supposed to be. Anyway, any shooting involving unlawful entry is justified, including police.

  • Jeffrey Lubar

    You GO Chris! that video blog was awesome! and inspiring! Please may I have some more rant and vents , please …. ?!

  • Aaron

    ……………..slow clap.

  • Don Foster

    Just glad that a cop was killed breaking and entering.

  • Jesse Elliott

    Anyone else getting really fucked up sound from this video?

  • I like this guy.

  • BriB

    He is the one who sounds uneducated. Although I agree with some of what he said he just sounds like a complete moron at times.

  • Agreed 100% Screw conservatives and screw liberals both are just useless statists.

  • DisqusThisNow

    Fist as an anarchist you should be ashamed of yourself for using a service that requires people to log in to leave a comment.

    Second you should edit that vid to cut of the frothing at the mouth part in the last 1/3rd of the vid.

  • Devin Lee

    Brilliant!!! Pig or no pig.. Enter a home uninvited and unannounced you die!! That badge may mean something to some of you. A bullet doesn’t discriminate, see color, or take bribes. Bullets are the solution to the badge.

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    You are correct on all counts

  • Linda Pruitt

    I know your an atheist. .but I am a believer of the bible. .I am a Jehovah’s Witness. I totally see your point how the government is out of control, unlike most religions we see clearly in the Bible and teach that God’s kingdom is going to get rid of the corrupt governments in this world. The Bible says Satan is Behind the scenes ruler of this whole world. ,,the governments are his puppets in his hand, anymore what’s good is bad and what’s bad is good, and way too many police officers are corrupt….Jehovah God has just about had enough man cannot rule himself because …………..they corrupt power. ……………………

    • Fred

      Applause on that Linda. I have a suspicion that there is more to this story than the gov’t/press is telling us. Don’t be surprised if we see family and loved ones of Officer Arkell testifying in the Concord for tougher gun laws. Since our government creates chaos to drive agendas (911WTC, Sandy Hook) then it is possible that we have that playing out here.

  • Derrick Davis

    Intensity gets the message across real fast

  • mike

    AGREE 100%

  • MarkInSavannah

    See shit like this from asshole bloggers like you all the time. What you say isn’t new, certainly isn’t original, and quite frankly, it’s not very intelligent. The only thing you demonstrate is the narcissist, screaming to get out. Dude, you can’t even wait to get from behind the wheel of your vehicle before you start puking out your hateful rhetoric. Pricks like you make me laugh and while you may find entertaining that you have yet another one drawn to your website, pulling their hair out over your bullshit, I’ll neither link your bullshit, mention you again in conversation or respond to another crappy blog entry. You really aren’t worth an additional moment of my time.

    • Dyspeptic

      What a completely moronic comment you chicken shit cop kisser. Rather than waste space on this blog with your sycophantic blathering why don’t you go back to your Dear Leader Shrine in mommies basement and light a candle to his Imperial Majesty, Barack Insane O’Bushma. When you get done with your daily worship of The Magic Negro try and spend some time getting an education and a clue about reality you infantile jack boot licker.

  • Bill Bochynski

    Dear Chris:

    Well done! Agreed! LEO’s are 100% out of Effing control!

    In “NH” where I now reside, for me, it’s even worse than you think.

    “NH” is ramping up their “gang strength” which will exacerbate the problems they cause by orders of magnitude. You should see the hero worship going on around here where I reside.

    The flashpoint is already upon us; the lid on the pressure cooker is being held in place only by the weight of the welfare state.

    I need permission to wipe my ass in this place.

    Statism here in “NH,” unfortunately, is still on the rise as evidenced by the data points put out by Heritage, Fraser, Forbes, etc.

    Look at Maggie’s recent education moves. It’s hopeless. Things are really bad and it’s NOT going to get any better any time soon.

    And, Chris, thank you for your passion!

    Bill Bochynski

  • David Triana


  • Ralph Scavone

    I’m wondering why a 47 year old grown man who (as reported) “stayed upstairs all day watching TV” was living with his father, in the fathers retirement community and WHY he had instant access to a firearm when the cop came in, invited or not… perhaps he had it pointed at his father? The same kind of “perhaps” that applies to the Cop allegedly “breaking in”

    Perhaps after the smoke cleared, (no pun intended), the fathers life was saved, or at the least, spared from future abuse from his bust out son?

    I don’t side with cops all the time because there are enough assholes out there, that much is true..

    But not EVERY one of em is hell bent stepping on your neck to abuse our rights…

    • Dyspeptic

      “But not EVERY one of em is hell bent stepping on your neck to abuse our rights…”

      True as far as it goes. But the real problem is that EVERY one of them could step on your neck, abuse your rights, brutalize or murder you and 99.9% of them would get away with it. Even in the rare event that a rogue cop (redundant term perhaps) is actually criminally prosecuted, the entire so called justice system bends over backward to give them the benefit of the doubt.

      The System is rigged for the benefit of it’s agents, especially the enforcement caste, which receives protection from qualified immunity, civil service protection, labor union protection, craven politicians acting like lap dogs, a gullible and thoroughly indoctrinated populace and a dimwitted and dishonest “news” media.

      When cops do something so outrageous that a civil suit results it is the sucker taxpayer that ends up being punished by having tax money expropriated to pay damages. The police are rarely held personally liable for civil damages and even more rarely suffer criminal prosecution much less conviction. Usually they keep their jobs without so much as a reprimand for their thuggish or negligent behavior. Sometimes they even get commendations and promotions along with their taxpayer funded vacations, aka “administrative leave”.

      Don’t believe me? Just check out the notorious Kelly Thomas murder. Still don’t believe me? OK, what happened to the trigger happy L.A.P.D. thugs who fired over one hundred rounds at two ladies delivering newspapers during the Dorner police riot/manhunt. Both women were injured and terrorized by this gross act of cowardly negligence and had their property destroyed. Both are lucky they weren’t killed by the hysterical fusillade. When the dust settled these meathead cop thugs were punished with RETRAINING. Then they were put right back on the streets to terrorize again with impunity. Case closed.

  • Dyspeptic

    Hallelujah and Amen! I am so sick and tired of the Conservative-Liberal reactionary dimwits with their craven and brain dead worship of the badge wearing, costumed thugs with a state issued license to harass and murder the rest of for fun, profit and ego gratification.

    If you don’t have an innate and visceral distrust of the police then you are nothing but a sucker and a slave. If you aren’t regularly outraged by the behavior of these obnoxious, intrusive, fascist creeps with badges then you are too stupid and morally confused to ever call yourself civilized and decent.

    It’s sad and pathetic that most people live their entire lives with two completely separate and antithetical moral systems. Their private morals are (unless you’re a psychopath or a degenerate) reasonable and civilized and control their behavior in everyday life. But the other moral system which they apply exclusively to the State and it’s agents, is completely at odds with their private morality. This dichotomy allows for the most outrageous injustices committed routinely in the name of State power, which they see as unrestrained by common decency, tolerance, respect, rationalism or any other trait of civilized behavior.

    Fuck the pigs. They’re just an organized criminal enterprise with unchecked power to exploit and murder the rest of us with impunity. If they aren’t in your face, treating you like a common criminal or a wayward child it’s only because they are too lazy, too incompetent, too busy stuffing their fat faces at the local donut shop or you just got lucky today. The only thing that protects any of us from their depredations is luck and the safety of the herd.

    And fuck all of you “Law and Order” morons and slaves who worship these knuckle dragging goons. You are even more pathetic than they are! And don’t bother whining about it when some errant SWAT team breaks down your door at 0dark30, shoots your dog, terrorizes your family, turns your house upside down and then discovers they have the wrong address or an unreliable informant. At least you sycophants will have gotten what you deserve!

  • dick

    do you put a camera in your car just so you have somoene to tlak to

    • Dyspeptic

      Dick, please try posting something worth reading. If you can’t manage that, then just try “tlaking to somoene” instead. Maybe a spell checker wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

  • dick

    look at you filtering your comments

  • Fred

    Where is the evidence that Arkell was shot by a resident of the house?
    Gun controllers are going to be making hay with this story….something seems odd about this.

  • Guest

    5 years ago I got into a beef with my neighbor. He was piling leaves against my cedar fence. I asked him to stop, take down the pile and all would be cool. Instead he dumped another wheel barrel full so I called the police. It’s my fence, on my property and it wasn’t cheap. Remember I was the one who called because it was trespassing and destruction of property. The police show up, two cars and two cops. I get the younger of the two. I’m calmly talking to him in my yard, on my property. He was mellow, I explained what was up and all I wanted was the 6 foot pile of leaves off of my cedar fence. The cop was like I love how you have your backyard setup with the dog run and nice fence. All was good until then and then something happened that changed my views on the police. He asked me what kind of dog I had. I said I had a Belgian Sheppard and she was 85lbs BUT was well trained and had passed her AKC good citizenship test. Plus she was in the house. He responds well we don’t have to worry about dogs, we have a way to deal with them and unholsters his Glock. Now I have a young cop waving his pistol around on my property for no reason at all. At one point he pointed it at me, under the laws of the US I did fear for my life and would have been well within my right to kill him. I said can you holster your sidearm please? He said why? I said you are going to find out. I got my cell phone out and called the station. I asked for them to send out the Duty Sergeant and was asked why. I said because we about to have a very serious incident here. They said he’s on his way. The other cop comes through the gate, see’s the younger cop with his gun drawn and draws his and is aiming at my head. What’s going on here? I said I have two of you aiming guns at me on my property, I haven’t done a thing and your supervisor is on his way. He talks into his radio and says I have no idea but I have the suspect at gunpoint. Suspect? He asks the other cop what was going on and he is like he has a big dog in the house. “Did he say he was going to have it attack you?” No. He holsters his gun and calls me over. Look I didn’t know what was going on, I saw my partner with his gun drawn so please when my supervisor gets here explain that. I was like I’ll explain how you were ready to shoot me in the head. The Duty Sergeant shows up and I explain everything to him. He talks to me and asks what do I want to do? I said anything I can because I was the VICTIM and had two cops pointing guns at my head. I never said, did or acted in anyway hostile. He said you can file a complaint at the station. To sum this up, both of them got a two week suspension and I easily could have been killed. By the way I’m white as rice and this happened in a very affluent suburb of Chicago. Even my neighbor apologized. Moral of this story, we now have concealed carry in Illinois. The next time I feel my life is in danger on my property, cops included – I’ll shoot first and sort it out in court. You have every right to use deadly force if you feel your life is in danger and you are not committing a crime. Am I gun nut? No I was a law abiding citizen and still am who tried to work out an issue with my neighbor before I CALLED the police. I easily could have been killed. I have made it very clear to the local police that they are not welcome on my property without a warrant. I have No Trespassing signs up that say that includes Law Enforcement. If one of them shot me they probably would have planted a gun on me and said I aimed it at them. There is more to this, there was a civil suit but I have talked to attorneys and you are well within your right to carry a gun on YOUR property open or concealed. This has nothing to with right or left wing just a pile of leaves and two cops who were ready to shoot me. That’s the last time I call them. I will protect myself and the next time something stupid happens with a neighbor, I’ll call a attorney. Actually the whole thing has brought me and my neighbors closer so I doubt there will be any more problems. The local police? We’ll see. I wouldn’t waste my time calling 911 if I saw one of them shot in the face during a traffic stop. Besides it’s against the law to talk on your cell phone and drive at the same time. I have never been arrested and haven’t had a ticket in more then 10 years. I wouldn’t want to break the law. You would understand if you were the one who had two guns pointed at your head over a pile of leaves.

  • Cheezus

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Police officers should have a minimum of a degree in psychology to be an officer. Most police officers are insecure assholes with an agenda. Hopefully the world will start to realize this and strike against them. No cop is a good cop they’re all liars criminals and part of a fraternal organization that is designed to protect themselves from us. Now we’re going to protect ourselves from them. I implore everybody that sees an injustice by a police officer to do something about it. What you do is up to you.

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