PA Troopers Got Off Easy

One Pennsylvania State Trooper is dead, and another is wounded, after they were ambushed outside their barracks in Pike County Saturday night. “It’s a cowardly attack. It’s an attack upon all of us in society” said Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan. Social media is abuzz with messages of support for the widow of Cpl. Bryon K. Dickson, and her two sons who have now lost their father. The wounded trooper, Alex Douglass, was in stable condition Saturday after surgery at Geisinger Medical Center in Scranton, reported The Morning Call.

Cpl. Bryon K. Dickson is dead. Good Riddance.

Cpl. Bryon K. Dickson is dead. Good Riddance.

Police from three states have descended upon the Poconos to search for the assailant, who has yet to be captured or identified. Police are being tight lipped, and are not disclosing whether the barracks had CCTV cameras, or whether there is any evidence at all. One man was being questioned as a person of interest, but not a suspect. Police now suspect the shooter to have left the area, having thoroughly searched for any sign of him, and found none.

Right now, we know nothing about the shooter. We don’t know his identity, his motives, his political beliefs, or whether he was a good or bad person. I hope that it stays this way, because I hope he is never caught.

What we do know is that Dickson became a law enforcement official in 2007, and had recently transferred to the Blooming Grove barracks a few months ago from Philadelphia. For the last seven years, he has threatened, intimidated, harassed, kidnapped, assaulted, and robbed an immeasurable number of people. We know this, because had he not done so, he would not be a police officer. That’s what a police officer is; a full time, well paid, violent enforcer of politicians’ edicts.

At some point in his life, Dickson likely had numerous career options. He could have been a construction worker, a food service professional, he could have gone into computers, medicine, psychology, or any number of different professions. Instead, he joined a gang. He decided to pick up a gun, and threaten the lives of his fellow Pennsylvanians. Instead of being productive or creative, he made a conscious decision to take from others by force. He did it for the same reasons other people join other gangs, money, power, and respect.

Every traffic stop he engaged in was a death threat. Every arrest a kidnapping. Every fine a theft. He was paid through taxation, a global system of coercion that presently enslaves the entire human race. He was an active participant and willing co-conspirator in the system of oppression that makes wars possible. Should Dickson have pulled you over on the highway, and you attempted to evade him, he would use whatever level of force was necessary to stop you, up to and including running your car off the road and shooting you in the face, with a gun you were forced to pay for.

After choosing this lifestyle, and having lived it for seven years, I’d say a quick death from an assassin’s bullet is really quite merciful. Should Dickson have been forced to make restitution for his crimes, he would easily have to work well beyond what most people consider retirement age, and even then would likely fall well short of making all of his victims whole before dying of old age.

If his death prevented a single traffic stop, then his killer is a hero. If it saved the taxpayers of Pennsylvania a single penny, then his killer is a freer of slaves. If it makes one young adult think twice about becoming a cop, then his killer saved an immeasurable number of people from theft, assault, imprisonment, and death.

If there were enough men like Dickson’s killer out there, then there would be no police. The moment being a cop was actually as dangerous as being a convenience store clerk, these worthless cowards would walk off the job so fast it would make your head spin. The war on drugs would end in a day. Millions of peaceful people would be released from the rape cages of the prison industrial complex. There would be no war. Tens of millions of children would no longer be force fed psychotropic drugs. Markets could begin repairing the thousands of years of damage that governments have inflicted upon human society.

Dickson was no hero, and his killer no villain. It’s really quite the contrary. It’s easy to feel sorry for his wife and children. It’s easy to turn on your TV and cheer for police to catch the “bad guy”. I’m going to ask you to do something more difficult.


You live in a world where violence is rewarded with money and power and respect by State sanction. Every once in awhile, somebody decides to punish and prevent that violence by using force against a cop. Rather than thank him for his bravery, society labels him the worst sort of criminal, and hunts him down like an animal.

I see this as profoundly sick. That as a species we heap praise upon people who kidnap and murder and steal in the name of “law”, but demonize those who risk their lives to do something meaningful to punish and prevent that violence. I will not engage in this behavior, and neither should you.

Cpl. Bryon K. Dickson was a violent criminal. His uniform does not excuse his crimes. His death marks the end of a 7 year crime wave, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

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  • Jay Strange


  • Police are just a government funded street gang, no different from Bloods, Crips, MS13, Neo-Nazis, mobsters and the like.

    • Phillip Davidson

      They have completely ruined their reputation with every act piracy along the public roadways. Anyone who has ever been detained on a false accusation or ticketed for a nonsense micro-violation knows full well that these guys are not there to protect and serve. Their job is to cite and imprison and hopefully kill a dog every now and again just for kicks.

      • David Bel

        They’re no longer satisfied abusing and murdering innocent humans, but now they are murdering people’s pets!!

        Wow, such evil and heartless monsters!!

    • David

      The problem is that almost nobody really sees them that way. Not the cops, not the politicians, not (most of) the libertarians, and certainly not the random guys on the street.

      • This is true which is thanks to state “education” and conservative run private and religious schools. When one is growing up one is taught that police or as I like to call them government street gangs are actually good people and those criticize them are “pro-criminal”. Not the power hungry, steroid taking thugs that libertarians have been warning about for years.

        Even with sites like this one, Copblock, PINAC, etc and people like Lew Rockwell, William Grigg, Radley Balko etc who continue to expose them there are still plenty of badge lickers who slam them. Indoctrination runs deep.

      • Don Duncan

        A decade ago, very few people saw the police state right under their nose. Thanks to the ‘net that is rapidly changing, especially with libertarians, who are growing in number faster than any other social group. The worse things get, the more people are shocked into awareness.

    • David Bel

      This is becoming a more and more prevalent viewpoint of pigs and how they operate!! Also, they send the proper authorities. J

  • 100% correct.

  • Don Duncan

    The day 10% start seeing this death as self defense or desperate revenge against our barbaric society is the day a new paradigm of social interaction will have started to replace eons of self enslavement.


      Keep stockpiling guns and ammo until that fated day comes.

    • David

      Its never going to happen. I’m having a hard time logically and emotionally reconciling this, and I’m in the most radical .1% when it comes to this kind of stuff. I don’t support ANY State. That surely puts me well beyond the 99th percentile. Even I don’t see this as justified, assuming the cop was just a cop and wasn’t doing anything specific during that moment that would justify that action. There’s no way 10% of people ever see this type of thing as justified, and if they did, I suspect it wouldn’t be because they are all ancaps.

      • Don Duncan

        “… assuming the cop was just a cop…” ? Why would you assume that? Just because you always jump to the conclusion that the cop was irrationally targeted and you are a voluntaryist, does not mean all of us react that way. For example, I’ll bet more statists would take the attacker’s side than there are voluntaryists. Anyone living in the ghetto, has probably been the victim of cops, over and over. Anyone who has been stopped and frisked just because the cops didn’t like their looks, over and over, is not going to react to this attack like you did.

        • David

          That shouldn’t necessarily be assumed. What I’m saying is, I can’t justify cop-killing just because cops are required to violate rights as part of their jobs. Its possible for a cop to do something specific that might make such a reaction justified (and perhaps this cop did) but I don’t think its automatic. I think the punishment should fit the crime. Most cops engage in armed robbery, which shouldn’t be punished by death.

          • Patrick Nelson

            Of course they should be punished by death. What are you stupid or something? He was defending himself against the aggressors when he waited outside for the cops to come out so he could shoot them. He was defending himself, which is why he shoot them when they least expected it. What part of that can’t you get through your dense fucking skull?

          • David

            Did the cops actually do anything to him before he shot them?

          • Patrick Nelson

            Yeah, he was a fucking cop you moron. That’s what he “did” to the person that shot him. What other reason do you need to shoot someone? Seriously. Isn’t it generally accepted that if you are a cop or are black that you should be shot? He was obviously defending himself when he shot the cop.. that didn’t have a weapon drawn or was even aware he was in a confrontation.

          • David Bel

            He becam aware…for like a split second. The crooked ass pigs wanna wage war against American citizens and they see us and treat us as “enemy combatants.”

            Well, they are starting to get what they wanted
            Be careful what you wish for…

            Then again, cops are not exactly the brightest bunch

          • David Bel

            I guarantee they have done plenty to deserve a solid death

          • David Bel

            Exactly!! The same way a sniper will post up and wait for a shot on their target(s)

        • Robert Gumeny

          Being stopped and frisked is not justification for murdering a totally unrelated agent in cold blood when he is just trying to go home to his family or clock in and earn a paycheck. A true warrior seeks to best his opponent on an open field in fair combat.

          • David

            I don’t even say it has to be “fair” but at the least it should be the same agent who actually stopped and frisked you, if you do decide to go the violent route. Which I think is understandable for sure, maybe justifiable, and certainly not desirable.

          • David Bel

            Yeah, like the cops ever do anything fair!!! They gang up on a person then, when helpless, they beat the hell out of the victim

  • content generating machine.

    I wish it had been Darren Wilson.

    • David

      I’m way more OK with this than I am directing it at random cops who, while bad, likely have no idea that they are bad.

      • Don Duncan

        They may not know at first but it must quickly be apparent. Addiction and suicide are twice the average. Some quit this lucrative gang and struggle financially but won’t go back. Their conscience won’t let them. That’s why high IQ people are excluded.

  • Kevin

    Fucking BEAUTIFUL! Excellent analysis Chris

  • D. Harvey

    I disagree somewhat. The fact that someone has decided that the only effective response to the actions of these men is violence is regrettable. That that violence has shortened a man’s life and left a family without a father is a tragedy. Did he have it coming? I don’t know. Frankly, I don’t care. Never been to their city, don’t know any of them. I probably would not like the killer or the policemen (not to be redundant) if I met them. I’ve also never been to the Middle East, or the visited the twin towers while they stood.

    • Phillip Davidson

      I wonder how many families are currently fatherless because the cop needed an arrest to please his boss.


        Exactly. While the children of the DEAD PIG cry themselves to sleep tonight, someone should read them a storybook made from surveillance camera stills of other little kids visiting their dads in prison.

    • Matheus Grunt

      There is such thing as justified violence. People need to be attacking the police more, they’re “soldiers” acting in a “military” in this country and they’re not constitutionally sanctioned to begin with. Same with most of the federal agencies. F–k em’. America has been down this road before, and we prevailed because men were willing to KILL & ENGAGE govt tyrants & enforcers who were doing the wrong thing. There is nothing wrong about that.

      • D. Harvey

        I don’t care whether it is wrong or not. I wonder whether it’s smart, wise, or effective. Kill people if you want, use whatever justification you want, for example, maybe they were wearing the wrong uniform or left the wrong building. I really couldn’t care less. But if you want to end tyranny, government, etc., know that killing people will not help you accomplish your goals. I’m not saying you shouldn’t seek vengeance, but if you don’t mind, please do it quietly. Poison, subterfuge, misdirection these are the ways of justice in an age of tyranny. No one cares if a robbery goes wrong or if someone dies from an apparent heart attack, these things happen everyday and don’t worry the masses.

        • Matheus Grunt

          Justified violence comes in many forms. When the people are pushed against a wall, they will strike back, even if it’s a minority of that population. Those strikes are against those actively oppressing the people too. This is no different today than when the colonists & founders attacked & killed/harassed members of the British military (who acted as police) and other govt officials. Violence solves alot, when it’s for a higher cause than what the state does to us, EVERY SINGLE DAY. We live under a tyrannical govt, and society, we are not free.

          • D. Harvey

            I’m saying, and I think most of the masses would agree, I don’t care about your justifications. Killing cops will do nothing to make you free, end tyranny, etc. Right or wrong, that’s just the way it is. So if you find yourself so angry or vengeful that you think you must take out some particularly awful cop, please do it quietly.

  • xXrefuseRESISTXx

    I’m gonna call up his widow and ask her out on a date.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      This may well be the greatest comment in the history of this blog. LOL

    • Josh Johnson

      you can probably do better than someone who managed to fall in love with a psychopath.

    • Rothbardian Slip

      There’s a good chance she’s a virgin! Oh, forgot about the kids. There’s still a good chance she never banged a cop. He’d have been too dumb to realize that just because she never did him the kids might not be his.


        His dead fucking pin sized dick is getting eaten by maggots now!

        • Rothbardian Slip



      Fuck her in the ass and upload it to YouPorn so I can hate-jack to it.

      • USA

        like i do to your mom

    • USA

      when did you start to like girl. just yesterday i saw you down on the docks blowing sailors for pocket change

  • gutty

    please tell me you have some sort of inoperable, terminal brain tumor….you really can not be that stupid…

  • GB Rookie


    • USA

      Amen ?? i thought you where an atheist Gay Boy Rookie

      • GB Rookie

        Definition of Amen: “‘So be it.’ To concur or illuminate agreement.”
        When did I say I was an athiest? And if I was, does that change the definition of the word “Amen?”

        Are only Christians allowed to say Amen?

  • Phillip Davidson

    Chris – the only point you missed was in regard to the fatherless family. I wonder how many fathers were sent to prison by this cop during his years of accosting motorists with broken tail-lights.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      Excellent point!


      Very good point Sir. Think of the victims of this dead prick. Think of the tears those imprisoned fathers shed as they miss watching their children growing up just because they had some refined coca plant in a baggie in their private vehicle.

      At least all of this cop’s victims can sleep a little sounder at night knowing maggots are currently burrowing through his fucking skull and turning him into worm food.

      • Leslie

        You’re a real tough guy..coward. If you really believed your own bullshit, you would put your name proudly on your delusion comments..COWARD!

        • USA

          don’t be to hard on him Leslie. once he comes out of the closet and tells his father he love men he will be happy. plus if him mommy finds out hes talking like this he will get another spanking

  • I feel nothing for this slaughter. I just hope the hero isn’t caught, and the video of this slaughter shows up on Liveleak. : )

    What are the chances that a Chris Dorner is ALIVE!

    • Rothbardian Slip

      It would be cool if the shooter had a go pro. Would be risky posting it though with the way they spy on us.


      It would be awesome to be able to add a video of this new cop cleansing to my collection of cops getting killed videos. I jack off to them. They give me a boner that can cut diamonds.

      • D. Harvey

        Just because an action is justified does not make it a desirable outcome. Calling for the blood of all the guilty will not result in less blood of innocents. If you really think police should be less tyrannical, shouldn’t that begin with you?

        • Don Duncan

          I read an interview with a Jewish holocaust survivor who wondered if the holocaust could have been stopped in the early ’30s if only the gestapo had been killed when they were outnumbered greatly.

          In hindsight, we can say it certainly could not have hurt. At least the Jews would have gone down fighting, and not as enabling victims. The overwhelming guilt of the victims might not all be survivor’s guilt.

          Are the US citizens acting like the holocaust Jews?

          • D. Harvey

            In this scenario who are the Jews and who is the Gestapo? And are you saying that all the Gestapo and Jews were alike?

          • Don Duncan

            Isn’t it obvious? Do the cops have to openly declare war on civilians? I remember it being this way for many decades, getting worse and worse.

            And, no, not all cops and civilians are exactly alike. The groupings are generalizations. How else can we discuss this problem?

          • D. Harvey

            By talking about specific wrongs perpetrated on specific people, and why I should care. Life is short. I have very little in common even with others that call themselves anarchists, much less with Americans, and frankly, you don’t either. Why should I risk my life and liberty, such that I have, for them.

          • Don Duncan

            Who asked or ever implied that you should? This is a discussion of the morality of a specific action, i.e., an attack on two cops in America. If you are not an anarchist or American why are you even wasting your short life here?

          • D. Harvey

            I am an anarchist and I was born in America. The author and most of those responding to this article have lauded the actions of the cop killer in this case at least implying that others would do well to kill cops simply because they are cops. This is the point I’m argueing against. I also don’t believe any group action is undesirable. I am discussing this here because I believe that many of the readers of Chris’s blog might be able to be persuaded that violence should be used much more wisely than is suggested by this post. I believe this would make me and mine freer.

  • Murder is the ultimate trespass, his widow and son have my sympathies. But we are at war with peace officers in this country. As you point out, we suffer their trespass in too many ways to count.

  • Patrick Nelson

    We the people grant police and the government the power to coerce. If you want to go back to the articles of confederation instead of the constitution, there is an amendment process. But, consider why we no longer use the articles of the confederation. Murder is murder. If you want anarchy go to Africa. You can’t go around just killing people because you feel their cause is unjust. If you want to do some real good, why don’t you go kill all the black people in America? They are responsible for the most homicides in America, and they are a minority, shouldn’t be too rough right? That’s about how you are generalizing all of the police force.


      Go and suck the dick of a cop you fucking freedom traitor.

      • Patrick Nelson

        Go to Africa if you want freedom bro, or change our system here legally. It’s pretty simple. Or keep being a little bitch and throw ad hominem into your argument when you can’t come up with something logical.

        • Brandon Youngs

          You do realize, in order for me to leave, I have to pay this gang a large fee. On top of that fee, I have to go to another gang and get permission to enter their gangland. Also, the first gang is going to require I forfeit a large percentage of my property, just to leave, and again that assumes that the gang I am living under approves of my leaving in the first place.

          • Patrick Nelson

            What large fee are you talking about? The fee for a pass port? If you leave, your property is still your property. You’re an idiot. Where do you people come up with this shit? The whole world is gangland, except Africa. They are free over there bro, go have fun, unless you want to change things here, young keyboard warrior.

          • The Initiative and Referenda process is notoriously broken and difficult to use, in the 25 states that possess it. It is impossible to use or non binding (ignored) in at least 2 states. Politicians regularly make laws that increase the difficulty of ballot access for both I&R (as NV just did by adding a double-district separation requirement on all petition pages) and candidate ballot access. Those who think Cantwell’s point is lacking would do well to remember this, the next time they hear about further interference with the basic rights of individuals to a government that works as advertised. Right now, the burden of proof is on the defenders of liberal democracy, because liberal democracy has failed to survive. Virtually no sensible person can defend the current operation of this government.

        • “…or change our system here legally.”

          It is lawful to defend yourself from violent aggression, and to riposte until the threat is eliminated.

          It might not be ‘legal’ under statute, but it is lawful. Statutes that violate fundamental human rights are null and void on their face.

          • Patrick Nelson

            He wasn’t defending himself, he sought them out to kill them. Secondly, you are arguing philosophy. There are no concrete fundamental human rights. It’s subjective. Change the laws or you are just pissing in the wind.

          • If it’s subjective, then this must hold true for the state apparatus as well.

            Why do we have to submit to a state system if there are no concrete fundamentals?

            You’re trapped in your own argument. You are telling people that it’s all subjective, but at the same time, you’re saying that people have to recognize as objectively valid and reasonable that they must submit to a form of racketeering.

          • Patrick Nelson

            Civilians aren’t sought out by police with the sole purpose to kill.

    • Steve

      The idea of the modern police force stemmed from the old “Company Towns” in the U.S. where a company, in most cases a coal company, owned all of the property, stores, and supplies in a town which housed their workers. These workers were indentured slaves, where their wages went to paying off their tools, room & board, food, etc. Sound familiar?

      Nowhere in the Constitution does it mention anything about a police force. You are making random inferences about something you think you know about without any research or real knowledge on the subject, “bro.” You also don’t get to speak on behalf of “We The People” as that also includes those in this comment section that disagree with you.

      • Patrick Nelson

        Your idea of where the modern police force came from is irrelevant. We the people, are all police. At some point, we the people, decided we would rather pay for someone else to do it, than do the policing ourselves. We have just as much of a right to enforce laws and legislation as a police officer does. How else would you propose the enforcement of the legislation that we pass?

        • Don Duncan

          How would you propose the enforcement of theft? Of any violation of rights? George Washington was honest when he said: “Government is not reason, it is brute force.”

          • Patrick Nelson

            What violation of rights? It’s weird how the state will help you find and punish someone who stole from you. I wonder how they get the money to do that?

    • Guest

      Mass shootings and serial killers: white males. GTFO with your racist b.s.

      • Patrick Nelson

        Not racist. It’s statistics. Read what I said, and refute it with statistics. My stats are coming from the FBI. Blacks are responsible for the most gross murders, AND at roughly 1/3 the white population. GTFO with your invalid argument. Don’t blame me for blacks being much more likely to be murders than white people. I don’t make the statistics.

    • State troopers and incorporated police departments are not Constitutionally sanctioned.

      So what was that you were saying about the amendment process?

      • Patrick Nelson

        They are ran by the state which powers to run their own state come from the constitution. Propose a new amendment to your state’s constitution to abolish the police force. If you fail, it’s your fault for being a failure.

        • No.

          If tomorrow a state govt. created an agency that used human slavery to make products, it would be illegal on its face.

          We wouldn’t have to pass an amendment that nullifies something that was illegal to begin with.

    • Matthew Reece

      “We the people” does not exist. Each individual person exists. This individual person never signed any social contract or document that establishes a state, and never would do so.

      You must not have read the article, or you would understand that the killed person was an aggressor, and violence against an aggressor does not violate NAP.

      • Tom Robertson

        Living in a country constitutes consenting to its laws. The United States claimed the land you live on before you were born.

        • Matthew Reece

          The United States does not exist. Each individual person exists, the landmass exists, each building exists, etc.

          As a government is not an individual, it cannot act. Because it cannot act, it cannot mix its labor with unowned natural resources. Therefore, it cannot legitimately acquire property. While anyone can claim property in the name of a government and murder those who disagree (like Native Americans), this constitutes criminal behavior and should not be respected as a means of acquiring land.

        • Rothbardian Slip

          By what natural law does the United States Government have a valid claim to land? I understand you are saying that I’m born into slavery. I just don’t get how you justify the “right” of my oppressor to rule over me.

          • Patrick Nelson

            You both should take an intro government class. Many of your questions will be answered. Perhaps there is a reason strict libertarians are a very very small minority. Don’t like someone “ruling” over you? Go to Africa. I hear it’s nice there. Isn’t it weird, that EVERY SINGLE established country that is anyway considered to be decent to live in, has a government that “rules” over them? Every country or region that doesn’t… well, go to Africa if you insist. If you don’t like it, you can change it. As someone mentioned earlier, it may be more difficult because the libertarian and anarchist factions are very very small minorities. I suppose it’s your job to convert others to your side to actually create a voice? As far as not violating the NAP, I guess that’s the loophole that we used to go over to Afghanistan with right? It didn’t directly affect all of us, but we went over there anyways. We should kill all the black people because they are responsible for the most murders in the US as a minority, so they are the aggressors right? I don’t have a contract to have to live in the same area as homicidal blacks, so lets just kill them. For the opposition of tyranny. You give them an inch, and the next thing you know, ALL the blacks will be murderers, and because blacks murdering people indirectly affects me, that gives me the right to kill someone. #logic

          • Rothbardian Slip

            Please answer my question. By what natural law does the USG have a right to claim land? Next you can answer why they have a right to the fruits of my labor. I’m sorry that you’re afraid of blacks, but not all of them are violent and they didn’t choose to be black. All cops are violent and they did choose to be cops. If you start trying to kill the blacks, like you say, guess what, they are probably going to become violent and kill you back. If cops keep committing violence against tax victims here in the US, guess what, the people may start to give them some violence back. No one wants to be victimized. Eventually the oppressed will turn on their oppressors. I’m thinking you need to move to Africa. Then maybe you can learn that all blacks are not violent. Bon voyage.

          • Patrick Nelson

            There are no such thing as concrete natural law. If there is, please direct me to it. You are arguing philosophy. They don’t have a right to the fruits of your labor, but by working in a system they set up, and because of the services they provide to you, you are consenting to it. You don’t have to pay taxes or work. You choose to. Blacks choose to be homicidal. What’s your point? I’m perfectly fine not dealing with freedom fighters over in Africa. I’m not the one crying about the way the government is set up on the internet. If it’s a big deal for you, make legislative changes. Make constitutional changes. If not, shut the fuck up and cry me a river. You disagreeing with policies doesn’t excuse murder.

          • Rothbardian Slip

            According to your logic, slaves should have been ok with being slaves because they were born into the system. They should have just shut up about it. The Jews should have ramen the gas because their government said it was right. They should have quit whining about it. The people in Saudi Arabia should be cool with being tortured in prison if they don’t think the king is sufficiently cool. They should put a plug in it. If someone here doesn’t like being spied on by the NSA, they’re stupid because Dianne Feinstein says it’s no problem. A they should either learn to be quiet, or just get rid of their phones and computers? I’ve made huge changes in my life to withdraw my consent to the government. I retired 15 years early in order to home school my son and avoid paying more income taxes. I own my home outright but the government still makes me pay tribute each year in order to keep it. I own my truck, my boat, and my car. Every year the government makes me pay them for the “privilege” of being able to use them without being caged. My point, since you ask, is that the man or women who killed that cop wasn’t committing murder. He was exercising his natural right to self defense. I would not go out and kill cops. It isn’t right for my life. I still applaud those who do. They are standing up for the rest of us.

            Last. There are natural rights. They are rights which can be exercised at no expense to our fellow humans. For example, when you tell me I should happily live in slavery and shut up about it because I was born into it, you are practicing your right to free speech. It doesn’t cost anyone anything. I can choose to listen or not. I can even choose to be offended. It still costs me nothing. When government takes what is mine it violates the natural law. When they invade my privacy, they violate my natural rights. Natural law is not just an obscure philosophy. It’s a moral code agreed upon by billions of humans for millennia.

          • Patrick Nelson

            Nope. I’m saying if you disagree with it, change it. I don’t applaud Hitler for killing Jews, not do I applaud citizens for going out of their way to wait for cops to come outside and shoot them. You pay taxes because they are responsible to you. You pay for your vehicle, because we the people have passed legislation that has the government build roads, scoop brains up off the concrete when an accident happens, to post signs for severe weather. You pay for your property because I’d someone breaks into it, they have an obligation to investigate. Natural rights are arguable and subjective, just as being forced to pay taxes is arguable. If you don’t like it, change it, or leave. You aren’t a slave. You choose to live here.

          • Rothbardian Slip

            As I’ve said, I’m doing what I can to change it. What are you doing about your fear of negros? Telling me I should have to leave because I don’t want to be held to a contract I didn’t agree to is as ludicrous as your fear of the negros. I’ll continue doing what I can to improve my life. You continue to be scared of the negros.

          • The “you choose to live here” argument is a total fallacy.

            In questions of criminality, right or wrong, etc. it does not matter if someone can leave or not: a violation is a violation.

            Telling someone that is being subjected to abuse that they must be ok with it “because they chose to stay in the area” is akin to the old line that a woman who was raped was “asking for it” because of how she dressed.

            It’s blaming the victim, instead of recognizing that a violation took place.

            If I know that my neighborhood has become crime ridden, and I choose to still live there, does that mean that I am responsible if a gang shoots me in a drive by, or breaks into my house? Is the drive by and the break in permissable now because I could move to another neighborhood?

            Crimes are crimes. Telling someone they must either accept the criminality or leave is probably one of the most depraved things that can be said.

            Why so many people use that tact like it actually constitutes a rebuttal is totally beyond me.

            It’s even more funny in your case because you start off your comment talking about the Jewish Holocaust.

            To use your logic, the Jews in Auschwitz had no right to condemn the Nazis as evil, because by choosing to live in Germany, they somehow agreed with what was going to befall them.

          • Matthew Reece

            An intro government class…taught by someone who works for the government! What could possibly go wrong? #conflictofinterest

          • Patrick Nelson

            Who else is going to teach it? Someone not in the government? What could possibly go wrong? See? I can put together a stupid argument too. #conflictofinterest #youarentsayinganything

          • Patrick Nelson

            I also find it interesting that, of all the things I said in my comment, you chose to argue about taking an intro government class.

          • Tom Robertson

            I’m sorry to take 2 months
            to respond, Rothbardian. I don’t know
            who should be the first owner of what property. But assuming claims are legitimate, it’s not
            “slavery.” It’s just obeying the
            rules of an owner. If person A was on
            person B’s property, person A’s choices would be limited, in the same way that
            a slave’s are, to following person B’s rules or leaving, as are citizens of countries.

          • Rothbardian Slip

            According to the political/economic philosophy I believe in, anarcho capitalism, one can only legitimately aquire land in three ways. You can inherit it, purchase it, or, if it is previously unclaimed, you can “mix your blood with it”. In other words homestead and improve it to solidify your claim. I also don’t consent to be governed. So, according to the declaration of independence, in which the USG claimes its legitimacy, governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. My state withdrew its consent in the later 1800s along with much of the south. I have also withdrawn my consent. So much for thier just powers.

            Anyway. It all doesn’t matter much. I’m a slave. So are you.

            I’m ok waiting for a responce. I’m in no hurry.

    • Matheus Grunt

      Wrong. Police have zero constitutional right to even exist. Sheriff’s that are elected, their offices, are the only constitutional law enforcement in the states you peon. The colonists & some of the founders also routinely engage in attacks against law enforcement back in the day (the British troops) and other govt officials. They even attacked them at homes sometimes. This is not evil, but a necessary work against what is wrong & impure & violating of the rule of law & our natural rights. It’s happening slowly all over again. The American people, many of us, are fed up. This kind of action this man took in taking on these 2 troopers is going to keep up as the war these pigs partake in against us & the Constitution keeps up.

      • Patrick Nelson

        It’s implied consent. Just as much as congress has the right to levy taxes, the judicial branch has the right to enforce legislation. Murder because you think someone is unjust isn’t constitutional. Sorry, your logic is deeply flawed. As well as how you are viewing civil rights as compared to civil liberties. I agree the people are fed up, and there is an avenue to direct our grievances to. Murder isn’t going to help anything, besides hire a new cop, and piss off the rest of the station.

        • What is implied consent?

          By choosing to live by the gun, you could say that the troopers gave “implied consent” to have someone else with a gun come and take their lives.

          Implied consent is a bs argument. Consent is either given, or it isn’t. If someone says they don’t consent, then they don’t consent. Simple as that.

        • And it is not “murder because you think someone is unjust.”

          Taking out a terrorist or a violent criminal who is violating you is not murder, and the main reason for combating criminals is not because criminals are ‘unjust’; it’s because they violate inviolable rights.

          • David

            But what if he isn’t? What if he’s just patroling, not actually bullying anyone at the moment in question?

          • You still don’t understand: the point Cantwell is making is that the job itself is depraved.

            It would be like if you knew a guy named Vinny that is a mafia soldier. He comes into your shop every 2 weeks and collects the protection money. He is respectful, he jokes around and asks how your family is, and as long as you pay, he’s on his way; you won’t see or hear of him again for another two weeks.

            Is he a good guy? Sure, at multiple levels, he’s a nice enough guy. But what is he actually doing for a living. Nice or not, he’s a soldier for the syndicate, and he’s collecting your protection payment. If you decide one day you don’t really feel like paying anymore, how nice do you think he’s going to be?

            “Just patrolling” loses its meaning when you consider that many people, throughout the centuries, have been “just doing their jobs.” It’s the nature of the job that we should judge them by, not whether or not they manage to do it whilst refraining from all but the worst excesses.

            A Totenkopf guard was “just guarding” Auschwitz. A Stasi operative was “just listening and reporting” on his neighbors. A Crip is “just watching out for his brothers.” All of these men may have had wives, kids; they might all joke with you or leave you alone if you don’t interrupt what they are doing. But they are performing the duties of a certain heirarchy. If you are deemed to be in their way, or if their masters give the order, then you are going down. That is the crucial thing.

            Look at Ferguson: sure many of those cops are probably nice enough at a personal level. But so what? At the end of the day, when they are given orders to go out and bust heads, shoot at journalists, and arrest people for exercising their right to assembly and free speech, they do it, no questions asked. They don’t conscientiously object. They follow orders. Is that not depraved? Same with the police during Occupy Oakland, or those cops that choked that guy in NYC to death because he was selling cigarettes on the corner.

            Even if though every cop may not engage in murder, rape or brutality individually, the bottom line is that they continue to go to work for an institution that does do this habitually, and inculcates in their membership. This institution is funded not with voluntary, contractual exchanges of property, but at gun point. People either pay for their “peace officers”, or they go to jail. If they resist going to jail/court, then they get shot. Ultimately there is a simple, linear relationship between the people of any given area and the police/state: fund us and subscribe to our “service,” or face death. You shall not seek out any competing providers of protection services: we are the sole providers. And you cannot deny the service: you must accept it and you must pay for it.

            It’s a protection racket.

            Ask yourself: even if a man/woman is good and decent in every visible way, why would they choose to go to work for a protection racket? And not just in some minor capacity, but in the enforcement arm of that racket?

            What kind of person wants to be the mafia soldier?

          • Patrick Nelson

            What are these inviolable rights you speak of? Who wrote them, and why do we have to follow them?

          • Right to property is the first and most fundamental right. You have property in your own life, and from that everything else extends.

            Nobody has to write out this right. It’s a self evident aspect of our nature. If you don’t own your own body, then who does? It would be absurd to argue that you do not own your own body. In fact, simply engaging in such an argument proves the point. Google “Hans Herman Hoppe, Argumentation Ethic.”

            We don’t have to observe human rights. But you can’t build a just and functional society without them. In other words, people can ignore rights, but you better be prepared for the consequences, which means everyone against everyone else in a complete law-of-the-jungle world.

            I find it interesting that the same poster defending the police and the state also asks why we should observe human rights.

        • “I agree the people are fed up, and there is an avenue to direct our grievances to.”

          So what is this avenue, and can you give examples of it in action, producing more liberty for the people?

        • Rothbardian Slip

          Your logic is deeply flawed. I never agreed to the constitution you reference. I’m not bound by a contract someone else agreed too. I consider the congress and judicial branch you site to be violent criminals who should be resisted at every turn. No one here says murder is constitutional. They are saying this guy was defending himself against armed criminals. When the criminal gang known as the state arms itself in order to impose it’s will on us there is a pretty good chance that some of us may defend ourselves against those armed aggressors by killing them. More power to those that do.

          • Patrick Nelson

            Waiting for a guy to come out so you can shoot him isn’t defending yourself. #logic

          • Rothbardian Slip

            Run scared cracka! Lol!

  • Rothbardian Slip

    This guy Noonan doesn’t seem too bright. First he claims the attack was cowardly. The shooter went up against 2 men he knew were armed and trained with firearms. He did fail to finish the job before leaving but maybe the other cop was playing dead. I’ve read story after story about six to 20 cops killing some kid with a bottle of soda and saying it was for officer safety. How about when four or five of them beat the crap out of a 17 year old girl and whine that they couldn’t take a chance on her hurting them? These little sissybitches never run out of excuses for being afraid of the public and then ganging up on one of us. I think we all know who the cowards were in that gunfight.

    Next he says “It’s an attack upon all of us in society”. I don’t feel violated. I don’t think I was attacked. Maybe Noonan the lick knob feels afraid, but I’m fine. When I get a $115 seatbelt ticket and I tell the piggy he should feel ashamed of himself and he tells me it’s for my own safety, I feel violated. When someone kills a cop, it has no impact on my life. Sure I might get a warm fuzzy feeling for a minute or two, but really I couldn’t care less about the cop or his little panicked buddy Noonan.

    • I’m going to reserve my sympathy for Ross Ulbricht, architect of a benevolent service that minimized this type of violence, by minimizing interaction with the belligerent and intolerant police state. There’s no assisting the anonymous man who retaliated against this cop, and it wouldn’t be wise to try, but Ross Ulbricht needs $ and jury rights activists in front of his courthouse, informing the general public about their basic human right to reach an independent verdict.

      • Rothbardian Slip

        I somehow didn’t know who he was. Thanks for making me use “the google”. I guess I never really followed the Silk Road thing. I’ve been paying more attention to people like Barrett Brown, Julian Assange, Snowden, Kim Dotcom, etc. Hopefully, Brown will be out soon. This guy sounds brilliant from what I’ve read so far.


    Thank you Mr. Cantwell for sharing this exciting and happy news with us. This worthless maggot will now be eaten by maggots in his tax victim funded casket. I hope maggots are feasting on his cowardly eyeballs right now.

    May he rot in piss. His reign of terror is over. I hope his wife commits suicide from the grief, and I hope his children wind up with massive substance abuse problems from the trauma. Fuck them all. This is a family that lived off the misery of the drug war. This is a family that paid for their food with money stolen from the tax victims. May their colons rot from cancer. May they wind up with maggots eating their eyes like dear old Dad.

    • SteelPhils

      You are a sick person.


    This is such good news. Brings a huge smile to my face to know some pig got a face full of lead.

  • Nick Nadhob

    this could be a false flag operation by the feds to demonize armed americans.

  • Nick Nadhob

    google ” bohdan mazur “

  • content generating machine.

    He’s already being nominated for sainthood in the papers.

  • Christopher Dorner

    On the radio this morning some officer said the person who did this was probably somebody who has a grudge against law enforcement and has had firearms training. No shit Sherlock. You mean it took academy training to figure that out?

    • At Odds

      “Grudge against law enforcement.” Sounds like they’re hedging. Why would this person have a “grudge”. Perhaps psychotic but then anything can be a grudge. If caught, we’ll hear all sort of history on the man and none on the cops.

  • jimmyt

    If you act aggressive police have the right to execute you.

    Yet every video I see of cops is them acting aggressive, and citizens have a right to go home safe..

    No sympathy for terrorist police forces

    • Patrick Nelson

      Citizens do not have a RIGHT to go home safe. That is not a right. You’re silly. If a cop is aggressive you have the RIGHT to defend yourself, up to and including deadly force. For example, if a cop illegally enters your home, shoot him.

  • D. Harvey

    Are the commenters on this post so bent on violence that they can’t see that violence will only lead to more violence. I’m not saying you should have sympathy for your oppressors, but do you have no sympathy for yourselves when those in power hire a dozen more officers bent on revenge? I guarentee more people will be victims of the tyranny of the state because of this one man’s death. Other than The terrorists, who could have predicted the death and destruction that would have resulted from 9/11?

    • At Odds

      Understand your logic, and don’t disagree. However, whenever I hear someone say “violence begets more violence”, they forget what and who caused the violence in the first place. Yes, violence begets violence; their violence beget the killer’s violence. Of course, you’ll never hear of the state’s violence just the begetted violence, and so everyone will point to the person that did the retaliation as the sole criminal.

      Yes, this article may be over the top, but so is the “hero” worship of the state hirlings. Remember growing up listening to liberals giving a defense of liberal violent or nude or religiously offensive art as a way of starting a conversation or make people think or wake them up. Yet, when Cantwell does it or when an article like this comes out, “it’s wrong” and suggests violence. Yes, there’s comments on here that are for this article that are ignorant (and straight up pornographic in a psychotic way), but the negative comments that don’t understand what the author was trying to convey is just as ignorant and nauseous to read.

      • D. Harvey

        Completely agree. I respect one’s right to vengeance, if that was indeed his/her motivation. I think a much wiser course of action than to off him in front of a government facility would be to quietly poison him or kill him in his home and disguise the killing as a robbery gone wrong.

  • Smelly Dukakis

    Man you are one sick fuck

  • David

    I understand that in some instances its self defense, but wouldn’t killing a cop who’s NOT aggressing against someone in that moment be a violation of the right to trial?

    As much as I agree with Cantwell’s logic on principle, the problem is that 99+% of people’s minds aren’t even anywhere near this point. Its not just the cops, its all the people who give them social sanction. Heck, I’m probably responsible to a degree just for not being harder on the people I encounter who say they want to go into law enforcement (I don’t encourage it, mind you). And I’m an ancap for crying out loud. How much more the guy who actually supports his local police department? I’m not saying the cop was a hero at all, nor do I say the killer was a hero, but we shouldn’t celebrate death. Even in cases where it is justified. Which, I don’t think this qualifies.

    • Who is celebrating death?

    • Rothbardian Slip

      Your argument about a “right to trial” requires an agreement to be bound by the constitution. The only ones who have agreed to that are soldiers, cops, and bureaucrats. Ancaps by definition reject the constitution.

  • Boston Strong TRUTHER

    when will people turn out to block the street and have a huge funeral for victims of cops? marching band and all?

  • Patrick Nelson

    I keep seeing a disregard for the constitution and a natural rights argument. What contact did I sign saying that I need to honor your natural rights? What contract did I sign that forces me to tolerate someone simply living on the same plane of existence as me?

    • You don’t need to honor my natural rights.

      You just need to be mindful that if you infringe on them, there will be consequences.

      I don’t care if you recognize my rights or not. All I care about is that I recognize my own rights. If you don’t recognize them that’s fine until you decide to actually do some action that violates me, like steal my property.

  • Bfife985

    I hope someone shoots and kills this fucking pussy coward Christopher Cantwell! I volunteer to do it.

    • Jesse Elliott

      It would be hilarious for you to try, because you’d be another violent asshole who reaped what he sowed.

  • Bfife985

    All pussy coward police bashers should be executed

  • Rebecca

    This is disgusting. How about you actually educate yourself on the event? Then you might know that he opened random fire on every officer that he saw. This was not revenge for an unlawful act on the part of the murderer officer. I don’t agree with police aggression but I also don’t agree with citizen aggression, and especially not murder. Where do you think this is going to get you in a fight against police brutality? All random attacks like this is going to do is allow the police to have better defense and better weapons to defend themselves with. Not all officer do their job with honor but many of them do. Yes, maybe he left some children fatherless for DUIs, but that’s only to prevent that father form doing harm to other human beings. I understand this is not always the case, but you all need to understand that neither is the opposite. This post disgusts me but strangely, I still don’t think you deserve ‘a faceful of lead’ as some people here seem to think this officer did.

  • Copper1

    Since you all are in such a good mood, I want to take you down a bit. I’m retired now for the last 4 yrs. I collect 85k a year in pension and full medical benefits no copay or deductible. I can still find people with help from my friends no problem. I can do so much more damage now cause I can’t get fired anymore or lose my pension or benefits. And from all my years of experience I know how to get away with anything. Just for example we have a thing we call a black bag job. A guy walking home or going in or out of a store all of a sudden gets hit in the back of the head with a 2×4. Nobody sees anything. Oh he must have been mugged. Aww poor fellow. Doesn’t talk the same way anymore. Hope you all still feel happy. Watch over your shoulder, you never know when the boogeyman is gonna show up. Have a nice day♧

  • Bernie Gorcenski

    As the uncle of an officer of the law I’m going to weigh in. Noone here knows the true motive behind this unless you are indeed the killer . You assume this officer did something wrong which I cannot prove or disprove. The only thing that can be agreed upon is that the person who did this was a coward . Whatever his motives he denied a child of a father a mother and father of a son and a wife of a husband. This person waited outside like a coward and shot two people while they were unaware . That person was in no danger at that moment. He is a killer and the exact reason we have these brave men and women we call officers of the law. This person ruined the lives of this officers innocent family…one of the reasons that was stated as why this person may have targeted these men. So you see if that is his bad ass vigilante way of claiming justice then this person is a hypocrite. As you may have noticed I refer to him as a person a term I use very loosely in this application…. I have not and will not refer to him as a man because he is not . This person is a coward and I hope he reaps what he sowed… As for the person who wrote this article ..what if this was you’re family member ?? Would you want someone to say you’re parents or siblings deserved to die? I feel sorry for your family that you are dragging their name through the mud .

    • David


      As you’ll note, I questioned the idea that the cop deserved to die. Barring other evidence, I’d say he didn’t.

      But, he’s not an “honorable officer of the law” either. Honorable people don’t threaten people for victimless crimes, and cops are required to do so as part of their jobs. Drug laws, gun laws, seatbelt violations, laws against gambling, prostitution, etc.

      I’ll grant that the ignorance on the part of most cops, the fact that they genuinely believe, and have been taught since childhood that their actions are morally justified could be a mitigating factor. And I’m willing to say, as long as there isn’t anything exceptional about this instance, that they didn’t deserve to die. But their actions are still evil and should be identified as such.

      Note that I’m also not making a comment about armed revolution or defending oneself against cop violence. I think armed revolution is undesirable and its regrettable when anyone is killed. But everyone has their line in the sand where they can’t take it anymore and they have to defend themselves. I respect that decision. But even when it must be made, I’m not going to gloat over it. Its unfortunate that people could be so brainwashed as to commit actions that would warrant one killing you in self-defense, all the while thinking that its morally justified. Its a freaking tragedy all the way around. I won’t call them pigs but I won’t call them heroes either. They’re deceived thugs, many of whom legitimately believe they are good, have understandable reasons for thinking so, but are unwittingly dangerous, violent aggressors.

      I don’t support killing cops. But I don’t support cops either.

    • Sam Cru

      “Whatever his motives he denied a child of a father a mother and father of a son and a wife of a husband.” Police and military personnel do this every day. When they do it, however, usually their victims are unarmed.

  • HAM

    If you do not like how this country is being run, enjoy having freedom of speech where you’re legally allowed to write this garbage, legally allowed to practice your faith & thoughts if you do not like this & think this country is horrible than FUCKING LEAVE!! See how far you get in another country you douche bags. Cause you sure as shit wont be allowed to write such disrespectful garbage in any other country where you wont be persecuted for it. And you obviously have no idea whats really going on in this town right now.

    • joeybuddy96

      There is a $2350 fee to renounce citizenship. There’s also taxes on removing money from 401Ks, early distributions from IRAs, other taxes related to removing investments to foreign accounts beyond normal citizen taxes, taxes on taking out money formerly in social security accounts, and taxes on whatever unpaid taxes for the current fiscal year remain. There is also the costs associated with paying to become a citizen of another country, including fees, transportation costs, and lapses in income during the transition. You appear to be interested in the removal of Cantwell from the country; perhaps you could raise enough money to pay for the tens of thousands of dollars it takes to emigrate from the more perfect union–maybe the Dickson fund will have some money left over from the loyalists, or a special tax district could be created.

      US citizens are not allowed to write and practice their faith if it violates the religion of the state. James Bell wasn’t.

      • Patrick Nelson

        Have you ever considered why the fees are in place? Could it be, because tax payers have already paid into you ( public education, police, fda, and practically any organization you can think of that even indirectly affects you )? Could it be because you won’t be paying back into the system? Hmm.The 401k, IRA, is all your own doing, and you knew what the guidelines were when you started putting into it. Taxes on taking money out of social security… of course, you are only supposed to collect it at 62 or whatever, that’s how the system is set up. Then of course you have to pay to get the benefits of being a citizen in a different country, for the same reason you have to pay to get out of it. All the benefits of being a citizen of a different country were already in place and paid for by people other than yourself. Also, he isn’t intent on having Chris leave America, he’s suggesting an option because it would appear that Chris is unhappy here. Do you have any more questions I can answer for you?

        • Guest

          Some fees are in place to fund the continuity of government, regardless of whether or not the individual or organization continues to pay taxes as a citizen of another government. The assumption of your second argument, that other “tax payers have already paid into” myself, or others that are interested in renouncing citizenship, implies that there is a net debt by the renouncing citizen owed to the other tax payers for past costs incurred by the citizen. There is at least one hidden premise in your second argument that the federal government and the tax payers are synonymous groups. Any money paid to the federal government is not returned to tax payers directly. Money is not returned to tax payers by the government in the same way it is taken from tax payers by the government. Government is a group of people consisting of tax payers and not-tax-payers; some people in the government do not pay taxes, some people outside of the government do not pay taxes. The fees are collected by the government as a group, regardless of whether or not the citizens within the government or outside of the government pay taxes. Your second argument carries a second implied premise that the money collected by the government from renouncing citizens will go to tax payers, whether they are inside the group of the government or outside of the group of the government. The government sub-group that collects the funds from renouncing citizens is the Department of the State, which is part of the executive branch that handles international relations. Neither one of us know where funds collected by the DoS end up. If we’re going to have an effective debate, one of us is going to have to figure out where that money actually goes, since both of our arguments use it as a premise for our conclusions. My guess is that it is not in the hands of non-government tax payers, and is probably just a relatively small amount of money placed into the intra-departmental account of the DoS. Only tax payers who are “paid into” by the DoS would be those who would receive the funds from other citizens who are “paid into” by the DoS who are then renouncing citizenship; i.e. DoS in, DoS out. Neither of our posts address the degree to which tax payers not employed as tax payers function as members of the group of the government–civilians pay taxes, so they support the government, and are an indirect part of the government; some actions of civilians are therefore within the government. It cannot be said that no civilians who do not pay taxes are part of the government, whether or not they are living off of the grid, because they are within the same territory that the government claims as government-owned territory. The only way to not be part of a government is to live outside of government-owned property, to not pay taxes, and to not be an employee of the government. The government organizations you mention parenthetically each require separate debates to determine whether or not they have “paid into” renouncing citizens and vary on a case-by-case basis; an effective argument would determine whether an individual received a net benefit from each institution and had unpaid debts at the time of renouncing citizenship (e.g. for public education, it would imply that the renouncing citizen had an outstanding debt that the public education system had actual balance sheets showing the incurred cost by that specific individual). Casually mentioning that money is owned by renouncing citizens to “practically any organization that you can think of that indirectly affects you” is a false premise. Some people owe some organizations some money, and that money can be traced back to the individuals, as the IRS does with delinquent tax payers and as creditor companies do with hiring collections agencies for delinquent debtors.

          Your third argument is that fees are collected from renouncing citizens by the DoS

        • David Bel

          Like always, Americans are not seen as humans who matter but simply mere commodities to be bought, sold, traded, used up and thrown away!! Americans are basically just indentured servants!!

      • David Bel

        They have to make it crazy difficult and expensive to renounce citizenship and leave otherwise people would be doing it in droves

    • David Bel

      If you don’t like the fact that more and more people are sick and tired of this Horrible govt and growing police state and are both speaking out and standing up…..then YOU Fuckin leave!!!!

      You should Love North Korea…it’s a Dictatorship complete with police state!! It’s basically already the kind of country America is quickly becoming so you should fit right in. Nobody is allowed to speak out or anything, it’s Perfect for people who “think” like you!!

      So goddam sick of these predictable inbreds saying “if you don’t like it leave!!” — NO, You fuckin leave!!!!

      Yes, America is a shithole and is in rapid decline heading towards tyranny and an out of control police state!! It’s now a terrible country with awful, horrible people!! Sucks more and more each day!! The economy is SO bad from mismanagement and corruption that most people can’t even afford to leave this horrid mess of a place. And even if they could our super awesome govt and population of blind sheep has made it so that nearly the Entire world hates Americans and don’t want us anywhere near their country.

      But this is OUR Home and we will not ALL just lie down and roll over like good little slaves, some of us aim to fight and take back our home from the evil fucks who have hijacked it…or at the very least keep the tyrants from fully and peacefully enjoying the Facist hell-hole they have created!! It is one of the most vile and corrupt countries in the history of the world!!

      America is FAR from the wonderful perfect country it has been falsely portrayed as. Also, it is not like it is even close to being the Only country where people express their opinions freely!!
      Actually, what little freedom we do have is being eroded day by day while the average American just gets fatter and dumber eating their McDonalds and drinking 32 oz drinks while watching the Kardashians on TV.

      Those in charge are not the Only enemies, All the worthless sheep who blindly support the Facist tyranny and growing police state are also to blame and do Not deserve to live here once we take it back!!!

  • James Kelly

    I don’t know bro. I think you’ve actually got this one wrong here. What about people who kill others who aren’t cops? I mean, it’s not like cops are the only ones who get murdered, right? So what about the mom going food shopping with her kids, or the psychologist who dies at the homicidal hands of some lunatic? Or how about the “food service professional” who gets shot by the armed robber?

    I’m just saying, it’s not like society is naturally safe and civil. How do we keep ourselves “policed” without a civil police force?

    Do you know anything about Robert Peel, and how the idea of civil peace officers came to be?

  • Schwazzole

    Cantwell beat me to the punch in his self-assessed “Asshole” moniker in the header. I think the name applies to a great many of you – some much more than others. Are the commenters to this blog former punks who got rousted by cops for smoking weed? Punks who got picked up for petty theft? Now, you rally around some twisted cry that law enforcement is bad and you’re all the oppressed? And, you’ll make a lame argument that I’m too blinded to see my own “oppression”? What a sad group this is.

    I’d bet my bottom dollar all you miscreants have some petty reason to hate the police, something like I describe above. To turn that hatred into a life’s mission is probably the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard.

    Live your lives. Be nice to others. Follow our laws. You’ll be much happier people. But, on the other hand, continue this hypocritical fantasy of law enforcement being the Gestapo – under the very freedom of free speech that law enforcement protects for you – and you’ll all die angry. Keep up the fantasies of more law enforcement dying and I’m certain you’ll die angry.

    Good luck with that.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      Fuck “your” laws.

      • Schwazzole

        Did I miss something? Are you not an American? Your laws as well.

        • joeybuddy96

          Pretty sure Cantwell hasn’t written any laws. Maybe you’re new here.

          • CarltonTheDoorman

            Yet he continues to live here and reap the benefits of the USA.

          • joeybuddy96

            Writing laws is not among those benefits.

          • Patrick Nelson

            Why is he not writing laws? Is it because he is incompetent?

          • joeybuddy96

            Some people write laws that government employees, some people write laws that are not government employees but then forward the laws to government employees to have government employees pass the laws written by the non-government employees. Christopher Cantwell has not written laws; the description at the top of the page reads that he is “anarchist,” which from the writings I’ve seen of his, means that he is in opposition to law in and of itself, not necessarily just law enforcement.

            Your second argument implies that he is incompetent to write laws–competency in writing laws can only be proven by writing laws, so all of those who do not write laws are incompetent in writing laws. None of us here have written laws, therefore we are all incompetent in writing laws.

          • Schwazzole

            I never said “follow your laws”, I said “follow our laws”. His response it as classless as yours is stupid. Enjoy that bowl of tumors for dinner.

            You “oh poor me” types need to grow up a bit. It’s a tough world out there. Coming here and dancing on the graves of the innocents won’t endear you to many. Again I say, good luck with that.

          • joeybuddy96

            In comment 1597356500, you said “Your laws as well.” So yes, you did say “follow your laws” in paraphrase. Cantwell’s response was to not follow any laws. He has written no laws of his own, therefore no laws to follow that are solely his own; any laws demanded by others to follow are those which you state Cantwell must follow. Cantwell responded by indirectly stating that he is against the laws of others.

            I had tilapia, cheddar broccoli, and mac and cheese for dinner. So far as I know, I haven’t eaten anything tumorous at any point in time, but I do realize there are enough strange cultural customs worldwide that it might end up happening at some point, and I’ll try to keep an open mind to those things that mean something important to some people. I actually do enjoy some new and interesting things (some I don’t, but I find it’s worth the risk due to the net benefit of the number of good things I find), so I’ll take it as well wishes regardless of the authorial intent of the comment.

            Your third argument is a normative prescription, indicated by the key words of “need to.” It implies that there is a norm regarding the status of actions and attitudes of others, as well as consequences resulting from not following those norms. I’m not sure of who the parties indicated by “You “oh poor me” types” who “need to grow up” is, so I’ll assume you refer to the group all of those individuals with lower than average socioeconomic status who are aware of their lower than average socioeconomic status and unprepared to improve their socioeconomic status, and thus ought to acquire skills and knowledge that you will provide in order to accomplish that goal. The skills and knowledge you provide are to endear oneself to many, however, you do not describe a proactive way to accomplish that goal, but do provide a way that will not accomplish that goal, which is to “come in here and dance on the graves of innocents.” There is a false premise in that argument, which is that Cantwell is “coming in here;” the site is titled “,” and is owned and administrated by Cantwell, so he is not coming in here, however the rest of the commentators are coming in here. If you have evidence to suggest that Cantwell can dance or “turn out,” I would enjoy seeing it, as I’m sure the rest of site visitors would. Your argument implies that the officer who died was innocent, but you do not argue (not in your comment above, at least) for the innocence of the officer who died. Cantwell’s article argues that the officer who died was not innocent. My post does not argue for or against the innocence of the officer, but against various fallacies or inaccuracies in your above post.

    • CarltonTheDoorman

      And watch how quick they are to call the police when they are the victim of a petty crime. I’ve dealt with this type many times in my career. Believe me, they are the biggest crybaby pussies on the face of the earth. Key one of their cars and watch them call the police and then demand that the officer call out a forensics team to investigate. They aren’t even worth recognizing. Only reason I’m even here is because I was a personal friend of the Trooper (Cpl.) who was killed. I’m done now. Can’t stand coming to this page and seeing that picture of all those pussy douche-face cowardly ass holes at the top. Mr. Cantwell, we share one ideology; atheism, therefore while I won’t “pray” I do certainly hope that if there is justice in this world, you contract cancer of the ass and suffer the most prolonged painful death imaginable. If you do, please blog about that. I will come back and read that one.

    • annoyalib


  • Thatgirl

    What you’ve failed to mention is that Cpl Dickson was on a shift change, leaving work to head home to his wife and kids when that psycholpath scum took that mans life like a coward. If you agree with this article, chances are you are a lowlife degenerate criminal who dislikes law enforcement because they stop you from doing the illegal things you do. I understand there are corrupt cops everywhere, but this man was GOING HOME.

  • Rob

    You are an extremist asshole that should be thrown in jail.

  • None of youre business

    Whoever wrote this is an insensitive piece of shit. You act like you knew him, but you know nothing. So many people cared for hos man including me. I went to his viewing, I went to his funeral. And again, whoever wrote this article, fuck you.

  • Ava Bond

    You, are a moron. Your pea size brain doesn’t know what a gang is. He didn’t join a “gang” and “threaten” Pennsylvanian lives. He took an oath to protect us. Considering you aren’t from PA, you can’t speak for Pennsylvanians. But as someone who was born and raised 20 minutes from the Blooming Grove Barracks, I can assure you they didn’t ever threaten us. I may have gotten one ticket, that I DESERVED. As humans we all make decisions, decisions that have consequences. Each and every day. It was my decision to speed. There are laws for a reason. To keep order and avoid chaos, if you break the law, you DESERVE the consequences. The police aren’t ganging up on us. It is not a crime when someone is taken from their children when they are arrested. If this weren’t American worse things could happen to the criminals. And you, YOU don’t deserve to be an American. If you can’t appreciate all that is done for you, you don’t deserve to live on this soil. For you to bad mouth a man who died in honor of this state is absolutely wrong. You clearly cannot differentiate right from wrong. You need your head examined. YOU ARE A NO GOOD PIECE OF SHIT WHO DOESN’T DESERVE TO BREATH AND I’M GOING TO PRAY FOR YOU, PRAY THAT KARMA GETS YOU AND YOU LIVE A MISERABLE MISERABLE LIFE, AND THEN DIE A SLOW PAINFUL DEATH, because that is what you DESERVE.

  • CarltonTheDoorman

    Anarchist, Atheist, Asshole and COWARD.

  • USA

    you are all a bunch of fake ass losers that got beat up in high school.your moms must have gotten ass fucked by some type of law enforcement.hell i bet some of your wives are sucking the cock of a cop right this second. but then again most of you don’t have girls in your lives due to the fact that your a bunch of pussies that hide behind you computers, if one gave you a ticket you would pee your action hero underoos. if your ignorant ass is still reading this time your in the shower with your sister look and see what i did to her asshole.

  • CarltonTheDoorman

    Cops are easy targets for these crybabies because they know they can mouth off to a cop and he’s about the only person who won’t punch their teeth down their throats. Hey Mr. Anarchist, if I were to ring your doorbell and then punch you square in the face when you answer the door would you be ok with that? Or is it only anarchy for YOU? I bet you would cry like the little pussy you are and your girly hands would be trembling as you tried to call 911. Go hang yourself.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      Knock at my door with violence and you’ll get shot, but feel free to swing by, kiddo.

      • CarltonTheDoorman

        Oh, you can shoot somebody who pnches you in your ugly face but a cop can’t use deadly force to protect himself? Got it.

  • Gino LaRusso

    If you are so tough, please let me know who you are so I can come smack you.

  • Robert Gumeny

    I can’t wait for you and people like you to die a slow painful death at the hands of some barbaric criminal. You will almost certainly be unable to defend yourselves and one can only hope that the very people whose names you have tried so hard to tarnish will not be there to help you.

  • Robert Gumeny

    Fuck all of you.

  • Guest

    From a fellow Officer on my department:

    So tonight I’m at work on patrol and I stopped by a corner taco
    stand up on St John Ave. It’d been kind of a long day and I just wanted
    to get something to eat for dinner. As
    I’m waiting for my order I stand on the sidewalk playing around on my
    phone. A man approached and as he walked by he said a simple “hello sir”
    to me, to which I replied “How’s it going sir?” He walked past and I
    didn’t think anything of it. He was dressed in worn out clothes, looked
    like he hadn’t shaved or bathed in a little while, but he was polite and
    didn’t seem upset or spiteful.

    I got my order and as I’m walking back to my patrol car I hear a voice,
    “can I have a taco sir?” You guessed it, it was the same man, sitting
    on the corner sidewalk adjacent to the taco stand. I walked over to him
    and asked him how he’d know he would even like what I ordered. He said
    it really didn’t matter to him. He then jokingly said that he asked ME
    specifically because he “knew he wouldn’t get shot for asking me like if
    he’d have asked another customer because he’s homeless”. I laughed and
    told him it wasn’t guaranteed with me either because I really love these
    tacos. We shared a laugh and I contemplated giving him my order.

    Instead I asked him if he liked ham. He said he did so I asked him to
    follow me over to my car. I then proceeded to give this man my entire
    sack lunch. Sandwich, 2 bags of chips, and applesauce. He was
    appreciative and thanked me. At first I felt guilty for not giving him
    one of my two tacos. But then I felt disappointment, not at him, but at
    the situation.

    The community I patrol seemed unwilling to help
    this man in need. Now, I can understand if he was asking for money.
    People (officers included!) would tend to think that he’d spend the
    money on booze, drugs, cigarettes, or whatever else. And also because
    money is so tight in everyone’s household nowadays. But this man didn’t
    ask me for money… He asked me for FOOD! This man wasn’t greedy… He
    was HUNGRY. Whatever led this man to his current position in life is
    none of my business, but I refuse to let someone go hungry who’s asking
    for food when, clearly, u can all see I eat well (insert fat joke) haha.

    THIS is why I became a police officer. I mean other than going
    lights and sirens and chasing bad guys haha. I worked overnights for
    almost 8 years. And I admit over the last couple of years I’ve hit a
    rut. Poor sleeping habits, long nights, extra hours. It caused me to
    become irritable with coworkers and citizens at times. Sometimes unhappy
    to even show up to work. Now that I’m on the evening shift though I’ve
    felt a rejuvenation. Maybe some of you have seen it in my “positive
    community interaction” posts. Playing chess with a citizen, stopping to
    talk to some kids jumping a ramp on their bikes, playing catch with
    other kids. These are things I did in my first 3 years on the job and
    I’m glad to be doing them again. It makes work fun and worthwhile to me.
    It makes me feel like I have purpose at work and not just to push
    paper. I’m generally happy at work again and it took a victim, a couple
    kids, and a homeless man to remind me what community policing is all
    about…. Positive police interactions whenever possible. Making
    someone’s day or just making them happy for a day will make you happy.
    And if you do it once a day, you’ll always be happy.

    Thanks for those of you who took the time to read all of that. Have a good day all.

    Christopher, when is the last time you got out from behind the keyboard and gave someone the food off your plate?

    • joeybuddy96

      The cop got that money by stealing it from others by force. Giving someone else that money makes them an accessory to theft. The actions of others do not cancel the theft. Charity creates poverty. The war on poverty has failed. It didn’t stop things from getting worse, it made them worse. Get your own plate.

  • joeybuddy96

    The guy was wearing a Russian flag in one of the wanted photos, Christopher Cantwell. Using force is not an anarchist thing–anarchism is voluntarianist, meaning that any action against another is just another mini-government. Anarcho-fascism isn’t anarchy, all it is is saying that an individual has no superseding authority over them, and that their own authority is no more or less legitimate than a wider-recognized authority–ie they don’t really have a problem with force, it’s just that force is not currently in their hands.
    Doves are peace symbols, and are more accurate to what anarchy is–the only way they react to violence is to run or hide. Not going to keep anyone alive and free, but that’s what I understand logically consistent anarchy to be. It’s a question more of whether one is trade off that consistent defensible anarchist standing of non-reaction for an inconsistent, not defensible position of reaction or preemptive action that has any kind of a chance against coercion by others. It means being okay with being close to being in the same waters as the waters the anti-coercers are in in the first place–seems self-defeating.

  • wbres

    Wow.. You are the epitamy of scum! Go join isis you anarchist piece of garbage!

    • CarltonTheDoorman

      Better yet, go get kidnapped by ISIS. I’d LOVE to watch them cut your disgusting head off.

  • LJM3

    The point of view presented above is clearly biased and bias has no place in such events. For those of you who want to be free of gov’t control…hmmm…good luck finding a place on Earth where you do not have that circumstance. I agree there needs to be significant change in this country, but this cowardly act is hardly something to be glorified and in no way moves forward any change. Police enforce laws that are enacted by politicians and interpreted by the legal system. The beginning of that chain (politicians) are elected by the people to represent the people. Judges are also elected officials. Blame voters for allowing these people to stay in office, but police simply enforce the laws on the books. Those people whom you claim were harrassed most likely broke some law that allowed for police involvement. As for profiling, it is no mistake that over 90% of prison population in the states are minority. Change minority paradigm and culture if you want less of a problem with police and the law. As for the other side of that issue, if you don’t agree with a law, work to change it…you have that right in this country…but you don’t get to choose by which laws you will abide…you have to abide by all of them, or experience the consequences. The type of America you are promoting is not one in which you or anyone else will thrive. In fact, it sets us back millennia as civilized human beings and I doubt that you have any idea what that life would be like.

  • DirtDiver

    I would like to meet up with you Christopher Cantwell so we may speak face to face..

  • Rach

    I think your the one who is profoundly sick. Good I pray to GOD someday soon your being mugged and raped up the ass.. but no don’t call the cops don’t DARE do it after all your retarded immature bull shit comments. Prick

  • Revenant

    seriously is this anarchist central…..yeah cops are corrupt but how many retards in these comments are basically preaching for people to kill more cops…..

    i agree with Schwazzole, ill also bet most of these people supporting cantwell’s extremist views are stupid punk kids who got busted for crimes and get mad at the state for their own mistakes

    if cantwell and his nutjob fans hate following laws why dont you all just bug a land piece of land somewhere away from it all and live their own lives safely behind private property laws where cops cant come in, and tell themselves theyre happy there

  • Jill Stackhouse


  • Heather Wildey Fallon

    What kind of piece of shit would write this garbage ? Move to a different country where freedom of speech would land you a death sentence and write your hate mongrol crap…. I hope you suffer the a much worse and painful fate you low life extremist piece of uneducated trash …. RIP TPR Dickson, Heaven has a Special Place for Heros.

  • Bryan Butler

    Ate you for real? If so you are a piece of shit!

  • Jason Condit

    You are welcome to your opinion and delusional state in which you live..may god have mercy on your soul and allow your sickness to be lifted… Fucking idiot..

  • Americanslave Indc

    reading most of these posts, anybody thinking of becoming a cop better think again. uniforms and badges are not bullet proof.

  • Sam Cru

    You’ve got some balls my man.

  • Rothbardian Slip

    A follow-up would be nice. Nothing wrong with milking a dead cop story.

  • Discuss

    Regardless, if you care for the police or not, no one deserves to be shot and killed … If the police are violent , Eric Frien did nothing to stop the cycle of violence , by “seeking revenge” or whatever point he was trying to make

  • Discuss

    This article is f*cking disturbing .. Punishment by death for choosing a law enforcement career … Nobody knew this man personally … He was also a father, a son, and a human being …. You all need a f* cking physc evaluation … Holy shit

  • Gdtaliq

    Chris, if I could get a hold of your ass, I would shoot you dead. Right here right now have a nice day

  • Alice

    An investigation by a citizens review board concluded that the shooting of Cpl. Bryon K. Dickson was justified and on one will be charged.

  • Rachel Vaughan