Dead Cops Means Less Oppression

Dead Cops Means Less Oppression
Dead Cops Means Less Oppression

“When, then, does plunder stop? It stops when it becomes more painful and more dangerous than labor.” ~ Frédéric Bastiat

In the wake of two NYPD Officers being gunned down in Brooklyn, the New York Post is reporting that traffic tickets and summonses for petty offenses are down 94%, arrests for drug offenses are down 84%, and overall arrests down 66%.

It has helped contribute to a nose dive in low-level policing, with overall arrests down 66 percent for the week starting Dec. 22 compared with the same period in 2013, stats show.

  • Citations for traffic violations fell by 94 percent, from 10,069 to 587, during that time frame.
  • Summonses for low-level offenses like public drinking and urination also plunged 94 percent — from 4,831 to 300.
  • Even parking violations are way down, dropping by 92 percent, from 14,699 to 1,241.
  • Drug arrests by cops assigned to the NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau — which are part of the overall number — dropped by 84 percent, from 382 to 6

In another article in the New York Post, police explained they were slowing down work for fear of their safety.

“I’m not writing any summonses. Do you think I’m going to stand there so someone can shoot me or hit me in the head with an ax?” One cop said Sunday

An NYPD supervisor noted, “My guys are writing almost no summonses, and probably only making arrests when they have to — like when a store catches a shoplifter.”

I think this is great news, and it backs up what I and others have been saying for a long time.

Police Are Human Beings

You always hear people say this in sympathy for the police. They are human beings. #PoliceLivesMatter. That sort of thing. Well, I’m going to take this from a different perspective. Police are just like everyone else, if they fear for their safety when engaging in a particular behavior, they will be less inclined to engage in it.

Police are not fearless, or invincible. They are not any stronger, more intelligent, or even braver than anybody else. They bleed like everyone else, they breathe the same air as us. They have fears, they respond to incentives, and they value their lives and comfort.

The incentives for being a police officer are very great. When one becomes a police officer, they will almost certainly live in comfort for the rest of their lives. They will have a secure job, health insurance, and a pension. No matter what happens to the economy they will always be paid at the expense of the people they victimize. They will have social status in society, power, respect, admiration, and of course, fear.

The entry bar for becoming a police officer is very low. In fact, if you’re too smart, you might get denied a job as a police officer. Even in terms of physical fitness, a study has shown law enforcement to have the highest obesity rates, compared to other professions at roughly 40.7%. You certainly don’t have to possess the most outstanding moral compass either, considering that police are two to four times as likely to beat their wives than the general population.

Compared to other professions, there are few downsides to being a police officer. For all law enforcement’s claims of putting their lives on the line, they don’t even rank in the top ten most dangerous professions. You’re far more likely to be killed or injured as a construction, electrical, or agricultural worker than as a police officer. In fact, only 27 police officers were feloniously killed in 2013. You’re terribly unlikely to ever get fired, even if you do awful things and are terrible at your job.

So let’s get it out of our heads that police are somehow special. Far from it. In fact, they are the lowest of the low, and not just because they do terrible things in the course of their duties. They are the lowest of the low because that’s the target demographic for the human resources department. The job is designed to bring fat, stupid, cowards on board. If they fear for their lives, they will stop doing what they do.

Being Ruled By Fat, Stupid, Cowards

On the one hand, this is a recipe for disaster, and explains a lot about the world we live in. Government has taken the dregs of society, and offered them enormous prosperity in exchange for doing things that would get the average person killed or imprisoned. Take the fattest, dumbest, laziest people on the streets, give them guns, put them above the law, and pay them huge sums of money to threaten, extort, assault, kidnap, and murder everybody else. To unquestioningly follow the orders of charismatic sociopaths who win popularity contests. All this, with virtually no downsides. Let’s not be surprised when this has catastrophic outcomes.

On the other hand, this is great news for anarchists. An enemy of the State can sit pretty comfortably knowing that his enemy is a fat, stupid, coward, who fights for nothing but a paycheck. The cunning sociopaths of State politics are far too smart, and far too few in number, to put themselves in harms way for the State. Simply put, police are simultaneously the lynchpin of statism, and its weakest link.

The State Without Police Is Like Television Without Electricity

Next time there’s a big storm in your area, and the power goes out, try watching television (without a generator or UPS). It probably won’t work out too well.

Police are the power of the State. Sure, plenty of people believe in the State and will vote for it and endorse it and pay for it. There is a lot to be said for the belief in statism being the core of the problem, but that’s like saying that belief in television makes television work. Most people believe in the State, but they are not what gives it power, police empower the State by using violence against believer and non believer alike. Most people may believe in the State, but they will not fight for it. Most people view police as the brave saviors of mankind, even though police are fat, stupid, cowards. What does that say about the average voter?

A voter may well make political donations, volunteer his time, and walk into a voting booth and pull a lever to ban drugs, sexual behavior, or weapons, but he will not break down doors to enforce his will. Any group of idiots can gather in a chamber and write down demands. Any high school clique can stage a popularity contest. It is the enforcement arm, the police, that differentiate the State from these other groups.

Stop the police from doing their jobs, and you will abolish the State inside of a week.

There Will Be No Mass Philosophical Awakening

When discussing use of force with libertarians, nearly all of them will say that violence is not the answer to violence. That using force against State agents will only result in more State violence. According to these folks, there must be some mass philosophical awakening, an enlightenment if you will, where people see the evil of the State for what it is, and reject it.

I can see why these well intentioned folks feel this way. After all, our study of economics tells us that markets provide that which there is a demand for. Thus it may stand to reason that if people want murder and mayhem, they shall have it.

The same study of economics however, would suggest that there are niche and black markets that will be catered to regardless of what most people want. Overwhelming majorities have supported bans on drugs and weapons throughout the world, but in most places it isn’t entirely too difficult to purchase such products, even in prison.

Thus if a market demand were to emerge, even a small one, for a service to protect people from State agents, it would stand to reason that someone would emerge to fill the demand. We already see people paying huge sums of money for lawyers, tax preparers, and lobbyists to protect the interests of wealthy people against State intervention. As more laws are passed, taxes increase, and the State becomes more intrusive and belligerent by the day, how long before it just makes more economic sense to hire a fighting force?

I don’t know the answer to that question, but I do see the expansion of the State moving far more rapidly than the spread of libertarian ideals. I do see an ever increasing number of people becoming so angry with the State, so impoverished and hopeless as a result of its controls, as to be willing to sacrifice their lives to make the smallest dent in it, even without this philosophical awakening.

I also see from the numbers quoted in the beginning of this article, that even a small number of such unaware people putting fear in the hearts of State agents, can have a dramatic effect on their morale. One black power Marxist killed two police officers in New York City, and did more to reduce State violence than all the efforts of the entire history of the Libertarian Party.

Consider for a moment how many lifetimes of manhours have been spent on political and education efforts over the last 50 years to advance libertarian ideas. Compare this to what it has done to reduce State violence. The effect has been negative, the State has consistently expanded its power.

Yet, in just a few moments, one violent idiot managed to reduce arrests in New York City by 66%. That massive reduction in citations and arrests didn’t just free all the people who would have been the victims thereof. It deprived the city of massive amounts of revenue, that would have been used to victimize others. Moreover, the city of New York did not descend into carnage without police arresting pot smokers and writing traffic tickets, a lesson I hope is not lost on the people of New York. In the face of such staggering data, it’s very difficult to say that violence solves nothing. One would require a religiously incoherent obsession with non-violence to make the suggestion.

With every moment that passes, another person is victimized by the State. Many of those people will have their lives ruined beyond repair. Some of those people will become so filled with a combination of rage and hopelessness that they will lash out violently and risk their lives to fight their oppressor. If the State insists on creating violent lunatics faster than we can create libertarians, the least we can do is celebrate a bit when that plan backfires on them.

Happy New Year!


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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • Robert Firestone

    Is this a sustainable model or just an anomaly given the new variable of someone fighting back?

    • The answer is self evident in the wording ‘random violent idiot kills two cops’.

      • Robert Firestone

        So are there going to be more random violent idiots and keep the arrests down or will the cops just regroup and make it worse than before? The answer is not self evident.

        • At Odds

          I absolutely agree with the pacifist-libertarians: for, violence begets violence. Where I disagree is: What violent action beget the violence against the state? The pacifist tend to forget the history of violence, and follow the skewed ‘official’ history that the state puts out.

        • Al Wolf

          if you look you can find more people shooting at cops or fighting back in the past couple weeks, oh its getting good.

        • When you discover the ability to predict other people’s actions in spite of free will’ let me know.

  • Great essay. Write more in this vain and less about your diet, getting drunk, and libertarian chicks who won’t fuck you.

  • At Odds

    Another way the state collapses on itself.

    Great article:

    1. “[Police] are human beings.” Yes, they are individuals that will screw up as much as everybody else.

    2. “I’m not writing any summonses. Do you think I’m going to stand there so someone can shoot me or hit me in the head with an ax?” They exposed themselves for only wanting a paycheck and not some high ground of morality of protecting and serving the public. Nothing wrong with wanting a paycheck just don’t do it with involuntary OPM. If they want to “go home”, then they should just go home.

    3. “An NYPD supervisor noted, “My guys are writing almost no summonses, and probably only making arrests when they have to — like when a store catches a shoplifter.” They’re reduced down to having the private sector do the hard job for them – as in catching the thief without harm.

    4. “Moreover, the city of New York did not descend into carnage without police arresting…” Exactly. It’s all a facade, illusion.

    5. It’s not people like Cantwell that are horrible to cops; it’s the people that demand the cops do “their moral duty”.

    My only concern is that they’ll – and they will – use this as police cannot do their job because they’re not safe; therefore, they need better equipment and more money. To us, this is just a lame excuse. It’s an escalation of war on their part.

    That’s what this is – war. They’re blaming the shooter as the first action not retaliatory. If that’s even the reason for why he shot the cops, we don’t really know. Remember he did or tried to kill his girlfriend so there’s other elements involved. Either way, they’re trying to put the shooters action as the initiated action and dumping the previous history of police violence much akin to the Middle East/U.S., CIA history skewing.

    • Matthew Reece

      The statists will use lone wolf attacks on police as an excuse to give them more money and equipment. In fact, they would like a few more lone wolves to attack them. What they do not want is for several percent of the population to attack them, as this would mean their extermination and our liberty.

  • Christopher William Day

    See what your saying, but it’s important to note that the cop slayings were recent. I’ll definitely be interested to see these numbers 12 months from now.

    • Richard Onley

      Look up Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and check out #8. In fact, check out all of them–his politics were from hunger, but his tactics were, in the vernacular of the day, “right on!”

  • Al Wolf

    hahahaha. now for a few more piggies in other locations to being shot. we can get our freedom back. ok where is the state loving fool from your lost post that wanted me to move?

  • Rothbardian Slip

    Obviously dead cops are always good news, but it is truly heartwarming to see how just two dead pigs can improve life for an entire city. I wonder…..

    • TheRealTruth

      You are a fucking piece of shit

      • Rothbardian Slip

        Butthurt, piggy?

  • Richard Onley

    after all the protest marching, and court packing, and deliberately
    getting arrested, and the signs, and the chanting, and CopBlock, and
    copwatching, and Facebook memes, and angry exposure of atrocities, and
    even (God help us) “hugging squads,” what was it that achieved in a few
    days more than all the rest combined couldn’t do in a year?
    There’s a lesson to be learned here, for those not blinded by their willful delusions. …

  • Jay Strange


  • illuminarch

    Solzhenitsyn understood this:
    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!”

    • Aaron Simmons

      Very well put!


      I’ve heard of this shohenitzsyn quote a few doesn’t times but it finally connects

    • Barry Crimm

      I, too immediately thought of Solzhenitsyn when I read this piece.

    • jtkennedy

      Thinking this is a solution is a fallacy of collective action: Having many people act a certain way is not an option available to any individual.

  • Michael Stewart

    Keep up the good work Christopher. We need to continue the fight against the devil and his minions. The sooner the people wake up the sooner we can take back our country. Also my respect to Josie the Outlaw.

  • Honest question Chris, why aren’t you killing cops?

    • kubel

      Because there’s something like a 99.9% chance that he will die, and that an insufficient number of minds have been freed for any such action to have any positive result toward freedom, other than just merely eliminating an aggressor.

  • Brock Lesnar Guy

    This article is fucking brilliant! Keep up the good work Cantwell.

  • kubel

    Good article. I don’t believe the fear of blowback is a valid reason to condemn another from doing something that 1) they have a moral right to do, and/or 2) they have an obligation to do in order to defend themselves from aggression.

    Any blowback that does happen is on the aggressor, not the victims.

    Some allegedly “pro-gun” folks are anti-open carry, because they fear that open carry would pressure legislators to outlaw the activity and restrict more rights. It’s not a bad argument to make, but implying in any way that it’s the fault of the open carriers is where they screw things up.

    If I live in a small community that is regularly extorted for protection money by a local gang, and someone openly resists such action with force, the threat is always there that the local gang will retaliate against everyone, even though they were not involved in the resistance. It’s a valid fear.

    British soldiers would set fire to communities that were suspected of housing terrorists (also called patriots) immediately preceding and during the Revolutionary War.

    Israel is known for doing this with their “roof knocking” campaign. If an enemy of the Israeli state is suspected of quartering in an apartment, the entire apartment is destroyed. The desired result is to convince people in the community that it’s the fault of their enemy. It’s just a form of coercion, but much more heavy handed.

    But this escalation, unfortunately, almost always produces its own blowback- assuming you have enough people vaguely sympathetic to your cause. Look what happened following the Intolerable Acts. People who were merely on the fence took up arms, and there was a successful revolution. Unfortunately, the result of that revolution merely passed our chains to other masters- who loosened them to be a little less burdensome, but never did set us completely free. I digress.

    It’s important to observe that the fact that having this discussion is, however, a good sign. It means that average people are beginning to fear that the movement actually has the numbers to even conduct successful campaigns to even prompt the possibility of blowback- and they are concerned how this will impact their lives.

    I think once a movement (I hate using that word) reaches a point of receiving condemnation for fear of what their masters might do to them because of their actions, that movement has reached critical mass sufficient for things to just start moving in a positive direction naturally. The overall discussion has shifted from “that’s illegal, thus immoral” to “that’s legitimate, but our master is going to whip us”. It’s only a small step from there (an Intolerables Act) that causes these people to move from “our masters are going to whip us now” to “I’m sick of this shit, let’s take up arms and join the resistance”.

    Remember- police (including detectives) and military (active and reserve) make up less than 1% of the US population. Look at how many resources are exhausted hunting the likes of Christopher Dorner, or the Boston Marathon bombers. Massive operations, thousands of police, millions of dollars spent searching for and hunting down just one or two people. That’s not sustainable. The power of the government is smoke and mirrors. The real power is in the minds of the people who believe in government.

    I think the key is to start with a multi-generational / peaceful parenting approach to free as many of those minds as possible first, so that when the Intolerable Acts are passed, sufficient free minds will be receptive to the thought of resisting acts of violence from the state. I don’t think the discussion on armed resistance is evil or counter productive. But I think we have a little further to go before it matures.

    Now, because of certain recent actions by the police against individuals for making “terroristic threats” or posting content accused of being “sedition”, I have to be careful to include a disclaimer that my thoughts here are merely just that. While the discussion touches on a subject matter of violence and illegal acts, including armed resistance, even possibly advocating such activity, it is not to be mistaken for directing people to, or inciting people to commit acts of violence or revolution, nor is it a declaration of intent for myself or others to do the same.

  • zxvf

    I wonder if that study is just based on BMI. Muscle weight would add to obesity too.

  • Sam Cru

    If you were a cop would you prefer your victims be pacifist libertarians or black power Marxists with guns who don’t fear death?

    “One black power Marxist killed two police officers in New York City, and
    did more to reduce State violence than all the efforts of the entire
    history of the Libertarian Party.” <– Ya, that…

    One man accomplished more with a few bullets than hundreds of millions
    of people have accomplished over many decades with voting, letter-writing, protesting, and a whole host of other "non-violent" faggotry combined.

    On another note, "pacifism" is an ideology that excuses cowardice, nothing more. "Pacifists" aren't actually pacifist anyway because they expect some agents of the state to use violence to imprison and/or kill other agents of the state who attack "pacifists". This shows me that they do not truly abhore violence they are just too chickenshit to get their hands dirty. If you claim yourself to be a pacifist then you cannot support imprisonment for any police officer no matter what he/she does because that involves violence.

  • Waldetto

    Another one out of the park! You do realize these “protection services” against the state would need to be the size of at least a large states national guard!

  • margova46

    Cops are a waste of any/everything good.. and overflowing w any/everything bad. A much UN-needed entity.

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