Julie Borowski Mocks Anarchists

In Julie Borowski’s latest video “Libertarian Infighting“, Julie took some light hearted shots at her fellow activists and content producers, myself included, in the form of some mediocre impressions and costume work. That’s fine, I got a chuckle out of it, and I’ve taken a few shots at Julie Borowski myself in the past…

Julie Borowski Mocks Anarchists
Julie Borowski Mocks Anarchists

She also makes a very important point that I’ve made myself. Specifically that libertarian infighting is not something everybody needs to freak out about. Infighting is normal in political and philosophical circles. If, as many have claimed, infighting would turn people off to a movement, then there would be no Republicans or Democrats, because they fight with each other all the time. Quite the contrary, it creates interesting content that people pay attention to. So let us consider this myth busted.

What I don’t appreciate is the lowering of anarchists to idiots who have diluted fantasies, and no argument but to call somebody a statist, or that calling somebody a statist is no big deal. Make fun of me all day, that’s fine, but let’s not lose track of the seriousness of the issue here. It’s not some minor disagreement for us to move on from and smile about. If I want to live in peace, and you actively promote the same global system of murder and mayhem that holds me hostage, this is more than some minor philosophical difference for us to chat about over coffee.

This is not silly partisan-esqe infighting. This is me desiring to not have force levied against me, while you encourage hundreds of thousands of people to apply said force. This is me saying people should violently resist that force, to the point of killing those who would wield it, while you endorse the same people. This is me painting a picture that the most violent, coercive, deceptive, and dangerous force in the history of mankind is the United States government, while you try to make that same system look adorable with silly costumes and a speech impediment.

I mean, it’s kind of a big deal, don’t you think? That one group of people says “Hey, this thousands of years old system of mass murder probably shouldn’t exist!” and another group of people says “Tough shit! I Stand with Rand!”


But, you know, other than the whole “I support a guy who would kill you with a drone for having $50 and a gun outside a liquor store” thing, cute video. By all means, carry on…

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