Dead Cops Chose Their Fate

Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos Chose Their Fate
Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos Chose Their Fate

Two NYPD cops are dead in what appears to be an execution motivated by the Eric Garner and Michael Brown killings by police. The alleged shooter, Ismaaiyl Brinsley is reportedly dead as well, of a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Given previous statements I’ve made when police have been killed, a lot of people were anxious to see what I had to say about the subject. Surprisingly though, I don’t find this story all that interesting. In fact, I don’t give a shit, at all.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley was no hero. As I hear it he shot his girlfriend not too long ago, and while there are plenty of reasons to hate and even kill police, Michael Brown isn’t one of them. As far as I’m concerned, his death is good news same as the death of the cops he shot. Three more violent criminals off the street, bad guys killing bad guys, seems to me like Saturday was a good day.

Likewise, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos chose their fate. They had plenty of options in this world. They were not conscripted into the world’s seventh largest army, they joined voluntarily. They submitted applications, went to an academy, swore oaths, and dedicated their lives to oppressing, not protecting, their fellow man.

Nobody forced them, but they forced others.

Every single day, they collected money that was taken from people by threat of force. Every day, they made the choice to put on that uniform and go to work. They chose to sit in their car and wait for someone who had the nerve to disobey the edicts of their political masters. They chose to approach those people and threaten them with violence. They chose to disarm gun owners. They chose to kidnap marijuana smokers. They chose to extort motorists. They chose to search people without cause. They chose a career where it was their job to gun down anyone who dared resist them.

They knew the public hated them for it, and they did not care.

I find it simply amazing that they get to behave this way every day, and these people get to walk around in relative safety. Police always talk about how dangerous their jobs are, but anybody who bothers to take a look knows this isn’t true at all. Police literally walk around with a license to kill, and yet they are less likely to be killed at work than loggers, fishermen, pilots, roofers, and dozens of other professions. The NYPD, one of the most ruthless police forces on the planet, hasn’t lost an officer since 2011.

I’d frankly find it far more concerning if a few of them didn’t die after one of them strangled a man on the street for tax evasion, in broad daylight, with dozens of witnesses and a video recording. I mean, what planet are we living on? Somebody has to hold these people accountable at some point, and we’ve seen plenty of evidence that “the system” isn’t going to do that. It never has, and there is no reasonable expectation that it ever will. In fact, all evidence would suggest that “the system” is there to do the exact opposite of holding these people accountable. Do the people who decry this violence as unjustified propose that we instead allow innocent men, women, and children to be slaughtered, kidnapped, robbed, and assaulted for all of eternity, with absolutely no repercussions for the perpetrators?

Collective Responsibility

I’m a big fan of individuality. I don’t tend to believe in holding groups responsible for the actions of one individual.

I do however believe in conspiracy. When members of a group work together to commit, cover up, or avoid responsibility for a crime, they are collectively responsible for that act.

Daniel Pantaleo strangled Eric Garner on the street for tax evasion. Eric Garner did not pay the taxes that paid his salary, and the salaries of Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, so Daniel Pantaleo killed him. This is not some big secret, there’s video, and lots of witnesses.

His coworkers helped him do it. They protected him from the crowds. The prosecutor made sure he wasn’t indicted. Today he lives a pretty normal life, while if any of us had done such a thing, we probably would have been killed on the spot, or spending the rest of our lives in prison.

What do you think would happen to Daniel Pantaleo without the protection of the NYPD? I imagine he would be held accountable rather rapidly. I don’t think he would be long for this world at all.

What do you think Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu would have done if they caught you trying to do to Daniel Pantaleo what he did to Eric Garner? I doubt they would have said “Good job, citizen, keep on holding police accountable!” In fact, if you put a gun on your hip, drove to Daniel Panealeo’s house, and got stopped at a checkpoint on the way, Rafael Ramos or Wejian Liu would have arrested you for felony weapons possession.

Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu knew what Daniel Pantaleo did. Why didn’t they do something about it? Why didn’t they “protect and serve” the people of New York? Why were they sitting in their car in Bedford Stuyvesant instead of arresting a murderer who had been caught on camera?

Because they were in on it. He was just making sure they all got paid, after all…

Imagine if this scenario happened with private citizens.

John is a drug dealer. Joe owes John money for drugs. John strangles Joe to death on a busy street in front of dozens of witnesses with cameras.

The police are called, they identify John, and set off to apprehend him.

John sees the cops coming, and he runs from them. John goes to Bill’s house with the police hot on his tail. Bill offers to protect John, and points his rifle out the window at the police, warning them not to enter the home.

The police do not stand outside and say “We can’t enter that home, Bill didn’t do anything wrong!” do they? Of course not, they enter the home, kill Bill, and John, and Bill’s pets and wife and children and anyone else who stands in their path.

Bill became an accomplice, and thus lost his innocence, the moment he offered to protect John. Likewise, Rafael Ramos, Wenjian Liu, and the entire NYPD protected Daniel Pantaleo. Responsibility extends to all members of the conspiracy to avoid responsibility for the crime, that means every NYPD officer, every city councilor, the mayor, the prosecutors office, and everyone above, below, and in between. To say otherwise is to say that badges grant extra rights.

The Bigger Picture

This isn’t about Eric Garner, or Michael Brown, or racism. This is the simple and inevitable outcome of millennia of government violence.

The State exists through force of arms alone. It is nothing more than an excuse to do harm. One class of people designated to do violence against all others. That it has gone on this long with so little retribution being paid to its agents is a phenomenon that history will someday look upon as bizarre.

There is only one law. The initiation of force or fraud against person or property is impermissible, the only justifiable use of force is in defense of person and property. This is almost universally understood throughout human society. The great deception of statism is that it provides an exception to this law for a class of people who call themselves “the government”, and that deception is becoming less and less credible by the moment.

With every day that passes, with every video of police brutality, with every war, with every false flag terrorist attack, with every torture report, with every blog, podcast, YouTube video, and radio broadcast that points out this reality, the deception becomes more obvious. The moment a person recognizes the deception for what it is, they become a threat to the lives and livelihoods of those who depend upon it for their sustenance.

It is inevitable that people will see this for what it is. The only question is in their numbers and their actions. Were the whole world to realize it at once, then surely we could all shake hands and be friends. The reality however is far more grim. A person here, a person there, a handful of people over here, in small numbers, people wake up. They will see this for what it is, try to tell others about it, and be scorned for it by their fellow man. They will be ridiculed, chased out of family dinners, threatened with violence, and suffer all sorts of harms and indignities for trying to tell people the truth.

They will realize that their oppressors remain a threat to their safety, seek out a way to eliminate the threat, and find none.

Some will suffer in silence, some will become activists and media personalities, and others will lash out violently. It is as predictable as the sunrise, and as morally correct as a woman shooting her rapist.

This is going to happen whether anybody likes it or not. You can be an advocate of violence or you can sit in that comfy position of peace propagandist, but the outcome is the same. People are going to die, and nothing any of us can do will stop it. As I see it, the best any of us can hope for is that they die in rapid enough succession as to cause the perpetrators of the violence (the police and other government forces) to reconsider their choices.

Police are not out strangling cigarette vendors out of the goodness of their hearts. They are doing it because it provides them with material comforts, and social status. The moment there is a real threat that they will not come home from work, will be the moment they stop going to work. When that happens, we can let markets get to work on providing security, protecting against invasion, and doing all the other things a civilized society needs done.

Until then, we can expect to regularly turn on our televisions and pick up our newspapers and look at our social media feeds and see stories like those of Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Kelly Thomas, foreign wars, torture, and all the other horrors we see on a daily basis. This is the nature of the State, it is not malfunctioning, this is its design. Until its agents are too demoralized to fight for it, we have no right to expect anything else.


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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • At Odds

    Yeah, it is an odd thing that people worship these government agents. It’s not so much the holding them up as some kind of moral institution. It’s the adoration. It’s so automatic. It’s fascinating as much as it is sad.

    If you talk to any random person, liberal or conservative, they will have a different means in arguing their stance, but it’s the same argument. I mean, people that you would think or thought they were reasonable would condemn the police after the Garner, Tamir, and Thomas videos. Nope. They find excuses and somehow shove the murder under the rug. It’s crazy.

    The statists adoration for these cops is like spiritual – or demonic. It’s like they’re all connected with their minds to argue the same freaking thing. It’s really creepy. We’re living in a horror movie. The movie hasn’t hit the climax, yet. All those zombie movies and books are so right.

    • Thats because since one starts going to government indoctrination centers they are taught that the government is your friend

      • Rothbardian Slip

        Reason number 2779 to homeschool.

    • Chris Taylor

      Haha, people like order… Have you ever lived in an anarchist society? No, you haven’t. Someone has to police the cities of the world and they have to be paid. Either a private force like the guy you worship wants, or a public force paid for by the general public. The shit you are saying is retarded. Go to Mexico and live by the border. You will get exactly what you want. There is a reason for respecting the people who will be force between you and people who want your money, to rape your wives and daughters, and whatever other evil shit you can think of. Sure, we can all buy guns and police ourselves, but I have too much work to do to constantly be on guard. Anarchists make me laugh….

      • At Odds

        You mean, have I ever lived under a monetary system that’s not attached to a centralized system and that is, actually, backed up by a precious good and where I can contract with whatever currency as I see fit? No, I have not.

        Are you saying the police are between me and the IRS or Federal Reserve? Are you actually saying that? For real? The rest of that sentence, I would suggest stop playing GTA and watching violent movies.

        Yeah, I’m sure you workaholic. It totally shows when you regurgitate what you know – what you have been told – which only is reflected back at you and confirmed within your social circle.

  • At Odds

    Oh, crazy theory notion on the Brown-Wilson thing: The cops were partnered up with the apartment complex that Brown lived in to sell drugs.

    The Brown side is holding on to a lie, but the cops are not telling the truth as well.

  • Well said Chris, this isnt about race, its about the government vs the people. The screaming from the Sharpton leftists and the paleocons over race is a distraction and nothing more.

    • At Odds

      No proof other than he was an FBI informant by supposed strong arm, but Sharpton works for the government. The real issue should have been police state, but throw in Sharpton, the conservatives all get riled up in responding about race. The conservatives say it’s not about race, but they do sure like to fall for the liberals’ race baiting trap. But, then they have to fall for the trap; otherwise, their only argument would be one that takes down their beloved police, which would lead to their beloved military.

      • Ive read this FBI thing about the Sharpton too which if true just gives me another reason to hate him

  • yo

    Christopher Cantwell… I have a simple question for you. How many people have killed cops and lived for long to tell the tale? You are advocating police killings. You are encouraging people to sacrifice and destroy their own lives for the sake of your ideology. You cannot expect that without putting your own life at the same risk. Why haven’t you gunned down any cops? Do you dare to? If not, then why do you expect others to do that? Either you practice what you preach or admit you were being a hypocrite.

    • Christopher Cantwell
    • Disco Biscuits

      Stating what is morally justifiable and encouraging people to do it are two different things. I can tell you that you are morally justified in killing an intruder in your home, but I am not advocating that you do it.


      • LilMountain

        Why not? If an intruder has violated your property and potentially your safety why would you not advocate killing them?

        • Jim Alexander IV

          You’re assuming Cantwell knows how to operate a gun.

        • Chuck McCoy

          Because you can sometimes get them to stop violating your property and safety with, say, taking out their knee caps. Why would you do that instead of just killing them? Because it defends you without killing. Taking a life, even the life of a scumbag, when it isn’t necessary for self-defense is just vengeance and retribution; it isn’t honorable for civilized people. Slaughtering those who “potentially” violate your safety (which is just about everybody) is uncouth. Every damage and slight shouldn’t be a capital offense where you’re allowed and perhaps by your lights even required to kill the offender because “one less”.

    • Reminds me of the leftists who blamed Sarah Palin up and down for the Tucson shooting but completely lost their shit when people blame obama, holder, de blasio, sharpton, Farrahkhan, hipster commies etc for the violence and racial tension we see today. Like a good little puppet keep poking the inevitable WHEN (not if) a civil war breaks out in this country. Logic says you’d want as many leo’s and military on your side as possible. But noooooooooooooooo because they wear a uniform they are all the same. People like this fuck face will be chilling in bomb shelters clinking champagne glasses right along with TPTB while the rest of us are shooting at each other for scraps of rotting meat.

      I say bring it on, Pol Pot kinds of thinking will rise again. I mean who else is there to blame for this countries ills but the “intellectuals” indoctrinating our kids, attempting to fix problems that they themselves created, ignoring the facts, throwing their God science out the window when science doesn’t have the answer they were looking for. So, enjoy life while you can “enlightened ones.” Or jump out of a building like many have already done…

      I swear libertarians are more dangerous than liberals.

  • Disco Biscuits

    They can kill each other off. Makes no difference to me. I’ll rent a front-end loader.

  • Timothy K. Ready

    “I am in desperate need of money…” Yep, I’m such a Libertarian I have to beg for my upkeep and bare survival…kill yourself…

    • UsedtobeaSuitBoi

      giving to him is voluntary, there’s nothing un-libertarian about him begging.

  • J LAW

    Looks like this asshole should go live in Iraq. Go there and do you babbling!!

    • Jeff Berwick

      Ya, another place totally messed up by the US government…

  • Al Wolf

    now to blow up a few pd and shoot a shit load more cops. as you say lets hope it take place quickly.

    there is no such thing as a good cop. cop is a job title not an individual. the job of cop requires you to violate other people based on “the law”. as the job is bad all cops are bad. how do we know this? they are still employed as a cop.

    is cop a job title?

    will the job require the excuse ” i dont make the law i just enforce them/ just following orders”?

    is such a job “good”?

    if the people with the title for the job do as required and we know they do as they are still working said job…

    cops have threatened, intimidated, harassed, kidnapped, assaulted, and robbed an immeasurable number of people. We know this, because had they not done so, they would not be a police officer. That’s what a police officer is; a full time, well paid, violent enforcer of politicians’ edicts.

    can you find a pood cop? Of course, you can’t find one, because none exist. None can exist within the modern institution of state-monopolized policing, because it is an inherently abusive institution.

    Does this mean that individuals who become police officers are all involved in evil?

    Think of it this way. As individuals, Waffen-SS members in 1930s Germany sometimes did good actions, such as saving lost dogs, providing food for homeless Germans, and saving wounded people.

    But none of us today would say “most Waffen-SS members were good people.” That’s because the role itself of a Waffen-SS member was inherently immoral.

    Were all the individual SS members involved in evil? Yes.

    The good actions they sometimes performed were merely incidental and could have been done without joining the Waffen-SS.

    • Chris Taylor

      IF there were no cops, a private militia would take that place, just as they did in the 1700’s. Ultimately, those people keeping order, want to live their lives and do business. That’s where a police force comes into play. A local government is made and administers this police force. You are basically saying anyone who is in a position of keeping law and order in a city is automatically bad. This is so hilarious. You are definitely an anarchist. As I said to another idiot on here, move to Mexico, Guerrero to be exact. 60K deaths in last 6 years. People in Guerrero have to become vigilantes and patrol their own streets, so their children don’t have to worry about getting shot in the head. THIS IS THE REASON FOR POLICE, IDIOT! Seriously, get the fuck out of this country and move to Mexico. All of you…

      • Al Wolf

        if you had a option to either buy the service or not buy it you would fix most of the issues. they are a bad company you dont use them and they go out of business. most of the laws are unlawful and immoral. cops do a job of enforcing such. your logic is faulty and full of holes. why would i move someplace else? you are a tool if you are trying to say anarchists are bad.

        • Chris Taylor

          Anarchists are stupid, not necessarily bad. The fact is, you are NOT an Anarchist. Like I said, move to Mexico, where the police forces are paid by the drug cartels themselves. See what happens when a private group pays a security force more than the general public. I’m sure you have a job, right? You are going to be loyal to your paycheck. You will serve the interests of the person who pays you, just like any cop or soldier. I would much rather a cop take his paycheck from the citizens of a city, than a special interest group, corporation, or the mega rich. A bad company… haha. You sound like the biggest idiot in the world. Seriously, move to Guerrero, Mexico, survive for a month and then tell me you are an Anarchist. You are not an anarchist, nor have you ever lived in an area that has no law and order. You are one fake human being. Tool is a perfect word for you. You don’t even know who you are….

          • Al Wolf

            again why are you supporting slavery and a monopoly on force?

          • Chris Taylor

            Your stupidity precedes you… The use of force can only be used by an elected government in the US and most developed countries. They will always have that monopoly. Citizens in America can bear arms. If we want to change whatever security force that has monopolized use of force to maintain order, we can. The fact is, most people love the freedom that is enjoyed when you don’t have to constantly police your city yourself. Where the hell do you get slavery out of all this? What a stupid comment. Do you feel like a slave? Who is your master? The police? haha, again Tool is the perfect word for you.

          • Al Wolf

            again why are you supporting slavery and a monopoly on force?

          • Chris Taylor

            Not responding to questions you don’t like is very liberal democrat of you…. You are fake. You have no real ideals. Your ideals are based in an imaginary world. You have never lived in a world with anarchy, therefore you can not be an Anarchist…

          • Al Wolf

            in other words you support a monopoly on force as you support slavery.

          • Chris Taylor

            I support a monopoly on force, yes. Any other security force that you could hire after you have “fired” the “bad company” would be a force YOU would have to hire. If YOU hired a force, I would hire a force to disarm your force, as I do not trust you. I trust a government I was a part of electing more than I trust you. If living in a society that is protected by it’s elected government is slavery, then yes, I support YOUR DEFINITION of slavery. You are a total retard…

          • Al Wolf

            good example of your love of slavery. you love your chains and want everyone else to be slaves as well.

          • Chris Taylor

            You must love your freedom as an anarchist, don’t you? You can not be taken seriously. You don’t have a clue how a civil society works.

          • Al Wolf

            you dont live in a civil society, you live in the largest police state in human history. simple fact and easy to confirm

          • Chris Taylor

            it’s civil enough for me. Every municipality in this country wants to make their citizens feel safe. If that means we live in a police state, that is fine. I respect police officers and they respect me. It’s only when you don’t respect police officers that you may find yourself in trouble. Tough luck bud. This is the world we live in. The wild west is what you want and even in those little towns where lawlessness was the norm, the citizens of that town all want a sheriff and a police force to protect against those who are committing crimes against the people of that town. Humans want order, not a stressful lawless society. WE both live in the world I am talking about. The world you are talking about does not exist in America.

          • Al Wolf

            and has been noted you love your slavery and want everyone else to lack freedom the same as you. is it that you fear freedom or that you hate the idea someone may be happier and more free than you?

            the west is far from being as wild as was depicted in the movies you tool

          • Chris Taylor

            You are definitely not happy… You are angry. You feel like you live in a police state. How the hell can you tell me that you are more free than I am, if the USA is far from being free?? By your own logic you have never experienced freedom. Do you live in a little microcosm of America that is different than mine? Somewhere without a “police state”??? I don’t believe that we live in a police state, and I also believe that Americans are very free to do what they want provided they aren’t hurting anyone else. You’re IQ level has to be around 50.

          • Al Wolf

            i live a lawful life not a legal one. i know the dangers in doing so. should i need to i will use my right to defend myself and others to its fullest extent. i pity you and those such as you. bye.

          • Chris Taylor

            Who asked about how tough you were? LOL. You don’t know any other freedom besides the freedom you have in the US. Same freedom that I have. Everyone has broken a law of some kind, at some point, Maverick. Have fun committing your petty crimes. Let us all know when you experience real anarchy, haha.

          • Al Wolf

            also the people need to be ruled as people are bad.. again piss poor logic

          • Chris Taylor

            There are people who break laws. Therefore causing disorder. Those people are dealt with and the rest of society can conduct their business in peace. Yeah, that’s slavery alright. I really hope you are just a naive college kid and not Christopher Cantwell’s age…

          • Al Wolf

            obey the law as it is the law, again shity logic.

          • Chris Taylor

            The only logic that YOU follow. This is what you do every day. You obey the law. Tell me the last law you broke, Maverick… ha

          • Al Wolf

            made meth, grew shrooms, drove with out a license, sold smokes with no tax, sold drugs, bleached 1$ iou notes then printed 100$ iou notes over them.. why? also those have no victim and the iou notes are as valid as the ones the fed res prints.

          • Al Wolf

            oh fyi i am older than cc but nice try to ..focus on me and discredit on age.. again shity logic on your part.

          • Guest

            Something must be draining your brain of being able to realize that you live in a civil society with leaders and laws. The leaders make the laws and are voted into power by the people in this country. I’m sorry we are not Mexico. The only reason you are even going on about this supposed police state is because you are free to say it and don’t have to worry about someone infringing on your rights without consequence. You don’t debate. You just spot retarded things.

          • Chris Taylor

            Something must be draining your brain of being able to realize that you live in a civil society with leaders and laws. The leaders make the laws and are voted into power by the people in this country. I’m sorry we are not Mexico. The only reason you are even going on about this supposed police state is because you are free to say it and don’t have to worry about someone infringing on your rights without consequence. You don’t debate. You just spout retarded comments.

          • Al Wolf

            dude. you support cops enforcing laws that are unlawful and the forced theft to pay for them. this is slavery. fuck off

          • Chris Taylor

            Which LAW has been enforced that is not actually a LAW???? You are so dumb…

          • Al Wolf

            i can tell you dont understand lawful vs legal. a law is not laws lawful but it is always legal. a lawful action may be illegal but it is still lawful. a lawful actions is one that is not infringing on unalienable rights.

            Consenting sentient entities have the natural liberty & freedom to do with their property, bodies and minds what they will, without private or public intervention.

          • Chris Taylor

            Give me one example of this stupid chain of logic you are spewing. Where did you read that shit? Who is teaching you? You can not infringe on someone else’s rights without committing a crime. When you commit a crime, you have to face consequences. Are you saying that a father that enforces order in his household is making his children into slaves? Again, you have no idea how a civil society works. You would be a horrible leader.

          • Al Wolf

            name for me a crime with no victim

          • Chris Taylor

            Ha, there is no crime that has no victim. All crimes have a victim…

          • Al Wolf

            yes i would make a bad leader as i would not lead..that is anarchy NO LEADERS, not no rules.

          • Chris Taylor

            YOU DON’T LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE THERE ARE NO LEADERS AND NO RULES. You have to abide by the laws in this country or you will definitely have your freedom taken from you… You are absolutely fake. Now I know you are a college kid…

  • gager

    Cops job is to enforce the law. Kill the cops and it’s me against you and you will lose.

    • Chris Taylor

      What he said…

  • liberty lover

    ‘This is the nature of the State, it is not malfunctioning, this is its design.’

    crime, terrorism, poverty etc every problem we suffer through today is either because the state causes it directly, or is impeding solutions.

  • David

    They will be ridiculed, chased out of family dinners, threatened with violence, and suffer all sorts of harms and indignities for trying to tell people the truth.

    Well, I’ve gotten the “ridiculed” part down, and I’m more moderate than Chris. I honestly wonder (from a sympathetic perspective) how much the stuff you post has hurt you.

  • SilentBob AtPulse

    Hello Chris,

    Well said.

    You have a link in the story that is broken. When I click on “There is only one law I get the following message “Fatal error: Unknown: Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in Unknown on line 0.”

  • Gabriela

    You’re a total idiot. Your rant about police officers makes absolutely no sense…. “most ruthless force on the planet.” Give me a break! I’d like you to live in countries such as Mexico where “ruthless” is a real thing.

  • TaxiManSteve

    I think your “asshole” on your blog banner is appropriate.

  • Lily Gonzalez

    Why was my post not posted?

  • Chris Taylor

    So you want private police forces that the market will put together? How laughable. Yeah, let’s have private money to pay for a private force to police the public. That will lead to a lot more oppression then the “horribly brutal” police officers who are paid by the citizens of whatever city they police. I’m just glad people like you are not running anything, lest we go back to the wild west. The US’s standard of living is much higher than the mid 1800’s and that owes a lot to law and order. Who do you expect to keep the order??? Oh and I can’t believe you would think Daniel Pantaleo would have the foresight to say “Oh Eric Garner isn’t paying his taxes, I am going to kill him for that.” The fact is, had Eric Garner not resisted the lawful arrest coming to him, he would be alive. Sorry, you have to give up some freedoms for order. You would be the first guy gunned down in this anarchist society you want. I can bet you would be groveling at the feet of any private security force paid for by people with real money. People who have used a system protected by police, so that business can be done.

  • metalbuoy

    Love the blog. I am a total and complete libertarian, I believe Tue government should only exist to keep the citizens safe, by running the military, period. Cops are inhuman thugs with elitist attitudes who, when they get shot down, gives me a smile. “All police are paranoid” — Bush “comedown”.

    The founders never intended a police state but we have been moving that direction rapidly since 911 struck. Bush started it, Obama put the pedal to the metal, and I can only hope trump reverses course, time will tell.

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