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  • Bill Shevick

    No RSS feed for audio files?! 🙁 It’s the Current Year Chris. 🙂

  • the stoner guy

    there was a blind dude who wanted chris’s content for audiobooks

  • Kam Musser

    Hail Cantwell, Hail our People, Hail Victory

  • Susan

    Hey it won’t let me subscribe via email.

    • Saul Roli

      Same here, he has been banned EVERYWHERE it seems. Youtube/reddit/facebook/twitter and so on. Even email?

  • Rose Johnson

    Hey Chris. Saw you crying on youtube – it is viral baby boy. After all you are the just the insect you were meant to be. Your white mother obviously laid eggs. How many fathers did you have you insect feeding on pigs turd?

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