Larken Rose on The “Immediate Danger” Standard

Larken Rose rejoins the back and forth over the Free State Project’s ban on discussing use of force, and my expulsion over doing so. This time he points out the absurdity of the “immediate danger” standard espoused by FSP board member Jody Underwood on “Arm Your Mind for Liberty” with George Donnelly.

According to Jody, defensive force is only justified when there is an immediate threat, such as a kidnapper actively trying to abduct you. As I’ve pointed out, and Larken agrees, this is a wholly inadequate model for defensive force. It leaves no room to reclaim stolen property, no room for dealing with someone who hires an assassin, or really anything that obfuscates responsibility, like a government does.

These are the kinds of important discussions that are being avoided by the Free State Project. Instead they act as if I broke the first two rules of fight club or something. See Larken’s video below.


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