Do you want to be the customer, or the product?

People are regularly deceived by the media. Social media platforms censor controversial commentators. That’s because the viewers and users of these platforms are not their customers. The advertisers are. The viewers and users are the product, and like animals on a farm they will be used, abused, and slaughtered for the satisfaction of the customer.

I frankly have neither the skill nor the desire to participate in such schemes. I’d far prefer for you to be the customer.

You can contribute in the following ways

1. PayPal

PayPal donations become instantly available to me on my debit card, so I can pay bills, use the ATM, and all the other things normal people do with money. Your PayPal donations will show up as being paid to Do IT All Consulting. This is my IT firm which produces this website and the Radical Agenda.

Please consider a monthly subscription via PayPal. Being able to count on funds every month helps me plan my expenses far better than the occasional one time donation. If you regularly read, view, or listen to my work, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for me to ask that you subscribe for $10/month. Most of us can afford this if we’re honest with ourselves, and the content I produce is quite unique. By supporting my work financially, you not only help me, you are also helping this content get into the eyes, ears, and minds of others. You are helping to spread ideas. If I were to put this content behind a paywall, and require a subscription to view the content, that would not be possible, so I work on a donation model.

Monthly Donation Options

You can of course cancel at any time

2. Patreon

Patreon screwed us over. I’ll write in more detail about this soon, but for now I’ll just say we’re not doing business with them anymore and neither should anybody else. They censor right wing commentators, but support pornographers and communists. Stop sharing your fees with them.

3. Bitcoin



I am a Bitcoin enthusiast, and the Bitcoin economy is huge where I live in Keene, New Hampshire. When you donate Bitcoin to me, you’re not just donating, you’re helping to promote Bitcoin. I regularly ask stores if they accept the currency, and explain it to them if they are unfamiliar with it. We’ve gotten numerous local business to accept it as payment, and we’re always trying to get more. We do outreach events and help get people set up with Bitcoin wallets on the street and at events.

Public Key 1CfuBqpTnpjeBnDPc44mr9fh2mKLDkcGKE

4. Ship Me Something

I can also receive packages at

Christopher Cantwell
63 Emerald Street, Unit 187
Keene NH 03431

I enthusiastically accept gifts of precious metals, cash, postal money orders, gift cards to Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target and other fine vendors.

Ammunition in .22 Long Rifle, 9mm Luger, .38 Special, 7.62×39, .380, and 12ga are always welcome. I can never have too many Glock 9mm or AK-47 magazines. For anything more specific you might want to contact me first.

5. Dwolla

Dwolla is a lesser known, but fast and reliable payment processor with lower fees than PayPal. Payments are direct deposited to my debit card and are available as cash. They offer recurring payments as well.

Dwolla ID: 812-494-8197

6. Google Wallet

I can accept Google Wallet payments to Christopher.Cantwell (at) Gmail dot com

7. Venmo

Several of you have asked about this, but until now Venmo did not work with any of my financial institutions. Finally, I can accept payments via Venmo.

Forbes describes Venmo as “The crown jewel of all finance apps”

8. Amazon Wish List

I regularly update my Amazon Wish List, so if you order something from it you can be sure it will be something I want and that will help me and my content production.

9. Buy Merchandise!

After a lot of waiting and many of you asking, I finally ordered t-shirts and bumper stickers for Radical Agenda. If these sell well, there will be more on the way. Check out The Shop!

10. Shop Through My Affiliate Links

You can help the production just by shopping at your favor stores!

As previously mentioned, I do have some advertisers. I try not to bombard the viewer/listener/reader with them, but they can be found at “The Mall“. These are affiliate programs. I get paid a percentage or fixed fee of each purchase depending on the advertiser.

You can find the rest of the affiliate links at “The Mall”. 

Please bookmark that page and do your shopping through it. I’ve partnered with Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, NewEgg, and dozens of other merchants who you already shop with on a regular basis. Your regular shopping can help fund the show. Better than that, you might find some really great deals there that you would not otherwise find!

11. Volunteer

If time and talent are in greater supply than money, I can always use some help with the workload here, which is considerable.

Check out the Volunteers Page

12. But Wait, There’s More!

Check out my Cheaper Than Dirt Wish List! (Gun accessories & Ammo)

NetSpend Flashpay ID 5439884906


However you decide to support my work, know that it is appreciated. Right now, all you get is the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped, but we’re working on some kind of rewards program as well. I’ll update this page and make a blog post when that happens.

In Liberty,

Christopher Cantwell

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  • Where’s the Amazon wish list?

    • Chris

      I was about to say, at the bottom of the donate page, but then I realized that’s where you were commenting. I see it there, have you tried refreshing the page? In any case, here’s the link,

      Thank you!

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  • Joyce Clemons

    Just what is your cause?

  • Joyce Clemons

    “Libertarianism is a radical movement. If you’re trying to make it populist, you’re not only fooling yourselves, you’re actively on the path to ruining it. The goal is not to win elections, the goal is to radicalize a large enough minority to make statism impossible. I have a hard time believing that millions of people screaming “9/11 was an inside job!” and “the answer to 1984 is 1776!” harms that goal.

    If anything hurts the movement, it’s feeding credibility to the government by discrediting the people who spend their days disproving its lies.”

  • Joyce Clemons

    okay now i get it

  • Chris, you have hit the nail on the head here. I had a bit of a debate with a female relative about #rapeculture when they (so-called feminists) went off about the spoiled Hollywood brat that went on the shooting spree in California. She insisted that it was going to be the rallying point around which women would finally unify to overthrow the oppressive “rapists”. I argued that this guys issues had nothing to do with rape, and was a very poor choice to be their new posterchild. I was told that I just didn’t (and given my age and gender) could never understand.

    These new-feminists no longer try to throw off the shackles of male dominance so popularized in the 70’s, now that they’ve achieved so-called parity in wages, education, and crashed through the glass-ceiling. Now the unifying straw-man is the “rapist”, which, when you start digging into the arguments boils down to: “Any unwanted male attention is rape. If I find him attractive and want to sleep with him, it’s merely charming.” (With the additional caveat that “if I wake up the next morning and regret my decision, it was rape”.)

    To genaralize a bit, they suposedly dislike the “hyper-sexualization” of women, yet want to dress as sexually provocative as possible, hang out in dance clubs, drink like fish, and only get hit on by Alphas. It’s another victim movement that is merely an excuse for their serial-monogamous relationships that always end in disappointment.

  • Anders Hass

    Maybe it would make it more easy to get more people to donate to you every month if there is a reward by doing that?

  • Jay Baird

    You’re ok Cantwell. Here ya go.

  • Graham Gambier

    Bitcoin sent. Keep up the good work. I don’t agree with every word you write, but it is always well written and thought provoking.

  • I haven’t set up a patreon acct yet, but I did get you the electric OD earmuffs, You should be getting it next week.

  • dorknerd

    Is it possible to support you by way of buying from Amazon sites other than .com and I live in Germany, and so most often I use their .de site.

  • tz1

    I don’t generally contribute monthly, but find it difficult to do a $25/50/100 etc donation. Since I can’t see the future, I prefer not to do promises, so would do $125 now but not $10/mo.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      The option to do so is obviously here.

      • tz1

        Dwolla seems inactive. I might try snail mail.
        OK, there are two paypal buttons. Done.

  • hobo spices

    Can you accept an additional crypto? I want to send you 10$ here and there but a ~1$ network fee is getting a little ridiculous