Countdown To Anarchy! Live From NYC!


Update 4:25pm EST. This has been called off.

As the clock loudly ticks towards midnight, the hour is expected to bring with it a partial shutdown of the United States Federal Government. Will the people of New York grow tails and begin attacking one another? Or will they simply go about their daily lives with little clue of what congress does, like any other day? Danny Panzella of, will join me for a special live streamed event from New York City today, September 30th, to find out.

We’ll be interviewing people on the street, making jokes, and generally behaving like anarchists with recording devices in a major metropolitan area. It’s going to be a blast.

Follow me on twitter, @voteforcantwell to be notified when the stream starts, as we’re not 100% sure of the timing yet. You should also be subscribed to my UStream Channel, as well as Danny’s UStream Channel. We want to get some interviews in during the day, but also hoping to be in Times Square at midnight for the countdown. The live stream may come and go a bit as the day goes on.

As the stream runs, you should be able to catch it, and chat with other users in the box at the bottom of this article, or visit the Live page.

As the day goes on, I’ll also Instagram some photos, and of course, the best parts will be edited into HD videos on my YouTube channel, within a few days. So, SUBSCRIBE!