Politically Correct Libertarianism Must Die

The Libertarian Brutalism Facebook group was deleted today, because politically correct libertarians can’t mind their own business. Well, I’ve got a few things to say to these people.

Politically correct libertarians tell us they are just exercising their own freedom of speech and association when they expel brutalists from organizations and slander us publicly. For the most part, we’ve been pretty happy to let them run with that narrative, even though we know it to be false. After all, our standard is non-aggression, and while being a shameless liar completely untethered to reality, is despicable and undesirable, it isn’t an initiation of force, and unless they are depriving us of something we have a right to, it doesn’t meet our standard for fraud.

However, dishonesty is a necessary trait of political correctness. One of these people sees an off color joke, finds it funny, and instead of laughing (or perhaps, after laughing) gets up on their soapbox to condemn the behavior as some sort of micro aggression. They see some harsh truth that makes people uncomfortable, and instead of explaining why that uncomfortable truth is an important thing to understand, they condemn it as false, and tell some comforting lie of their own for the sake of popularity, while simultaneously accusing the truth teller of trying to draw attention to himself.

For quite some time, people have been trying to expand libertarianism’s definition of aggression from initiatory force and fraud, to also include “racism” and “misogyny” and “bigotry” and “shaming”. I would propose that if it were in any need of expansion, it would first need to include dishonesty. By this standard, of course, we’d be justified in showing up at every “humanitarian” or “thick libertarian” residence in large numbers with pitchforks, torches, and molotov cocktails to eliminate from the gene pool their entire bloodline, because their entire existence is a lie.

George Geankoplis Brags About Reporting Posts To Facebook

George Geankoplis Brags About Reporting Posts To Facebook

Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not government agents, Democrats, or Republicans, getting people like Mark Dice, Stefan Molyneux, Adam Kokesh, Josie Wales, Ademo Freeman, and myself banned from social media. It’s other people who call themselves libertarians. It’s not even a secret, they frequently brag about it.

These white knights, these social justice crusaders, these fuckin rejects from the Democratic party, they never gave up their bad ideas. They never gave up their desire to ruin good shit. They never gave up their desire to control others. In all reality they never even gave up on violence, or fraud. They just stepped from one social circle to another, upon realizing that they could do more damage in a smaller pond.

This morning, when I logged into Facebook, I was notified that the libertarian brutalism Facebook group had been deleted for some unspecified violation of Facebook’s “Community Standards”. Libertarian Brutalism was a closed group, we did not allow members to add their friends. The only way it was possible for anybody to see what was in the group, was to purposely join it themselves. Everybody in that group made a conscious decision to read the group’s content, and by last count, there were over 4,050 people who had made that decision.

I created that group because I wanted to create a separate community of libertarians where nothing was off limits. If people wanted to post racial humor, fine. If people wanted to talk about use of force, fine. If people wanted to argue rudely, fine. It was a place for us to do all these things that the politically correct libertarians who run all the large outlets don’t want us to do. We created our own community, and left you fuckin people alone.

But that wasn’t good enough for the politically correct libertarians. It wasn’t good enough for us to leave them alone, because free association was never their purpose. They had to come into our group, and fuck up our good time. They had to create fake accounts and infiltrate our group and report our posts, whether the posts violated any of Facebook’s terms or not, and dozens of members got their own Facebook bans as a result, before there were so many reports that Facebook banned the entire group of more than four thousand people.

Why? Because they are miserable fucking scumbags. They just can’t tolerate the idea that other people are saying things they don’t like. They refuse to accept our freedom of association, they have to deceive us, break their contract with Facebook, violate the rules of our community, and destroy hundreds of hours of work that we performed, to satisfy their own sick fucking desire to control the behavior of others.

They don’t respect any contractual obligation, they don’t accept the fact that we don’t want to associate with them, they just have to appeal to authority and ruin everything that they don’t like. Not for individuals, but for an entire group of more than four thousand people. Because their own lives are so puny and insignificant, that they have to define themselves by how good they are at snitching on social media.

And you’re the biggest fuckin idiot out there, if you think people like that are good to associate with. You’re worried about feds infiltrating the movement? You better not sell drugs to one of these fuckin assholes, I don’t care if it’s half a gram of weed. They will sell you out at the drop of a fuckin hat to save their own asses five seconds of discomfort. Look at Stacy Litz, fuckin leftist hooked up with Students for Liberty and Center for a Stateless Society, irresponsible cunt got herself caught selling drugs and sold out her friends to the cops, then blamed the government and called herself a fuckin victim. No, you’re a fuckin snitch, you’re an accomplice.

Take a look at the other end of the spectrum, Rich Paul, who will be on Some Garbage Podcast with me tonight, ancap, propertarian, non aggressionist, been down with me since the moment we met, and stood up to the bullshit drama every time. He got hit with 81 years worth of drug charges, by the Joint Terrorist Task Force, and was told he could walk if he wore a wire on me. He said fuck no, went to trial, admitted to selling drugs and shot for a jury nullification defense, he blew trial, did a year in the clink, and now he’s facing a violation of probation for defending his friends against violent attackers while they were out doing activism in Keene.

These are the kinds of people that libertarianism needs. If you’re so fucking upset because somebody said a dirty word on the internet, that you would rather spend your time trying to disrupt facebook groups than do something about the State, then you are of negative value to libertarianism. You do more harm than good. “You’re hurting the movement” go fuck yourself you fuckin bitch, you don’t even know what the movement is. You missed the whole fuckin point. You don’t like dirty words? Go be a fuckin Democrat, we don’t need you. We need stand up guys with thick skin who can take a fuckin punch and do a fuckin bid. We need radical ideologues who hate the State. We need pretty girls who wanna fuck guys like that.

So you take your half ass, politically correct, pussy shit, take it into a voting booth, and pull the lever for fuckin Hillary, we don’t fuckin need you!


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  • Moše Škoda

    They took down Libertarian Brutalism? MOTHERFUCKER!!

  • Gabriel Mitchell

    Cry Baby

  • My theory is that it was either:

    Some sourpuss from the Free State Project, pissed off at the buzz created by Cantwell’s exclusion and the accompanying guerilla theater (I noticed one idiot trying to characterize said theater as an “initiation of force”); or

    Christopher Cantwell, looking for some new controversy to keep said buzz going.

  • Chris Ohge

    Not surprised… I’m over FB. It’s actually worse than myspace at this point.

  • Tomasz Paweł Czapla

    what’s the new group’s address now?

  • If it doesn’t leave a mark, it is not an initiation of force…

  • James Simpson

    Seems like admins should screen accounts before approving them now.. Sad it had to come to this.

  • Cantwell, you fat, sniveling, rotund, whining, girthy, bald,
    crying fat-assed obese bitch. That you whine so loudly when Facebook bans you from its private property based on free-market forces reeks of irony. I am literally LOL’ing at you, fat boy.

    • Kitties nRainbows

      Your personal life must be in a shambles. Literally no sane adult acts the way you do.

      • LOL watch that cantwell video again and then try to type that retarded statement to me again without laughing.

        • Kitties nRainbows

          How old are you?

          • Vae Victae

            Who cares? Under “Brutalism” doesn’t he have the right to talk like that?

            I mean if being “PC” is to be loathed, who cares if someone calls Cantwell fat?

  • Kitties nRainbows

    This is typical behavior for the wannabe jackboots. Generally people don’t infiltrate into politics or political clubs because they want to leave other people alone. Wimpy, lame control freaks with no power always try to take over other people’s going concerns and subvert them for their own little ego purposes.

    Anarchy has always scared the ruling elite. If you look at historical documents for immigrants to the US through Ellis Island, you will see one of few spaces on the sheet asks whether or not the person is an anarchist. As soon as there was another created boogeyman to worry about (communism), the anarchist threat was buried by those who write the dominant cultural narrative in the US, and anarchy was replaced in the public mind and faded. Now it is coming back as people see less and less need for the US fascist government in their lives.

    The manifest failure of giant government is becoming apparent to everyone. Iron-fisted US government actions are destroying the economy and ruining the middle class. Crony deals with banks and trillions of printed dollars are making a mockery of government regulation. The truth about government is going to be plain to everyone, and even the most die hard sycophants and other beta personalities are going to have to admit to themselves that their beloved “alphas” are just so many bullies.

    This experiment in massive central bureaucracy that began during the Industrial Revolution is finally coming to an end.

    • Christ you are a long winded faggot. I got board and stopped reading your yammering s at the second sentence.

      • Kitties nRainbows

        Closet cases such as yourself are the worst homophobes, lol.

        Why do you even bother coming here, are you that desperate to stalk and hurt people? You Nazi freak. =)

        • Homophobe and Nazi in the same comment. Is that you, Antonio Buehler?

          • Andreas Meyer

            Antonia also known here?

          • Anywhere people discuss libertarian or voluntaryist thought, Buehler shows up at some point squealing “RACIST, BIGOT, HOMOPHOBE, MYSOGYNIST, XENOPHOBE!” It’s like being at a goddamn Code Pink protest!

      • Dyspeptic

        “I got board”
        Congratulations, are you in the lumber business? The word is spelled “bored” you fool. Have you ever heard of a spell checker? Check your punctuation to or better yet, go back to school and pay attention this time.

      • Davy Goossens


  • MovieBuff

    Is there a new group? I want to join it.

  • chico bueno

    the culprit responsible for getting the old group nuked has been singled out and doxxed. it was a commie left liberal piece of shit.

  • Trolls: 1 Chris Cantwell: 2 D.U.I.’s

  • Guest


  • chaoban

    http ://tudotatca.blogspot

  • John Galt

    Christ dude, at least wear a shirt with sleeves when making videos.

  • paendragon

    “Brutalism” means: “We will do nothing TO, or FOR, you, without your assent.”

    It’s an agreement of the most basic Golden Rule of Law and morality; i.e:
    “Do Not Attack First.”

    “Thick” libertarianism means the criminal opposite: “We do whatever we want TO you, unasked, simply by pretending it’s FOR your own good! Whee!”

    In other words, we WILL slanderously, ‘pre-emptivaly/defensively’ attack you first, while pretending we’re really only counter-attacking you second!

    Chris, “thick” libertarianism is really the exact opposite of libertarianism itself.

    And yes words may be a form of violence and attac, for while “Sticks and stones” etc – words may break your bones if those words are “Get him!!!”


  • Wear a Fucking Shirt

    Put a fucking shirt on fat boy.

  • Politically correct libertarians? There can be no such thing.. Their political tag is one of the best textbook examples of an oxymoron that I’ve seen in a long time. One cannot be a libertarian by any definition, and also be politically correct. The two can never be compatible with each other, plain and simple. Political correctness is contrary to the idea of liberty as a whole because the entire notion is absolutely based on stopping specific speech and therefore stopping independent thought. It doesn’t matter that they most often use nonviolent attempts, because political correctness has only one objective- to stop people from talking. With this clear objective, any use of passive or nonviolent means to achieve it inevitably falls short ( because damnit, people just insist on thinking for themselves, and blurting those thoughts out of their pie holes, no matter WHAT those PC Preachers say!), and such people will always end up resorting to a direct violation of others’ liberties. When someone claims to be libertarian, yet acts in ways to prevent another from exercising their own right of liberty through the verbal expression of their choice simply because they believe they can (which is a far more honest and probably far more truthful reason than any other I’ve heard them use as justification, in my humble but not uninformed opinion), or should, or must, they are clearly not libertarians of ANY flavor, no matter what label they attempt to attach to themselves. They are just control freaks who wish to impose their own ideas of morality and social justice onto others at any cost, just like any other dictatorial and/or tyrannical personality. Such people should be regarded as not only the opposition of a free society, but as being flat out dangerous to society as a whole. Keep them away from your children.