Ian Freeman & Adam Kokesh Discuss FSP’s Cantwell Ban

It was just brought to my attention that I was the topic of discussion during a recent episode of Adam vs. The Man. Guest Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live chimed in to discuss my expulsion from the Free State Project, movement infighting, and ostracism in general.

It’s good to have friends like Adam & Ian.


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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • Jake

    Love it! I’ve been reading through some of the more recent posts and comments. If anyone, ever, worried about libertarians/anarchists/etc achieving their goals or increasing their level of persuasion, all they need to do is come here for relief.
    Calling this high school-level discourse does an injustice to high schoolers and their drama. My god, you people should be petrified! Change the world? Destroy the state? You get your panties in a twist over FACEBOOK.
    Keep fighting kids and I’ll turn this car around and go home!

    • Right

      I figure it’s about 8th grade level discourse … junior high at best.

  • Kitties nRainbows

    Finally, people having each others back. It’s hard dealing with the isolation when you feel victimized by the State. And then to have the moronic Clovers braying in your face about law and order while they lick their master’s boot and insult us gets to be a bit much.

    It’s important to remind people that this is a growing movement and its going to take some time to shed the authoritarians who are attempting to usurp the idea of libertarianism/anarchy. Litmus tests (like support for seatbelt laws) will out the Jackboots for what they are.

    Staying nasty to usurpers (and the minimum wage trolls and other mental deficients that try so hard to bother us) will keep the faith while it grows past their ability to smear, defame, and steal yet another word for themselves. These types of dishonest shitheads have always relied on people’s good manners to bully their way to what they want, and taking that away from them is the best defense and educational tool we have. And they already have plenty of words to describe themselves anyway: Fascist, Communist, Collectivist, Democrat, Republican. Pick one, they all mean the same thing.

    I think you are totally right- we don’t care about persuading people by being smarmy and adopting the methods of the professional liar (politician or activist). The foundations of personal freedom are already deeply ingrained in people in the 21st Century, and bringing them out to their fullest is more of a natural evolution than a movement per se. It’s about revealing our deeply held personal truths and showing people they were with us all along. It will be like waking from a bad dream for them. There is no reason to play stupid games like all the Statist groups do.

    It’s very gratifying to see Anarchy going mainstream at long last. And its more than a little bit enjoyable to watch the State worshipers losing their minds as their god proves to be all too illusory. It can’t be easy to live the way they do, and it shows in their mental health issues.

    • state hater

      This is an excellent post!

  • Eric McCann

    Fuck the Free State Project.

  • Eric McCann

    They are full of Georgists anyway

  • Swapster_com

    I have a deep distrust of those seeking to create a utopian society (socialists/anarchists). America is out of balance because corporatism has run amuck and the greedy politicians vote in the interests of the highest bidder. We’re doomed.

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