VIDEO: Kinsella vs. Cantwell on Value and Property Rights

Do you have a right to to your Facebook profile? Or more accurately, does someone violate your rights when they trick Facebook into denying you access to it?

Following my claim that a denial of service attack on my, and other Facebook profiles was an act of fraud and a violation of the non-aggression principle, patent attorney and intellectual property abolitionist Stephan Kinsella, told me to get a job. Later, I was invited to join the Voluntary Virtues panel on Google Hangouts, and had a more polite and philosophical discussion with Stephan, hosted by Michael Shanklin.

The video is posted below, I join the panel without Stephan from about 00:15:00-00:30:00 and then Stephan joins at about 01:11:00, and I join back in shortly after, until the end of the show. But the whole thing is worth watching, Michael provides a lot of thought provoking content.

I do intend to do a follow up article, addressing the philosophical question of value vs. property, perhaps you should subscribe to this blog via email in the top left corner, so you don’t miss it!


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