Stephan Kinsella Thinks Activism is for Unemployed Losers

Stephan Kinsella, a patent attorney best known by libertarians for condemning the intellectual property laws he makes a living off of, visited this blog recently to read “Buehlerbots Shut Down ‘Statist Idiot of the Day’ Facebook Page“. Seems he took issue with me calling the fraudulent reporting denial of service attack being waged against me a violation of the NAP, because he posted the article to Facebook and tagged me in it. When the comment thread descended into ad-hom attacks, he privately messaged me, and the following conversation ensued. Stephan apparently thinks it’s impossible for a productive person to be an activist, or make a living as a blogger, and anyone who says otherwise, must be a liar. Not surprising, given that’s Alexa ranking makes me look like Mark fuckin Zuckerberg. 









Follow up, we had a nice video discussion just a few hours later


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