Westbury’s Housing Crackdown Isn’t News To Me

I’ve been seeing a lot of people post a story from Police State USA about Westbury, NY cracking down on illegal apartments. I’m somewhat less than surprised at this, because this has actually been going on for a long time. It actually happened to me in 2012 while I was living in Rocky Point, NY. That’s what finally triggered my move to New Hampshire.

It’s also what triggered, in no small part, my separation from the Tea Party groups here on Long Island. I really only started caring about freedom enough to do something about it in 2009, and at the time the Tea Party seemed like this great libertarian movement. Then they started screaming about illegal immigrants, and how cracking down on illegal apartments was the way for local government to stop them from stealing our jerbs… Pointing out that I was born and raised in America, living in a perfectly suitable basement apartment that the town had deemed illegal for some arbitrary reason, didn’t have any effect on them.

It was two weeks after applying Ron Paul bumper stickers to my van, that a notice was posted to the landlords door, saying that an inspector would be coming by to investigate a report of an illegal apartment in the home. I was given two weeks to vacate the premises.

Westbury Housing Crackdown Notice
Westbury Housing Crackdown Notice

The story in Westbury is however an expansion of the problem. They are talking about doing sweeps and executing warrants without announcing them. It’s not an expansion of power, they always reserved the right to do that, they are just exercising that power now. Thanks for protecting our freedom, Tea Party…

This also happens in New Hampshire (so much for moving to escape the problem). Check out this video of such a raid happening to the Keene Activist Center.


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