Facebook Embraces Custom Genders, Still Bans Custom Names

Does the whole male/female gender paradigm seem sorta square to you, maaaan? Ever wish you could deny that your penis made you male, or that your vagina made you female? Facebook is happy to accommodate. Yesterday it was reported that Facebook had given 51 gender options in the Facebook profile. Apparently, that wasn’t good enough though, because today there are 3 options, Male, Female, or “Custom”. That’s right, there are actually people in this world, who cannot find a gender that suits them in a list of 51 different genders. So Facebook just decided to let them fill in their own, and even choose a “him, her or they” pronoun to describe themselves in context.

And the LGBTLMNOP community, cheered for equality at last!

But of course, use an assumed name, and the social network that made headlines for being in bed with the NSA, will need to see a government issued ID. Call yourself “Pete Voluntaryist Eyre” and you’ll be banned, but tuck your penis between your legs and flirt with straight guys while pretending to be a woman, and all will be right with the world.


If you were born Bill Walker, but today you prefer to be called Jill Sitsdowntopee, that simply will not do. You will have to be known as the female/bigender/Gender Fluid/Gender Nonconforming/Neutrois/Gender Queer/etc… Bill Walker, until of course you go and inform the taxing authorities, of your legal name change.


Nevermind the fact that people can actually change their name, in both law and fact, a lot easier than they can change their gender. By law, there is no requirement for you to use the name the government knows you by, at least not in the United States. I myself have a spare identity that I use for business purposes, such that if I picked up certain phones and you asked for Chris Cantwell, I would tell you there is nobody here by that name. Of course, if I were foolish enough to pay taxes, I’d still have to use my legal name for that. Even if I wanted the government to know me by that name, it’s really a simple matter of dropping off some forms, and paying some fees.

Changing one’s gender on the other hand, well, sorry folks, not so simple. With extraordinarily rare exceptions, you were either born with a penis, and you are a male, or you were born with a vagina, and you are a female. That’s science, that’s the plain meaning of words, and not a matter of public opinion or Facebook policy. If you want to tuck your penis between your legs, or cut it off and turn it inside out, and call yourself Brenda, that’s fine, but you are still just a male named Brenda with a hidden/mutilated penis.

Why the obvious contradiction on Facebook’s end? Why can you use a fake gender, but not an assumed name?

Because the government has room in its prisons for all dissidents, male, female, eunuch, or other, they just need to know how to find you.



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