I Was Banned From Facebook for Defending Rape Victims

The censor happy PC lunatics at Facebook are entirely too familiar to my regular readers. I’ve been blocked from the world’s most popular social network for thirty days at a clip more times than I can recall. Whether it’s a meme about hyperinflation getting flagged as racist, or daring to criticize communist mass murderers like Che Guevera, or the bland comparison of a politician to Hitler, Facebook’s hypersensitivity to race and other issues has been well documented.

With tensions flaring over the invasion of Europe, things have been taken to a new low. Back in September, German Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged to crack down on “hate speech” against “migrants” (invaders herein), and prodded social media outlets like Facebook to help censor criticism of the invasion. Merkel and Zuckerberg were later caught on a hot mic confirming that Facebook was assisting in the censorship.

I Was Banned From Facebook for Defending Rape Victims

I Was Banned From Facebook for Defending Rape Victims

On New Year’s Eve, months after Sweden’s very accommodating immigration policy got them dubbed “The Rape Capitol of the West“, hundreds of sexual assaults by invaders against European women were reported all across Europe. The rapists reportedly taunted police saying “I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me“. Rather than look at the problem, the government fired the Chief of Police in Cologne, Germany.

Vigilante” groups have risen to defend German women against the attacks. Having been largely disarmed by their governments, German citizens emptied stores of pepper spray and other less effective self defense items. Mass demonstrations broke out against the government’s immigration policies in response, and police sent more forces to stop them than they did the rapists.

The German government now takes right wing speech as a greater threat than mass rape of their own citizens, and they are getting help from the social networks in treating it that way. On January 8th, Twitter “unverified” Breitbart Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos for unspecified rules violations.

Today, I got the all too familiar “You must log back into facebook” message I have seen dozens of times before. I was subsequently made aware that a post made to the “Gun Rights” Facebook page, which has over 200,000 Facebook Likes, had been removed for unspecified violations of “community standards”.

The post read as follows “In Germany, as well as in other parts of Europe, thousands of women were sexually abused and gang raped by gangs of migrants. If they had the right to carry, then they would have had the right to defend themselves. Migrants raping women in Europe has become a crisis. Yet Europe continues to disarm its people. They continue to make it harder for them to fight back against the people their government imported. This is why we need guns”.

"Gun Rights" Banned For Defending Rape Victims

“Gun Rights” Banned For Defending Rape Victims

It is worth noting, that though the image above shows this post is made by me, it was made by another admin and posted as the “Gun Rights” Facebook page. I am not sure why Facebook opted to show it to me in this context. All admins of the page received the same notice, but with their own name and profile picture being shown as the poster.

I personally was blocked from posting to Facebook for 30 days as a result of the post.

The “Gun Rights” Facebook page was subsequently unpublished by Facebook, but is now back online.

"Gun Rights" Facebook Page Unpublished

“Gun Rights” Facebook Page Unpublished


This is a troubling trend that seems to get worse by the day. The Internet had once provided us with a means of breaking from from mainstream media narratives and giving each individual a voice. But, as political correctness and government policy bring pressure to bear on popular online gathering places, that is ceasing to be the case. Expressing political opinions that run contrary to PC narratives or government policy will now get you silence on the most popular platforms, and as internet regulations steadily increase we can expect this to also come at the ISP level.

Good faith negotiations with powerful left wing ideologues is impossible. They use force and deception to get their way. They stand against self defense and defend foreign rapists over their own countrymen. If libertarians, conservatives, and other sane people hope to have any chance at honest political discourse, the trend must be stopped by any means necessary.


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  • The only apt comparison of Hitler to Obama is that Hitler cared about his country. Obama does not.

    Hitler was fighting against what Obama embraces.

    Yet, Hitler is demonized by the ignorant masses.

    • Katherin O’Day

      48 Articles of Impeachment against Obama , counts of Crimes and Treason, are being vote on Jan 13/15.

      Vote! Make your voice heard.

      See what you have to do to participate.

      Here’s a link to read up on charges, etc.

  • RichieVengeance

    This is fucking horse shit!

  • Mario

    The world is going to hell, slowly but surely.

  • Jay

    it’s time for conserves to start their know sites. enough is enough.

  • Coralyn Herenschrict

    Start or switch to a censorship-free Facebook alternative. Internet social media is not regulated. Every time a business angers customers, like this, it is just a business opportunity for a competitor.

    • SavageManatee

      It is not “that easy”. Facebook has a huge subscriber base. That is like saying that Wal-Mart is the same as the mom and pop covenience store on the corner.

      • Patrick Borush

        yeah i Know locally walmart is not the cheapest deal on the block anymore… They are routinely more expensive on items then other places especially on things like meat and dairy products… Walmart wants like 9.89 a pound and it’s some prepackaged factory meat, for ribeyes. Where the store 3 blocks over you can buy better and fresher cut ribeyes for 5.90 a pound… Walmart tells people they are getting a deal and they are actually just getting duped as per usual… I shop there as little as possible… basically there are other alternatives that may not be as popular but they are there and those that know where to look will look…

      • Coralyn Herenschrict

        Chris has enjoyed huge benefit from using Facebook for free he couldn’t enjoy from a pipsqueak alternative. That doesn’t mean now that he’s enjoyed that benefit for a few years and become accustomed to it, he’s entitled to it.

        Of course it’s not easy to replace Facebook. Of course it wouldn’t be the same. Facebook has invested heavily for years in building up a following. It doesn’t charge customers for access to that base so long as they don’t post pro-gun content Facebook doesn’t want posted. Customers like Chris who (understandably) find that restriction repugnant, can leave.

        Facebook owes Chris nothing. Facebook’s resources, its platform, its following, are not Chris’s. He can’t get mad at owners for not granting him access to their property on his terms rather than their terms. Any more than some user here could get mad at Chris for kicking him off just because there were no comparable sites for him to go to. A lack of good substitute products is the customers’ problem, not the business owner’s problem.

        • Topher Freeman

          If facebook were actually free, how is it worth $245 BILLION dollars? Being a member of facebook and makes you a product. They sell their members to advertisers. Facebook people or pages with large followings are of a higher value to advertising. Facebook owes a great deal to people and pages with a large following. Don’t be a sucker.

        • IRONMANAustralia

          Correction: He can get mad, as a user can get mad if Chris kicks them off this site. Just like with a physical business, they can stand outside ranting and telling other people. They just can’t force the business to care.

          Important distinction to bear in mind.

        • Richard Chiu

          Cantwell isn’t mad that facebook is banning him personally, he’s angry because facebook is throwing it’s massive weight behind progressive socialism and all it’s species-endangering madness.

          Cantwell owes facebook nothing. He doesn’t have to defend their right to free speech or association or life itself when they have made themselves the avowed enemy of humanity.

          And neither do you, but you’re doing so anyway.

        • zaqan

          Considering the amount that Facebook colludes with the government, one could argue it is an arm of the government, and thus, must protect free speech. Additionally, when it portrays itself as this universal natural part of life, its right to be restrictive is forfeited.

          • Cherokee Trestresg

            Find the consideration and you’re there, end of story.

        • Rascal

          Holy shit, Libertarians are dumb. Facebook is essentially a government psyop, and you all think it is about the “free market”.

          • Murray Roodbaard

            Oh bullshit. You are giving the government way too much credit. The people behind Facebook are simply progressive statists who are voluntarily colluding and assisting the immoral state, because they either genuinely believe that it is the right thing to do, or because they think it will be better for their bottom line. Not everything is a conspiracy. Stop relieving people like the ones behind Facebook from their moral responsibility and freedom of choice.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      Shut the fuck up already, you stupid, autistic cunt.

      • THAT is a totally irrational post.


        • Guy From V

          Just marry him already.

          • Richard Chiu

            He’ll have to work something out with IRONMANAussi. I don’t think we should call it marriage, though.

          • Libertymike

            Who is a better writer, Coralyn or Chris?

            Who makes more compelling arguments?

          • Richard Chiu

            Hmmm…I thought Guy was suggesting Dennis and Chris get together.

            But if we’re talking about Coralyn or Chris as writers, they each have their strong points. Chris is more accessible and emotionally appealing, and that probably is decisive for most purposes. Arguments are ultimately compelling because rejecting them entirely requires abandoning some core value or premise the audience shares.

            I’m not a good judge of that because technically I’m a nihilist. I’m usually nihilistic about nihilism, but I can always be nihilistic about anything else too.

          • If you’re “usually nihilistic about nihilism,” doesn’t that make you an optimist? 😉

          • Richard Chiu

            No. It just means I don’t bother to argue that everything is meaningless in reality, because the meaninglessness of everything in reality is itself meaningless.

            I suppose that would leave me open to optimism if it didn’t utterly contradict reason and reality. But since it does, I’m incapable of seeing any point at all in it.

      • In all fairness, Chris, you censor comments on your page just like FascistBook censors theirs. Your page is your private property which you allow the public to use under your own conditions. I choose not to use FascistBook because I don’t like their conditions. Yours are more tolerable. I don’t really see any reason to complain about theirs though. I just go elsewhere.

        • “Shut the fuck up already, you stupid, autistic cunt.”

          Not sure about you, Roth, but that statement screams of fairness and objectivity. lol

      • Libertymike

        FACE it, in my BOOK, she just argues better than you.
        In fact, in a public debate, as long as formal rules of logic govern, she would beat you handily.

    • Richard Chiu

      Cantwell does this already. In fact, this very site kinda is doing that, innt it?

      The problem is bigger than Cantwell’s personal ability to reach an audience. He may be a celebritarian, but he’s also got some serious concerns about the consequences of the agenda facebook is backing with their massive resources.

      And he isn’t even concerned enough.

    • paendragon

      Re: ” Internet social media is not regulated.” What planet have you been living on?!

  • Xrift

    Social Media obviously has a hand in hand partnership with far-left ideologues & Corporate dogs.

    A lot of this censorship it seems has been happening over due to certain words being used whether in or out of context.

    And apparently, even though i’m no guns right advocate, it seems that if you are one, you must be a bad person even though you’re for the protection of others because of being a Gun rights advocate.

    Facebook & Twitter seems to be pretty delicate flowers,

    • Cherokee Trestresg

      Better a “bad” person that a ter ror ist. It is dangerous to be right when the government is a ter ror ist.

  • Patrick Borush

    seeing facebook is a american publicly traded corporation are they not in turn bound by the freedom of speech? this is a blatant suppression of said freedom….

    • Cherokee Trestresg

      Long story short there’s no government actor or action involved as Facebook is seemingly a private corporation that is publicly-traded and holds itself out as a private corporation. One would have to show Facebook subsidized by government or something along similar lines. One might attempt to demonstrate discrimination, but that is sort of a tricky matter from a speech versus status standpoint. Regardless, facebook is probably taking the position that the statement incites violence, albeit self-defense non-aggression violence..

    • IRONMANAustralia

      Ugh. I’ve heard this vein of argument before, but confusing the term, “publicly traded corporation”, as if selling shares to to anyone who wants to buy them, (ie. “the public”), means the company itself is not still the collective ‘private property’ of those shareholders is obnoxiously ignorant.

      • Richard Chiu

        An important point.

        A more relevant and general point is that as human beings they probably should stop trying to assist in the destruction of humanity.

  • Katherin O’Day

    That’s no surprise. I was banned back in August-September when the first refugees were marching across EU borders and into Germany ,
    for criticising Merkel ( perhaps I was more than a little critical of her…).
    Dictator Merkel, #1 enemy to the German People, has thin skin and much to fear. She’s requested bans on FB and Zuckerberg accommodated her
    greatly and continues to do so.
    There are still news articles available on her FB bans.

  • Richard Chiu

    Anyway, I took the liberty of quoting your yanked post on facebook. They don’t ever bother to ban stuff I post (because nobody ever sees it), but I figure that if enough ‘nobodies’ quote you that should accomplish something.

  • paendragon

    What do “communists,” “socialists,” “leftists” and “muslims” have in common? They’re all criminal GANGSTERS.