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Frank Martin just posted this video to the Libertarian Brutalism Facebook group, and I thought it was just too priceless not to share.


For the less educated members of our audience, I’ll state that I’m not in favor of immigration laws or a government to enforce them. I just think the hypocrisy of liberals is so well demonstrated here that I can’t help but point it out.

Imagine that, if the the European immigrants had accused the natives of racism and gunned them down, instead of being racist themselves and gunning them down. I mean, would the outcome have been any different? Initiatory force, whether done in the name of racism, or in the name of preventing it, is always wrong. Likewise, if the native Americans were a bit skeptical about these white people showing up at their homes, but did not use force against them, this is understandable. If the white men were a little bit concerned about meeting a strange race of people who very well might consider them to be trespassers, also understandable.

This entire ordeal could have been sorted out by property rights. Instead, the natives decided they had right to roam about whatever land they wanted, and the Europeans decided they had right to set up governments to control entire continents. There are no good guys in this story, only levels of irresponsibility and aggression.

Thankfully, today, we’re able to see past this whole antipropertarian nonsense. Thankfully today, we’re able to see past race. Oh wait, that’s right, it’s 2014, and people still think race matters, and property is negotiable. No wonder people are being murdered every single day.

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