Cop Commits Suicide After Ashley Madison Exposure

The infamous cheaters website, Ashley Madison has a slogan. “Life is short, have an affair.” Apparently life wasn’t short enough for a San Antonio cop who was allegedly a member of the site. Captain Michael Gorhum, who had worked for the San Antonio Police Department, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound last Thursday. His was one of 37 million email addresses leaked following a security breach of the site. So suspicions run high, that he ended his life rather than face the consequences of his infidelity being exposed.

I don’t usually like to get into other people’s sex lives. What they do in their own bedrooms is their business.

But I think it worth pointing out, that a man who would enter a legally binding contract of sexual fidelity, then break that contract in secret, and would then sooner end his own life, leaving two children without a father, than deal with the repercussions of that betrayal becoming known, probably shouldn’t be running around with a handgun telling other people what to do, much less managing a team of people who do so on a daily basis. Gorhum served 25 years on the police force. During that time he surely handed out a great many traffic citations, he surely arrested many drug users, he surely logged a great deal of evidence, testified in many trials, and swore many oaths. He ruined lives for a living, and he was given license to do that because he was trusted with powers that no mortal should ever possess.

Cop Commits Suicide After Ashley Madison Exposure

Cop Commits Suicide After Ashley Madison Exposure

Yet he couldn’t even keep the promise he made to his wife before his god and his government, to keep it in his fuckin pants. So desperate was he to avoid the consequences, that he shot himself rather than deal with it.

How many times did Gorhum lie in the course of his duties? A man who will go home to his wife night after night, knowing that he is being unfaithful to her, surely develops a talent for lying. He surely couldn’t have been very uncomfortable with deceiving people. Why not lie to a jury? Why not lie to a judge? Surely these people mean less to him than his wife, surely less than his children, surely less than his god. If he cares not for the well being of his wife why would he care about the average San Antonio citizen? Much less the average drunk or drug addict he might stumble across in his duties. Will convictions obtained based on his testimony be overturned? I doubt it.

If he was willing to end his own life with a gun, to avoid being exposed as a cheater in his marriage, to what lengths might he have gone to cover up his lies at work? One who would pull the trigger of a loaded gun while pointed at oneself, just to avoid a messy divorce, would surely do any number of less dramatic things to avoid having his career ruined or being thrown in prison. If he would kill himself, why not another? Hiding or planting evidence seems rather tame in comparison to putting a bullet in one’s own skull, does it not?

25 years of that kind of character violently ruling over a city, not a pretty picture.

And Gorhum is far from alone. It is pretty commonly understood that police cheat on their spouses more frequently than the general population. They also have dramatically higher rates of domestic violence. Yet, society just continues to trust them with the power to rob, assault, kidnap, and murder with legal impunity, even as they beat and kill and cheat on their spouses, the people they claim to love the most.

If this is how they treat their wives, let us not act surprised when they treat the rest of us even worse.


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  • Snowcrash

    Will the city close some roads for his funeral procession with bagpipes black-banded badges? It’d be kind of cool if they did.

  • UsedtobeaSuitBoi

    First thing that popped into my head after reading the title was a scenario where the instant after he pulled the trigger he thought to himself “Hang on; it wasn’t Ashley Madison I was signed up to…”

  • Don Duncan

    Ok, Chris, you want to point out to the public that they are subjugating themselves, and supporting the violent subjugation of every dissenter, to incompetent, immoral, government agents. I get it. I agree. It feels good to point out this insane, brutal police state, and the injustice it perpetrates. It disgusts me also.

    Perhaps as statists read these analyses they will be changed a little, and carry the memories of them in the back of their head, until over the years (decades?) they will come to discard their faith in the state. Let’s hope so. Why else would we write, except to effect a societal change, if even only in a few?

    I am struggling with a method of communicating to the masses the madness their faith (superstition) leads to, the harm it does. Perhaps I should consult a doctor who treats the insane. After all, isn’t statism just a socially acceptable superstition? In the future, it may be classified as a form of insanity. For example, in the sixties I viewed joining the army to kill & be killed in ‘Nam as an insane murder/suicide pact. I vowed to go to jail rather than submit to the draft. No one I knew agreed. I felt like I was living in an insane asylum with the inmates in charge. Now, I have millions of libertarian voluntarists who agree with me, but we are still subject to the tyranny of the majority’s illusion. And the majority are willfully blind to the tyranny. They constantly go to athletic events, stand and celebrate their dedication to their own slavery, while pretending to be living in “the land of the free, and home of the brave”. if I were not an aware, unwilling victim of their fantasy, I would find the whole spectacle laughable. But it’s too dangerous a superstition to laugh at, considering the prospect of nuclear annihilation of our species in the hands of the psychopaths who flourish with statism. How have we avoided nuclear winter?

  • Cole Clippard

    just goes to show we need to ban guns

  • GOD


  • Rothbardian Slip

    Oh happy day!

  • Marilyn

    ” It is pretty commonly understood that police cheat on their spouses more frequently than the general population.” Really? Where did you get those facts? You pulled them out of your hat?