Larken Rose & Josie Wales Say R.I.P PorcFest

The PorcFest Not So Grand Finale?

Josie Wales & Larken Rose released a video today on Larken’s YouTube channel discussing my banishment from the Free State Project’s Porcupine Freedom Festival, and the larger, more important issue of discussing use of force. Like me, Larken & Josie understand that a discussion of liberty without a discussion on the proper application of force is incomplete and not entirely honest. At its core, libertarianism is really just the prescription for the proper application of force. If we remove that from the discussion, we’re necessarily talking about something else, and then we start down this rabbit hole of egalitarianism and other nonsense that people have been trying to pervert libertarianism with since before the coining of the word libertarian.

Larken Rose & Josie Wales Discuss PorcFest's Cantwell Ban
Larken Rose & Josie Wales Discuss PorcFest’s Cantwell Ban

They both say they will be attending this year, but are unsure if they will be buying tickets, and like many others, they suspect it may be their last time attending. PorcFest cannot continue to be the signature event of the libertarian movement and ban popular libertarians for the crime of being popular libertarians. They can’t hold that kind of prestige, while barring discussion of libertarianism’s primary concern, which is use of force. If they don’t retract their banishment of me, and their barring use of force discussion, then PorcFest is little more than a high school kegger.

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