Against “Second Wave Libertarianism”

I am exhausted.

"Second Wave" Libertarianism aka Communism

“Second Wave” Libertarianism aka Communism

Not from writing, editing video, or doing radio. Not from relentless attacks on me and my website. Not from watching Republicans and Democrats argue over how big the next war should be. It’s not the work I do, the resistance I meet in doing it, or the stamina of my enemy that exhausts me. What saps my energy more than any hangover or day at the gym could ever hope to do, what makes me consider going back to New York, and toiling with computers in the offices of financial industry fat cats who could give a fuck if I live or die, is the all too real prospect that I might be going through all of this effort for nothing.

I long ago gave up on most of the human race. That I could say to them “Hey, maybe a global system of coercion to fund wars isn’t the greatest of ideas” and they would dismiss me as some kind of lunatic for saying so, leaves me, shall we say, with little interest in their well being. I moved to New Hampshire so I could be surrounded by people who understood the insanity of that system, and build a free society with them. Unfortunately, with each day that passes I lose ever more hope not only for humanity at large, but also for the libertarian movement I once hoped might save some portion of our species.

What makes me lose hope for the future of the libertarian movement is not PRISM, ISIS, or the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency. It’s not my own personal or political struggles. It’s not even that Rand Paul promotes an interventionist foreign policy, and still gets taken seriously by “libertarian thinkers”.

It’s the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington DC.

Perhaps not so much the conference itself, but what it represents.

The End of Libertarians

Kevin Carson published an appropriately titled piece about the conference at the Center for a Stateless Society, a blog founded by confessed child rapist Brad Spangler. Carson’s piece is titled “The End of Libertarians”. While he spends the rest of the diatribe desperately struggling to reconcile his anticapitalism with libertarianism, The End Of Libertarians is exactly what C4SS, Students for Liberty, and the greater radical leftist saboteur movement seeks. They want our demise, and nothing short of it.

Carson says of Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Walter Block, The Mises Institute, Cato, and Reason Magazine;

The version of libertarianism preached by these people is dying, because it’s the ideology of a dying (and rightfully so) demographic. Whether we let them take the entire movement down with them, or whether we make ourselves relevant to a larger world of people outside a tiny privileged group, is up to us.

Oh, that “rightfully” dying demographic he mentions, it’s white men. Keep that in mind when these animals preach to us about racism and sexism. I could just imagine the outrage from these hypocrites if somebody said “black women are on the decline, and I’m just fucking ecstatic”.

Need I mention that far from dying, the libertarian movement got its biggest influx to date, from the Ron Paul presidential campaign?

But Carson isn’t trying to rescue the libertarian movement. He’s an opponent of it, as is obvious from his other writings like “The Communism of Everyday Life” and “Venture Communism“. He views libertarianism as we know it as a “capitalist monopoly” on opposition to the State. He doesn’t want to save libertarianism from “rightfully dying” white men, he wants to feed communist propaganda to young people, and tell them it is freedom.

Like we haven’t seen this before?

That’s exactly what “Second Wave” libertarianism is all about, as Cory Massimino put it in his “Open Letter to Ron Paul“. They don’t want to “grow” or “improve” this movement, as they claim. If they wanted to grow the actual libertarian movement, they wouldn’t be branding its leaders as racists and homophobes. To me this seems almost too obvious to have to state. Worst. Marketing. Ever.

That is a patently dishonest political tactic that the left uses against their enemies, not to improve their friends. They want to end libertarians. They see us as their enemy, and they will lie, and cheat, at a minimum, to destroy us.

We may have rejected the State, but we must not forget that this is politics nonetheless. The libertarian movement is a growing demographic which various interest groups will thus increasingly attempt to co-opt. Word games, deception, and slander, are all weapons we should rightly expect our enemies to wield against us, no differently than the Republican party did in the 2012 primary.

The “Open Letter to Ron Paul”

Aarón Shelby Baca, Mackenzie Holst, and Cory Massimino authored the letter, which they read out loud, purposely disrupting Ron Paul’s address at the SFL convention. It reads in part;

The prevalence of an age gap in the libertarian movement has been underscored by the ideas discussed in conferences such as the Mises Circle and put forth by the Mises Institute itself. “Millennial” or “Second-wave” libertarianism is not going away and there seems to be irreconcilable differences between these new libertarians and the old guard, which includes figures such as Lew Rockwell, Hans Herman-Hoppe, Walter Block, Gary North, and yourself. In this letter, we would like to highlight the downright absurdity promoted by this obsolete style of thinking, as delineated in the racist, homophobic, and sexist undertones present in these thinkers’ writings.

So, according to these folks, Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Walter Block, and the Mises institute, are obsolete. Throw them in the scrap heap with the Commodore 64, and the heavy television. We need something new, and shiny. Something that appeals to children fresh out of public schools, and entrenched in liberal academia with no study of economics. Something, that is, shall we say, progressive…

“Goodbye! Thanks for your service! We know you’ve done more to promote libertarian ideals than we could ever hope to accomplish, but we are going to dismiss you as racists now, and get back to promoting communism”

I’m not going to spend a great deal of time trying to convince anyone that the greatest libertarian thinkers in modern history aren’t racists. They’re not, and anybody with any interest in the objective reality of the matter knows that already. There, I did it.

Instead I’ll say this. I don’t fucking care if they are, and neither should anybody else.

I have no more interest in Walter Block’s thoughts on homosexuality than I have in his own sex life. What goes on in his mind, and his bedroom, are his business.

I don’t care if Ron Paul wrote those newsletters. Whoever wrote them, 40 fucking years ago, felt a certain way at a particular time, and decided to say how he felt instead of parading some false narrative around, baiting populist sentiment like the leftists who obsess over these things.

I don’t care if Lew Rockwell compared statism to chattel slavery. No, scratch that. I’m fucking glad he did because that’s exactly what statism is. If you find it offensive, good. So do I. Now go do something about it instead of hurling baseless allegations at respectable people.

The fact that these liberal propagandists have to dig through decades of work to take such tiny and insignificant snippets out of context, should tell us two things.

  1. They are working entirely too hard to dig up dirt on these individuals for political purposes.
  2. There is extraordinarily little dirt on these individuals

The “Left Market Anarchist” Deviation from Liberty

If you talk to the writers at C4SS and other outlets like them, you’ll find yourself agreeing with them more often than not, that’s why so many of their writings get published in otherwise respectable libertarian publications. Anti-war, anti-tax, non-initiation of force, pretty soon you’re thinking to yourself “Hey, you’re just like me, let’s be friends”. Beneath that though, they have a bizarre egalitarian agenda, based on radically flawed economic analysis, and a purposeful detachment from reality. They throw their race and sex propaganda around for the same reason Democrats do, to gain political power by appealing to populist sentiment, and tearing down their political rivals with factless hysteria.

If you meet the Rothbard on the road, Kill Him

If you meet the Rothbard on the road, Kill Him

First to the detachment from reality. I’m not hurling this as an insult, it’s literally a central tenet of their philosophy. When they inevitably say otherwise, it’s only further evidence of said detachment. “There is no truth” to these people. The image to the left here, is a sign that an attendee is actually wearing at the ISFLC. “If you meet the Rothbard on the road, Kill him”. It’s a variation on a Buddhist quote.

According to Will Smith at, this is just a cute way of saying we shouldn’t be making idols of people. He then goes on a social justice warrior rant about what a terrible homophobic racist Ron Paul is.

According to it actually comes from an old koan attributed to Zen Master Linji, (the founder of the Rinzai sect). “If you meet the Buddha, kill him.”

They explain the idea behind it as;

Whatever your conception is of the Buddha, it’s WRONG! Now kill that image and keep practicing. This all has to do with the idea that reality is an impermanent illusion. If you believe that you have a correct image of what it means to be Enlightened, then you need to throw out (kill) that image and keep meditating.

The meaning behind this sign is very simple. Libertarianism has no meaning. Reality is an impermanent illusion. If you think you have found the true definition of libertarianism, kill it, and make something else up. Spiral down a bottomless pit of meaningless ideas, and accomplish nothing.

Once one accepts that reality is an impermanent illusion, truth is a meaningless concept. All one needs is the confirmation bias from the crowd, and they have won the debate.

With it established that these people outright reject the concept of an objective reality, we can address the question of economics. I beg of you, please read my article “Left Anarchism is Impossible” which itself was a response to Anna Morganstern’s piece at C4SS titled “Anarcho-Capitalism Is Impossible“. In my piece, I point out the flaws in their “Markets Not Capitalism” assault on all things rational.

“Left Anarchism is Impossible” is in excess of 4,900 words, so I won’t bother going through it all here, but I’ll give you a brief example.

Morganstern says at C4SS that capitalism in the absence of the State is impossible, because the state is facilitating, not preventing, the accumulation of capital. This absurd claim is based in part on the notion that absentee ownership of property would be too expensive to maintain without State protection services subsidized by “wage slavery”. The more property you have, the more it costs to protect it.

I pointed out that this is obviously nonsense because taxes work in an even more discouraging fashion, just as Karl Marx intended them to. The United States, and most countries throughout the world have a progressive income tax. The more you make, the more you pay, not only in amount, but in percentage. The higher the value of your real estate, the more you pay in property taxes.

She says “Furthermore, without a state-protected banking/financial system, accumulating endless high profits is well nigh impossible.” Do you even Bitcoin, bro?

Massimino writes at C4SS that “The state artificially ratchets up the cost of capital through inflationary monetary policy” as if interest rates aren’t being set artificially at record shattering lows by the Federal Reserve, or the financial crisis of 2008 and ensuing recession had nothing to do with the Federal Government compelling banks to lend to people we all knew couldn’t afford to pay it back.

Reading this nonsense gives me a headache and makes my gun look appetizing, so I’m going to stop here. But again, please read “Left Anarchism is Impossible” if you want to understand the economic fantasy world these people are living in. As they view it, wealth and the State are one. They hate the rich as much as we hate the State, but it doesn’t end at anti-capitalism.

Death to Privilege

Suffer through the incoherent ramblings of these leftist psychopaths long enough, and you’ll see a very consistent narrative develop. Every perceived advantage is a “privilege” that must be stamped out at all costs, hence Carson’s glee that white men are “rightfully” dying off.

Mackenzie Holst's Misandrist Facebook Cover Photo

Mackenzie Holst’s Misandrist Facebook Cover Photo

Have a look at Mackenzie Holst‘s Facebook cover photo, and tell me this woman is a staunch opponent of sexism and gender based oppression. Tell me that her co-authors are to be taken seriously complaining about sexism, as they read off a letter she helped to write.

These people don’t oppose sexism. Sexism is just fine when it fits their narrative. They oppose the perceived privilege that comes with being male.

Which brings us back to their detachment from reality. They believe that men are oppressing women, which is why it’s perfectly fine to post horribly misandrist content like this that outright calls for a policy to exterminate half of the human race, and render reproduction impossible.

Apparently they failed to take notice that we live in a society where men are 90+% of the prison population, and women claim they are being oppressed. It must have slipped by their radar, that we live in a world where men are just plain viewed as disposable, we work the most dangerous jobs, we suffer the vast majority of war casualties, even as non-combatants, we are genetically predispositioned to put our lives on the line to defend women, and women claim they are treated as inferiors.

I Blame Konkin

One semi-enjoyable work of fiction I encountered in my early libertarian studies was Sam Konkin’s “New Libertarian Manifesto“. The name of the book itself sort of goes along with the “Second Wave Libertarianism” narrative Massimino passes his anti-libertarianism off as. If you’ve heard the term “agorism” you can thank Konkin.

There is nothing wrong with agorism as an activity, but as an ideology, it is a fucking plague. Konkin wasn’t just trying to accomplish the abolition of the State, he was trying to bring about an end to capitalism. In an interview, Konkin was asked about the difference between agorists and anarcho-capitalists. He said “First and foremost, agorists stress the Entrepreneur, see non-statist Capitalists (in the sense of holders of capital, not necessary ideologically aware) as relatively neutral drone-like non-innovators”.

This outright dismissal of what it takes to build capital for investment could just as easily be spoken today by Elizabeth Warren or Barack Obama. “You didn’t build that”

As Konkin saw it, everybody could basically just work as independent contractors, dealing directly with clients, thus avoiding not only withholding taxes on wages, but also feeding into the capitalist system. As he saw it, all workers should own their businesses, and that anything less was some kind of oppression.

Rothbard did a fine job of smashing this little fantasy to bits;

First, there is a fatal flaw which not only vitiates Konkin’s agoric strategy but also permits him to evade the whole problem of organization (see below). This is Konkin’s astonishing view that working for wages is somehow non-market or anti-libertarian, and would disappear in a free society. Konkin claims to be an Austrian free-market economist, and how he can say that a voluntary sale of one’s labor for money is somehow illegitimate or unlibertarian passeth understanding. Furthermore, it is simply absurd for him to think that in the free market of the future, wage-labor will disappear. Independent contracting, as lovable as some might see it, is simply grossly uneconomic for manufacturing activity. The transactions costs would be far too high. It is absurd, for example, to think of automobile manufacturing conducted by self-employed independent contractors. Furthermore, Konkin is clearly unfamiliar with the fact that the emergence of wage-labor was an enormous boon for many thousands of poor workers and saved them from starvation.

No wonder ISFLC attendees wanted to kill Rothbard.

Leftists Will Accomplish Nothing, and Neither Will Libertarians Who Help Them

As Rothbard put it;

It is indeed fortunate for liberty that the left-anarchists have about as much chance of victory as some of our conservatives have to restore the Bourbon dynasty. For if they did, we would soon find that the embrace of left-anarchy is the embrace of death.

I don’t fear a left anarchist society coming to fruition. The impossibility of that has been spelled out so many times, in so many ways, by so many people, myself included, that it’s really not even worth addressing anymore. I don’t for a moment believe these people will accomplish anything more noteworthy than hurling epithets like “racist” at distinguished, respectable figures like Ron Paul. I don’t even think they’ll ever manage to entirely hijack the word libertarian.

In their efforts to redefine libertarianism as drug induced homosexual anticapitalism, they will do nothing more than waste our time. Unfortunately, time is a commodity in even shorter supply than money. The State advances by the second, and in 50 years, libertarians have done less than nothing to thwart that advancement.

Instead of fighting the State, instead of discussing rational economics with people who are grounded in reality, instead of promoting free association, libertarians are entirely too frequently compelled to distract from their efforts and remind people that these communists are the fucking enemy. We are otherwise left to watch helplessly as their incoherent populist psychobabble seeps into and corrodes once semi-respectable institutions like the Cato Institute, Reason Magazine, and the Free State Project, to name just a few. To see people like Jeffrey Tucker, and Larken Rose fall in line with this nonsense, leads me to fear that humanity’s extinction is near at hand, and there is nothing that we can do to stop it.

To see Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano help them spread this garbage by attending their conferences, and driving up ticket sales, even as they are shouted down and insulted, just makes me want to throw my keyboard through my monitor and give up. What can I do to advance this cause, while big names like that lure well intentioned young people into the clutches of our enemies?

That’s why I’m exhausted. I don’t mind working my ass off for liberty. I take a great deal of pleasure in advancing these ideas. I don’t even mind combating our ideological rivals, that’s kinda my thing, actually. But to watch our allies feed, and even become our enemies, to calculate the staggering loss that this represents, that just knocks the wind right out of me.


I’m not kidding, I’m seriously thinking about quitting. So if you appreciate the work I do, please consider donating, or advertising here, or shopping through my sponsors. If money is tight, I could also use some volunteers.

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  • Christopher William Day

    Is Brad Spangler THE founder or A founder at C4SS?

    • Ernest Ortiz

      I think he’s a founder but I’m not too sure.

    • A founder, and one of the chief ones, I remember.

    • Per the article titled Freedom of Disassociation: Regarding Brad Spangler on the C4SS web site (on the internet) “Spangler co-founded C4SS.”

  • I would agree that infiltration in the movement would be the one that would bring it down. We know the Pat Buchanans (paleocons), the Hillary Clintons (liberals) and the Bill Kristols (neocons) are the enemy they make no secrets that they hate liberty and libertarians. The danger is the enemy who says they’re your friend and then stabs you in the back when they have a chance. The one’s who question NAP or support violating it in certain situations for example.

  • Ernest Ortiz

    It can be exhausting when you have to deal with people infiltrating the movement, but it’s all the more reason to keep on fighting. As long as information about the libertarian philosophy is out there and people willing to learn them there’s still a fighting chance.

    I agree that screw the rest of humanity and associate with people who actually give a damn. If the majority of people like to worship the state, let them suffer the consequences when the hammer falls on them. Poetic justice.

    I have a sweatshirt of Rothbard that I wear proudly. You try to kill me I’ll make sure you die slowly.

    Stay in the fight Cantwell, you’re doing a great job!

  • Tucker and Rose are second hand second rate nonentities. It is better to ingore them an focus on your own ideas.

    • Ignoring cancer is a bad idea, very bad. I’m not saying Tucker and Rose are cancer but from Cantwell’s perspective they are being cast as cancer.

      • We know Cantwell loves hyperbole and for a reason, because the long term impact of compromise is potentially very destructive. My point is that Chris has made legitimate criticism of Tucker and Rose in the past, and should continue to whenever they screw up again. However, he is more persuasive when he is explaining his own ideas rather than just jumping down someone else’s throat. That is because when persuading other people, you have to explain what you think and why you think it when you point out why someone else is wrong.

    • Coralyn Herenschrict

      Tucker has been intellectually bitch-slapping statists and coloring in between the lines of freedom and capitalism as a full time career for decades before most of us were born.

      Rose has blown out the myth of authority more convincingly and inspirationally than most every other anarchist put together.

      Both of these guys are giants in my book. Both are card carrying Anarcho-Capitalists, died in the wool. I’d stake my pinky finger getting chopped off with a meat cleaver that neither of these men would dream of sanctioning any use of state force for any purpose, period.

      Do their social values and esthetic preferences differ from Chris Cantwell’s in major ways? You betchya. But really, who cares? People who care about other people’s social values don’t understand freedom.

      • And both are flirting with politically correct idiocy. Chris has done a fantastic service outing them both in that regard. It is because of their popularity that their treachery is doubly bad for the future of the movement.. Chris is right to call him out, and I fully support him in so doing. BTW, I’m older than either of those internet personalities, know more than both of them put together, and am not impressed by their celebritarianism enough to ignore it when these bloated sacks of mostly hot air screw up.

  • FreeWill1776

    Orwell gave away the Leftist’s game plan in 1984. Alinsky also let the cat out of the bag. Time and again, the villains and fiends have displayed their strategy for all to see. They don’t and they won’t “play fair” because they are not aiming at politics nor are they seeking the truth. Those driven by the lust for totalitarianism are dedicated to the greatest crime and evil. They will give no quarter while demanding every concession. They are blood thirsty predators hell bent on feasting, not only on our flesh and labor, but on our very souls. We have to anticipate their plays and counteract them. We MUST fight because anything less is a fate far worse than death.

    Thank you, Mr. Cantwell, for being a loyal and invaluable warrior for liberty.

    • Kyle Mark Waal

      Orwell was a devout socialist. He supported the Anarcho-Communists in the Spanish Civil War, in fact. Animal Farm is a critique of Stalinism in particular, not of socialism in general.

  • Nicholas James Evans

    Great article,

    It is disgusting how people just want to accept everyone – it is like saying we need to accept Nazis and just tolerate them so long as they aren’t killing people. No, racists need to be opposed before they actually accumulate influence and power to take their insane views and impose them upon society. Am I still talking about Nazism? No, because they weren’t challenged enough as their philosophy developed and the millions that were killed is now just a piece of history. Now I am talking about left libertarians who blame white people for all that is wrong with the world. Get your head out of this mentality that we just need to be sentimental and be nurturing towards people with opinions and ideologies that kill millions of people. Philosophy is not a game, you have to fucking fight. It is the philosophy of reason or the philosophy or irrationality that will be victorious. I can’t stress enough how people are talking about the difference between life and death for the species as a whole as if we have to defend those who want to destroy it for the sake of treating people’s opinions equally.

  • Hardcore Zen

    Isn’t Libertarianism just a compromise between truth, freedom, liberty and Statist psychosis?

    I mean c’mon… these silly uneducated lefty minnions will always exist. The paradigm modus operandi of all collectivism is propaganda and the method is contrived First-Order Logic slight of hand and contrived ignorance.

    Refuse to suspend the rational judgement and logic that is requisite to accept the logical fallacy of Government. Just do it. That alone settles this nonsensical Mobius-strip of an argument.

    No one can force another to be insane, or act irrational and without reason… can they?

    Just as believing in God is an irrefutable delusion by definition… so is organizational authority. It’s complete rubbish. A total fabrication… with no basis in rational logic and ergo nothing less than a rather infantile and moronically psychotic con-job. By the irrefutable rigors of First-Order Logic one would have to be contrived or anti-socially insane to concede to the artifical authority of ANY organization or group.

    Logic and reason are the antidote to Statist psychosis… simple logic and reason and a refusal to be manipulated or controlled. No violence or bloodshed is necessary.

    Nor any “political” party, group, or any other collection of wannabes regardless of what they call themselves, what they believe-in or how they are organized. The only REAL solution is the complete and total irradication of Statism and the State.

    The problem with all this fucking Government ideology and contrived dogma poisoning the minds of human beings is the ridiculous fallacy of Democracy. Democracy is subjective nonsense and most certainly First-Order Logical fallacy… It is logically the quintessential axiom of organized crime.

    Existence is an individual experience and that is as much a constant of nature as is gravity. The only naturally occurring authority within the human experience is familial and that is of natural limitation. Outside of this individual responsibility and accountability is the only natural authority in human existence. All else is individual psychosis and by nature anti human and ergo unnatural and therefore the only “law” to consider it “illegal & unlawful”

    You are in charge and hold authority over your self and no one else with the exception of your own children. Authority cannot be artificially created for or by anyone. Moreover, nor can any individuals authority over themselves be aggregated with anyone else’s as a concentration of authority. It’s kind of a no-brainer.

    Artificial Authority is the basis of slavery.

    It IS as simple as saying “no” and refusing to be insane if one wants to “quit” the bad habit of considering the nonsense of Government as being anything less than absurd organized crime and the same is true of religion.

  • Sam Cru

    Chris, these lefty anarchists will never decide a thing. They will always be an irrelevancy. Seriously, think about it, how would these lefty anarchist sissies force you to do anything? They are incapable of coercion. When the state dies economics will take care of the rest, as you have pointed out.

    “I’m not kidding, I’m seriously thinking about quitting.” <– This is childish. Take it down.

  • Nicholas James Evans

    Also, Aaron is the guy who was arguing with me about racism at an SFL conference after party. He said white people can’t be and aren’t victims of racism. Such logic! Much virtue!

  • Rev. Steve Pix

    So one group of insignificant people no one gives a rip about wrote a letter to a less-insignificant person detailing how they agree with you, but not in the way you want? I can see how that would be infuriating.

  • IRONMANAustralia

    “The End of Libertarians”? Why does that sound so familiar?

    Oh right, the same so-called “progressive” faggots were recently declaring the “End of Gamers”.

    (I’d link you to a relevant article but Cantwell’s spam filter is fucking gay).

  • AJ_Olding

    Maybe the most important piece I’ve read on this site. The question is what do we do?

    • Christopher Cantwell

      I say, ostracize these fucking animals. If somebody gives C4SS a booth at their event, boycott and call attention to it. I hope Ron Paul never goes to another SFL event.

  • GOD

    I knew something was up when there was a surge of so-called “libertarians” calling anyone *cough* ChristopherCantwell*cough* a cop for saying they support the right to self-defense. FACT
    They were/are trying to co-opt the movement to turn us into hippy pothead pacifists!

  • Kyle Mark Waal

    Shouldnt it be called “first wave libertarianism”? After all, the term “Libertarian” originally referred to Anarcho-Communist, Anarcho-Syndicalist and Anarcho-Mutualist thinkers – It’s current, capitalist meaning is relatively recent and almost exclusively American. It seems you have limited knowledge about the history of Libertarianism/Anarchism/Communism.

    • Ian Sean

      When leftists give back “liberal”

      • Coralyn Herenschrict


  • Kyle Mark Waal

    It’s really the opposite – you capitalists have infiltrated leftist groups by stealing formerly exclusively leftist words like “anarchism” and “libertarianism” .

  • matriarch morlock

    Ah fuck this is extortion
    Shut up and take the bitcoins already

    • Christopher Cantwell

      Thank you!

  • Ian Sean

    Don’t you think the entire point of the elite astroturfing left libertarianism is to get you to quit? You’re just going to give them what they want that easily?

    • Christopher Cantwell

      It’s not them that urge me to give up, I want the real libertarians like Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano to stop helping them sell tickets. Seeing my fellow libertarians give the radical leftist saboteurs fuel is what’s killing me.

      • Ian Sean

        Seems like you identify their motives more than their solutions in this article. So what if they think antifascism needs to be communist? The whole point is to demonstrate it doesn’t.

        Honestly I have a huge problem with rightist “libertarians” wanting to impose theocracy on folks through the state, or wars abroad, or abolish welfare to the poor while leaving massive wealthy subsidies and regressive taxation in place.

        Frankly after a century of central planning I would favor a one time even redistribution before adopting an NAP based system. Not like Halliburton or the federal reserve has any rightfully held property.

  • matriarch morlock

    It was frustrating that the MSM intentionally played the racist letters game up to the 2012 convention. 2nd wave liberals sic are too stupid that it amounts to aiding the enemies.

  • Infinite Limit

    Why quit when you’re just taking off? You’ve single-handedly reversed the “humanitarian” trend far more than most people because you don’t fuck around in sophistic ways.

    Technically, Rothbard did attempt to find common ground with anti-war leftists, especially during the Vietnam war, probably because they were more likely to be open to anarcho capitalism. That, and many of them were in the early stages of hating the state, and some of them abandoned leftism because of it (including Walter Block, though Ayn Rand got to him initially).

    I think (optimistically) that Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano are attempting to follow in Rothbard’s footsteps and are giving the pseudo-libertarians a chance to reconsider irrational ideologies. Or they want to retake the Students for Liberty.

    It’s too early to say they are effectively endorsing them. I’d give them more time to see how they react in the future.

  • Coralyn Herenschrict

    All this heat in this article, but the punch line is missing.

    Left libs may decry white privilege and focus on all the wrong ideas with much fanfare, but as far as I can tell they have _not_proposed_state_solutions_. Am I the only one here who sees this as the essence of libertarianism?

    Heck, Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano speak at Republican events by the truckload and this is not considered supporting the enemy. Let them also attend the SFL conference to try to open eyes to a better set of priorities.

    Moreover, as long as left libs eschew aggression like the rest of us, they get to be in the libertarian family, no?

    • Dr. Weezil

      No. They reject property, which is the basis of the prohibition of aggression. If you follow their “arguments” they end at theft, coercion, violence, etc., etc. They aren’t libertarians.

      • Coralyn Herenschrict

        Rejecting property would indeed make them not libertarians.

        However, I notice an article on the SFL website titled “Be Thankful for Property Rights.” I also found several articles on Left-Libertarianism on the C4SS website that argue in favor of property rights, just adjusted for previous statist interventions, i.e. Jamie Dimon doesn’t get to keep all his ill-gotten gains.

        In one article there is a lot of chest-beating around social justice, but here is the propsed remedy: “We should support the use of direct action, social pressure, boycotts
        and social solidarity to combat structural forms of oppression like
        racism and rape culture” I.e. voluntary means.

        I’d like to see a clear rejection of private property or a sanction of violence in pursuit of social values from left-libertarians before I condemn them.

  • Shane

    These astroturf leftist idiots are a joke. Don’t let them get you down. Keep up the good work, and we will shake these dipshits off like a bad case of fleas.

  • CryptoFaxMachine

    I saw some of this non-sense on the other day and I thought about creating a blog just to denounce the “Open Letter to Ron Paul” but I just haven’t had the time. Although I’m not a Libertarian partisan and I truly subscribe to the big camp idea, the amount of ignorance and arrogance involved has truly disturbed me.

    Anyone who has taken the time to actually read Walter Block, Lew Rockwell, Hons Hoppe, and others at the Mises Institute would have to be borderline illiterate to believe that these people are racists. Like much of the bullshit that comes from the left these accusations are out of context, weak, and intellectually dishonest attacks meant to weaken the underpinnings of the Liberty movement by attacking some of its most prominent thought leaders and it reads like a mother-jones article.

    The Mises Institute has done at least as much to spread the ideas of Liberty as Ron Paul. In 2008 Ron Paul caught my attention as a college student and his book “The Revolution: a manifesto” introduced me to a whole new world of ideas and perspectives, but without the material provided by it would not have stuck. Libertarianism would have been a Presidential campaign for me, a phase. On I was able to read Bastiat, Rothbard, Block, many others for free in my spare time. I was so poor at the time trying to make rent and feed myself that I lived day to day and often went hungry. There is just no way that I could have or would have scoured the ends of the earth to find old, obscure, out of print books but on the Mises website it was all there, for free.

    The real truth is that before it was fashionable to be involved with liberty, when it looked like all hope for these ideas were lost forever, these men were speaking truth to power. This is how they reached me and this is the only hope we have for reaching the small handful of people in the world who are interested and intellectually honest enough to see the world as it really is.

    I am new to your work Chris and can’t say that we agree on everything but thank you for saying what I should have taken the time to several days ago when I first came across this.

    I have just donated 0.15 BTC to Chris on his donation page and I urge everyone to do the same for a job well done.