How To Hate Minorities

Lately there has been much discussion about discrimination in the news. To hear some people tell it, there exists some mass hate movement against homosexuals, which conspires in the highest levels of business and government to oppress them. To make matters worse, the nation is still reeling from race riots in Ferguson over the Michael Brown shooting, and demonstrators have been trespassing on private property to disrupt the dining experiences of ordinary people to shout “Black Live Matter”. Worse still, evidence of discrimination in society is made no clearer, according to our elite media, than by the Ellen Pao sex discrimination case in Silicon Valley.

How To Hate Minorities

How To Hate Minorities

Indeed, to see this narrative unfold, it would seem that white heterosexual males, are discriminating against all non-white, non-hetero, non-males in the society. This however does not make a sound strategy for hating minorities. In fact, it seems to have backfired quite tragically, turning white heterosexual males into the most hated minority in the world. Should those WHM’s find themselves in possession of much money, or hold some particular religious belief, they might want to stay indoors as to avoid tar, feathers, pitchforks, and torches.

If you really want to hate minorities, you have to start off by being the majority. You can’t take principled stances that might be unpopular. You actually need to build broad coalitions of people to join you in your hate. Without a coalition, you can’t even find a minority to direct your hate against.

Indeed, if we want to hate minorities, we should take our direction not from the right, but from the left. They have mastered the art not only of hating minorities, but of creating minorities to hate. They have created a masterful narrative by which the entire female gender, which makes up about half of the population and cannot be counted as a minority at all, is being discriminated against. Then they gave us the additional narrative that blacks, gays, transgendered people, and all sorts of other groups are being persecuted in the exact same narrative. The most fantastic part of this strategy is that they’ve done so without any meaningful evidence whatsoever, a truly outstanding accomplishment that no hate movement has been able to accomplish on this scale since World War II.

Building these broad coalitions to isolate those minorities additionally helps with the ultimate goal of any hate movement, to take over a government and oppress the target of their hate. Those “anti-gay” Christians might refuse to serve pizza at a gay wedding, but that’s small potatoes for a real hate movement. The way you really hate minorities is by taking over the government and conscripting them into service of their oppressors. To make it extra diabolical, instead of calling this slavery, you call it “anti-discrimination”.

You certainly wouldn’t want to call yourselves “libertarians” or “Republicans”. Both of these concepts are supposed to protect the rights of individuals over the majority. To maximize the impact of your hate movement, you should really be “Democrats”. Democracy violently oppresses minorities by its very definition. What could be more hateful of minorities than “majority rule”?

You want to make sure the government has absolute power. If people are free to make other choices, like how, where, and when to buy health insurance for example, then the market might find niches to serve this hated minority. Again, one business owner might be able to tell a gay couple they won’t provide services to them, but that leaves that couple free to buy services elsewhere. If you really want to build a truly effective hate movement, you need the government to first monopolize entire sections of the economy, so that your discrimination leaves them with no alternatives in the market. You should ultimately seek to control everything, but you would probably start off with essential markets like water, land, labor, energy, transportation, health care, and communications. Once the government completely dominates those industries, depriving them of food, weapons, technology, and other essentials really becomes quite simple.

Finally, you really want to make certain to get some of that hated minority to join your cause. Take the huge success in Indiana recently, where governor Mike Pence has gone from promoting a “religious freedom” act, to demanding the exact opposite and embracing the aforementioned “anti-discrimination” conscription edicts. Pence, a white, heterosexual, Christian male with political power, is really the crown jewel of any hate movement. Expressing your hate and getting others to hate the same people as you is rewarding no doubt, but getting that hated minority to hate themselves, and to act against their own best interests, getting them to oppress one another, that’s the real goal of any successful hate movement.

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  • Mr. Michael

    Precisely. To add to this, the amount of [insert minority] on white attacks that are never deemed hate crimes, rather crimes of desperation and a lashing out at the “man”. White college student unions railed against and dismantled, article that read that LGTBQ kids deserve “safe space” from their white male hetero-oppressors. It is indeed true, the Left is teaching me to hate. Keep on at it Mr. Cantwell.

  • paendragon

    Re: “You certainly wouldn’t want to call yourselves “libertarians” or “Republicans”. Both of these concepts are supposed to protect the rights of individuals over the majority. To maximize the impact of your hate movement, you should really be “Democrats”. Democracy violently oppresses minorities by its very definition. What could be more hateful of minorities than “majority rule”?”



  • marlene

    We don’t hate minorities. We just hate those who pretend they’re not! And by the way, our job is looking for a job, not surrendering to obama’s fundamental change. He owns this mess.

  • Lysander Spooner

    Love the audio reading of the episode. Great idea !

  • GodlyCam

    Great article man. Really pointed attacks and good dark humor.

  • sth_txs

    What I hate most about this discussion in the media is how only whites can discriminate which it total BS. Everyone discriminates. If you live near any Hispanic (what the hell is that anyway?) population, it is common knowledge that they do not like blacks.

    If the media was honest, how about finding a bakery owned by Muslims and see what they say to making a gay wedding cake.