One Last Tour of the State?

onelasttourAwhile back I had entertained the idea of travelling the country, similarly to how the guys from Cop Block did Liberty on Tour. More recently, someone who had taken notice of my work on this website, offered me a writing job that would bring me a small but steady income, while letting me work from anywhere in the world. This idea might well be coming together.

During the tour I’d plan on visiting different places throughout the country, meeting other activists, recording and participating in events and activities, and interacting with interesting people along the way. Of course, updating this blog, and uploading video and photos along the way. I’ve long been considering doing my own podcast, and perhaps doing it from the road would make for an interesting start to the program. At the end of it, I want to cut up the footage into a documentary style film called “One Last Tour of the State”. The idea behind it being that the film is designed to show to children in a future free, stateless society, documenting the end of statism. “This is what statism was like, this is what we had to do to end it, don’t ever make this mistake again” type of thing.

The most obvious entry barrier to such a production is funding. I have the recording equipment, I have the video editing skills, I have the motivation, the talent, and the time. With the revenue from the writing job, this website, and my YouTube channel, I’ll have enough money to sustain myself during the tour. I would need an RV/Camper, a faster laptop for on the go video editing, and some cash ready for unexpected expenses such as vehicle repairs, bail, etc…

Today I found a trailer really cheap on Craigslist. It’s only $250. It’s small and will require some fixing, but I don’t need much and I can likely do most of the repairs myself. I emailed the guy and await his response.

I’m in the process of planning a Kickstarter or IndieGogo campaign, I’ll update this post and make a new one when that comes together. In the meantime, if you would be interested in seeing this idea come together, please share this with your friends, leave your thoughts in the comments below, and please consider visiting my donations page. If I can raise some money immediately, I might well buy this trailer today and begin fixing it up, if that happens, I could be ready to start the tour by the end of the year.


  • Ben Bernanke

    DO IT

  • Manley Caughell

    Let’s make it a caravan! Liberty rubber tramps. Hah