Attempts To Reach The Left: An Unmitigated Disaster

Libertarians face a number of formidable challenges in their efforts to make the world a freer place. The sheer volume of statutes, regulations, and bureaucracies is staggering to even gaze upon, much more so to dismantle in any sort of organized manner. The massive public education system dulling the wits of the populace, teaching them the opposite of all that is true, and doing so while their minds are most impressionable, presents a hurdle so fantastic to overcome, one can scarcely imagine anything but the shrugging of Atlas himself to stop it.  The massive funding of our opponents compared to our struggle to keep activists like myself going. We are threatened with arrest, assault, incarceration, ostracism. Our families don’t understand us. Our love lives are interrupted. Our children are kidnapped. The scorn, the hate, the lies, the violence, the irrationality of it all. The infighting

At times it seems absurd to go through so much effort just to be hated and see so little progress. It is enough to make some of us quit. Indeed, many of us have.

Others double down, risk it all, stand and fight, come what may.

Attempts To Reach The Left: An Unmitigated Disaster

Attempts To Reach The Left: An Unmitigated Disaster

A growing number of people however have chosen a different strategy, one which threatens to defeat the purpose altogether. This strategy not only fails to accomplish goals, it adds to the frustration that causes good men and women to abandon the cause, and undoes meager advances they had made while still a part of it. It promises unity, greater numbers, and greater funding, but delivers only strife, dilution, and poverty.

The strategy is born out of some toxic catch phrases adopted by libertarians over the decades to dumb down the message for the voting cattle. They are led to believe libertarianism is “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” or “right on economic issues, and left on social issues” or the old classic “low tax liberalism”. You can see how one might come to such conclusions if you just glimpsed at the issues quickly. Libertarians oppose taxes and other economic interferences by governments, yet we don’t seek laws to prevent or punish voluntary activities like drugs, homosexuality, or men dressing up like women.

The thought process goes something like this. “Well, if libertarians are socially liberal, then we ought to be reaching out to liberals on social issues. This will help us reach disaffected demographics and build our numbers and fundraising efforts.”

The trap is set, and the prey has taken the bait.

Firstly, it needs to be pointed out that this “socially liberal” aspect of libertarian philosophy is as blatantly and demonstrably false as the “fascist” allegations often thrown at us by anticapitalists. Libertarians reject the use of force to command the personal and economic behaviors of human beings. Left liberal social values are not about people being free to do as they see fit in their personal lives, they are about forcefully disrupting the established social order and bringing chaos into the world. That chaos, that perpetual upheaval of order and civilization has a very specific purpose, to leave a population dazed and confused, and looking to the State for answers.

It is an inherently pro-State collection of policies not based in any particular coherent philosophy. They embrace and promote, a considerably different thing than to leave be or tolerate, feminism, homosexuality, “transgenderism” (a complete bullshit made up word), drugs, promiscuity, abortion, birth control, the abolition of the family, phony egalitarianism, racism against whites, sexism against men, and a myriad of other nihilistic nonsensical drivel. It opposes defensive force, freedom of association, and division of labor.

They then have the chutzpah to purport to libertarians that this extreme collection of anti-human policies is wholly separate from the economy. As if a society stoned out of its mind would be just as economically productive as a society that valued sobriety. As if the abolition of gender and the family were somehow not part of human economic behavior. As if millions of infants being slaughtered in abortion clinics had no impact on the fiscal bottom line of a society. As if the rapid proliferation of single motherhood and ostracism of men from their children weren’t leading to incalculable levels of dysfunction, criminality, and irresponsible breeding.

Make no mistake, it’s not some cosmic accident that communists embraced these policies. This is not the rejection of nonsensical religious dogmas. It is the purposeful destruction of human civilization so that it might be rebuilt under the Marxist antipropertarian vision. There is no separating “social issues” from “economic issues”. Our social behaviors are our economy, the anticapitalist left knows that, and libertarians who have trouble identifying the pattern should be ashamed of themselves.

It’s no crime for a libertarian to be quite fond of heroin and anal sex, any more than it is for him to seek wealth or to choose a life of poverty. It is on the other hand an affront to the brave and brilliant men who developed the well thought out philosophy of libertarianism, to purport debauchery and egalitarianism as the driving thrust of our message.

The deleterious effects of this strategy are not difficult to identify. Aside from my own clashes with The Free State Project,, A Voice for Men, Jeff Tucker, Peaceful Streets, Center for a Stateless Society, and others, it seems a day doesn’t go by without some social justice fanatic occupying my news feeds with leftist anti-reality psychobabble from a purportedly libertarian outfit.

Take the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington DC recently, where C4SS leftists paraded anticapitalist and transgender propaganda before disrupting an address by Ron Paul. Take SFL President Alexander McCobin’s outright rejection of the non-aggression principle as another example from the same outfit.

This year’s Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster New Hampshire centered more around “polyamory“, Orwellian slang for promiscuity, homosexuality, and drugs, than it did on self defense, strategy, philosophy, economics, or anything else even remotely tied to libertarian intellectual thought. Security and organizational staff reportedly included active C4SS members, an openly anticapitalist group founded by confessed child rapist Brad Spangler.

The Libertarian Party of the United States released a meme from the LGBT “Outright Libertarians” on its Facebook page, lumping Ron Paul and Rand Paul in with the Clinton and Bush families.

Cassandra Fairbanks was not long ago a guest on Jeff Berwick’s Anarchast show, where she proudly stated she was an anarcho-communist until her ancom friends chided her for her expensive shoe collection, at which point she became an anarcho-capitalist. Jeff sadly neglected to point out that communism plus shoes does not an anarcho-capitalist make. Fairbanks has recently announced her support for socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Fairbanks also cheered on race riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, through her affiliations with the Free Thought Project and CopBlock, she was recently dropped from both, and CopBlock subsequently dropped The Free Thought Project. Fairbanks now writes for Carlos Miller’s Photography Is Not A Crime (PINAC).

This is just what comes to me off the top of my head, I’m not even putting together a research paper here. The left wing entryist effort to debauch libertarianism, from a well thought out philosophy of non aggression and property rights, into little more than drug induced homosexual anticapitalism, is in full swing.

So I’m far from surprised at the headline in Breitbart about the Libertarian Party of Canada suspending a candidate for challenging the rape culture myth. Lauren Southern, one of the party’s most visible and popular candidates, has had her candidacy suspended after confronting feminist ideologues at a “slut walk” with a sign that said “There is no rape culture in the West”. Forget that this is as obviously correct a statement as you’ll ever hear a candidate for public office make, the party’s Vice President for Political Action, Mark Burnison, told Southern “I can’t support anti-feminism”.

This seems to go well in line with his previous statement that there “is no place for socially conservative values” within the party.

(A previous version of this article, and the audio version already released, incorrectly attributed this statement to Rehan Basson, the Party President)

So there you have it. The only philosophical movement standing against State power in North America cascades from an intellectual breath of fresh air based on truth and reason, into an incoherent orgy of drugs, sex, lies, and nihilism. A consistent and well thought out philosophy, drenched in liberal fanaticism for the hope it would increase our numbers, instead decays into meaningless authoritarian filth.

Leftists improve nothing. They are destruction incarnate, and as has been said many times, anything not inherently opposed to the left, will be taken over by it. We’ve seen it with the ACLU, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, countless police accountability efforts, the list goes on and on.

Some uninformed figurehead at an organization is desperate to see some progress. He realizes he can quickly increase his numbers and gain access to resources by teaming up with leftists, not realizing that it doesn’t matter how many people are on your side, if your side has no meaning. The strategy is tantamount to inviting cockroaches into one’s home to clean up some spilled food. Before you know it, they are in everything, literally crawling out of the woodwork. They eat the food that was spilled, replace it with insect feces, then contaminate every morsel in the building.


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  • Davy Goossens

    good piece. the people like fairbanks and the techno feminist are horrible.

    fairbanks endorses a big govt socialist and our techno feminist, fills her “libertarianism” with privilege checking beyond reisenwitz palmares. impressive.

    this is what ron paulism and libertarian feminism has brought into the fold.

    (yes, ron paul brought in all the marijuana conspiracy theorists)

  • paendragon

    Awesome article, Chris! Finally seeing the light, are we?


  • I was born at the tail end of Gen X. Some sources say m Gen Y but fuck them Im Gen X. These Gen Ys have surpassed previous generations in the spoiled rotten criteria by far. The Prussian school system has eliminated all forms of individuality in these brats but still somehow leads them to believe that theyre special. Theyre not special. I used to be against bullying but look what happens. One generation in where bullying is no longer chic and the pansies have taken over the the… the pansy house. Bullies are a vital resource. These fuckers are no longer going to learn their place on the playground so let them learn it in back alleys and bars.

    Whenever you see one of these cunts Ironically dressed like the men whos back breaking labor gave them the privileged life style they lead, thats an automatic beer bottle to the head. Go forth and make your bully forefathers proud

  • Waldetto

    I wish you’d just say what you really think!

  • SP5L

    Wow. Don’t hold back Chris. It sucks that the left has a talent for inevitably destroying anything it come into contact with. its like cancer… It starts off small then grows so large that it kills the host. Hopefully we can lop off the infection and replace it with a bionic arm.

  • Robert Gough

    The move to appeal to the left is a tragedy, worse, is the endorsement of the philosophies that tear us further apart instead of strengthening our resolve. Thanks for the article as usual youve found a way to emphasize the consistency in libertarian thought instead of trying to appeal on false logic.

  • FreeWill1776

    Thank you! This is a much needed article. The left, at least at the leadership, is a well organized, disciplined, and patient group of the most ruthless and wicked tyrants the world has ever known. They are anti-human and the liberty movement would have been attacked even without inviting them in. Our only offering is our philosophy so you are correct that we cannot allow it to be destroyed with this unholy and unwise alliance.

  • Richard Chiu

    Fundamentally, our commitment to nonaggression, if it is to mean anything, has to trump distinctions between public and private actors.

    I detest the aggressions of those who wield public power more for the sheer scale of the aggressions thus amplified than for any sharp distinction between public and private authority. In a sense, “the government” is simply defined as the most dangerous criminal aggressor around, WHETHER OR NOT any formal claim of being a ‘government’ is made.

    If Godzilla is stomping around destroying all in his[?] path with nuclear fire breath, then Godzilla’s the damn government we resist until s/he decides to go hibernate in the Pacific till the next movie. Which is silly and unrealistic but the point is that we must oppose dangerous criminal aggression, regardless of form, organization, or history.

    That said, in our opposition to the tyranny of scantily-clad effeminate menschen, we need to remember that they would never have gained the capacity to tyrannize anyone without the intentional and coordinated support and direction of the true enemy, who are busy destroying the entire concept of free-market economic exchange at the global level while we wrestle with sexually unappealing scatophiles and the like. The most obvious threat to freedom isn’t always the main attack.

    It may not be advisable to ignore them entirely, though.

  • Voluntary Interaction

    Yet you’re shocked at the number of “leftists” who have made their way over to voluntaryism. By your own words, it seems as if you all but admitted to a significant influx of principled converts from the left not too long ago. I’m not sure how you overlooked your own admission in this regard here, but you did. Unfortunately this piece does nothing to help win converts while doing not much else for those of us who already understand our precarious position at this time in history. Is this just a rant to soothe your battered ego over not being a part of another Porcfest? I mean really, calling polyamory Orwellian and using cheap guilt-by-association tactics against staff seems excessively ham-fisted for even you. In the end, this is a war of ideas and what matters most is how we talk to any of these people; leftist or conservative statist scumbags. You know, the elephant or the rider. This piece is rider all the way.

    • I admire George Orwell as much as the next guy. I have read a number of his fiction and non-fiction novels. I have a hard time understanding how one can describe the word polyamory to be “Orwellian slang”.

  • Coralyn Herenschrict

    Nice call-out of how left-libertarians sacrifice all that’s holy if and when they budge on aggression for any reason. Some of the people you cite have done exactly that and deserve censure…..not for having non-traditional social values, but for _budging_on_aggression_.

    In this article you tarnish an otherwise superbly libertarian thesis when you divert into trashing non-traditional personal values you condemn as destructive compared to your own traditional personal values you declare to be superior.

    Never mind you loathe his tolerant personal qualities, if you’re going to accuse Jeffrey Tucker of being a leftist sell-out, cite where he personally sanctions or supports statism of any kind. I can’t. I find instead a lifetime of work devoted to combatting statism. If you’re going to criticize this year’s Porcfest, which you did not attend, as primarily about social frolic of the left-flavor (as opposed to the right-flavor, which presumably you would not disapprove of), rather than philosophy and activism, well, the speaker roster, lecture schedule, and reports of attendees contradict you.

    In your rail against left-thick-libertarian views, you’re attacking the “left” part rather than attacking the “thick” part. This makes you come off as a right-thick-libertarian. Is that what you want to stand for? Physician, heal thyself.

  • Doop-doo-doop

    Some of you are attacking Chris for this attack on the left, even when the left seems harmless. Note I said seem and not it. I’d like to share a comment somebody posted elsewhere which I think is relevant:

    “If I found myself with a pistol and 3 rounds facing Dahmer, Caligula,
    and Marx- I would shoot Marx 3 times. His philosophy was intentionally:
    virulent, subtle and destructive. Those spreading it may not even
    realize it, and opposition to its natural divisiveness only widens the
    gulfs it aimed to create in the first place.”

    In the end it’s not about being “of the right” since I hate them too; but I hate the left so much more it’s redunkulous.

  • Anders Hass

    I don’t see why that has anything to do with nihilism?

  • Marcus Albert Moreno

    The short version: “Just because I’m a libertarian doesn’t mean that I have to stop being a bigot.”

    And yes, a cursory look at the history of libertarian philosophy since the Enlightenment will reveal that classical liberals have long tended to support (not merely tolerate) feminism and sexual freedom, because duh. “Traditional values” (read: patriarchal norms) are state-enforced.