Elliot Rodger Is Liberalism Personified

Elliot Rodger sounds a lot more like a liberal to me, than a gun nut.

In case you haven’t heard, there were a series of mass shootings in California last night. Seven people are dead, including the shooter, apparently there are another seven wounded, one critically. Peter Rodger, an assistant director for “The Hunger Games” suspects the shooter is his son Elliot Rodger.

Elliot Rodger had released a video before the shooting titled “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution” where he describes his motives for the plot. In it, he says he is very upset that at 22 years old, he still hasn’t had sex. He hasn’t even kissed a girl. Women don’t find him attractive, he’s jealous of the men they do find attractive, and so in his mind, this is a really good reason to kill a bunch of strangers.

Now, every time there’s a mass shooting, what do we hear? “Ban guns!” or “Stricter background checks!” or some other idiotic policy suggestion that would have done absolutely nothing to prevent the shooting. They never take into consideration that people who think murder is a good idea don’t tend to think very much of laws of course. They never consider that disarming the population is what makes them susceptible to mass shootings in the first place. They just jump straight to more government.

Elliot Rodger
Elliot Rodger

What if we were to try and consider the motives behind shootings, instead of the tools? Well, if we did that in this particular case, we can pin this shooting straight on the left. Elliot Rodger felt like he was owed something. In his mind, he was owed sex, he was owed acceptance. It didn’t matter that he was a socially awkward, effeminate, beta male, with obvious mental problems. As far as he was concerned women owed it to him to be attracted to him. When they didn’t give him what he felt he was owed, he had to destroy them. When other men had what he wanted, he had to destroy them. Elliot Rodger killed out of envy aimed in no particular direction, he hated society, because he didn’t have what he wanted.

When the left pumps up their class warfare crap, blaming rich people, blaming white people, blaming straight people, blaming men, they are doing the exact same thing as Elliot Rodger did. They are saying “Hey, be angry with this class of people, because they have it better than you! No need to bring yourself up, let’s bring these people down! Let us do violence to these people on your behalf!” And when the violence comes, it does nothing to bring anybody up, it only brings the “privileged” people down. Taxes never made anybody wealthy, except perhaps for defense contractors and other such entities. Welfare certainly never brought anyone out of poverty, it only served as an excuse to take money from middle class and well to do folks and bring them down a peg. They don’t redistribute prosperity, they destroy it.

That’s what Elliot Rodger did. He hated that other people were enjoying their lives more than he was, and so he had to destroy them. So the next time you’re thinking of calling for gun control, the next time you’re telling someone to “check their privilege”, maybe you need to stop and check your envy instead. Certainly, envy has been the cause of as much death and destruction in this world as anything, and all you gun control advocates and social justice fanatics, aren’t doing anything to help the matter.


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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • paendragon

    Exactly Chris – envy is only victim-blaming slander, and that’s all the left has.

  • Guest

    Brilliant dude. THere is not an ounce of politics in this massacre and tragedy yet your excellent self tried to create some. Moronic take and an insult to families who lost their children. GREAT JOB.

  • Cross Greg

    Brilliant work here Cantwell. There is not an ounce of politics in this massacre plus
    tragedy — yet your excellent, self serving mind created an angle to drive people to your page. A moronic take and
    an insult to families who lost their children. So, GREAT JOB. You will get lots of traffic today.

    • paendragon

      Butthurt, much?

      Sounds like you’re really only … jealous of Chris’ success.


    • Phillip Cantu

      That’s funny you say that, considering Christopher didn’t even say a damn thing about the victims or their families (and even if he did, it was nothing insulting towards them).

    • Peter Hauer

      I disagree. Chris merely added another reason (politics) to hate this evil miscreant. Chris obviously condemns the shooting and the shooter. I really don’t see how the victims families would be offended. Furthermore, I saw an analysis of a dozen or so mass shootings in the USA, and nearly all of them were committed by leftists.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      Lemme guess, Democrat? I’m sure you’ll go post this comment on all the anti gun posts that come from the liberal blogs next, right?

      • Rooks

        He was mentally ill. You spent two plus minutes trying to sound brilliant, but the subject was living in a residence for “slow” people. You don’t care as this is the only venue where you can get attention – low brow, chest beating, LAZY men. You are a little douchey.

  • uglytrout

    You’re spot on. Of course, pointing out the failure of liberal, well, leftist entitlement philosophy, to those who practice it is like hitting your head against a wall. It won’t do any good and you’ll just end up with a head ache for all of your troubles. The truth isn’t what is important to those people. People do bad things, not things.

    • Joseph Miller

      The killer was a woman-hating CONSERVATIVE. Truth? What the hell would you know about truth? You and your ilk don’t give a DAMN about truth. You only care about reinforcing your own cracked, demented worldview where Poor Little You is constantly being victimized by EVIL LIBRULZ. God, I’m glad I got out that madhouse 20 years ago.

      • john Possum

        lol woman hating conservative. That’s funny….

      • Jessica Knorr

        Considering his fathers comments on the act and what he has said in his rants online he is by far not a conservative. Woman hating I would say that is true. I would even venture to say he may not even be a straight man as he seems to be quite taken with other men in what he wrote and filmed. Regardless though HE was the one who went out and killed. HE is responsible for those acts. Not any other person no matter what they are or are not. Place the blame where it belongs squarely on the shoulders of the little boy who committed the crimes.

      • cayuga33

        Another wacko!

      • April Lamba

        He’s from Hollywood, wanting casual sex, has entitlement issues (thinks he deserves what others have)….he is more liberal than conservative in my eyes

        • Rooks

          Oh, April… so misguided. You are suckling the teat of the same white men who fought for you not to have the right to vote. They fight anything that threatens what they have already, for it means they may have to work. I know, I’m a white guy!!

          • Sam Cru

            You are also a retard.

          • Rooks

            I see, you just name call. Weak sauce. This is the type of mind that this clown cantwell draws. I’ll move on to more robust debates.

          • taco2002

            Ha ha ha, more robust, like global warming, or cooling, or change, and the sky is falling so hep me hep me,

          • taco2002

            Look, Rooks is the definition of a sexist. You are a white guy who is still trying to be accepted and get some. Sad you cannot think past a bumper sticker but hey, you are a product of the system. Dumbeddown.

          • Rooks

            I have more great sex with my hot female friends than you’ve had hot meals, Mr. Taco. It’s why I don’t need guns or a penis enlarger. It’s all ok. Just find love in your heart, listen to some good music, enjoy. Create a culture of cool, instead of bent up paranoia and hatred.

          • April Lamba

            Last time I checked both repub and democrats were racist as fuck in the past with republicans fighting for end of slavery and democrats supporting slavery and where the KKK members sprung from….but stay in your upper middle class, “enlightened”, problematic bubble.

        • Jill Sandwich

          That’s not Liberal, that’s Millennial.

      • taco2002

        Look at the hate of this little turd. Another lib getting ready to snap.

    • Rooks

      Not “spot on”. You think you sound brilliant because your sentence has such conviction. This kid was clinically disturbed, living in a house for slow people. Liberals work harder than you, get laid more than you, and welcome all and any kind of competition, even the ones we help.

      • Sam Cru

        “…and welcome all and any kind of competition…” You are ignorant beyond belief.

        • Rooks

          Sammy, please explain your brilliant retort. I welcome helping someone to eventually challenge my business. It’s healthy, it’s good for commerce, and I’m not afraid of it or hard work. It’s mashed everyone better. There will always be takers… from all sides.

    • J.M. Becker

      Why does this have to get overtly political all the time? It’s impossible for right wingers to avoid this fight every damn time. I hate gun-control, oppose authoritarian government, and generally dislike Liberal causes. I’m socially libertarian, and fiscally a radical leftist, liberals are hated by leftists so stop lumping us together. If you hate people like feinstein, you’re not hating leftists, she’s a corporatist. This guy was no Che, he was a punk that needed mental help.

      • Sugarsail1

        Because the infantile entitlement generation and generation of envy of the “haves” by the “have-nots” combined with the anti-humanism of environmentalism (the belief that humans are a scourge on Mother Earth to be eradicated) which clearly were the underlying psychological motives of Rodger’s shooting are STAUNCHLY MARXIST and considered leftist in our culture. It should be no surprise to anyone that Rodgers was raised in a dysfunctional leftist Hollywood family with a narcissistic absent father figure.

  • Peter Hauer

    Brilliant and insightful.

  • Another one knocking it right out of the park.

  • kateblue

    What the fuck has some white male ass know about poverty, privilege (or not having it), entitlement (besides having way too much of it)?


    But because he’s a white dude with a shit-ton of the delusion that he’s got an understanding of everything in the world that everyone else doesn’t, he’s got to let everyone know about it.

    Unfortunately his efforts to find logical reasoning to support his world-view is so difficult that he needs to scrape to the bottom and pick up the easiest shit around — mass community trauma mixed with someone everyone wants to hate. Now apply all the shit you think is stealing your god-given white boy privilege and apply it to that enemy and bang! There you go!

    He’s got a story and he’s gonna tell the whole three people in the world who will listen to him all about it.

    What a hopeless delusional excuse for a person.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      You remind me of this guy…

    • blake

      “what the fuck does some white male ass know about poverty,”. seriously? hahaha. Yes Kate, all white men are the same. You judge me based on my race and gender. hahaha. We’re all rich and have had everything handed to us. You’re the personification of the leftist envy he talks about. Blatent hypocrisy and double standards

      • Eric Davis

        I say Blake, how is the Internet connection aboard your yacht? Mine is just atrocious. . I believe I’ll have to upgrade my satellite next week. Truly unbearable.

        • Jay Stang

          Forsooth, not only does mine satellite signal drop the Sunday Cricket match, the Champagne is terrible. Does anyone have any Grey Poupon?

          • Eric Davis

            Fresh out I’m afraid, the help was supposed to pick some up and forgot. I ask you, is it really that difficult?

    • Don Kenner

      What the fuck DOES some white male…
      Unfortunately his efforts…ARE so difficult…

      Check your grammar, kateblue!

    • Phillip Cantu

      There is no fucking way that you are not a troll.

    • Maty Aksenton

      Only the stupidity level of a welfare-state worshiping leftist will enable one to miss the irony of said leftist accusing someone else of “having way too much” entitlement.
      Perhaps you should consider looking for a job as a projector for Powerpoint presentation as conferences. Will probably earn you a lot more money than the welfare benfits you’re currently on.

    • Paul Abruzzo

      Funny thing is he’s not white. He’s half white, half asian.

  • joe johnsson

    Go fuck yourself, you ignorant piece of shit.

  • Joseph Miller

    Go to hell, Cantwell. Seriously, how DARE you post this kind of lying bullshit, using a tragedy to make a sick, depraved political point. I guess the culture that teaches men that women exist to serve them–one of the pillars of CONSERVATIVE philosophy throughout history–had nothing to do with screwing this murdering asshole up, right? The killer was a big fan of the “Men’s Rights” (Read: Hatred of women) movement. The killer didn’t kill other MEN, the ones getting laid, the ones you would think he envied. Being a conservative, he killed the WOMEN who “owed” him their sexual favors. But it’s all the fault of DA EVIL LIBRULZ!! You’re a cretin.

    • David Triana

      3 men were stabbed to death in his home/friends house before he went onto his drive by rampage. Please READ the whole story before posting.

      • Joseph Miller

        Cantwell’s (ludicrous) hypothesis was that Rodger was a “liberal” driven by “envy” and “entitlement”. If it was pure envy, he would ONLY have killed men who were getting laid. His crazed tape vents his rage at women (“blonde sluts”) who refused his sexual advances. He demanded that life give him desirable women. This kind of demand is a very old and dishonorable one, predating modern liberalism. The defense of male privilege and the assertion of male superiority are still vigorously defended on the Right.(Now I hear some right-wingers want to strip women of the right to vote!) Rodger’s mental breakdown is tied to a long history of male supremacist thought–NOT liberal entitlement. And GOD DAMN IT, people, stop tying EVERY SINGLE THING that happens to “welfare”! Give it a REST.

        • bob

          Sorry that the truth hurts, but pretty much every evil in America is the fruit of modern Liberalism. This young man didn’t go on a rampage because he was a Conservative who respected God, Country, Mom, and apple pie. He went on a rampage because people like you think that movies such as the Hunger Games which glorify murder of children are appropriate forms of entertainment. By the way, what’s it like being a Liberal who was so selfish that he couldn’t get married or have any children? Those cats and dogs keeping you good company yet? Hopefully there will be some poor hard-working Conservative there to feed you at the nursing home as we all know the live-for-the-moment Liberals won’t be there for you.

          • Guest

            You’re sick

    • flip

      Fucking libtards take every chance the get to politicize a tragedy dumbass. This moron Rodgers was a spoiled, self-centered entitlement minded brat. Typical libtard behavior. Blame somebody else for their failures. Figure it out dumbass. Conservative war on women??? Whatever!!

      • Rooks

        Flippy! You are getting worked up about a kid who was diagnosed as crazy, living in a home for “slow” people. It is weird to me that trying to start a sane rant when the subject matter was insane, is, well…

    • Christopher Cantwell

      I’m sure you’ll go post this comment on all the anti gun posts that come from the liberal blogs next, right?

      • Rooks

        I hope Joseph Miller doesn’t take your simpleton bait, Cantwell. You wish he would post it everywhere so it gets your name out there. You are more like this Elliot turd than liberals or gun nuts in that you are a bit of a narcissistic douche bag.

    • Fraydog

      The father of the shooter is a believer in big government adding to our long list of gun laws. Does that sound like a conservative to you? To me, that doesn’t. The men’s rights movement has little to nothing to do with conservatism or liberalism, it’s a very apolitical movement. You just have to keep propping up the straw dog while the evidence of what he believes points the opposite direction. Keep being hysterical.

    • taco2002

      Don’t think much do you Miller?

  • Joseph Miller

    And once again, just the drive the point home: THE MURDERER WAS A CONSERVATIVE. He was immersed in the whole “Men’s Rights” movement. Here are some of things he was apparently subscribed to on YouTube:

    “The Player Supreme Show” which rails against the feminization of men and talks about how to pick up women.

    “RSDfreetour” which is a series of self-help seminars run by RSD Nation, a “pick up artist” site.

    “Squatting Cassanova”, a pick-up artist.

    He immersed himself in the viciously misogynistic world of such sites, and seemingly many others like it. He absorbed the essential conservative “truth”: Women exist primarily to fuck men.

    The killer was a woman-hating conservative. Period.

    • MovieBuff

      Lol. Do you really think that the mra movement is conservative? You are special kind of stupid.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      I write for A Voice For Men, the “Men’s Rights Movement” is not a conservative thing, we’ve got leftards writing on this too.

      • Rooks

        A Voice For Men seems like the kind of thing men who can’t properly interact with women would write for and get behind. Probably your dad’s fault for not being able to court an independent woman. In that respect, I actually feel a little sorry for you Mr. Cantwell.

  • Brandon Elam

    you are all morons if you think this has to do with left or right,or liberal or conservative. lumping someone into a category just because you think they are a woman hating conservative or an envious leftist, is the reason we have these problems in this country to begin with. Everyone feels the need to label someone for their views which is the reason we are all divided on everything. This is simply a case of a disturbed individual who was too spoiled and to entitled to value anything in his life that he had, so just like a spoiled little brat he had to destroy the things he wanted out of jealousy and greed. get off your political high horses and think like normal human beings for once.

    • Eric Walters

      Now that’s some serious head-exploding butt hurt goin on right there. Quite entertaining.

      • Brandon Elam

        Butthurt about what? the fact that everyone hates eachother over political affiliations? Lol. Another ignorant statement from a troll/sheep.

    • Adenhart

      Chris was just talking about the mentality of this young man. He thought he was owed something, just like liberals think they’re owed free health care, education, housing, higher wages, etc.. and since he didn’t get it, he destroyed the lives of someone else. Like what liberals are trying to do.

      • Brandon Elam

        there’s an old saying in politics, never let a good tragedy go to waste. Both sides jump in and try to take from it what they can to make themselves look better, or push an agenda. that kind of mentality needs to stop that’s what I’m saying. political affiliation has nothing to do with a person being an asshole.

        • Adenhart

          There’s two sides to this tragedy;

          The people who would advocate for more gun control out this tragedy. And blame the NRA even though they probably had nothing to do with this

          and those

          who oppose them.

          That’s it. Literally

  • ana manea

    Yeah, it’s clearly feminism and concern about discrimination that inspired this guy. Just like the myth women are mostly attracted by evil and power is made by feminists, and those who taunt women with it and their entitlement are feminists and liberals.

    that was sarcasm.

  • adam tarver

    Sorry but I don’t think this kid was out rallying for welfare or supporting women’s rights.. End of the day this is the kinda kid the right fights so hard to give a tax break to.

    • Anomyst

      Perhaps the next time some black guy commits a crime, I’ll say: “End of the day this is the kinda guy the left fights so hard to bail out”. Argumentative gold!

      • adam tarver

        So this entire article is one giant stereotype with very little fact to back up the headline and that’s ok.. But someone dare not mention that this kid was wealthy and repubs fight for lower taxes for the rich?

        If I where a right winger I am sure that would be logical somehow..

        • Anomyst

          “But someone dare not mention that this guy was black and liberals fight for benefits to the blacks?”

          I’m not even into republicans, it’s just fun to show how fucking retarded your “argument” is.

          • Ge Ree

            The shooter black,lol

          • adam tarver

            My argument which is the entire basis for the article?

          • Anomyst

            Go back to school. The point of the article is that LIKE elliott rodgers, liberals are envious and wish to destroy what they can’t have. Nowhere, at any point in the article, did he say anything as remotely retarded as what you have.

        • Bob Johnson

          He was wealthy from hollywood. Democrats are the ones who fight for stronger IP laws. Republicans tax plans (like Steve Forbes’), more than Democrat ones, seek to get rid of the home mortgage interest deduction that benefits holllywood elites. And exclusionary zoning laws that inflate land values in Cali suburbs are Democrat creations.

          • adam tarver

            Actually those would benefit the majority of individuals on the low end of upper class and higher end of middle class. Meanwhile the entire right wing party base policy is lower tax for the rich at the cost of social programs and the worker.

          • Bob Johnson

            Liberal elitism on display. I know of nobody in the middle class who appreciates laws that make it illegal to download movies. The middle class are robbed by high rents caused by zoning; the upper class reaps the gains.

          • adam tarver

            Lmao.. So your since of entitlement tells you that you should get free movies?

  • Kitties nRainbows

    Coming to this blog is a nice change from the typical garbage that passes for political discussions these days. But reading the comments (furious rants) from usual “leftist” suspects on this thread reminds me of why we have such a problem with these sorts of people and politics these days.

    Trying to talk to this cult is a waste of time, just like talking to the few remaining hard core Neo Con worshipers is a waste of time. They simply must be eclipsed by finally moving past the quagmire that their public discussion has become.

    The vast majority of the people in the US do not harbor a whole lot of love for the so called government, but they do not know of any other way thanks to decades of propaganda and increasing tyranny. The “leftist” cult though worships this created god of theirs with a fervor that would embarrass an Opus Dei Catholic. And woe to anyone who says “leave me alone”- you are the enemy of their beloved cult.

    Chris is right. There are many on who think of themselves on the “left” who are angry about the way life is treating them, and their anger has been managed and cultivated towards other people instead of the oligarchs and their government that is actually causing their misery. They have been taught to worship the instrument of their personal destruction, just as the “right” has been taught to worship and hate other people in a different fashion.

    As long as they still hold these types of hateful, false, religious beliefs there is no hope for any of them. The truth is finally coming out about the state of this country though, that we are all enslaved, and they are increasingly irrelevant.

    Hate on inanimate objects all you want, ignore your true oppressors all you want. You will still never be happy until you straighten your head out and understand the truth. Once you accept that it is okay to feel your own feelings, to ignore the propaganda of your “betters” and their meme of the week, you will start to feel better. That’s the first step.

    • Rooks

      Whoa, that’s a little strage rant itself. Almost creepy. More liberals are secular than whatever label you post on your forehead. Happier, too. White people like you are afraid of change because you can’t change. Giving the less fortunate isn’t that bad. It works, too. And don’t blame the government like it is an “inanimate object”, it’s like bitching about your employees when you’re the one who hired them.

      • taco2002

        Why are most liberal women so ugly?

        • Rooks

          Because they are not really interested in you. Be easy on them, its probably your fault.

    • Rooks

      Says the guy who speaks of our government as an inanimate object. They are people HIRED by Americans. No matter how bad they are, they still manage to be rehired. So tired of the bitching about government when it is YOUR fault. I wouldn’t want you running my company because all you would do is BITCH about who YOU hired. Fire them. Lastly, most of true innovative wealth in this country is made my liberals — internet, electric cars, solar, cell phones, etc., all created by liberal minds. Gates, Cuban, Buffett, and and Musk. Conservatives scurry in and exploit it all, like the preacher, the salesman, and the banker, they loves their dummy base. Keep it up.

  • ッ Kevin Hughes

    I watched a Tom Woods interview with Bob Murphy right before I saw your video Christopher. In it they discussed the Thomas Picketty book Capitalism- in the 21st century. Bob completely debunked the book, which the left have been salivating over, using straightforward economic theory. Now I am sure you are aware of the book, over 500 pages of leftist pseudo-scientific economic bullshit, which attempts to explain the wealth gap. The scary thing I noted down was Picketty’s plan to correct this perceived problem: wealth confiscation, not for redistribution, but out of sheer SPITE. Yes, you are right, the leftists want to destroy that which they cannot have. They want misery to have company. The more misery the better is where they are coming from.

    • Rooks

      Conservative white guys are usually the ones who fear change, because they can’t.

      • ッ Kevin Hughes

        WTF are you wittering on about? Are you fucking lost or something?

  • bweav09

    I watched the video and it is clear he is biased, but does not understand it is a two way street. This kid could have been in the TEA Party for all we know. I know just as many conservative groups that hate and want to take away rights of individuals as well.

    • Doop-doo-doop

      Yet Mr. Cantwell never claimed the shooter was a liberal.

      Reading comprehension goes a LONG way.

  • London123

    He saw himself as more of a fascist, who wanted to rule the world, ban sex, and starve all women to death in concentration camps, while he looked on his tower, he also wanted to be viewed as a God, bringing death on the world. Trying to figure this guy out is pretty pointless, as he was bat **** insane at the end of it all. Just read his 100+ page diary online to see his decent into madness.

    He also killed 3 of his victims with a knife

  • catfish

    How can anyone here say that CHRIS bought politics into this when Rogers father’s initial comments jump RIGHT to blaming the NRA.. the NRA caused this? The NRA made this kid shoot a bunch of folks? Come on, get real. When someone DUIs and kills a family of 5 where is the rush to ban cars. Or drinking?

    • Rooks

      Well, catfish, the only purpose of a gun is to put a hole into something. These stupid comparisons don’t do any good in convincing smart people we should listen to folks like you. Yeees, catfish, guns DO kill people. I would bet you are more of a checkers type guy, not chess.

  • Bpayne

    The Idea of Left and right in general are manmade constructs used to justify and further whichever point of view you happen to hope comes out on top.. stop it!.. people who fall for the whole Libz/Repub rivalry are the true morons to begin with..

  • jdekanter

    Most of the discussion I’m hearing is about pick-up culture and the men’s rights movement and how these contributed to the mentality that Elliot Rodger was owed something by womankind.

    I think you’re making a lot of incorrect generalizations about liberals and their arguments about this. As a liberal myself I have never gone around saying that rich white men are all to blame for everything, and I have never experienced that viewpoint from my liberal friends. I have only heard these supposedly liberal viewpoints as a conservatives’ view of liberalism, which is a convenient straw-man argument for them to make.

    But we should not be seeking to divide each other with this tragedy. The truth is that people are dead because of someone acted their misogyny in a very violent way.

    Can we agree, not as liberals or conservatives, but as human beings who do not hate women, that we need to do more as individuals to stand up to misogyny.

    The next time someone treats a woman like an object to be awarded to them, a thing to be picked up, or a prize owed to them, call them out. Just say, “Hey dude, don’t be creepy. Women are people, not things.”

    Can we do that? I find it would be much more productive than trying to superglue this horror onto people we disagree with politically.

    • Davy Goossens

      guys like you are the problem. he kills 4 guys and you still blame misogyny.

    • taco2002

      Dude, you must live in a closet.

  • Matthew Reece

    I posted a link to this on Forward Progressives’ Facebook page as a response to an article they have about it. Grabbing some popcorn…

  • Robert Eddings

    From Psychology Today: “This sort of “angry masculinity” stems from what sociologist Michael Kimmel describes
    as “aggrieved entitlement.” Historically, the US created conditions
    that favored both whites and men. Now, with those traditional privileges
    more regularly challenged and yet sexism and racism hanging on as ways of understanding
    the world, these men feel the right to dominate others and when that
    doesn’t happen, they feel the right to beat them, rape them, and even
    kill them. This violence isn’t the result of mental illness, but occurs
    with depressing regularity as part of angry manhood. According to
    Kimmel and others who study this aggrieved masculinity, violence and the
    rhetoric that supports it is embedded in American manhood from rape and
    domestic violence statistics to men’s movement rhetoric to fraternity parties on campuses like UCSB.”

    • Darrell King

      pseudo science strikes again.

  • Pirokobo

    Cain and Abel, man. The first murder.


  • Huwombiglomb Ulamabajbe

    you are literally so stupid it’s hard to believe that your brain hasn’t forgotten to keep you breathing prior to this moment. I am stupefied that you are still alive and disgusted that your existence hasn’t ended yet

  • MrSupaHot510

    I am glad he did not contribute to the gene pool.

  • Ge Ree

    Idiots guns kill period, see how well guns worked in wild west?? Why do you think they started making laws? Ive never seen one person killed with hatred, jealousy, envy etc. They had to get guns like the cowards they are.

    • Zach

      Actually, the “Wild West” was significantly less violent than the Eastern seaboard. You (and probably a significant amount of other people) have been mislead or haven’t bothered to gather facts. But that’s what I expect, given that people use almost exclusively pathos in their arguments/opinions. http://mises.org/daily/4108/The-Not-So-Wild-Wild-West

    • AJ_Olding

      They started making laws so that governments could more easily control people.

  • shucky

    Many leftists were quick to claim he was conservative because his writings were misogynist, and that he was “white” because he had a fair skin tone. Elsewhere we read claims that he was a registered Democrat, supported Obama, was a fan of The Young Turks, and was of mixed Asian heritage. Needless to say, leftists were at least as eager to exploit this atrocity, in their case to tarnish “white” people in general and those with conservative views in particular. For the right, his ethnic heritage is irrelevant, though his apparent leftism could speak of his character.

    Expecting to be able to have premarital sex and killing innocents rather than raising them are, if anything, leftist values. Expecting the world to accommodate your ego and immediate needs are, if anything, leftist values. Measuring people based on possessions and whether or not they have sex are, if anything, leftist values.

    • Guest

      He was also a fan of Pokemon and World of Warcraft.

      “Expecting the world to accommodate your ego and immediate needs are, if anything, leftist values.” You mean like Christians trying to impose their religion on other people?

      • Darrell King

        Or Communists,Socialists,Atheists,Muslims,etc etc etc.

  • Guest

    Connecting Welfare to a wealthy guy killing people? Nice leap.

    “When the left pumps up their class warfare crap, blaming rich people, blaming white people, blaming straight people, blaming men, they are doing the exact same thing as Elliot Richard did.”

    He was straight, and he was rich. And you couldn’t even get his name right.

    • Philip S. Mulley

      Not much of a leap at all. The guy was expecting some kind of pussy welfare, and when it didn’t show up, he went over the edge.

  • Ford Fischer

  • Rooks

    He was mentally ill. You spent two plus minutes trying to sound brilliant, but the subject was living in a residence for “slow” people. You don’t care as this is the only venue where you can get attention – low brow, chest beating, LAZY men. You are a little douchey.

  • Rooks

    PEOPLE!! The clown Cantwell AND all of you are psycho-babbling left/right issues when the topic was a clinically crazy man living in a home for “slow” people. What does this make all of you?? Go take a time out, folks. And good job following this uninformed douche-bag.

  • Rooks

    You are getting worked up about a kid who was diagnosed as crazy, living in a home for “slow” people. It is weird to me that trying to start a sane rant when the subject matter was insane, is, well…

  • Patty Quinn

    Elliot Rodger was mentally ill. That didn’t jump out at you? You arrived at conclusions without pondering and exploring in a measured way, using sound critical thinking or interpreting skills to weigh the many nuances and factors contributing here. Then you posted a one-sided rant, after you examined what happened as a tool for going after people whose politics you reject.

    In my seven decades of life, it’s been mostly right-leaning males who feel women owe it to them to give them whatever they want when they want it, and who feel they have the right to punish women who don’t comply. That said, though it looks like that was going on with Elliot Rodger, he was mentally ill. Seems to me many of us are missing that issue–the mental health “system” (if you can call it that) or establishment fails the mentally ill far too often, resulting in this kind of catastrophe.

  • David Phillips

    You nailed it, Christopher.

  • Rooks

    PEOPLE!! This clown Cantwell wants attention any way he can get it AND all of you are psycho-babbling left/right issues when the topic was a clinically crazy man living in a home for “slow” people. What does this make all of you?? Go take a time out, folks. And good job following this uninformed douche-bag.

  • justjoseph

    You are an unbelievably ignorant piece of shit. THIS WHOLE STORY IS ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS, NOT POLITICS. No one cares if the hand that fired the gun was a of a liberal or conservative. No one cares if he was a “rich kid”. The story here is that the kid was nuts, and dangerously so, and he acted out, killing several innocent young people, and before you start ruminating on that, no one with a brain cares what the politics of those people or their families were.
    If you watch FOX, they will politicize something that seemingly has no possible political slant, like rescuing a cat from a fucking tree. It’s just a fucking cat in a tree, normal people don’t care if its owner listened to Limbaugh or Hannity that day.
    BTW The second amendment was written about muskets…..MUSKETS!!!
    You had to load one inaccurate, close range ball at a time, and it took minutes to reload. With the large magazine, high-powered laser scope stuff we have now. there needs to be limits, You cant shoot up a school or a McDonald’s with a musket. Nowadays, you can go straight to WalMart and get whatever you need. This kid had no trouble doing that at all.

  • Mike

    Great writing! I fully agree

  • Kevin Gamble

    Liberals continue to remove God from everything, at least something he could’ve reached out to to heal his anger, but nooooo. This kind of thing was unheard of when prayer was allowed in schools.

    • Rooks

      Oh my… evolve, sir.

      • Kevin Gamble

        Yeah, like this kid was evolved eh? Like homosexuals are evolved? Like viruses are evolved? This has nothing to do with evolution, it has to do with the moral fabric of society being ripped away by people such as yourself.

        • Rooks

          This kid was mentally deficient. I have more morals and understanding and courage and love – love sir. You are zero better than the taliban. You make things creepy sexual… you do… not wanting to understand that two people just may love differently than you. You make it about sex. Creepy… and yes, unevolved.

          • Kevin Gamble

            I suggest you go get an education and learn how to make grown up sentences.

          • Rooks

            I have one, Kevin.You need to educate yourself on how to articulate yourself a little better because that is one of the weaker retorts on this board. Really, your reply is that I get grammatical instruction?

  • Davy Goossens

    actually in this regard cantwell’s analysis is spot on, next to another source: the bible. the murder of abel by cain is also explained as stemming from jealousy and self righteousness and i think it’s the same here.

    when i hear the guy talking i actually notice a lot similarities with the occupy and privilege check movement (sjw)

  • taco2002

    Look liberals children. Cher, her daughter is a complete fu, this guy, Barbra Walters, on and on.

  • Calintz YT

    What about the shooters that didn’t kill out of envy?

    • AJ_Olding

      What about them? Do you think the thoughts of every shooter can be summed up in a brief synopsis like this?

  • herring92

    You know who talks about Liberal vs Conservative right after a mass shooting? Assholes. Conservative, ideological, dishonest, agenda-carrying Cons. You’re a fucking idiot, Cantwell.

  • daveyj78349

    He was spoiled brat elitist jew on psyche meds. He snapped when he couldn’t have the blonde ‘goyim’ women whom he felt sooo superior too. A total liberal douchebag!

  • Nada Surf

    I don’t care if every gun nut has a gun. I don’t want everyone with the cash in their pocket to have one. I’m fine with gun collectors and hunting enthusiast. I don’t really understand carrying for protection. I don’t understand letting people on psychiatric meds have them. I don’t understand letting felons have them. I’m for gun control I guess. I just want the people who like guns and have a reason to use them to have them. Not every kid in beverly hills or whatever paranoid guy looking for criminals.

    • AJ_Olding

      “I don’t really understand carrying for protection.”
      How could you not understand it? You literally explained the reasoning in your comment about not understanding it.

  • Chris Mankey

    “Elliot Rodger sounds a lot more like a liberal to me, than a gun nut.”

    You sound like an asshole.

    • AJ_Olding

      Would you care to expand on that. Which of Chris’s arguments are incorrect?

  • TonyWestover

    “Elliot Rodger sounds a lot more like a liberal to me, than a gun nut.”

    I’d say the better clarification here is ‘Elliot Rodger sounds a lot more like a liberal to me, than mentally ill’ but that’s kinda redundant. I don’t see mental illness, I see yet another example of how envy is destructive. And an ideology that’s central point is concern over what *other* people have is inevitably center on envy.

    • Rooks

      Well, he was diagnosed at age 8 with autism, so there is that… dumb ass.

  • This dude Cantwell is right on the money.

  • magneto

    Wanting equality is not the same as wanting to hurt people who are more fortunate than you. Call me a bleeding-heart liberal, but I actually see nothing wrong with equality and justice for all. So yeah, I don’t think the kid was wrong for wanting acceptance and a girlfriend, despite being “a socially awkward, effeminate, beta male, with obvious mental problems.” Who wouldn’t?

    But wanting something is not the same as thinking you are more worthy of it than everyone else and thinking you are justified in hurting people who have what you want. Going around taking people’s life kinda goes against the whole social justice thing, don’t you think?

    So no, your attempt at smearing the idea of social justice and equality fails.

  • Sugarsail1

    Homerun dude! This Rodgers guy wasn’t even enrolled at the university, he was an academic failure as well.

  • Jill Sandwich

    Betas aka “Nice Guys,” & MRAs affiliate with Concervitive Christian Republicans, Muslims, & Libertarians. You won’t find any of these guys voting Socialist Democrat or Green Party, which are America’s true liberal parties.

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