White People Literally Can’t Even Mention Race on Facebook

I’ve been banned from Facebook over some pretty ridiculous things. Making enemies of social justice warriors has caused me to become a frequent target of report brigades. This is why my block list exceeds 350 people and grows by the day. If I see someone make so much as a passive complaint about racism or misogyny, or take offense to something someone says, I block them preemptively so as to avoid granting them the opportunity to report me for something later on.

Facebook notifications about reported posts

Facebook notifications about reported posts

Between that and saving my harshest language for other outlets, this has managed to keep me unbanned for awhile as of late, but my luck ran out this morning. I woke up to over a dozen notifications of posts and comments being reported, many of which were more than a year old.

Facebook found nearly all of them to be in compliance with the community standards. One photo was removed for “nudity” although no nudity was present in the photo. I was at this point still unbanned.

Then I am compelled to log in again, and I am told that something my brand page posted had been removed. When the brand page gets something removed, it affects all admins of the page. So even my sock account is now banned for 30 days.

What could be so heinous as to justify such an absurd penalty? Well, this horrifically racist meme right here.

White People Literally Can't Even Mention Race On Facebook

White People Literally Can’t Even Mention Race On Facebook

This meme, which was posted over a year ago, makes a combined reference to Nigerian email spam frauds, and Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation fiasco. This is an actual photo of a black man from Zimbabwe carrying piles of money after inflation rendered the currency practically valueless. The text “I will burn my money, those white people never answered my emails” should probably bring a chuckle to anybody who had an email account prior to the superior spam filtration systems of today. Apparently the fact that these things take place in predominantly black countries, and are targeted at predominantly white countries, is racist.

I suppose this means Wikipedia is also racist, since they have an entire page dedicated to “419 Scams,” thusly named for the section of the Nigerian criminal code which these scams cover.

Mind you, this goes on while “Black Lives Matter” is in full on anti-white rebellion mode, banning and assaulting white journalists from their events, and saying so publicly on Facebook.

But of course, this whole social justice thing was never about stamping out racism. It has always been about silencing white males, and it’s working out spectacularly. Not only am I banned for 30 days, but when I come back, my choices are clearly between being banned from Facebook, or never mentioning race again in any context whatsoever. I certainly can’t discuss the reasons for disproportionate numbers of black people being subjected to police brutality and incarceration, if I can’t even post a joke about spam.

So congratulations, America. You are now finding yourselves in a world so politically correct, that a supposed oppressor cannot even mention the supposedly oppressed minority without incurring a penalty. I’m sure this is going to improve race relations dramatically, as blacks get to say literally any horrible thing they want about white people, and we’re just expected to sit there and take it.


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  • marlene

    Oh yes, we can – and we will. As long as we hear black derogatory remarks against whites, we will give it right back to them.

  • “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    ― C.S. Lewis

    • Tyler Hurson

      Thank you! I was looking for this quote the other day, just couldn’t remember the author.

    • Reuven Mizraha

      A great man. His book The Abolition of Man is a must. It has a universal message, not a Christian one.

  • 347 Area Code

    These egalitarians and SJWs think their doing some good intentions by crying about race and gender problems and enforcing their views done people’s throats but this only causes a backlash to people going to stromfront. I don’t like Nazis and fascist but the Instagram liberty community are mainly divided by closet supporters of European far right or egalitarianism. Though me and some of the older people (I’m 19) are just against both and don’t secretly support either of them.

    Many of the libertarians/Ancaps on Instagram are 13-16

    • paendragon

      Liberals ARE fascists. The word Nazi is short for “National Socialist Democratic Workers Party” – remember? Communazi gangsters.

    • Reuven Mizraha

      This is what I’m saying about Europe, that if the center or center-right parties don’t start dealing with Islamic infiltration, than the far right will take over in elections soon. In Sweden and France especially. And David Cameron knows that UKIP will take the 2020 election, so he’s already cracking down on immigration now to keep patriot Brits with the Conservative party.

  • IRONMANAustralia

    The truth is these people are not attacking White males because of our skin colour, misogyny, or slavery over nine thousand years ago, but because of what our culture actually represents – which is nothing short of civilisation itself.

    Western Culture has made its mistakes, but a lot less than the remaining cultures have made – and are still making in many cases. Putting an end to slavery is only one example. So ironically guilt for the past is the only thing left these savages have to point a finger at, unless they overtax their unsophisticated imaginations to make mountains out of molehills, while ignoring their own hypocrisy.

    Now before I get the expected rant about the police state and US foreign policy, let me point out that the day-to-day shit that arseholes, (of any colour), do is not what I’m talking about. What I am referring to is the ethnological understanding of certain enlightened principles upon which Western Civilisation and the modern world are founded. If you let barbarians tear those down and insert the backward bullshit from their less civilised cultures – yes I said it – you’ll have a lot more to worry about, I fucking guarantee you that.

    White people, culturally speaking, are the keepers of the shining city on the hill, being attacked by hordes of coloured Neanderthals. We’re not trying to exclude them, tell them what to wear, who to worship, or stop them doing the retarded boogaboo dance of their people, and as a result modern civlisation and its culture has not been exclusively Caucasian for a long time, but don’t expect us to stand by while you try to substitute our refined system for your base and ignorant nonsense.

    Accusing Whites for being racist, sexist, and homophobic because they refuse to overturn the Presumption of Innocence, Equality Under the Law, or other bedrock principles of human justice, on the basis of race, sex, or feels, is nothing but fallacious bullshit aimed at undermining everything the human race has built since banging two rocks together. I wont apologise for being the same colour as the people on the vanguard of that advancement.

    It’s the cultural equivalent of Ad Hominem, (attacking the man), but in this case attacking the superficial characteristics of the culture, (predominantly White skin), in order to discredit the position. Which is why they can kiss my lily-white arse.

    • Richard Chiu

      To be fair, Western Civilization isn’t exactly the nadir of perfection. It’s been on the wrong trajectory for the better part of a century now, in global terms. In simplest terms, Marxism is another invention of old dead white men.

      • Lily Gonzalez

        Add Nazism to that.

        • Richard Chiu

          Hehe, Nazism really was invented by North Africans, originally.

          • Reuven Mizraha

            I’ve never heard that. What do you mean North Africans? I always understood that the racial theories of German National Socialists were an outgrowth of the eugenics sciences of Northern Europe and North America.

          • Richard Chiu

            Sure, but racist national socialism is much older. It was invented back in and around the Nile delta. It’s possible it was invented earlier, but no surviving thread of history records it.

      • IRONMANAustralia

        Wow, didn’t see that response coming. Nobody is suggesting we are perfect.

        Marxism and Nazism, like slavery, only goes to show that we’re not only willing and able to identify, but step up to defeat our own demons.

        The real ones, as opposed to the imagined ones. Western culture is introspective enough to see our own imperfections – to a fault. Being too self-critical, to the point of expecting the perfection you cite – is precisely the imperfection this White man is addressing about his culture, right now, with this post.

        Conversely, many of us grant the rest of the world a free pass because we’ve never had cause to expect much better. That sure as fuck doesn’t make them closer to any kind of perfection either.

        So at the end of the day, it is the “noble savages” that will have to get with our programme, not the other one around, (for the most part). That might stick in their craw and make them ‘feel’ like White men are “destroying” their shit-arse cultures, but would you accept a utopian Star Trek version of the future where a theocratic Starfleet travels the galaxy conducting witch hunts, and all the women are forced to wear burqas?

        Didn’t think so. Don’t blame me because I’m White and White just happens to be right the vast majority of the time.

        Which is not to say we always will be. If Africans adopted the best policies as our society completely succumbed to decay, then I’d be telling you we should be emulating niggers, (minus the fashion sense and the fucking music), just as I’m a frequent critic of my own, (Australian), culture when it gets it wrong compared to the US, (or vice versa).

        • Richard Chiu

          Uh…I was just making the point that the big battle right now isn’t really between whites and non-whites. It’s between Marxists (cultural as well as socio-economic) and Freemen.

          It’s true that Western Civilization (by which we really mean North-Western European Civilization) has given us most of the highest developments in human freedom.

          But it’s also given us the greatest enemy of freedom ever devised, and racial ideology has never been more than a tool to it.

          By the way, if a theocratic Starfleet traveling the galaxy, conducting witch hunts, and forcing women to wear burqa’s were possible in the first place, I wouldn’t have a problem with theocracy, witch hunts, or burqa’s even now. I’m a pragmatist, after all.

          Though I would prefer power-armor to burqa’s, just for aesthetic reasons. Mainly because burqa’s don’t seem very practical. If it turned out that they were, I’d totally be up with that.

          • IRONMANAustralia

            Chances of a burqa turning out to be superior to a Yeoman Rand miniskirt uniform, or Barbie Borg catsuit: Zero.

            Just sayin’.

          • Richard Chiu

            If the mission is to seduce perverted tentacle aliens, I suppose that’s probable.

            I fail to see the practical utility of even engaging in that mission in the first place, though.

    • Tyler Hurson

      “stop them doing the retarded boogaboo dance of their people”

      Nearly spit out my drink.

  • Mr. Michael

    It’s the adage that White people cannot have a specific identity because of certain past indiscretions. While I find it absolutely ridiculous it has most definitely created an awakening to many Whites, including myself. The polarization from the media to omit the race of criminals (unless they’re white), the booing of “White Lives Matter”, the incessant cries of SJWs for “safe spaces from Whites” White Privilege, systemic racism, etc etc.

    There will be a backlash the likes of which nonwhites have never seen. I could be wrong, but the changing demographics of the US will reflect the values of the majority, and that will lead to a 3rd world America.

    Adios, America indeed.

    • Richard Chiu

      I can only point out that, whites being solely and completely responsible for the idea that “racisms is baaaaad”, they have absolutely nobody else to blame for the idea.

      The European-descended nationalities and peoples are not just the only ones who invented and advanced the idea of racism as an intrinsic evil rather than an expression of the highest native allegiance of humans, they are also totally responsible for the idea that it was only bad when white people did it.

      Sure, people of other races picked up on parroting this nonsense, which is particularly galling when they obviously haven’t the slightest understanding of the basic ideological principles from which the ‘evil of racism’ is derived (or any idea of how to work the derivation themselves, nor why it only applies to white people). But the whole project of carefully tutoring non-whites to parrot this nonsense and lavishly rewarding them for it is ALSO the sole province of white people.

      • Mr. Michael

        Indeed. This is what we would like to call “White Man’s Disease”. An altruism so deeply embedded and disgusting that it literally instills self hatred and loathing for sins of the dead, of the past and of current whites.

        Humans were tribal for millennial, and that’s supposed to change in a matter of decades? No.

        Oh well, I don’t plan on being in the US in 50 years anyways, it will be left for the vultures.

        • Richard Chiu

          Altrusim. What a filthy concept that is.

          Also invented by a white man, a frog, no less.

          White people may have invented much of what is good and useful in the world today. They also seem to have invented a lot of what is wrong.

          But not everything. They didn’t invent government, at least.

          • Lily Gonzalez

            Who, then, invented government?

          • Richard Chiu

            Well, that’s hard to say, partly because there seem to have been multiple inventions of it and the first instances predate any historical information. But it almost requires dense agricultural society so that you can make the notion of public land ownership and public works stick. So white people would have been pretty late to develop it…

            That may be why it was white people who invented the idea of limiting/abolishing government, though. Same for abolishing slavery, outlawing rape (in the sense of non-consensual sex), and a bunch of other things.

    • Lily Gonzalez

      America is falling into third world status primarily because a few White men have been using government guns to make themselves rich and powerful by force and at the expense of others. This began with George Washington. Nothing good can ever be sustained when founded on immorality.

  • Matthew Reece

    I must wonder if the answer is to fight fire with fire. In other words, to organize like-minded people to flood Facebook with reports against SJW pages and posts.

    • Richard Chiu

      No point. Facebook is going to implode anyway. But other than being a complete waste of time that could be spent preparing to survive, there’s nothing wrong with the idea.

    • Dennis Wilson

      Chris got me started on Diaspora a couple of years ago (and I LOVE it), but after recommending it, he seems to have abandoned it himself. Perhaps with this latest round of Facebook bannings, he will reconsider and make a concerted effort to get his Facebook followers to follow him to Diaspora.

      (His enemies will REALLY be frustrated attempting to ban his posts on Diaspora.)

  • Richard Chiu

    Basically, the race war has already started.

    This is not good news for anyone, but it is the worst news for darker-skinned people. Sure, there are a few places in the world where it is safer to be black than white, but those are all abject hell-holes.

    • Reuven Mizraha

      I’d take Hell over the Congo anyday.

  • Tyler Hurson

    Classic divide and conquer strategy. The left excels at placing people in arbitrary categories and then manufacturing conflicts between them. And it’s all made possible by the millions of useful idiots who don’t realize the consequences of the agenda they are promoting. We are ending racism, they are told. If you oppose our agenda, you are a racist. You should feel guilty. You should feel guilty about your very existence.

  • Richard Chiu

    I was thinking about a comment I made somewhere in this discussion, and it occurs to me that while much has been made of the correlation which arises between the common evolutionary causal factors for lighter skin and higher mean intelligence (very socially controversial but relatively undisputed from a scientific viewpoint), relatively little serious work has been done on other mental and behavioral factors which would also be associated with evolutionary exposure to less hospitable climate conditions. That has begun to change, and I think that it is worth noting.

    IQ differences are not at all insignificant, even if the genetic components are quite a bit smaller than some studies (those which look at whole populations rather than rigorously correcting for environment) suggest. Any child will end up being smarter after being raised by a “Chinese Mother”, or dumber after being raised in a typical generational welfare mom, regardless of innate genetic potential (it should be clarified that there are emotional and physical costs that play into this as well, and not all on one side or the other). But even with rigorous correction for nurturing environment, there is still nearly a twenty point difference between the average IQs for Asians and Africans (compared to just 3 points between Asians and Europeans). Of course, the range in which IQ differences are relatively unimportant (socially) is nearly 50 points, and the average IQs for all races fall well inside this range. But the important thing is how the initial average affects the distribution of individuals with IQ’s over 135 (I know that’s a somewhat arbitrary number, and other factors come into play, but for simplicity we need a number).

    About 7% of an Asian population (assuming reasonably high-quality child-rearing) is going to have IQ’s of 135 or more. That compares to about 5% of a ‘white’ (European descent) population, and just 0.4% of an African descended population. The difference between 7% and 5% is significant but pretty small. The difference between either and 0.4% is…well, an order of magnitude. But in all cases we are talking about a very small minority of the population. Race thus does not constitute a reasonable basis for predicting whether a given individual has an IQ sufficient to problem solving intelligence, you should just give the individual a basic IQ test.

    However, the environmental conditions (namely, harsher long winters and relatively limited reliable sources of vegetable-based nourishment) which are responsible for the selection value of lighter skin affect more mental/behavioral factors than IQ alone. There are a multitude of other factors, many dealing with aspects of r/K selection reproductive strategy, but also having to do with deferred gratification and long-term planning. The overall racial differences in these areas, combined, comes much closer to making race significantly predictive of a given race’s likely behavior.

    In other words, it could be predicted that after the adoption of civilization, European and Asian peoples would be more likely to modify it to restrict or prohibit rape, slavery, and unprovoked murder, and more likely to embrace and encourage useful technological innovation. It could also be predicted that the greater emphasis on socialization instinctive to Asians would inhibit the valuation of individualism which has given Western Civilization a decisive advantage in advancing the concepts and practices of freedom. Combined with the higher proportion of significant IQ’s in their populations, faster development of civilization in their respective directions is almost a given.

    (I should note that “African”, “European”, and “Asian” races are oversimplifications so vast as to be almost meaningless. Leaving aside the substantial fraction of the human population which cannot easily be associated with any of these categories, within each of them there are significant and identifiable ethnic populations that may have evolutionary backgrounds and resulting variations in mental/behavioral characteristics which do not correlate with the single factor which drives pigmentation variations. In other words, there are other things than harsh winters that can select for intelligence, K reproductive strategy, and long-term planning, and the particular ethnic expression of any of these factors in a given population may not always be appropriately measured using tests designed to identify it in a different context. That said, whatever difficulties this may pose for some ideologies based on race is not my concern.)

    It is interesting how the emphasis on communal order has allowed Eastern Civilization to evolve in a truly alarming direction, and I think much on this point, and what might be done about it (at some point). But what is more relevant is how the emphasis on individualism in Western Civilization has given rise to the absolute antithesis of everything good or valid about it, namely Marxism (though of course it was preceded by prior ideological developments).

    In considering the utility of a race-based test for whether a given individual is likely to have a willingness to abide by the essential tenets necessary to the continuation of any civilized order, let alone one maintained by common consent rather than tyrannical government, we still need to compare it to other tests which can make similar predictions based on available information. And, just as an actual IQ test is in fact a better way of identifying an individual’s IQ than a guess based on visible melanin, there’s a relatively simple and highly reliable test for the combination of other factors an individual needs in order to function within a society based on respect for the rights of individuals regardless of personal relationships.

    That test is Marxism, both cultural and intellectual. When you find out whether someone is a Marxist, knowing their race is basically irrelevant to predicting their behavior (other than knowing that Marxists will strongly reject any criticisms of their “own race” and be quick to categorically denigrate other races, which is rendered less useful because Marxists will freely lie about and distort their racial identification for advantage, most commonly seen in how white Marxists disown ‘whiteness’ or “identify” with another race). Marxism is a global phenomenon, pretty much everyone, everywhere, has been exposed to it. And finding out whether someone practices or preaches it isn’t really more difficult than identifying their race.

  • Rothbardian Slip

    What the fuck is Facebook?

  • *A Girl Can Dream*

    This was waiting for me on Facebook today. Of course I had to sign into the app, for the first time in months, to prove it was me, and to ensure I got the memo (their warning), so if I do it again, they can ban me I’m sure. Now tell me what I said that violates the community “standards,” aside from telling the truth?