Memorial Day: Thanks For Being Dead, Soldier

A rather twisted religious ritual takes place today. Adherents to the statist faith will take to the streets in parades to worship the many dead who have given up their lives for their deity, the State. Military hardware will roll down traditionally civilian roads, and the people this hardware oppresses will call it freedom. They call this ceremony “Memorial Day”.

Memorial Day
Memorial Day

It is one of the more bizarre sacraments this religion practices, in that is a direct celebration of death. Most of their observances tend to gloss over the fact that they are a death cult, speaking instead of ill-defined notions of freedom, democracy, equality, or superiority over other such cults. Memorial day instead celebrates the deaths of all American war dead, a number which exceeds 1.32 million people.

To those not under the influence of the cult’s leaders, surely this seems rather morbid. Few of us can imagine the rationale behind a national holiday celebrating over a million deaths. Celebrating the holocaust for example would cause one to be run out of town, and rightfully so. For them however, this all seems perfectly normal, even noble. In fact it is a necessary act if the cult is to maintain its army of slaves.

The celebration serves to instill in the impressionable minds of the young, a sense of honor in being killed by a stranger half way across the world. Without that, it would be difficult if not impossible to keep future generations adding themselves to the pile of bodies created by the war machine. Since, in theory, there is no monetary compensation that can accommodate the loss of one’s own life, superstition, paranoia, and a complex system of irrational beliefs are necessary to keep the scheme going.

So the annual celebration is promoted by the propagandists of the televisions and newspapers. Each end of the political spectrum takes to the streets and airwaves to proclaim proudly and loudly that they are more supportive of the killing than the other. There will be parties, barbecues, picnics, and parades. People take the day off of work. Even competing religions will offer their support, by telling their flock to pray for the statist dead. Anyone who dares challenge the beliefs will be labeled a heretic and even threatened with violence.

Memorial day, put simply, is war propaganda. Propaganda to support the lies of wars past, and to pave the way for the lies of wars future. It is a testament to the effectiveness of the cult of the omnipotent State’s propaganda machine, that so many otherwise good people would turn out in such numbers to celebrate wholesale slaughter. Be fearful when you see them proudly marching down your street with their banners, as they care not for your well being. Anyone who would celebrate such morbidity is every bit as deranged as any serial killer could ever hope to be. If their masters today ordered you into battle against your will, they would cheer loudly. If you so abhorred killing that you would rather flee than serve in their horde, they would label you the worst of all criminals and celebrate your imprisonment.

It is no measure of mental health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society, and it is a profoundly sick society that you live in today. Militarism is not a job, it’s a welfare program for sociopaths, yet its recipients are hailed as the saviors of mankind. Go ahead, turn on your television, head to your city’s central square, watch in horror as the people who surround you celebrate over a million deaths, and know that you are immersed in the most depraved zoo of savagery that mankind has ever known. The fact that it is decorated with colorful banners, and flowers, and their finest dress clothes, should only serve to further putrefy the stench.


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