I Almost Killed Somebody Last Night

Recently, there have been some thefts at my friend Ian’s house. So I have been taking it upon myself to sit on his porch at night in an effort to catch the crooks in the act. Last night I was there until around 3am, and on my way home, I heard women crying, and men yelling at them on Main Street in Keene New Hampshire.

I Almost Killed Someone Last Night

I Almost Killed Someone Last Night

I approached them with my camera phone recording the scene. There were two men, and two women. I stayed in the center divide of the street and only spoke when spoken to. They asked me to stop recording, but I refused because I feared the incident might turn violent. I told them “I’m just here to make sure nobody gets hurt”.

At one point, one of the men said “Get the fuckin camera out of here now” and I told him “I’m not gonna do it”. A man and a woman began walking toward me in an aggressive posture, before the woman began screaming and ran toward me. I told them repeatedly to stay away from me, as I am a licensed concealed carrier, and had a revolver under my jacket.

I ran across the street to get away from the woman, and then the men advanced toward me. One of the men wore a red sweatshirt, the other had no shirt on. The man with no shirt on began running toward me, so I told him “I’m not getting in a fight with you stupid, I’ve got a gun on my hip!”. He kept coming, so I pulled out my weapon, dropped my phone and told him to get the fuck away from me.

He stopped his advance for a moment, then he advanced on me again. With my finger on the trigger I shouted “Don’t come any closer!” thinking to myself “This guy is advancing on a loaded gun pointed at his chest, he’s dangerous and I’ll kill him before I let him get within arm’s reach”.

His friend, and the women all came closer to me, at one point saying something to the effect of “You’re not gonna shoot me, you’re not a cop bro”. Luckily, he did not test this theory. I am not a cop, far from it, but will end lives before I let multiple assailants attack me while I carry a loaded gun. The thought of one of these lunatics getting my weapon put me in survival mode like I’ve never experienced before.

Within moments, the Keene police arrived. The KPD knows who I am. They are all too familiar with the things I’ve said on this blog and on my YouTube channel. Despite that, they were professional, courteous, and fair. I allowed them to take my weapon, and check my pockets. I explained the situation to them, I showed them the video, and they were convinced I was in the right. They gave my gun back to me, shook my hand, and let me go.

They told me they were taking one of my assailants into “PC”, which I assume means protective custody. This made sense to me, because somebody who advances on a loaded gun pointed at their chest likely is not in his right mind. I explained that I was not asking them to do anything to my assailants, they said they understood and were just taking the one into PC.

You can see and hear the entire incident in the video below. I’d like to talk more about it, but if I’m honest with you, this incident still has me rattled and my language skills are not at their peak. This video could afford some edits for the sake of quality, but I present it here with no edits other than my watermark for the sake of transparency.


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  • miseshayekrothbard

    This is funny as hell.

  • better12than6

    You handled the situation well Cantwell. Glad you didn’t have to pull the trigger, even though you would have been justified. You avoided a lot of legal and emotional headaches by not being forced to use deadly force. Good job sir.

    • kubel

      Agreed. He was just recording to keep people accountable in a situation where he wasn’t sure if someone was being victimized. He kept his distance and never became a threat himself. Maybe a slight bit of white knighting happening on both sides, but Chris remained peaceful until he had to defend himself.

      The “you won’t shoot me, you’re not a cop” is kind of funny. I’m not sure what they were thinking continuing to charge someone who has a pistol pointed at them.

      Job well done, Chris. I’m glad, as I’m sure you are, that you didn’t have to kill anyone.

      • Tammy Hough

        Really what the hell were they thinking ..idiots..Chris repeatedly told them I have a gun..you just never know what is going through someone head! Sometimes I feel like people want to push the person who has the gun to shoot. I just don’t get it. I hope I’m never in the position where I have to be in a situation to pull or shoot but I know in my soul I will if I absolutely have to.

    • David Phillips

      Agreed. As a CCW, this is the exact kind of scenario I would try to avoid. Not to say that Chris did anything wrong – but is it really worth the legal hassle if he actually had shot the guy?

      That being said, Chris did everything right – he kept his distance, attempted to retreat, and then displayed the weapon when he was cornered and fearing an imminent threat. Certainly seems justified but given Chris’ reputation – he’s juggling with nitro here. I always say avoid other people and their drama at all costs. Keep your ace in the hole for when you really need it. Don’t waste it on these trailer park people.

    • Tammy Hough

      Absolutely! It would of really sucked to have seen Christopher Cantwell go through this!

  • Filming people against their wishes on their private property for any reason is Yankee cuntery of the worst soft. Don’t watch this video. Don’t move to NH unless you’re already stuck in the Northeast. Do contribute to my Indiegogo campaign to erect a Great Wall that’ll keep these puritan pricks away from the rest of us.

    • Infinite Limit

      Except they were broadly visible in public, and Chris wasn’t on their property. If you’re in public, you neither have nor should you believe you have any expectation of privacy. Filming someone is not an act of violence, forcing someone not to film you by charging them violates the non-aggression principle. The fact that they’re butthurt over being filmed, despite the fact that they’re being incredibly loud and obnoxious in the middle of the night, demonstrates further that they have no concern for others.

      • paendragon

        Perfectly put!

      • They were on their own property, were they not?

        They told him to stop and he refused. This was an act of violence because he brought the cudgels of the enforcers onto the scene by his pathetic videography.

        This was a dick move and gross intrusion that violated their individual sovereignty.

        Broadly visible in public does not negate one’s right to be left alone by social justice interlopers of any kind.

        Cantwell escalated the situation. See Larken Rose’s “The Great Escalators” video.

        Being hauled off to jail goes far beyond “butthurt.”

        Middle of the night is no different than middle of the day, it is only statist’s jackboots that say otherwise.

        I can tell by the way Cantwell rants against “Left Libertarians” that he’s still a closeted Republican “Right Libertarian” that he thinks other people have a right to tell complete strangers how they should behave.

        I greatly admire Cantwell’s other work. But in this instance, at least at this early stage. I think he is wrong and has grossly harmed Ian’s neighbors without justification.

        • Infinite Limit

          By what standard is filming someone who is visible in public an act of violence? Filming is nothing more than aided vision–just as a man keeps a memory of what he sees, so too does a camera or camcorder.

          If you’re calling unconsented public filming an act of violence, then by the same standard, the very act of looking and staring at them is violent too. Therefore, by that standard, if you look at me funny while I’m making an ass of myself, I reserve the right to violently stop you from doing so.

          Continuing to film is not an escalation, and that is a misuse of the word. An escalation requires the further threat of violence with the further use of violence or intimidation. If anyone escalated, it would be the people who charged at Chris. Chris was doing nothing violent and was only declaring what he would do. He was not invading their property (which they weren’t even on).

          If they really wanted to be left alone, they shouldn’t be having a yelling dispute that can be heard in public, in the middle of the night.

          The fact that the police got involved is of no moral concern to Chris. He feared for his safety (rightfully so), and as he has the right to self-defense, he can use a third-party to properly uphold that right. He doesn’t have much of an option other than to rely on the police (for which he’s forced to pay and use). He didn’t even call them. They just happened to be around.

          Nothing Chris did here was even remotely wrong.

        • David Phillips

          Pretty warped logic there. It seems reasonable to me that he would record the incident if he thought something bad was happening. Nothing wrong with that at all. I commend him.

    • paendragon

      Yeah, like yelling at women in the middle of a public area shows us all such a fine example of that famous Southern gentility we’ve heard of.


    • better12than6

      Doofus — It was public property. But thanks for playing. 🙂

      • fixed. thought he filmed them on their own porch. doesn’t really change things much, I don’t think.

    • David Phillips

      They were not on their own private property…

  • not_retired

    Has this episode softened your views on the “all” cop bad” narrative? I’m not a badge worshiper but they can be handy at times or at least reasonable. It’s easy for me to say maybe pull the OC 1st.

    • paendragon

      Cops would be tolerable if they weren’t trained to be stormtroopers.

    • kubel

      All cops *are* bad, but that doesn’t mean they are incapable of saving your ass. I’ve heard it said, “even Nazis had table manners”.

      Police have a monopoly on these sort of encounters- so you have little choice but to rely on them in certain cases. When you draw or shoot your gun, you absolutely have to make contact with police. When a thief breaks into your house, you absolutely have to call the cops or else the insurance company won’t reimburse you. And yes, cops can save the day. But that doesn’t erase the hurt they cause.

      I am an anarchist and am not a bootlicker, but I’m still hopeful Chris will do a ride along with police and document his experience. I’m not looking for him to have some revelation and start worshiping badges, but I think it doesn’t hurt to widen your view to have a broader perspective (a “know your enemy” sort of thing).

      • Kawlinz

        When they at as peace officers, they’re awesome. When they act as policy enforcement and revenue collection… Not so much.

  • Infinite Limit

    >charges blindly at you, yelling for recording their suspicious behavior

    Why do I get the feeling that they’re SJWs?

  • David Phillips

    Very impressive, Chris. I admire you. That being said – as a CCW, you can clearly understand now that it’s totally not worth intervening in other people’s drama. This seems like a pretty standard trailer park domestic situation.

    The police performed admirably. I found it very inspiring.

    Don’t juggle with nitro, my friend – if your camera malfunctioned and happened to not be recording – they would have framed you as the bad guy.

  • Tammy Hough

    Christopher Cantwell this is exactly why I also always have camera and gun with me at all times. I truly believe that anyone who is going to approach like this idiot did after being warned you have a gun is deranged. You handled this hands down tremendously. I’m thankful you didn’t have to fire. I would like to think more men who heard two women crying hysterically and men screaming at them would have done the same thing! Have a great night!

    • David Phillips

      When I did CCW training, we were given the scenario of passing by a woman screaming behind a tree with a half naked man behind her. We were asked what we would do? It turns out that the two actually knew each other and were engaging in a bizarre sex act.

      It’s a tricky situation and my takeaway from that was that I would not ever get involved and intervene on other’s behalf. The potential legal consequences are not worth it. If other people choose not to carry and find themselves in trouble then that is their own problem and not mine. I think Chris will likely come to the same conclusion as he reflects upon this further.

      • kubel

        He stayed across the street and wasn’t the one who initiated contact. They accosted him, not the other way around. I think his actions were reasonable.

        • David Phillips

          I never said he was unreasonable. I simply said that intervening on behalf of others is a risky game that I, myself, would not play in the Statist environment that we live in.

          • StBernardnot

            Nice to know. I hope you never need help.

      • Tammy Hough

        I agree it is a catch 22 situation. I also have mixed feelings but in my heart of hearts if I was hearing a girl or in this case two girls crying and two guys yelling I would stop to make sure that they weren’t being attacked or whatever. Once I saw they were fine I’m on my way. Things I believe wouldn’t have escalated if they wouldn’t have ran toward Chris like crazy people. Yes the filming pissed them off but once he told the guy “I have a gun” get back and once he pulled the gun out the guy came at him again you really have to question what person does that.I don’t get involved in domestic crap that’s between the people but if from afar you hear a female crying and a guy yelling you might wonder if she’s being raped, robbed. I don’t know if there is a right answer.

    • Causing women to cry. Screaming at women. These are crimes? You of all people should know better.

      Chris was looking for crooks, and when he didn’t find any, he went out and helped create some.

      If he had any honor he’d perform honest work and not engage in this kind of despicable opportunism.

      • kubel

        I don’t think it’s fair to twist the story like that. He stayed across the street, he wasn’t the one who initiated contact with them. He never went to intervene, neither with words or force. He only observed, from across the street, and they took exception to that and decided to assault him for an entirely legal and moral behavior. He defended himself- he wasn’t defending someone else. I think if he had to pull the trigger, it would have been a crystal clear shoot.

        • Tammy Hough

          I agree..I’m glad he didn’t have to shoot. I would hate to see him (Chris) go through that.

      • Tammy Hough

        You misread want I meant..IF anyone was walking by and heard me crying and some guy yelling I would hope they would stop see if I was ok and if I was go on about their business. I’m sure Chris would of once he saw everything was fine but the people ran toward him like crazy people. Yes he had a camera and that pissed them off but IF you were him I bet most people would film too. What I have to question is what sane person once told “I have a gun “would continue to come toward him not once but twice. I carry a gun I believe I can and will protect myself but Chris didn’t know if these girls were being harmed. If I was walking by and I heard this I would of stopped too. Are you saying you wouldn’t?

        • Good points Tammy. Not all people are sober tho. Or sane.
          Why sit around on flag watch like some Brokeback Barney Fife tho.
          What a waste of intellect, go rub elbows and drink beers with the proles, get your own chicks and kicks, why play the cockblocking cuckold?

          • Tammy Hough

            Lmao…we agree there for sure!!

          • Someone has to be the pioneer, the more I think about it. The statist quo has got to go. Maybe the future will prove to be GoPro Gunslingers for hire. Can’t be worse than what we got now.

          • Tammy Hough

            You’re killing me. You may be on to something.

          • Have Gun, Will Grovel. (for donations to fund more Keene Robin Hooding websites.)

  • Mr. Michael

    Way to keep your composure and restraint with a loaded weapon pointed at a couple of maniacs. It’s stuff like this that shows why bearing arms is absolutely necessary and that people who have guns are not in the Wild West just shooting at peoples feet to make them dance. Good job, Chris.

  • David Triana

    I also carry. Would have just ignored it and keep walking like I have done 100 times before. What you see and hear in that video happens every night where I live! I would only get involved if a loved one or myself was being threaten. Just my 2 cents.

    • thoughtcriminal

      You don’t have an obligation to be a hero. Someone else’s need does not put a mortgage on your life (unless you put them in that situation yourself). But if someone attacks you -not even for trying to be a hero- but for simply observing a situation in a public place, you still have the right to defend yourself.

      • David Phillips

        They accosted him because he would not stop filming their public drama which he had no legal obligation to stop doing but nevertheless, there are Statists on juries who would expect him to dial 911 and run away. It’s a risky game to intervene when many Americans believe it is immoral to not dial the State.

  • DaveAlaska

    Idiots rushing someone deserve lead poisoning. That said, inserting oneself into an emotional situation is less than fully wise Chris.

    • thoughtcriminal

      He wasn’t trying to insert himself into the situation. He was just passively observing from across the street as he was walking around them as a bystander. He never initiated any conversation or confrontation. He was practically as “inserting” as a street-camera.

      He only spoke when spoken to, and in the video, he even replied to the woman “I’m not trying to understand [the drama], I’m just trying to make sure no one gets hurt,” and that he wasn’t going to post anything on youtube unless someone got hurt.

      It’s when they started making demands of Chris to leave and to stop recording the event and got physically hostile with him (and even continuing to charge at him even after he drew his gun) that they inserted themselves into his life, not the other way around.

      • David Phillips

        It’s a risky game. I would not have convicted Chris of any crime but there are plenty of Statists on juries out there who would expect him to dial 911 and hide. And then there would be the Civil lawsuits by the loser’s family where the standards are much much lower. In my opinion, it’s always best to GTFO when you see stuff like that happening. Save your ace in the hole for when you really need it.

        • thoughtcriminal

          I think what motivated Chris to observe the event is the amount of blatant criminality going on in that area.

          As he mentioned in this video and a previous video of his, there’s been groups of people who’ve been repeatedly robbing fucking peace flags off of people’s porches, which is sending a clear message to the whole community.

          I think that if more people even cared to at least pay attention to what’s going on in their own community, there would be a lot less crazy shit going on.

          • David Phillips

            Agreed – but think about Zimmerman who shot that kid under very similar circumstances.

          • thoughtcriminal

            That is a very real risk, and it’s important that you bring it up, too. I think this is why it’s most important to move to place with free-er gun laws and a “culture of resistance” against victimization and criminality.

            Also, having a network of sympathizers who would support you if such a horrible injustice would happen is vital.

            There are also some gun-owners’ legal defense networks which are well worth looking into for insuring yourself against such a situation.

          • Tammy Hough

            Great points! I wish where I live there were more FREEDOM loving people. Libertarians however some Libertarians anymore are to wishy washy. If you truly believe in Freedom..you can’t pick and choose..you either do or don’t. If I’m making since.For example a lot around here claim to believe in marijuana but ONLY for medical purposes, well I feel it should be legalized across the boards. I don’t want it taxed for the state.. I want NO state involvement at all!

          • Tammy Hough

            I agree with you 1000%! It’s ridicules how anymore every small sound outside at night you think what the hell was that and instantly you think is someone messing with your property. It sucks that our society is like this. I live out in the country, no neighbors for miles, very small farming town and the stuff that happens here is mind blowing.

    • Tammy Hough

      DaveAlaska if you watch the video again he was walking on the other side of the road. He even said he was on his way home from Ian’s and that is when he heard the girls crying and men “boys” yelling. Chris just wanted to make sure the girls weren’t being hurt. I guarantee he would of been on his way if they didn’t come after him like crazy people. What kind of idiots come charging after someone after repeatedly saying “I have a gun”. Psychos!

  • CashFlowIT

    Word to the wise… CONCEALED cameras are ALWAYS the way to go, with police or anyone else.

    • David Phillips

      Can we get a body camera for Christopher? Folks missed out on the certainly priceless expression on that shirtless loser’s face when Cantwell made his life flash before his eyes.

      • Tammy Hough

        We will start a ” Get Cantwell Body Camera Fund”.

  • CashFlowIT

    You probably were filming an infidelity…

    • Ha!
      Look up in the sky it’s a bird it’s a plane
      What’s that nigga’s name?
      Captain save a ho, mayne!
      More faster than a speeding bullet
      To put on his cape and pull his gun
      Son that’s not the way to do it
      So what you doin’ when we roll thru you hideout
      I let my mack get off and then I rides out of it
      With your ass there smokin’ like an incense
      You savin’ hoes nigga and that’s some bitch shit

    • IRONMANAustralia

      Streisand Effect. LOL.

      Not that people need that kind of motivation these days – since to figure out their rights they just need to check their feels and check your privilege.

      Hence you get this kind of shit because, “You filming me is upsetting me, so you do not have the right to do it!”

  • wquantrill

    While I’m glad everything apparently worked out for you, you exposed yourself to a huge amount of liability and, frankly, acted stupidly.

    (1) You had video of the event, yet willingly spoke to investigators before you had time to review it, or speak to legal counsel. If the police had noticed a discrepancy between what you said and exactly what (or in what sequence) it appeared on the video (and there were several such discrepancies), you could have been deep screwed. Might as well give yourself the same advantages the cops do.

    (2) You spoke without counsel to police officers regarding a defensive firearm brandishing.

    Like I said, I’m glad you’re alright, but don’t tempt fate twice.

    • David Phillips

      A very risky game in the Statist society that we live in where 911 roulette is the preferred method of intervention.

  • Rich Paul

    I think you handled this very well, bro. Good job.

    • Tammy Hough

      Rich Paul I’m with you. He handled things perfectly!!

  • Max Sand

    Scary stuff. Wonder if that kid is sobered up and replaying the situation in his own mind, of how he came so close to taking one in the chest over someone filming him, when 30 other cameras in local businesses were doing the same damn thing.

    • Tammy Hough

      Exactly.from traffic cams, to Google images etc.. You really have to wonder if this was a wake-up call for this guy..or is just a idiot and will never learn..next time he may not be as lucky. I’m so glad Chris had his camera rolling.

  • This is what I call gun control. Christopher responsibly and while under stress, didn’t fire. That is worth some basic human respect.

  • Lysander Spooner

    “When there are women crying and men yelling”, Chris Knightwell shows up in his white shiny armor to “make sure the womyn were safe”. #WhiteKnight

  • Coralyn Herenschrict

    For the second time in recent weeks Chris has made ill-advised choices that end up putting him in a position courting violent conflict. At this rate, I fear there is a jail cell looming in the future and this blog’s days may be numbered. What a waste.

    Incredibly lucky these unhinged idiots stopped charging forward. Incredibly lucky the KPD officers there agreed with the self-defense point of view. Were there a shooting, imagine the life-destroying legal ton of bricks that could have crashed down, the ruinous legal fees, the months and years of fending off criminal prosecution and civil suits.

    Why sign up for that if alternatives exist. If it’s a viable option, back down and call 911. You have nothing to prove. Offload the problem to the cops not because you have to, need to, or want to, but because you can and our legal system all but insists you do.

    Acting as if one lives in a free society and under a legal system that fully respects individual rights, private property, and self-defense when one actually does not is inviting disaster. The system will chew you up, spit you out, and leave you to vainly protest the injustice to the cinderblock cell walls. Just ask Adam Kokesh.

    An armed man should more scrupulously steer away from in-the-moment heated conflicts, steer away from situations with the potential for violence.

    If as an activist you feel you must assert your rights at every turn in the world to prove a point, then maybe it would be better if you left your gun at home while pursuing that course.

  • IRONMANAustralia


    You can get a Subway meal for only $6 over there?! GTFO!

    Oh … and as for those clowns coming at you bro … interesting timing. Pretty much the same shit just happened to another activist with a camera, (minus the firearm). I’d link you but a little bird told me your spam filter is fucking gay. The video is called “Real Life Dumb and Dumber”, and the Youtube channel is, “savemyrepublic”: /watch?v=xC1A8rEXQwI

    He’s just recording a couple of guys fishing in a public place, they take exception to being recorded, demand that he stop and erase the footage. They repeatedly threaten to destroy his camera, and try to physically intimidate him, (at one point even saying they wont let him leave). He keeps recording and backing up telling them he has the right to record, (and is especially going to keep recording now since they’re threatening him).

    These morons keep insisting that he’s breaking the law by recording without their permission, make up some half-baked justification about how he ‘might’ be a pervert recording children or something, and then they call the cops themselves. A cop comes and basically diffuses the situation in a professional but rather unsatisfying way. Instead of telling the aggressors that they are fucking idiots who not only don’t know the law, but are making actionable threats themselves, he did some kind of much-too-diplomatic two-sided de-escalation thing.

    These guys repeat their threat on camera, on the phone to the police operator, and to the cop in person when he gets there. The operator could have told them over the phone what idiots they were and how wrong they are about the guy’s right to record. Obviously they feel a need to send a cop to see what’s going on, but I wish they would tell more of these people making complaints to STFU, how wrong they are, and that they’re legally obligated to recognise the rights of the people they’re complaining about.

    Obviously the cop didn’t come charging in on a white horse to make this ‘possible-maybe-could-be paedophile’ delete the footage as per the demands of ‘Dumb and Dumber’ as they were expecting, (or presumably it would not have been uploaded). So I’d say:

    savemyrepublic: 1
    Cletus Attorney-at-Law: 0

    But still it leaves too much room for these idiots to think they achieved something or were somehow partially ‘in the right’ because the cop was asking the guy filming questions and he felt the need to justify himself.

    The savemyrepublic guy with the camera is a bit of a weird dude who comes over a little paranoid-schizo in his other videos quite frankly. I suspect he watches an unhealthy amount of Alex Jones and that isn’t doing him any favours either. I wouldn’t be shocked if he believes the government is run by Illuminati Reptoid Aliens, (tried to talk him round a bit and he didn’t seem to get it – kinda like that Matthew-Broderick-on-Lithium motherfucker you were trying to get through to on a recent podcast).

    At any rate, his main schtick is that he goes around filming cops who aren’t wearing their seat belts and getting on their case about it, (usually while the cops are on an ironic ‘Click it or ticket’ style blitzkrieg). He’s not particularly effective. The pigs just laugh at him and brush him off, but his videos are still entertaining.

    The reason I bring that up is that it doesn’t seem uncommon for these wannabe-Perry-Masons to actually believe they have a right not to be recorded. In response to this guy telling them he has a right, ‘Dumb and Dumber’ come back with the not-unusual knee-jerk argument to the effect of: ‘What about MY right to say when you can exercise YOUR right?’


    So genius in fact I suspect these guys didn’t want to be recorded because they are actually rocket scientists and fishing is their cover story while on a secret mission for NASA.

    They even at one point acknowledge that people have a right to record police in public, but again imagine they can stop people recording them. I guess Britney Spears never got the memo or she would have had all those paparazzi arrested.

    Anyway, I’m impressed by how well you handled this. You seemed to say pretty much exactly the right shit despite any stress, fear, and the real-time calculations/reactions required in a situation like that. You came off pretty confident.

    The cops seemed to handle it pretty professionally too, (though I wouldn’t be totally shocked if in a week’s time some police legal eagle got it into his pig-head to make hash out of this as some kind of excuse to try to disarm you, or some shit like that).

    Speaking of which, you should also look up “Phoenix Jones” – a self-described “superhero” who dresses up in a costume and patrols the streets of Seattle. Uses a camera and pepper spray, got into an altercation with some idiots and their skanks having a typical drunken argument outside a nightclub in the wee hours. Gets pretty much the same reaction you did when he shows up. They stop fighting each other and all turn on him for “interfering”. Afterwards, they close ranks and act as witnesses against him.

  • Mom42bee

    Chris, do you think any differently about the George Zimmerman situation now? Do you feel any type of kinship to him given the obvious distress you were feeling in the moments immediately after you almost took a life, which would have changed yours forever?

    • Richard Chiu

      Why would this make Chris feel any differently about Zimmerman’s situation?

      He previously said (among other things), “If George Zimmerman did anything wrong, it was waiting to pull his gun. He should have had it pointed at [Sybrina Fulton’s] degenerate hatchling’s face before he got within arms reach of him. That way he could have put [Sybrina Fulton’s] little vermin descendant into the dirt before he got his face busted open.”

      Or, extrapolating a bit, maybe even persuaded Sybrina Fulton’s darling little boy to go home and spend a night rethinking his life, which is what happens more often (at least 90% of cases, probably significantly higher) when a criminal encounters an armed private individual.

  • paendragon

    Well Chris, at least you managed stop their domestic troubles by uniting them against a common enemy – you! They should thank you.


    • Tammy Hough

      So if I’m reading your comment correctly you think Christopher Cantwell is the enemy…IF that is your opinion you’re delusional and you’re truly a idiot and people like yourself who think cops are heroes…actually the people should thank him for not shooting the crazy ass who kept coming after him not once but twice after being told stay away I have a gun and once he pulled the gun still came toward him in a very threatening manor…watch the video again. I hope I’m wrong about you but by your post I doubt it.

      • thoughtcriminal

        It looks like he was being sarcastic (hence the wink 😉 ), but with amount of white-knighting for the attackers and victim-blaming from these domesticated humans in the comments here – and especially on the video’s page, it’s kinda hard to tell.

        Half of these idiots either haven’t paid attention to the video or read the description. And the rest of these sheep have already rationalized their own victimization and attack people for trying defend themselves and others, or get the government to do it for them.

        • Tammy Hough

          I agree with you.if you see a couple arguing that is their business.My point is that if you’re walking home like Chris was and heard two women crying and two men yelling I think anyone, I know I would think is someone being robbed or worse. From what I saw Chris stayed across the street observed to make sure nobody was getting hurt. Where shit goes down hill is when they realized they were being filmed. You are so right people have a habit of watching things half way through then going straight to the keyboard..or worse don’t read things in there entirety(or can’t read) and jump on the keyboard. Don’t you just love the ‘911″ fantastics..great ending to your comments!! Agree with you 1000%.

      • paendragon

        No, I think you’ve outed yourself well enough as a slanderous moron here in public all by your self already. Well done!

        • Tammy Hough

          Please enlighten me on how as you put it “I’ve outed myself and I’m a slanderous moron”. Anything I’ve said in any of my comments I’m not ashamed of nor am I afraid of the implications. If you took the time to read my comments, not that I care if you do or don’t. Oh and please tell me who I’ve slandered. I appreciate the compliment..”Well Done”.

  • Bubba’s back!

    Serve as an aggravating force until you can pull your gun. Nice.

  • BALTRL101

    I saw this video on Right This Minute. I thought that you handled yourself very well. I’m glad you didn’t have to shoot anyone, but I’m glad you were able to protect yourself. I’m also impressed by how you handled it with the cop’s (for someone, you, who is not a fan of them). Overall a great video and it should teach people not to just attack ppl you don’t know because they could be armed (and if someone tells you they are armed, don’t keep coming at them).

  • Richard Chiu

    At the end of the day, someone has to take the responsibility to watch out for people who can’t or won’t watch out for themselves…and if responsible private citizens don’t, then someone will invent the police or some equivalent to do it. It doesn’t mean that we have to “protect them from themselves”, or be their keepers. It just means that someone has to look out for what is happening in the public sphere and call people to account if they are behaving in a totally unacceptable manner.

    I don’t really favor combining the roles of witness and enforcer…trying to effectively use a camera and a gun at the same time risks messing up with one or the other. But then again, I don’t favor not being bullet-proof and able to fly, either. You work with what you’ve got, and if what you’ve got is just you, your phone, and your handgun, then that’s what you work with.

    I know that this kind of thing is dangerous in a statist environment. Guess what? It’ll still be dangerous if the state is abolished or minimized. The real difference is that, in a police state, you don’t HAVE to do it…unless you want to show people that there is an alternative to the police.

  • CrazyChester

    Nice to see credit given when credit is due, good or bad. Kudos to you as well as the Keene police.

  • David P Mayton

    The Voluntaryist has no obligation to save a drowning man but their morality compels them to do so anyway. Well played Christopher!

  • A gun can be used to either escalate a situation, or diffuse one. E.g., if you have ever seen the police break up a gang fight where they are just fist fighting, you will see that they often use their guns. the intention is not to kill people, but instead get the people to stop fighting by deciding that continuing a meaningless fight is not worth getting shot over.

    What reduces crime, is the ability of the people to not tolerate violence. The police cannot be everywhere at once, and without other citizens being willing to help, you end up with a flood of violent crime that is based on police response time.

    what would you rather have a criminal think, “hey, it takes the police 10 minutes to come so that means 9 minutes of rape time and 1 minute to get away’ or “maybe I shouldn’t commit that violent crime; that raping or stealing of a smartphone is not worth a bullet to the head”

    The communities with the highest crime rates, are the ones who have people living there who are unwilling to help each other. e.g., some of the worst neighborhoods in NY will have murders happen in broad daylight with many people around, and no one will attempt to stop, and when the police finally show up, it turns out that the murder happened to take place at the exact moment when dozens of people went blind and deaf temporarily.