So, It’s Illegal To Feed The Homeless Now…

The Free Thought Project is reporting that Chico & Debbie Jimenez of Daytona Beach Florida have been issued thousands of dollars in misdemeanor citations for the heinous crime of, get this, feeding homeless people. This is not the first time I’ve heard about this kind of thing happening. Get the details on this case from FTP, I just want to talk about the people responsible for now.

It’s really getting beyond the point of saying “What a dumb law” I think. Whether it’s feeding the homeless, lemonade stands, raw milk, or any number of petty innocuous things that today incur threats of violence from the belligerent power hungry madmen who claim dominion over us all, I’m really left wondering how these people manage to look at themselves in the mirror every day.

The Politicians

In order for this lunacy to become law, hundreds of people gathered together in a building somewhere. One of them said something to the effect of “I want to ban feeding the homeless, who’s with me?” and rather than run him out of town, someone cosponsored this idiocy. A vote was taken, and the majority was in favor of it. This then went on to the other house of the legislature, where a similar process took place. Then it was sent to the executive branch, where it was signed into law.

At no point during this process did anyone with the power to do anything to stop it say “Hey you fuckin psychopath, that’s cruel and violent and ridiculous!” like any reasonable person would have. This probably wasn’t even a big deal. It was just the normal everyday hustle for a group of completely unaccountable people with absolutely zero regard for the well being of their fellow man.

The Police


Banned From Feeding The Homeless
Banned From Feeding The Homeless

Keep on telling yourself there’s such a thing as a good cop out there. If the police will use force to stop charitable people from feeding hungry people, then there is literally nothing they will not do for their paychecks and pensions. If the law was to stone gays or hang blacks, that’s exactly what these same police officers would be doing, and when you cried for them to stop you would get the ever familiar “just doing my job” line. If politicians are sewage, then police are the bacteria that feeds on said sewage. 

Whatever “noble intentions” you claimed to have joined the force for, are now completely out the fuckin window pal. You don’t get to violently prevent homeless people from being fed by charitable causes, and call yourself a good person. There just plain isn’t any excuse for this type of behavior.

You forcefully prevent a man from eating, then you go cash your cushy paycheck that was taken from people who don’t want your help, without their consent, then you go home to your soft bed and fuck your wife and tell everybody what a swell guy you are. I don’t fucking think so. The sooner you get yourself a flag draped coffin and a 21 gun salute, the better, you fucking parasite. You are beyond all hope of redemption.

The Politicos

If you look at a problem like this one, and you think the answer is “Vote for the other guy in 2, 4, or 6 years” then you should make toast in the bathtub. It is precisely this kind if irresponsibility that caused this mess in the first place. For over two centuries there have been elections in America, and with every single election, things got worse. If you seriously can’t see passed that, then you really are too stupid to be voting anyway.

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