Disarm Black Males

Gun control advocates like to spout off numbers to support policies. But by the numbers, it makes more sense to be a racist than a gun control advocate.


Even as a staunch gun enthusiast and opponent of any and all gun regulations, I have to admit it. America has a very serious problem with gun violence. 11,208 of the 16,121 homicides committed in 2013 were committed using firearms, according to the CDC. That is a rather glaring figure which gun control advocates understandably find difficult to ignore. 

Much talk has been made of “common sense” gun safety laws, and perhaps obviously, what counts as common sense depends on who you talk to. Much of the rhetoric has surrounded bans on “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines” but in reality, of the 8,855 gun murders recorded in 2012 – a staggering 6,371 were carried out with handguns, according to FBI data. This happened despite all but seven US states requiring a permit or license to carry a concealed weapon (this number was even lower in 2012).

With this in mind, it is silly to talk about restrictions on what types of firearms people can or cannot have. If we are going to say that firearms are the problem, then it makes no sense to focus on the weapons least frequently used in murders. Mass shootings make headlines and everybody cries “for the children,” but the fact of the matter is thousands of people are dying at the hands of the most basic weapons available. If we’re going to focus on guns, let’s focus on them in a realistic way.

Now, if government serves any legitimate purpose at all – that purpose ought to be to protect us from criminal violence. It should do so in a way that is minimally invasive, and maximally effective. It should provide the greatest good, to the greatest number. That’s what democracy is all about.

If we look up what cities have the highest murder rates in the United States, we rapidly notice a pattern developing.

According to the data from Neighborhood Scout, there were 156 murders in these four cities, with a total population of 215,997. That’s a murder rate of 72.22 per 100,000 people, second only to Honduras, the murder capital of the world.

The race pattern continues as we go on down the list, but I won’t bore you with all of those numbers. New Jersey and Illinois have very strict gun control laws, while Indiana and Pennsylvania have more relaxed controls, but haven’t gone full on constitutional carry. This dramatic variance in restrictions amongst the top four murder rates in the country shows a higher correlation for race than it does for gun control.

Disarm Black Males

Disarm Black Males

Nationwide black people make up approximately 13.2% of the population, yet they commit more than half of all murders in the United States, according to the FBI – and if you really think #BlackLivesMatter, it’s worth pointing out that most of the time they are killing other blacks.

Nearly 90% of all murders where the sex of the offender is known are male offenders, according to the FBI.

We can thus say, that black males are roughly 6.6% of the population, yet they are committing more than 50% of all the murders in the United States.

Gun control advocates like to point out that there are roughly 310 million privately owned firearms in the United States. “One for every man, woman, and child” is often touted.

That means less than 0.00362% of the guns in this country are committing 100% of the gun murders, while more than 0.014% of black males are committing more than half of them. Thus, there is a greater correlation between race and murder, than gun ownership and murder.

This can also be seen throughout the world. Switzerland is just behind the US and Yemen in terms of private gun ownership per capita. Yet they have a per capita murder rate ranking 209 out of 218 countries. They are also almost entirely white.

Compare this to South Africa, with the 11th highest murder rate in the world. In South Africa, ownership of a firearm is conditional on a competency test and several other factors, including background checking of the applicant, inspection of an owner’s premises, and licensing of the weapon by the police introduced in July 2004. It can take up to 90 days to get a license. They also have the highest rapes per capita on Earth, as an aside.

So if you really want some “common sense gun safety laws”, I would suggest making it illegal for black males to own guns. It would be a minimally invasive policy, it would require no background checks, federal resources, complex forms, or electronic equipment. It would only impact 6.6% of the population, but (by the logic of gun control advocates) it could reduce the murder rate in the United States by as much as 35%.

And besides, (by the logic of gun control advocates) it isn’t as if you would be taking any fundamental right away from these magnanimous individuals. You would just be protecting them. Blacks kill each other far more often than police kill them, and people are burning cities to the ground over police violence.

In case it’s not painfully obvious by now, I’m not seriously advocating this as a policy. But the data here is real. So when your liberal friends spout off about what terrible people we are for “clinging” to our guns, feel free to point out that it would actually make a lot more sense to be flat out unapologetic racist.





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  • marlene

    Mr. Cantwell, don’t run for president. But DO get yourself into Congress. I’d vote for you no matter what party you join. Great truth and the guts to tell it.

    • Alexandros Cuckington

      in lieu of facts, snarky outrage

      • marlene

        From the snark himself comes stupid nonsense. LOL. Actually, idiot, my comment was a lot longer and when I tried to delete it, it came back, so I used the most appropriate word I could find, unlike you!

      • GOD

        so are you in favor or not in favor of disarming peaceful people who haven’t done a crime just because gangs listen to hiphop and follow the “thug life” culture that is encouraged in mainstream media? Thought so…FACT

        • bschec7

          Please consider a name change. “Stupid GOD.” “Ignorant GOD.” “I am a Douche GOD.”

    • UsedtobeaSuitBoi

      Indeed!!!! Well!! Never have I ever…

      Also: tiny url com/ofg3gqg

  • Carlos Augusto Osuna

    If socialists were consistent on what they say, this should be the conclusion.

    • Alex Roberts

      If socialists were capable of consistency, they’d die.

      • Tyler Hurson


  • Mila Miller

    The thing a lot of gun restriction advocates forget it that right now we have the highest rates of mass shootings going on, and right now we also have the most gun restrictions we’ve ever had. The two are highly correlated. With more restrictions came more of an emphasis on gun use. Restrictions started in the 30’s with mobs to ban automatic weapons, it only made the mobs stronger. They had another thing to smuggle and deal. The same thing happened in Australia that’s happening in the states. They had more and more gun laws and they didn’t work. So they said “Welp let’s just ban them”. So they had a buy back. It STILL has not worked, their gun crimes are not down to what they were pre any gun restrictions. More guns, more gun crimes. Simple facts. People, especially liberals, like to not think past a simple statement. They don’t think past “It’s bad, let’s outlaw it.” There is so much more analysis needed to understand than that. And just as an added side note, Obama has had more mass shootings go on during his presidency than during ANY other presidency. So why do they cry more gun laws, when the ones in place already don’t work for criminals?

  • illuminarch

    Disarming blacks has actually been progressive policy for the better part of a century. After admitting that, if one follows their logic, this was the correct thing to do for an extremely violent and exceptionally crime-prone population, one must then go on to ask why it didn’t work. The answer, of course, is that prohibition doesn’t work.

    Alas that the left is so incurious.

  • IRONMANAustralia

    My name is IRONMANAustralia, and I approve this message.

  • GOD

    wow! so ok…are you REALLY in support of disarming peaceful people? or this just a parody on liberals? I’d say seeing the crips and bloods take each other out is like Nazis and soviet union battle it to the death…the trash taking out the trash…FACT

    • Jalen

      uhm, read the entire article and figure it out yourself…

      For being god, you sure don’t pay attention to details, eh?

    • Tyler Hurson

      “In case it’s not painfully obvious by now, I’m not seriously advocating this as a policy.”

  • Mohammed

    Is it all to do with being poor? It has to be asked now. It’s a cultural issue for sure. Blacks in the city compared to blacks in the country, and if it’s only a poor thing, what are the poor white murder rates? This story is absolutely eye opening.

    • Carlos Augusto Osuna

      It may be black culture or poor people, but there is also the low “legal ownership” of guns that is a consequence of restrictive gun laws in those poor black cities.

      • Mohammed

        It’s part of the gun grabbers plan. Make everything a reason to deny your gun rights.

    • Nonhumans

      It has to do with genetics. What they won’t address is that the missing link lives among us.

    • bschec7

      Poor Vietnamese immigrants came here in the ’70s. instead of murdering each other, they opened community banks, built businesses, and sent the next generation to study STEM professions in school. They had impulse control, and such hatred of Communism/Socialism, they asked nothing but the freedom to produce. Cut these niggers off. Overbreed your resources, and your niglets will starve. it is a powerful lesson. The black community was light years healthier in the USA before LBJ, it is a remarkable atrophy and decline.

  • sth_txs

    If you follow libtard logic, Chris is making some really good points here.

    Unless of course, stats on these crimes just be like ‘da rasis’ if you want to go that route.

  • Rainbowstew

    If this was done, many of the black criminals would still figure out how to get guns illegally- steal them or whatever. But it might make a dent in these statistics.

    • Nonhumans

      Take the guns away from them and they’ll just make “Throwing Spears”.

  • 10percenter

    Citing stastics that don’t blame straight white male patriarchy is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and bigoted, don’t ya know, Chris?

  • Billy Bob

    Stats?Stats that say anything negative about blacks?Now that’s juss raciss..

  • A “modest proposal”, huh?

    Given the law-abiding nature of the average gun-happy gangbanger, I can see this working well upon implementation.

    control” is better identified as “gun monopoly”, what with it ensuring
    that street gangsters (the police included) are the only ones
    left armed.

  • Nicholas Luis Sevilla Zamoyski

    Sadly you failed to mention this:
    Institutionalized racism, and income inequality.
    Blacks are violent because of their conditions. Not the other way around.

    • Kingcruiser

      Too bad the facts don’t support your conclusions. Blacks had lower unemployment than whites in the early 1960s. Low crime too. The Great Society destroyed the Black family and it’s been downhill ever since. By the way, WHITE GHETTOS in England have the exact same problems. Welfare “your owe me” mentality is the root cause, not the other way around. Toss in the Democrats blocking school choice for kids who wish to escape the failed State run indoc centers, and “graduate” hoping someone can read their diplomas to them kills their hope. But those failed schools aren’t just the fault of the teacher’s unions (who are doing THEIR job which is to get their members max pay and benefits), No Dad, mom works two jobs and isn’t home most of the day, nor can she teach them English or math as she never learned it in her school years.

      • Nicholas Luis Sevilla Zamoyski

        I call your entire post: Victim blaming.

  • Bryan

    Lol please do me one favor…. go ask any of the supreme court justices if this violates the second amendment right of these individuals. As well this would be the first step. The next racist move would be to remove the guns from Latinos….and from there asains and finally whites. The next step they will be loading us into box cars heading for a camp somewhere

  • Old post, I know, but I wanted to point out the backwards view of Jim Crow that most people have: Jim Crow laws weren’t intended to ‘keep the black man down’ they were intended to keep white people safe.

  • James Dean

    The ability to tolerate cognitive dissonance is a Leftist’s superpower.