Steve Horwitz, and the Difference Between Humor and Racism

It is blaspheme to explain a joke. There is nothing I, or anyone else, can say to convince leftists, politically correct hysterics, or nanny state monitors to stop trying to label their enemies as racists, sexists, and bigots. Some people appear to be just plain born without a sense of humor, and for this, we should pity them – or mock them until they commit suicide, either is really fine with me. In any case, this article will probably be the biggest failure of my writing career, because these destroyers of all that is entertainment are beyond all hope of redemption.

Nonetheless, I shall here attempt to differentiate between racism and humor in this article. To begin our study into the humorless creature that is the leftist, let us examine the reaction Steve Horwitz of Bleeding Heart Libertarians had to my article “The Slow, Painful Death of Reason Magazine

Steve Horwitz, humorless leftist from
Steve Horwitz, humorless leftist from

In this image, we see a plain and direct case of a liberal calling obvious humor racism, and simple observation, sexism. I’m not complaining. I’m not assigning any particular importance to Horwitz. I’m not looking for his acceptance, apology, or approval. I expect scum like this to exist. This blog exists in no small part to drive people like him insane, it is part of the joke, and without him, it wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining. I thank him for his lunacy.

It’s just a great example of the point I’m trying to make. Horwitz says I’m openly racist for pointing out the irony of celebrating a black liberal by taking a day off from work. He says I’m openly sexist for noticing that women get a little crazy around their periods, a thing most women would themselves acknowledge. So ladies, the next time you throw a fit with a tampon between your legs, and you later apologize and ask forgiveness due to your hormones, make sure and tell everyone you are a woman hating misogynist at the same time, mmmkay?

First I suppose we need to define racism. Dealing with leftists is always this insane Special Olympics of linguistics attempting to redefine words. Steve Horwitz must have a very different definition of racism than;


[rey-siz-uhm] Show IPA

1.a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
2.a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
3.hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.
1865–70;  < French racisme.  See race2 , -ism

To go point by point;
  1. There is no statement of superiority, there is no implication that I believe in any doctrine of black inferiority.
  2. There is no policy or system of government being advocated, implemented, or proposed. Everything on this website is from an anarchist perspective.
  3. I do hate Martin Luthor King, but that’s because he was a raving socialist madman who proposed economic, and forced integration policies that are today doing immeasurable harm to human society, not because he was black.

Are Stereotypes Racist, Funny, or Both?

We all know there is a stereotype of black people being lazy, which is obviously referenced in the irony of celebrating a black liberal by taking a day off from work. Horwitz knows that, otherwise he wouldn’t have seen anything notable about my statement. If he didn’t recognize the stereotype, he wouldn’t be calling me a racist, he would be saying “I don’t get it”.

If Stereotypes are Racist, then Steve Horwitz is a Racist.

Thus, if it is racist to notice a stereotype, then Steve Horwitz is himself a racist. If it is racist to perpetuate a stereotype, then by calling me a racist he does exactly this, and is promoting racism. If it is racist to find humor in any of this, then Horwitz is a racist for finding this to be the “most unintentionally hilarious blog post of the day”. In fact, the only difference between my use of the stereotype and Horwitz’s, is that I’m using it in the context of a joke, and he’s using it in the context of a hateful remark. One of us is attempting to bring some levity to a situation, and the other is trying to bring somebody down. So much so, that if you point out his hypocrisy, he’ll unfriend you.
Steve Horwitz Doesn't Want To Be Your Friend Anymore :'(
Steve Horwitz Doesn’t Want To Be Your Friend Anymore :'(

The Anatomy of a Joke

Jerry Seinfeld said in an interview with the New York Times, “You know, in my world, the wronger something feels, the righter it is.”

A joke generally consists of a setup, and a punchline. The setup we all understand, there is some context that is necessary to get out there for the punchline to make sense. The punchline is more difficult, because it requires drawing some connection that the audience does not see coming. That’s why a joke isn’t as funny the second time you hear it, you already know the punchline. A joke is supposed to catch a person off guard. This sort of requires a comedian to go outside of social norms, which is one reason we find comedians tend to have “high levels of psychotic traits“.

Thanks to people like Steve Horwitz, this makes race a great option for comedians. Race is this huge social taboo that nobody wants to talk about because they fear some race pimp like him is going to label them a racist, and cause them to lose their job if they do. People don’t expect to hear you mention it, so if you want to make a joke about race, half your work is done for you before you even begin the setup.

If there’s any legitimate criticism of racial humor then, it’s that racial humor is lazy, not racist. Take Lisa Lampanelli for example, commonly known as the “Queen of Mean”, she is a pretty successful comedian, despite not being particularly talented in my book. She’s just sort of a novelty because she’s a female comic who makes really harsh racial jokes directed at her audience. If a white man did this he would get assaulted, but I guess that’s misandry for you.

That of course does not imply all racial humor is lazy. Black comedians get away with just about anything racially, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and Patrice O’Neal were all insanely talented, had success in the industry, and constantly used race in their acts.

As to my MLK reference, it’s Martin Luther King day 2014, people are talking about what a wonderful historic icon of social justice the guy was, and I come out and make a racial joke about him. Very few people see that coming, and so the comedian’s work is done.

Martin Luther King Joke
Martin Luther King Joke

As you can see in the screen shot, 61 likes on that status update, and there were 77 comments on that post, most who thought it was very funny. It ain’t my best, but it’s pretty good.

What makes it even funnier to us, is the inevitable tantrum from you liberals. Hence Tom’s comment “inb4 ‘that’s rayciss'”. We know you’re going to wet your pants when you see this, and your little fits of phony manufactured outrage, over a joke that you probably laughed at, just tickle us beyond description.
Steve Horwitz is a Race Pimp
Steve Horwitz is a Race Pimp

Have you ever heard about those studies where homophobic men are exposed to gay porn, and become sexually aroused? I really think this is the case with the “anti-racist” crowd. I think that deep down, you hate black people. You probably cross the street when you see them coming. You’re terrified of other people finding out that you have really deep issues with race, and so you condemn everything that mentions the subject, other than your own self righteous condemnations of course. You’re like the Westboro Baptist Church of humor. Your outrage is like that of a caricature, it’s a joke, it’s a meme.

And of course, you wonderful vanguards of tolerance and free speech, just can’t run to the censors fast enough.
Martin Luther King Joke Reported To Facebook
Martin Luther King Joke Reported To Facebook

This too, we find hysterical, so we talk about that and get a good laugh about it. And you report our report of your reporting!

Reported the Report of the Report
Reported the Report of the Report
We just can’t get enough of this shit. So really, if you think about it. Racial jokes have a lot more to do with laughing at white liberals than they do with putting down other races.

If laughing at racial humor is racist, then is laughing at police brutality statist?

Let’s take some memes from the ever popular Facebook page

Is It Statist To Laugh At Police?
Is It Statist To Laugh At Police?

Now, I think this is pretty funny, and most certainly not because I support cops or the murder of homeless people. Let’s kick it up a notch.

Does this meme imply I hate cancer patients and pregnant ladies?
Does this meme imply I hate cancer patients and pregnant ladies?

Now, I think libertarians are all in agreement that police brutality is a bad thing. Least of all, we don’t like police murdering homeless people, or attacking cancer patients and pregnant women. But I gotta tell ya, this shit made me laugh.

Does laughing at this, make police brutality socially acceptable? Is CopBlock actually some covert government operation to make police brutality look cool? No! It makes it look ridiculous, and that’s sort of the whole point.

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