White House Climate Change Report Warns of Floods, And Droughts

Are Climate Change Hysterics Even Trying to be Taken Seriously Anymore?

Back in the 70’s the big concern was global cooling. Later the propagandists decided to call it global warming. Eventually they just settled on “climate change” but the plan has always been the same. To expand government and create new taxes, ultimately on a global scale.

Climate Change Hysteria
Climate Change Hysteria

With a scheme this big, it is not then surprising that we see massive amounts of propaganda being created. Loss leader advertising budgets, designed to convince people that a planetary government that taxes them for breathing is somehow going to benefit their lives. True to the nature of the State, it is not so much about how those taxes are actually going to do anything positive, so much as it is about what horrible things will happen to us if the State does not take from us the fruits of our labor.

A new report released by the White House says climate change is upon us. No longer a distant threat that may at some point need to be addressed, according to the White House all the horrors previously warned about and then some are coming to fruition before our eyes. A clear and present danger that requires immediate government coercion. Among the many dangers listed in the 841 page report, are both floods, and droughts.

The report warns in part;

Many human uses of the coast – for living, working, and recreating – will also be negatively affected by the physical and ecological consequences of climate change. Erosion, inundation, and flooding will threaten public and private property along the coast; infrastructure, including wastewater treatment plants;, stormwater outfalls;, ferry terminals; and coastal road and rail transportation

But just in case drowning to death in flood waters doesn’t scare you too much, the United States Government also warns you may die of famine or thirst as the droughts come.

A changing climate, particularly in areas projected to be warmer and drier, is expected to lead to drought and stresses on water supply, affecting energy, water, and land sectors in the United States. As the Texas drought of 2011 and 2012 illustrates, impacts to a particular sector, such as energy production, generate consequences for the others, such as water resource availability. Similarly, new energy development and production will require careful consideration of land and water sector resources. As a result, vulnerability to climate change depends on energy, water, and land linkages and on climate risks across all sectors, and decision-making is complex.

Now, before advocates of theft and violence in the name of changing the weather start saying they have me in a “gotcha moment”, I’ll go ahead and point out that these two segments of the report are discussing different areas. In essence, the report warns that as the climate changes, some areas will be wet, and others will be dry. This still hardly seems like a good reason to tax carbon dioxide, or otherwise threaten people with government violence. Anybody who has ever watched the Discovery channel knows that there are wet and dry parts of the Earth right now. Mankind seems to have dealt with that pretty good so far, and so this hardly seems like a reason to create new taxes and bureaucracies.

Then of course there’s the fact that the only constant about climate is change. Thousands of years of years of geology show us that the climate has been shifting since before the advent of written language, without the help of automobiles or factory farm bovine flatulence. Something tells me that increased taxes would not have done much to prevent the extinction of the dinosaurs, the ice age, or any number of naturally occurring weather related events throughout history.

Still, the White House warns us that floods and droughts and fires and freezing are all coming for us at once. No longer is climate change a concern for the future. The power to change the weather through government violence must be granted to this president, in this term. The craziest part is, if Democrats take the House of Representatives in 2014, he just might get it.

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