Interstellar Patriarchy

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s, sexism! Forget the spectacle of a spacecraft landing on a comet orbiting the sun 310,000,000 miles from Earth. Forget a billion taxed euros wasted on a pointless space expedition. What’s really important is the scantily clad women on the shirt of the guy who figured out how to do it. Or at least, that’s what I was astounded to be confronted with as the top story on Google News this morning.

This Idiocy Does Not Belong At The Top Of Google News

This Idiocy Does Not Belong At The Top Of Google News

CNN reports;

Rosetta Project scientist Matt Taylor caused a bit of a firestorm with his choice of fashion during the European Space Agency’s live stream of Wednesday’s Philae landing. Taylor initially sported a shirt featuring women in lingerie, possibly not the wisest choice of attire given all of the discussion surrounding the challenges for women in the tech and science fields.


STEM is an acronym for “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics”, and feminists are pretty sure the reason there aren’t more women in this field, is because guys like Matt Taylor are sexists and wear shirts like the one pictured above. Certainly it couldn’t be due to rampant feminist hysteria like this, right? 

There’s no way women could possibly have any responsibility for their own choices in education or career, according to feminists. Everything has to be because of men. It is by putting responsibility for everything on men, that women will bring themselves out of this oppression they have suffered at our hands for so long. 

Certainly it couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that the vast majority of the world’s geniuses are men. Feminists have no problem bragging that women on average have higher IQ’s than men, but they never like to take this little factoid into consideration. Male geniuses outnumber female geniuses 8-to-1. Male IQ varies far more than women’s. There are men who are dumb as rocks, and men who land spacecraft on comets orbiting the sun. Women are generally packed more towards the middle, and so on average, their IQ representation is higher. 

The reason you don’t see women in highly technical fields nearly as often as you see men, is not because of sexism. It certainly isn’t because of Matt Taylor’s shirt. You can’t even blame this on education anymore, since more women attend college than men. The issue at hand is one of simple aptitude, and the choices people make as a result of that aptitude.

You gals remember choices, right? I seem to recall you caring about those things once upon a time. 

If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. A society needs leaders, and followers. In men, we see very high IQ’s, figuring things out and working out these complex ideas. They document them in easy to understand ways for those of lesser intelligence in society, and make technology available to all of us. We also see these low IQ’s which are more suited to say, mining the resources that this technology requires, and operating the machines the geniuses designed. Women, traditionally carrying the role of raising children and supporting the men who designed and operated the machinery, needed to be somewhere in the middle. They couldn’t well manage the many complex tasks their role in society required of them without being smarter than the worker drones, but there wasn’t any need for them to be super geniuses who could land spacecraft on comets hundreds of millions of miles away, either. 

Unfortunately for men, these women of average intelligence do manage to outsmart and confuse so many of us on the lower end of the IQ spectrum. That’s how you end up with college age males chanting idiotic feminists slogans at demonstrations.

For those of us at the upper end of the IQ spectrum, we are sentenced to a lifetime of watching stupidity like this run rampant. We will watch in horror for all of eternity as idiots dominate the headlines with their hysteria, responsibility avoidance, and demands for State privilege disguised as “equality”. We’ll see brilliant men like Matt Taylor smeared as being the worst type of bigot, simply because he’s smarter than the people who accuse him.

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  • Ernest Ortiz

    Of course it never occurs to the feminists to actually work hard and achieve successes on their own merit regardless their gender, race, etc. and to take responsibility for their own lives.

    Such a shame that an accomplishment is “ruined” because of a person’s freedom to express himself and yet we still have all the problems of violence to deal with.

    • Of course it never occurs to you that all things being equal, we still get paid less, get sexually harassed and assaulted more, and in many cases involving our own bodies and reproductive health, aren’t actually allowed to take responsibility for our own lives.

      Such a shame that an accomplishment is marred by the fact that an insensitive person decided to express himself by wearing something so ridiculously misogynistic, and yet you can find a way to bitch that women dare to have opinions that criticize men.

      • Ernest Ortiz

        Equal in terms of what? There are women who have managed to have great careers and hold executive positions. They also have better education opportunities than in the past. The last time I checked, women birth babies and need to take time off to care for them so of course those women get paid less.

        And men don’t get sexually harrassed or assaulted? There’s plenty of that in the military and in prison and I’ve been sexually harrassed before by gay men.

        With the availability of birth control products its easier to prevent pregnacies. Also, who are the gatekeepers of sex? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not men.

        I’ve seen more offensive displays on tshirts and if you care more than that and all the violence that is committed by the state on a daily basis then I suggest you review your priorities.

        Finally I don’t give a shit if you dont like that I bitch about women. A lot of women bitch about men all the time. Next time here’s an experiment, cast the first stone at a woman who likes to bitch about men, watch porn and judge by how pretty or how rich a guy is.

        See ya!

        • Assuming you’re one of the decent people who would like discourse, rather than trolling:

          Equal in terms of ‘humanity.’

          Just because there are women who have managed to succeed within a system that is inherently biased against them doesn’t disprove that bias.

          Just because we can own property and vote now doesn’t mean misogyny is gone, as is evidenced by your comments.

          Last time I checked, men could raise babies if they wanted to. If they weren’t thought of as ‘less than’ for choosing to do something traditionally feminine. But it’s usually left to the woman ‘because that’s how it always has been’, and if she doesn’t, she’s criticized as caring more about her career than her children.

          For many women it is still not ‘easy’ to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Easier than it was? Sure. Does that mean it’s good enough? Hell no.

          The fact that you even reference women the way you do is somewhere between disgusting and frightening.

          Gatekeepers? Like you’re owed admission? Who do you think you are?

          I’ve seen more offensive displays on Tshirts, out of the mouths of children, at my workplace, on the sides of buses, on television, in magazine ads, by people I have gone to school with, work with, etc — and it does not, for one instant, mean that the offensiveness of his shirt should ‘get a pass’. His shirt is still offensive, and there is nothing wrong with anyone pointing that out.

          My priorities are for men and women to be treated with dignity and respect — not objectified and dismissed, regardless of all of the rest of the injustices of the world.

          • Ernest Ortiz

            Humanity is composed of individuals each with their own strengths, weaknesses, skills, talents, etc. Now while I agree that people should be treated with dignity and respect, there’s always going to be inequalities unless somehow humanity produces the same person.

            The women who are successful does prove that no matter what obstacles they faced they succeeded because they were individuals. If women continue to label themselves as victims, bash and use men as objects and don’t try to achieve things on their own then they are destroying themselves in the long run despite the supposed bias.

            And when will misogyny disappear? How will that be achieved? Does that mean putting a gun to my head if I say the “wrong” thing about women and feminism?

            Sure, men could raise babies. What I do have a problem are single parents who choose to raise children on their own, get welfare benefits and/or have a career. If a woman divorces her husband and chooses to raise a child on their own then that child’s development can be seriously damaged in the long run. All the more reason women should take responsibility in choosing a suitable partner.

            It’s not easy to prevent unwanted pregnancy? The last time I checked not having sex and masturbate is the best way not to get pregnant and a great way not to have STD’s and potentially transfer them to a child.

            Again, don’t women decide to choose whether or not to have sex? What about choosing the type of partner? Otherwise, if the woman doesn’t consent, it’s rape.

            Sure you can criticize the guy’s shirt and guess what I can criticize women and feminism. You can criticize me and me vice versa. Of all the problems in this world I believe there are more important issues at stake right now that affects all of us than this.

            The important question is: are you going to put a gun to my head just because of my views? And right now a lot of feminists (just like all special interest groups) are doing just that. They are destroying not only men but women as well.

          • The system is inherently biased because it has been constructed by men, for men, for many many years now. You benefit from it without realizing it, and therefore don’t see the bias as a bias, but see those who are disadvantaged because of it as somehow ‘worth less’ or ‘being less’ — offering up examples of single mothers and welfare families with your own obvious moral judgment laid on them.

            What’s worse, is you refuse to acknowledge even the possibility of this — and then you take a sharp left and tell me that feminists are holding guns to the heads of men who spout off on the internet without doing any research.

            If you were looking to get me to drop the discussion, dude, you won. I don’t wear your brand of tinfoil hat.

          • Kendall

            What exactly is “the system”? Are you talking about something specific, just an abstract concept? Do you believe in equality? Equality means equal responsibility. Equality is gender blind (is it not?). Equality is equal pay, and equal prision sentences. Equality means the death of the patriarchy scapegoat, and the death of assumed victimhood. Equality means equal accountability, with equal benefits. Do you believe equality is possible, and sustainable?

            I have no problem with feminism if equality is the goal, instead the problem seems to be a lack of focus. Would you disagree?

          • I had replied to this a few days ago, but it appears to have been eaten by the page, or the moderator. Not sure why — perhaps the links were objectionable. Mostly, I pointed you at some resources for reading up on feminism and logical fallacies, which I still encourage you to do.

          • axia777

            Also, another point the system is totally biased against all of us. There’s only one real color that matters in this world and that’s GREEN. Get used to that idea. There’s the haves and the have nots. That is the ONLY two groups that really matter. The system is rigged from the moment we’re born to the moment we die. Get used to that idea, because the haves could give two shits about any of this, and that includes the women in that group.

          • mockinbird

            Sure, men could raise babies. What I do have a problem are single parents who choose to raise children on their own, get welfare benefits and/or have a career. If a woman divorces her husband and chooses to raise a child on their own then that child’s development can be seriously damaged in the long run. All the more reason women should take responsibility in choosing a suitable partner.

            To clarify your position: Are you asserting that it’s both a woman’s fault if she leaves man (because she chose an “unsuitable partner”) and if a man leaves her (because she chose an “unsuitable partner”)?

          • Ernest Ortiz

            I should have written that paragraph more clearly. It’s the woman’s fault if she chooses an unsuitable partner and leaves and it’s a man’s fault if he chooses an unsuitable partner and then leaves.

          • Matu Feliciano

            I said to a guy, I said, “Tell me, what is it about cocaine that makes it so wonderful?”, and he said, “Well, it intensifies your personality.” I said, “Yes, but what if you’re an asshole?”
            By Bill Cosby, who truly is an azzhole…get my drift? not calling you one, just saying.

          • Matu Feliciano

            Stop, you don;t know women, Ernest, you know pain and suffering, but women, no you do not understand them at all.

          • Matu Feliciano

            Tell it, he doesn’t get it. Some of what he says, sounds good, but it’s a camoflash/Camillian for what he really thinks of women. he tried to clean it up.

          • Matu Feliciano

            o now you changed your tune. hmmmm

          • Matu Feliciano

            snap snap snap, thank you

          • axia777

            The shirt is offensive to you and the rest of the shrill clamoring Feminazi thought police. It’s not offensive to the entire female rock a billy population around the world. But I guess you’re totally cool with speaking for all those other women, right?

        • Matu Feliciano

          well then be the bitch you know, right, bitch bith bitch, and your a M A N, you are not a women, nope you are not a women. you hate women. Some women did you in and you sound like you wish she was dead, thats how much you hate women. I don’t care about you, so why should anyone else, right. We don;t care about your whining, bitchy pendeja.

      • zxvf

        A woman interviewed by a woman is going to be paid less than if she were interviewed by a man.

        • I must admit I have no idea what the point of this sentence is.

          • zxvf

            I.. I.. thought we were mentioning bad things that happen to women.

          • My bad — I obviously hadn’t had enough caffeine to parse English.

      • Israel Navas Duran

        I’m appalled that Marissa Mayer is making so little money for being a woman. She should be already Apple’s CEO at this point.

    • maddie1978

      Let me see if I can put this into terms that you can understand. It’s sort of like white guys are playing on the easy setting while women and minorities are playing in difficult mode. No one is claiming victimhood and it’s not that they aren’t working hard enough or aren’t capable. They just are unfairly disadvantaged and that’s wrong.

      Now let’s say that you agree with the author that women just aren’t smart enough to do STEM. Would you also agree that that is generally true for Hispanics? Because they only earn 8% of STEM degrees even though they account for about 16% of the population. And while statistically just as likely as whites to major in STEM fields, they are far less likely to complete those degrees. Is this proof that Hispanics are inherently intellectually inferior to the white, male geniuses who the author claims are responsible for making stuff and solving problems? Or is something else going on there?

      Be aware that if you say that you, as an apparent Hispanic male, say that there is a reason other than intellectual inferiority at play here that by the author’s rationale you are playing the victim.

      • PS2 was/is AMAZING,CLASSIC

        Maybe it’s immigration, maybe they haven’t had as long, maybe it’s poverty, myriad number of reasons, up to and including lower intelligence. Does that matter? No, if you good…you good. If there’s some sort of gap that Hispanics specifically are equipped to fill, let them have it. It doesn’t matter, as long as we parent responsibly, they are not going to die if they aren’t part of this field. People need to grow up and smell the weakness inherent in biology, and appreciate the possibilities of hard work

      • axia777

        I’m playing on easy mode? What a load of horse shit. There’s nothing that’s been easy in my life. You so blithely speak for us white guys yet you have zero experience in how we actually live. All you have to go on is a pile of propaganda spewed out by the Feminazi Leftist pukes. I’ve fought hard for everything I have. So go fuck yourselves on that on. No one’s handing me jack and shit.

    • Matu Feliciano


    • Matu Feliciano

      I understand, you never had a Mother, I do, I understand.

  • Homles

    Modern science is bullshit and the elites know it. They learn to use it to flecce the sheeples and women want a piece of the action. This is just one guy wearing a provocative shirt. Lost in the hype are the PhD glut and astronomical student debt. The list is too long for this post but consider ITER CERN LIGO ..TRILLIONS poured into projects that never conclude and benefit the elites. Meanwhile simpler projects such as xray crystallography by prof Steven Jones isn’t promoted. The feminists and most people aren’t interested in real science.

  • Adam Brisebois

    The real question is where can I buy that shirt?

  • JD

    Please kill yourself.

    • As damaging as this man and his vitriol are, this kind of comment isn’t actually helpful, and I suggest you refrain from it and its like. “Sinking to their level” and all that, yeah?

  • Mychele Hillary

    Did you seriously tweet to her, “please kill yourself?” And criticizing the shirt was overreacting? I’m now going to make it my mission to find some fabric printed with the I can’t believe it’s not butter guy. I think every young man and explorere scouts needs to see that wavy haired & shirtless is the stairway to success. Plus it sure would make things look a bit more scenic in the sciences! You think I’m being facetious?

    • Jonathan

      Right! Well said.

      When Stupid screams at Dumb, Dumb begins to sound more reasonable.

    • axia777

      Did you know the shirt was produced by an independent, entrepreneurial woman?

  • Why aren’t people crying about how none of the girls are anything other than white? The real problem here is his blatant racism, for preferring white women over colored women on his shirt.

    Really though, people should start exercising better control of their organs and just stop looking at things that offend them.

    • Ugh. No. A thousand times no. Don’t add more offensive nonsense to the pile and then light it on fire with the ‘personal responsibility’ statement.

      Personal responsibility belongs to the person who did the crappy thing — not the person who had the crappy thing done to them.

      Here it is, laid out nice and simple:

      1. When people do things that are offensive, and get called on it, they should apologize.

      2. Actually, go back further: When people do things that are offensive, they should probably notice it, based on the reactions of others around them, then apologize without being called on it.

      3. Hell, let’s go back, further: When someone is faced with the choice to do something offensive, they should probably choose not to.

      4. Wait! Let’s go back one step more: When living in a decent, egalitarian society, people should not have offensive behavior taught to them and then reinforced that it is ‘normal’ — that way, it won’t occur to them to do something offensive in the first place.

      Here’s an example, put into practice:

      1. If someone has a conflict with you, and hits you, and you say “OW!” and then yell at them for it, they should apologize to you.

      2. Go back a step: If someone has a conflict with you, and hits you, and you say “OW!” they should apologize to you, before you have to demand it.

      3. Go back a step: If someone has a conflict with you, and is presented with the choice to use their words versus punch you, they should use their words.

      4. Go back a step: If someone has a conflict with you, the option to punch you should simply not occur to them.

      • axia777

        Again, only you and your kind think the shirt was offensive. Millions of women, and men, around the world don’t. Just because you and your fascistic thought police say a thing is so doesn’t make it true. Stop forcing your beliefs on other people.

        • I’ve picked this one comment to reply to, not because the rest aren’t equally as worthy, but because this was the one I had scrolled to:

          I’m not sure what sort of propaganda you’ve been fed, but I don’t want to ‘police’ your thoughts. I would merely like it if you and people who share your beliefs examined the world around them and realized how damaging (to everyone) certain ‘defaults’ are — and with that, carefully acted in ways that were deliberate, and thought-out, rather than simply assumed that just because something was the way it had always been that it was fine.

          If you want to believe it’s fine for that scientist to wear that shirt, and you want to believe that millions of men and women don’t find it objectionable… ok.

          I’m only disagreeing with you — not telling you to kill yourself. That’s what the guy who wrote this article is saying.

          To someone who disagreed with him.

          “Please kill yourself.” He said it again in a later comment on this page. Doesn’t sound like someone with a sound, valid argument. Sounds like someone who’s angry and afraid.

          I’m offering up the notion that shirts like that, and someone important and brilliant wearing it without thought, and then the resultant responses to that incident (on both sides) are indicative that there is still very much a problem with sexism, even in 2014, when we’re able to land a rocket on a comet out in the middle of space.

          You also sound like a very angry person who hasn’t had it easy. That doesn’t mean you haven’t benefited from institutionalized racism and sexism. It simply means you didn’t notice it, perhaps because you also had/have it hard in other ways.

          I hope you take this opportunity to realize it doesn’t have to be an ‘us vs them’ situation unless you make it one.

          TL;DR – Not a fascist. Just disagreeing with the author, and preferring real discussion, rather than insult flinging.

      • You’re talking about the initiation of force, not choice of clothing. Good job, you’ve done a lot of typing just to prove a non-point. Being “offended” by one thing or another, unless the offense is violent, is your own fault. Grow thicker skin, a sense of humor, and recognize other people’s right to wear what ever the fuck they want to.

  • maddie1978

    “A society needs leaders, and followers. In men, we see very high IQ’s, figuring things out and working out these complex ideas. They document them in easy to understand ways for those of lesser intelligence in society, and make technology available to all of us. We also see these low IQ’s which are more suited to say, mining the resources that this technology requires, and operating the machines the geniuses designed. Women, traditionally carrying the role of raising children and supporting the men who designed and operated the machinery, needed to be somewhere in the middle. They couldn’t well manage the many complex tasks their role in society required of them without being smarter than the worker drones, but there wasn’t any need for them to be super geniuses who could land spacecraft on comets hundreds of millions of miles away, either.”

    Yes. Seems absolutely unfathomable how this little nugget of “truth” could lead possibly lead to the unfair exclusion of talented females from STEM fields. I don’t know much about self-fulfilling prophecies but this definitely isn’t like one of those. If potential female scientists and mathematicians were really serious about wanting to be scientists and mathematicians, they could just work harder to overcome and dispel these myths. But they can’t because they can’t brain very good. Pffft! Women! So silly!

    You know, except for all of those women who actually already have made vital contributions to math and science and especially to the development of computer technology. Hmmm. Wonder why you aren’t aware that they exist? That’s totally weird and unexplainable.

    What you don’t know about the history of the STEM fields and the role that women played could fill an old-school set of encyclopedias. Your lack of self-awareness is also showing.

  • RichardNixon

    Awww… it’s really cute that you think you’re “at the upper end of the IQ spectrum.”

    • axia777

      He’s discussing and writing about subjects that are mentally beyond the majority of the main population. I’d say he has an IQ that’s well above average. Most people are truly clods.

      • RichardNixon

        I knew plenty of 14-year-olds that expressed the same adolescent anarchy drivel as Caldwell; were they all geniuses too?

        I scrolled up to a random point in the article and landed on this gem: “Male IQ varies far more than women’s. There are men who are dumb as rocks, and men who land spacecraft on comets orbiting the sun. Women are generally packed more towards the middle, and so on average, their IQ representation is higher.”

        Someone should explain to this “above average IQ” that variance and mean are independent of each other. Populations with low variance do not have intrinsically higher means than populations with high variance.

  • corranh

    I can agree on the main topic of your article
    but one of your statements
    is outrageous – “a
    billion taxed euros wasted on a pointless space expedition”

    Are you fucking serious? We call it progress and you
    admire it later in your text. Not everything is useful instantly but
    progress always pays of sooner or later.

    First of all it’s challenge. Those guys had to
    resolve many technical issues in the way to make it possible and many
    of this knowledge may and will be use to improve our lives here. Your
    smart phone wouldn’t have power like this if there was not “useless”,
    ideological race to the moon.

    Second gain of this enterprise will emerge in the
    future. Maybe in 50yr and maybe in 100yr but one day the data raised
    last week will be useful as hell. Maybe our civilization will be in
    desperate need of some resources which they will find on comet like
    this or maybe another one will be dangerous for earth and this
    knowledge will help to destroy it or change it’s orbit. No one knows
    what exactly we will have from it but every intelligent man knows
    that it’s worth the effort and money.
    There is no better way to spend it.

  • Matu Feliciano

    ja jaj a that thing they send up, died, ja ja ja millions of dollars, ya damn creeps. Sure wear your shirt, Your free to do so. We’re free to see just how you really are, ja ja ja. What happened to that thing you send up? to funny to me. Reminds me of the Great white Hope. ja ja ja Yes, it is a color thing. the man in the shirt is white is he not, and of course American, la la la la la, ja ja ja.

    • Kendall

      An attempt at “creative writing”? Strange, but hopefully it was cathartic.

    • What drugs do you take?

  • Matu Feliciano

    What I serious would like to know is this, how many of you men are from foster homes, or didn’t have a Mother? Well, then

  • Learning64

    Wow, you really ARE an asshole! Enjoy your meaningless little life, and maybe quit with the suicide suggestions. Asshole.

    • axia777

      Or you Feminazis could stop being bullies and total thought police.

  • Annie

    It is important to be dressed appropriately for your profession and circumstances. If you are a lawyer, you cannot show up to court in a jogging suit. If you are at the gym, you cannot work out in a suit and dress shoes. A scientist discussing a major accomplishment on camera has done himself a disservice by intentionally choosing an inappropriate piece of clothing for his interview. The goal of an interview is to get your message across – whatever message he had about his research was overshadowed by his clothing choice. In the future, he should consider his clothing so that it doesn’t take away from his message.

    • axia777

      Or you could choose to look elsewhere and politely shut the fuck up.

      • Annie

        That’s not the way the professional world works. Most of us agree to a dress code when we sign a contract for our jobs. We are also required to conduct ourselves professionally when representing our employer (which he was doing). He changed his shirt shortly after the interview and apologized publicly on Friday, so it sounds like he got the smack-down from his superiors as well.

        • axia777

          The only reason his superiors gave a shit is because of you shrill, over bearing Feminazi thought police. If nothing was said they would gave as much of a crap as the rest of normal society. And from the looks of it many people agree. Your just being a bunch of bullies. So go fuck yourselves. All of you. I hope this shows the world just what you bitches are, bullies and thugs.

          • Annie

            Sorry that you’re so angry at women. You should work on improving yourself.

          • Christopher Cantwell

            Classic misdirection. “Disagree with my position? You are a bigot who hates an entire gender for no other reason than their gender”. As I said to the cunt who started this mess, please kill yourself.

          • Annie

            I think you have some serious problems if the way you respond to women who disagree with you is to suggest we kill ourselves.

          • I recognize that this is your site, sir, but I can’t imagine statements like that are conducive to actually getting your point across — unless your point is that you hate people who disagree with you.

          • axia777

            Make assumptions much? Does your Feminazi group suddenly represent all women in this whole world? As if. lol Your arrogance and hubris are amazing. But then it is usually that way with your kind.

            You mistake me. I love and cherish women. My mom, who is the living definition of a successful, strong, independent woman. She raised 5 children all the while getting a masters degree. She now works for Ericsson in San Jose, CA. Then there’s the daughter I’ve raised by myself since she was 7. I’ve raised her to be a strong independent human with a mind of her own. She’s 15 now and is looking at Biology as a major at Portland State. Then there’s my three wonderful sisters who are equally as strong and independent. One is a graduate of Mills college, maybe you’ve heard of it? Hell I’m even still friends with my ex.

            No, I don’t hate women. What I despise are fascistic thought police who try to tell other free humans how to think and act. My family members died to escape the USSR where thought police ruled with an iron fist. You Feminazis stink of that. You say it’s all in the name of good intentions. Yeah, well, the road to hell is often paved with good intentions. You fascists just can’t seem to see that.

            Lastly, I have two degrees. One in computer science and one in computer arts. I’m now working on my third in welding to use it for more work in the arts. When you make assumptions about people you make an ass out you and them.

          • Christopher Cantwell

            You may be my favorite commentator in the history of this blog. Please contact me either through the contact form on the site or via social media so I can message you privately.

          • axia777

            Thanks, will do.

        • defendliberty

          Annie, how fucking shallow are people that they feel they must spend energy enough to cause NEEDLESS, useless, health destroying angst for others (as if we don’t have real problems bearing down on ALL of humanity- shit!!) over someone’s fucking SHIRT? ITS A PIECE OF CLOTH!

          • Annie

            Do you have a job? Then you must know that just about every workplace has a dress code – from McDonald’s to the Supreme Court. What’s amazing is that I’m being called a feminazi for pointing that out. Actually, I would say that wearing a tie-dyed shirt, Crocs, or any type of shirt with graphics or words on it is inappropriate for appearing on camera and representing the European Space Agency. I’m a PhD scientist myself and I know that our dress codes are loose, but really, he should have known better. And he apologized and changed his shirt, which is great, should be case closed. Instead, a bunch of hateful, bitter men keep pointing out how vile women are. How about some professionalism in the workplace?

          • Obviously, not all workplaces share similar ideas in regard to dress code, judging by the fact he wore it to work in the first place; thus, your schoolmarmism is misplaced.

    • defendliberty

      Women have always been and always will be the OBJECT of a man’s ‘desire’, that’s a part of the whole natural defense of the species program. I hate to break it to you, but humans are animals ‘first’ and any social behaviours come later in order of importance, and that is never going away.

      When every other woman isn’t dressed with her tits spilling front and center, and her ass crack showing off a G-string, when women opt for the suit with a pencil skirt slit up to here, when women are bartering her sex for the first ‘benefit’ to come along (be it a bf, a night out, a promotion, whatever), when they are posing and performing in objectifying porn… well, suffice to say: when pigs fly is when men will keep their objectifying lust and admiration for women to themselves.

      As far as equality in the workplace goes? You should catch up, because that excuse no longer holds any water.

      • Annie

        The shirt is fine if he is wearing it – let’s say, at a bar, at a comic convention, porn shop, sex party…. For making an international announcement on the ESA’s great achievement – not so much. Not the place for him to broadcast his lust.

        • defendliberty

          Says you because it pleases “you.” What about what pleases the accomplished? His event, his accomplishment, his business. Not yours.

          You dress how you want, and you let others dress how they want without passing judgement… how about that?

          Was it an ugly shirt? IMO it looks like a chaotic visual mess, I would have to be forced to wear it, but thats just me.

          Please stop sweating miniscule stuff. We have enourmous real problems to address in this country that deserve and desperately need the attention of intelligent people like yourself.

    • Israel Navas Duran

      No, it isn’t important. Dress code is just another chain that enslaves people and labels them in social classes.

  • KS

    I’m not surprised you’re “in desperate need of money.” I’m just sad I clicked on this page, in case you get ad revenue. Human garbage.

    • Israel Navas Duran

      chirp chirp chirp

  • guest

    My sister is a bona fide genius and a mathematician. While in graduate
    school in abstract mathematics, she was in a class that allowed
    co-operation on homework. A male student who was in a pinch for time
    copied her answers on a major assignment, knowing that she was the
    brightest person in their cohort. He received full credit on the
    assignment; she received 75% – despite their answers being completely

    This is one example of a consistent pattern that she
    has personally witnessed throughout her career. Then Cantwell and his
    ilk summarily dismiss the inherent aptitude of women ’cause sexism is
    faaaaaaaaaake and really men are the oppressed gender! I really have no
    polite words to say to this article.