Cuck Blocking Cop Block

I was recently invited to be a guest on the Cop Block Radio show. I was told it was to debate someone about my support for Donald Trump, but the conversation ended up turning to the Black Lives Matter movement and demographic disparities in crime and police encounters.

Cuck Blocking Cop Block
Cuck Blocking Cop Block

Unsurprisingly, most of the panel members were outright convinced that we simply live under a white supremacist criminal justice system, and that police were just out hunting down black people for sport. However, as I’ve discussed repeatedly, that is simply not the case. I’m all for curbing police abuse, even ending their profession as we know it. But we can’t do that by lying about reality.

Armed with facts and statistics, I entered the fray. Shockingly enough, not much data was forthcoming from the other panel members. Check out the video below, I feel comfortable saying that it was an unmitigated verbal and intellectual bloodbath. Their copy of the video is presently unlisted as of the time of this posting, and I have been told they are considering deleting the video. Fear not though, I’ve already downloaded it and have embedded my segment below.

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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • IRONMANAustralia

    Jesus the Jew-jacking Christ! When I was only ten minutes in I thought, “Now understand exactly what happened to Cop Block”. It was painful to even listen to those cunts talk.

    What a pack of intellectual lightweights. No ability to follow a logical argument whatsoever, or obfuscating and intellectually dishonest. Take your pick Cuck Block faggots.

    Bloodbath is right. I’m so glad you called them on their strawman nonsense and other horseshit. Bitches got snapped back hard.

  • ancapistani

    Glad I jumped ship from FreeTalkLive, that was glorious to hear leftists blown the fuck out.

  • Obama is a liberal?


  • Robert Firestone

    Probably tough for Cantwell but I hope he guest stars more often and records it like this. I enjoyed watching their stupidity way too much. Even their own guy called them out.

  • thoughtcriminal

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to delete this debate. They’ve used nothing but sophistry whenever their delusions are met with facts. In an attempt to label you a racist, they just proved your point. They have no integrity, and their agenda is not about truth or justice.

    But this was entertaining to watch them squirm. Let’s see you posting more debates with libertarian cucks, like when you crushed the hippy-pacifist faction of the Free State Project.

  • Jakob Whittaker

    Chris Cantwell trying to teach four monkeys how to play the piano.

    • Kudzu_Bob

      Four monkeys that were subjects in an experiment to see if in pot in industrial quantities causes brain damage. You’ll never guess what they found out.

      • Jakob Whittaker

        Are you telling me they would have done better had they not been on pot?

        • Kudzu_Bob

          They still would have lost, sure, but maybe they wouldn’t have come across quite so much like one of those old “Why do you think they call it dope?” PSAs.

  • Ronin

    Utter destruction.

    • Kudzu_Bob

      He crashed the plane with no survivors.

  • Patriarchal Shitlord

    That was absolutely brutal. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a debate where cucks get BTFO this hard. Well done.

  • Tranny Nanny

    These anti cop lefties thought they were strong. Been tossing around 5lb weights and congratulating one another. Cantwell comes in starts tossing plates and they are about to jump under their desks. This is what happens when you train via a lefty circle jerk. You atrophy but convince yourself you are making gains.
    DEO seemed like an okay guy and/or somewhat embarrassed by the whole charade.

  • k b

    Chris is a self professed drug dealing scumbag. Shun him like he should be.

    • PFett

      No, he’s a self-professed drunk and pervert. Get your shit straight, brah.

      • Deshaunte Jackson


        • PFett

          Not my words, Chris’!

          • Shaggy

            True, his own statement. However he also says he doesn’t uphold his vices as virtues, like 99.9% of all potheads do.

    • CD

      What’s up bro

    • Shaggy

      “Self professed 《prior》drug dealing scumbag.” Shun if necessary but get facts straight bro.

      • k b

        <> What are you some kind of liberal apologist?
        Oh so and so is a prior rapist, murder, child molester, cannibal???
        But since that is prior it all good now?

        You sound like a born again moron where you been washed in the blood and that ain’t you any more.

        Get your nose out of that fat fuck drug dealing scumbags arse.

        • Richard Chiu

          If you never messed up when you were young, you weren’t really trying.

  • Kudzu_Bob

    Toward the end of the interview one of them said that if you hadn’t out-debated them that they would have won. Hilarious.

    • Alex Roberts

      If we weren’t scum of the earth Cantwell wouldn’t have won FTFY

  • PFett

    This was Murder, with a capital M. Well done, Chris.

  • Shub-Niggurath

    Greetings from the alt-right, Chris. You totally pwned these miserable cucks. Come back on the Shoah in the future, and keep up the glorious work, senpai.

  • Evan Thomas

    I love Chris

  • monic binomial

    Severin admonishes Chris to “think outside the box” … then proceeds to recite a litany of academia/media/government-approved, after-school-special-tier egalitarian bromides. I half-expected NBC’s “the more you know” star to fly across the screen.

  • PFett

    I’ve now watched this twice. Am not one for flattery, but this is just too goddamned good, Chris.

  • Sonnenrad

    These kids are hilarious dorks.

  • Shaggy

    “You can’t quote crime statistics when talking about racism” just fucking wow… I lost brain cells there. Glad I stopped giving a fuck about cuck block long ago.

  • Kudzu_Bob

    Those kids clearly have traces of blood in their marijuanastream.





    • kmc

      This post didn’t age well at all

  • MP

    They are wishy-washy ineffectual cunts and should not be the voice of any group anywhere.
    They are anti-cop because they are powerless pussies. Like the Blazing Saddles scene with the gay dancer beating on the cowboy’s chest.

  • Mr. Von

    They didn’t know they were on fire after being destroyed in the wood chipper. Seriously burned those cucks alive

  • Nicholas Cerce

    Holy shit what did I just witness? A bloodbath is an understatement…. you friggin mopped the floor with them… this is embarrassing for cop block no wonder they may delete it.

  • Guy From V

    Yeah. Umm…whoa. That was…kind of… There wasn’t…Jesus Christ what the fuck? 8 1/2 minutes for me.

  • Jeremy Woods

    That must have been embarrassing.

  • Jean-Philippe Chabot

    “You’re clouding how you’re saying it, but you’ve said it. We all listened to you say it…” Very lame and dishonest thing to say Cop Block dude. The lowest and cheapest of race-baiting attacks : “YOU RAYCISS!”
    Chris I loved right after that when you explained how the courts screw whites and how that fact is obfuscated, even in science, by liberal fanaticism… Struck them dumb, I had to rewatch that part a 2nd time for lulz.

  • lolno

    I love watching these cucks squirm. Great job Cantwell.

  • Justin Keith


  • paendragon

    By 8:12 you offended him and hurt his feelings, Chris, because you called him on his false “right” to interrupt you. He’s obviously a leftard who feels entitled to have rights without any responsibilities.

  • paendragon

    They must be totally stoned.

  • John Rogers

    If anyone really wanted to block a Cop/cock they would lose the Legal Name. The rest is Just BS dis-info distractions. Fear porn MF’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Autismus Maximus

    wish I had a banter like that.

  • Topher Freeman

    You did very well Chris. I think it went as well as it could have. Especially in a room full of bias haters (Excluding Deo, I think he was the most level headed Cop Blocker you were in discussion with).

    Protip (no offense)…Grab a thesaurus, you honestly need to expand your vocabulary if you want to sound smart and informed amongst intellectuals (not the idiots you were debating). With people who will listen to your position such as myself…for the words: objectively, foundationally, fanatic, phenomenon and your new favorite cuck. Just sayin’. If I had a dollar for every time you used those terms, I’d be a thousandaire.

  • Alex Andrés

    this was the most fucking epic ass tearing shit i’ve ever seen. I mean seriously the worst blood bath ever.

  • Rick

    Wow; Cop Block really sucks. Cantwell may not like the police but he would make one hell of a spokesman for the cops; and this is coming from a cop.

  • that was really good.. kinda cringing for still following cop block on facebook

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