Trayvon Martin’s Mother Is A Worthless Sack Of Shit

Sybrina Fulton, mother to maggot food Trayvon Martin, appeared before the US Senate today to politicize the well deserved death of her worthless piece of shit child. Trayvon was shot to death in February of 2012 as he assaulted George Zimmerman, who was luckily armed at the time, with a 9mm semi automatic pistol.

George_Zimmerman_front_of_headShe was speaking to the US Senate about Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law”, apparently because she thinks her scumbag offspring has the right to assault people without any fear of reprisal. “I just wanted to come here to talk to you for a moment, to let you know how important it is that we, amend, this stand your ground because it did not, certainly did not work in my case.” said Fulton in a video released by USA Today, “The person that shot and killed my son, is walkin the streets today”.

I think Sybrina is misunderstanding the point of the stand your ground laws, which, by the way, have nothing to do with the US Senate. The law actually worked just fine, your son is supposed to be dead, and the guy who killed him is supposed to be a lot freer than he currently is. In fact, that’s the case even without “stand your ground” laws. No man is obliged to let somebody beat his skull in on the ground, in hopes that police show up before they die.

Guns are an effective crime deterrent, because they kill bad guys, like your deviant little brat. That has always been their primary purpose. It’s not a recent phenomenon, that when some gangster wannabe screams “You’re going to die tonight motherfucker!”, goes for your gun, and starts bashing your face in, that a well placed bullet to the chest solves the problem. The Florida legislature didn’t figure this out in 2005, it has always been this way.

George_Zimmerman_back_of_headIt’s plain and simple self defense. If I have a pistol on me, I am not getting into a fistfight with you. That’s why I carry a pistol, to avoid getting into fights. I don’t care who you are, if I have my gun, and you hit me, I hope you said goodbye to your family before you left the house, because you’re never going to see them again. I am not going to wait and see who wins the fight and winds up in control of the weapon.

If George Zimmerman did anything wrong, it was waiting to pull his gun. He should have had it pointed at your degenerate hatchling’s face before he got within arms reach of him. That way he could have put your little vermin descendant into the dirt before he got his face busted open. With all the political windbagging you and your liberal friends have done over this matter though, I suppose it’s a good thing he had the wounds to prove his victimhood.



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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • RightUnite

    Sybrina Martin is worthless as a tit on a boar for a mother. It’s her and her worthless husband’s piss poor parenting skills that are the reason her son is dead. Good freaking riddance!

    • ME

      You deserve a bleach martini for this

      • jesskazen

        why do they deserve to die for calling someone out on maybe not creating the greatest home life for their child which may have contributed to him fighting a man and losing his life because of it?

        Though poorly worded this person does have some valid points about the lack of parenting and support that this boy had in his life.

    • Chuckle

      You are a coward piece of rat filth

  • averagejoeusername .

    most…awesome..TM article…ever.

  • Mee Sah

    Fuck that AIDS infected boil on the world’s ass….he reaped what he sowed….fucking twat mother….ugh

  • Curry

    Even though I agree with most of the things you stated in here, Christopher, this article is in bad taste.

    • Chris Hamer

      So agreeable commentary is only permissible when it is in “good” taste? Fuck truth; emotional satisfaction is all that matters! lol

    • AnriSorel


    • Could you explain why this article is in bad taste.

  • Araneta Love

    You sir are in fact a douche. While I agree that Zimmerman should’ve put Trayvon down as he was threatened/approached rather than stalking him and then proceeding to get into a fight (which is why he should not be free, he wanted conflict and used his lame neighborhood watch title and his misled sense of self righteousness hiding a holstered power trip) the way that you consistently express your feelings toward the mother and child shows your hatred and animosity for people. You need help not just as a writer but as a person lacking the proper compassion to make the world (or in our case the Internet) more positive. Your slurs were far more appalling than the news of a failed and grieving mother pursuing what she believes to be justice. This article is the only thing that is worthless.

    • Don Duncan

      Martin was no child. He was a thug who took drugs paid for by burglary. And his vicious attack on a timid non-threatening civilian watchman was met with the force it deserved.

      Araneta, you’re the one slurring.

      • Araneta Love

        was speaking to the author on his controversial, disrespectful article. Your opinion however is invalid imo

        • Doug

          Ms/Mrs Love,

          First, I am not a bandwagon jumper. Just wanted to clarify a few things. Second, Sanford Fl. is not that friendly a place and if I was involved in a Community Watch Program there I would be armed to the hilt. Third, the Police were not even going to charge Zimmerman because he was within the guidelines of the “Stand Your Ground” law, it wasn’t until “political” pressure was applied from heaven knows where that he was eventually charged. Could have something to do with being the son the President never had. Fourth, he was never told to stand down by the ‘Police”, it was a 911 dispatcher who has no more authority than you or I do to tell someone what to do in this situation. Fifth, you don’t have to buy his story, he was tried in a court of law where they threw out all the evidence they could for the defense in attempts to secure a conviction and he was still found innocent. Be advised that I no way condone the comments of the writer of this article, I just wish people would consider the facts when the make an educated opinion. Thank you for your time.

        • Don Duncan

          First, this is a case where it is not just one man’s word. There were many, many witnesses. And even more reliable forensics. The forensics tell one story. The MSM and political opportunists fantasize what suits their agenda. You chose to go with them. When does “doing the job” of watchman become stocking? When it serves the agenda. When does observing suspicious activity become “picking a fight”? When you want to put the blame on the victim.
          Your explanation of Martin’s motives for attacking make no sense. Anyone in his right mind would have run away from an armed man, not threaten to take the gun away and kill him, then attack. This is the action of an irrational violent person. Any cop would have filled Martin with lead before he tried to make good on his threats. And you wouldn’t question his actions. Just because George doesn’t have a license to kill (badge & gun) you call him a coward for not duking it out. Should he only shoot other armed attackers? You make no sense. And you miss the point of Chis’ complaint. Sybrina and her supporters are using Martin’s death to lobby for victim disarmament. She is blaming the gun for her son’s death. If George had used martial arts for fatal defense, there would have been no arrest or publicity.

        • ConcernedPatriot

          Zimmerman did not get himself into a fight nor did he stir up more violence. The idiots claiming racism are the ones that stirred up more violence. According to the tape, zimmer asked trayvon what he was doing. Thats fair enough. Zimmerman was not trying to fight, he was attacked by someone who shouldve just gone inside and called the police. Dont go outside and confront the person

        • Chris Hamer

          Being dead and giving birth to offspring does not make you immune to criticism. People bash Hitler while he is dead and people condemn Casey Anthony who was a mother. Get your emotionally deluded mind off the internet and back into the padded room of appeasement you no doubt surround yourself with.

        • Delane Dick

          Fuck that nigger!!

    • David Triana

      O shut up and stop defending this worthless piece of shit of a “Parent”. Hope she gets shot in the fucking head.

  • Lassiter

    Honestly this entire article is sad as well as the comments. No one knows the actual events of that night but two people and thats zimmerman and martin…….For anyone to judge either one of them when only one part of the story was heard is crazy and rediculous. Trayvon could have felt as though his life was in danger because some man with a gun was following him so he might have felt his only chance of survival was to fight….but no one will ever know because there are two sides to a story and unfortunately we will never hear one of them. People are so quick to judge someone else and their shortcomings before fixing their own…….Stop trying to point out the flaws of a 17yr old child and correct your own furthermore stop patranizing a greiving mother for trying to get justice for a person she brought into this world and will never be able to see grow and learn from mistakes.

    • ConcernedPatriot

      Trayvon reached his house and turned around. Im sorry but the feeling his life was threatened argument for Trayvon went out the window when he went back. I do agree the article is a little insensitive but to call Trayvon a child, I guarantee you if he beat your daughter to death, you would want him tried as an adult.

      • Lassiter

        Your facts are a little wrong…he never made it home…..and I guarantee you if Zimmerman followed your daughter who was only walking home and shot and killed her you would want justice….I dont know what happened that night and neither does anyone else besides Zimmerman… how can anyone know how trayvon felt…if Zimmerman was that scared of this “thug” then he should have stayed in his vehicle

        • ConcernedPatriot

          He was heading back to his vehicle when he was attacked. Yes if my daughter was followed id tell her to call the police then call me and get inside right away. However, trayvon was not a female and he chose to make a stand instead of just going inside. My child wouldn’t confront the person. I wanted justice to prevail in this case. If evidence proved he murdered tm, he should rot but evidence proved otherwise. Gz wasn’t scared of the “thug” until he was on top of him slamming his head in to concrete, according to the evidence. Which I can promise that if you had the same thing happen to you, you would use whatever you could to stop them. If they died, youd be glad you didnt

    • InnerCynic

      You say that noboyd “knows” what happened that night other than the two directly involved but that’s utter bullshit. There are the police recordings, which later were oh-so-carefully edited by the prosecution to make Zimmerman come off as some lone nut, and the message Trayvon sent to some other broad saying he was being followed by some creepy “cracker”…. Hmmmmm. He was no child so give that tired excuse a rest once and for all. The hoodlum boasted time and again how he loved to beat people up and was just waiting for another opportunity to do so. Tragic? Yes, in that there was a chance this two legged piece of crap might have turned his worthless life around. His parents are opportunistic ambulance chasers to the whole sordid affair.

      • Lassiter

        Foolishness!!!!!! You only know what people are saying he said no one knows what was going on in his head because he is unable to tell us so the only thing we have to go off of is hear say…..both people played there part in the incident and thats just that….and as far as Zimmerman look whats going on with him now….does him seem so innocent after all?

    • Daniel S. Thompson

      Martin didn’t “make a stand.” He had already run out of sight, Zimmerman stopped following and returned to his car. THE THUG DECIDED TO COME BACK TO ZIMMERMAN, ATTACKED HIM, BEAT HIS SKULL ON THE GROUND, AND REACHED FOR HIS GUN.

      Martin was bigger than Zimmerman, a known brawler and burglar.

      The more “activists” (and just plain assholes) cling to the martyrdom of Martin, or hold him up as a poster boy – for what? burglary? Assault? – the more they do a disservice to the black community, as well as to truth, and justice.

  • tired

    You ppl sound like the dumbest mother Fuckers in the world! Get a fucking life get off of the couch and take your opinions to the Kkk rally (which by the way scares no one but the cowards wearing the ghost costumes) no one cares about your opinions as to who trayvon was as a person our what he did before his life was taken. The fact of the matter is.someones child got murdered you ignorant Fucks! And that matters more than the Color of his skin (which seems to be the underlying issue the author has but is too Bitch made to say it) so Fuck the law, Fuck Florida, think about it as a human! What I’m seeing is mommy issues with this author, obviously your mom is a worthless sack of flesh and that’s why you want to badger this woman for fighting for justice for her son! Is it bc your Mom wouldn’t do it for you? Or did she touch you in very inappropriate ways that resurfaced in this article. Whatever the case you sick Fuck the may and potatoes of this situation is that you are God! You as human hussy life trayvons mother can’t judge anyone bc judging from your extreme hated for ppl you have never met shows that you are the real worthless ball sack here, and just fyi your shooting blanks with dumb pointless article. And I Hope when you die someone looks at your grave and says some of the evil ignorant shit you and your dumb ass followers had to say. Remember karma is color blind Bitch and when your ass gets shit dead bc your too scared to fight your battles and rather pull out a gun I personally Hope it makes news so that I can laugh at your demise!

    • ConcernedPatriot

      heres the thing, it wasnt about the color of anyones skin until the publicity and everyone decided to play the race card. Zimmerman didnt even use the stand your ground defense either. Trayvons mother said she believed it was an accident and a series of unfortunate events until jesse jackson and al sharpton turned it in to a racial issue. Shes using her sons death for some form of political activist movement. It happens more now than ever, after you get in to a fight and defend yourself better than the other person, he goes and gets a gun and decides to shoot you cuz his pride is hurt. I DO AGREE THIS ARTICLE IS A LITTLE INSENSITIVE, but everyone seriously needs to grow up

    • Lassiter

      I agree

      • Corpus DeMano

        Yes, Tired needs a nap.

    • Chris Hamer

      I guarantee you have never met Hitler, Stalin, etc. Does that mean you go on an emotional tirade when people bad mouth them? No. Then again considering how you associate people with the KKK simply as a way to baselessly demonize; you aren’t exactly the smartest tool in the shed to begin with

  • ME


    • John

      Fuck you.

    • John

      No. Seriously. Fuck you. All the evidence we need to prove Trayvon Martin was a violent, drug abusing, thug-wannabe (murderer wannabe as evidenced by “You’re going to die tonight”) is clearly out in the open. Trayvon justly died and you sick pieces of degenerate filth lie for him.

      It’s all you have.

      An edifice of lies, defending an army of vermin.

      To those who cannot be lied to, your palace crumbles to the dust and we have what you see here.

      What do we have here?

      People glad Trayvon is dead, rotting in the ground, never to pass on his unique genetic traits, and never to harm another living human being ever again for as long as this universe spins.

      May Trayvon’s fate fall on you, and every last brick in that edifice until the world can no longer deny the truth about your people, what they are, and what they do, until the world is clean of your filth, forever, NEVER TO BE TAINTED BY IT AGAIN.

    • Rothbardian Slip

      It kind of makes you look ignorant when you call someone a cracker and a racist in the same paragraph. It really makes you look like a racist but I’m sure you think that’s impossible because you’re black. I don’t think it’s impossible.

    • David Triana

      Poor boy, One of your nignog homie’s got wacked. Don’t bring fists to a gunfight.

    • Spiritz

      Innocent? Lol… u should be laYing down with him…. videos of this gang banging drug dealing twat beating up old men holding guns… go hip hop… Truth hurts! He wanted to be a thug and proof is there for all to see. Yes his parents taught him shit like 90% of ghetto families… fuck off loser. …

  • CommonSense

    Proof Needed:
    Trayvon initiated the fight
    Trayvon got to his destination then turned around to look for George
    Trayvon was actively look to assault someone
    Trayvon deserved to die for defending himself?

    Proof Known:
    George exited his vehicle
    George pursued Trayvon
    George disobeyed the advice of a dispatcher to stay in vehicle
    George has presented many inconsistent stories of the nights events.

    We all know Trayvon was walking to his dad’s fiance’s house. We all know that George saw Trayvon; he exited his truck (aka safety) and pursued Trayvon; we also know that at some point Trayvon was on top of George. Stand Your Ground is pretty clear….you can not claim stand your ground against someone you pursue.

    • Chris Hamer

      Exiting a vehicle is not a crime, pursuing someone is not a crime, disobeying the advice of a dispatcher is not a crime, and that last one is actually not true because you are mistaking it for the media presenting many different stories of the night. So all in all what we KNOW is that Zimmerman did nothing wrong. Compelling stuff lol and the case wasn’t about stand your ground at all. Only people who did not watch the court proceedings think this because they know what the media tells them


    Please explain which law zimmerman broke before getting into a concrete pillow fight.

    I think the fact that Rachel Jeanteel used the phrase “cracker ass” to explain Trayvon’s account speaks volumes for his attitude, and was a matter of fact the first time race played a role in the trial.

  • Vankoo Zlatew

    The words I wanted to hear!!! And I hate they are bringing this racial shit these days, blaming us for everything, yet leaving black get away with everything!!! Instead of stopping racism you are making all the wrong decisions! Anyway loved what I read above.

  • whitey whitman

    Excellent article ! keep up the good work ! He should have handed Trayyvon a bunch of bananas, perhaps he’d still be alive and swinging around in the jungle somewhere happily tossing coconuts around, or shrinking heads or whatever they do.

  • spraynerd76

    I like guns but i also know when to use them and when not to. If somebody punches me im not goin to shoot him immediatly because im not a pussy like yourself and i can handle myself. I will kill somebody if i feel like im truely threatened. But im not the kind of gun owner who walks around feeling like god. You seem like you are. Its actually you who does alot of harm for gun rights because your an ignorant, small minded macho man peice of shit with parents who are most likely just as shitty and stupid. They raised a pussy.

    • TonyVoluntary

      I’m so tough, I talk like a big man on the internet.

  • Nilo BP

    Poor woman, she’s just a failed mother who thinks her criminal son’s death is a reason to forbid people from defending themselves. How DARE anyone criticize that?

    Seriously stop this sickening victim routine. Being characterized as a “grieving mother” isn’t an excuse for advocating tyrannical politically correct crap. If anything it’s a reason to put her judgment seriously in doubt, even if the agenda behind her “grief” were something other than painfully transparent.

  • Ben

    I used to respect this Can’t well guy for his view on pigs and the police state. After this article the white trash piece of shit better be armed to the teeth when I see his bitch ass.

  • lakecabs

    I had instructed my kids that if a strange man was following them with a gun that they should fight to the death.

    Once the strange guy with a gun snatches them. It will be worse for them.

    If he had been following my kid he would have been a dead man.

    • Ihatehumans

      hey dumb ass, how would “your kids” or demons to be more accurate, magically know someone is carrying a gun?? when its concealed. seriously what makes you think you have a right to fuck with other people and make them at fault for defending themselves? satan?

  • King Kai

    Chris & RightUnite is worth pieces of flesh whom I would happily shoot in the face, spit on, and them walk away..

    • Spiritz

      No doubt and we’ll call you trayvons brother…. now u understand why his genes are fuckin dust homey…. as yours would be. Keep it gangster just like he did, u 2 can share bananas in hell

  • Chuckle

    In the words of Hancock YOU’RE ALL IDIOTS.

  • Charles Smith

    I bet she got some $ for this. R-selected subspecies don’t really care about losing offspring.

  • Charles Smith

    We all know what happened:

    1) Zimmerman profiled Trayvon and followed him.
    2) Trayvon knew he was being profiled. This offended him. He decided to pick a fight to “keep it real.”
    3) He picked a fight with an armed man, who used his gun to save his life.


  • Codrin Stavri

    wow the author is so edgy. Srsly stop being this edgy, you’re scaring the children

  • ebm120

    Funny thing, the case had nothing to do with Stand your ground. That wasn’t argued in court.

  • Andy_Lewis

    No, Zimmerman is a piece of shit, and so are all his fans.

  • Delane Dick

    Justice was served,,, thank you George Z…

  • Khalil Reid

    you son of a bitch how dare you pretend to care about trayvon

  • Haha, it’s so beautiful to think of the crying Nazi languishing in jail at this very moment. So sweet!

    Rot you racist sack of trump!

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