HIV+ Public School Teacher Fucks Teen

The danger of public schooling isn’t limited to bad education, school shootings, or rampant drug abuse. Public schools are also a great place for young children to pick up deadly communicable diseases from the genitalia of their teachers. Roger Kessler, aka “Joe” was detained on suspicion of burglary as he was caught fleeing the backyard of a Texas homeowner. When police arrived, Kessler explained he wasn’t burglarizing the home, he was just sticking his HIV infected penis into the homeowner’s 15 year old son. He went so far as to show police the conversations he had with the teen over the gay dating app known as Grindr.

Roger Kessler is a 43 year old HIV Positive music teacher who was caught having sex with a 15 year old boy
Roger Kessler is a 43 year old HIV Positive music teacher who was caught having sex with a 15 year old boy

Kessler is a 43 year old music teacher at Richardson ISD, a public school district in the state of Texas. I’m sure he gives great flute lessons. The school district has put Kessler on paid leave, which is great for him since he’s being held on $250k bond in the county jail, and most people don’t get weekly paychecks while they sit in jail for pumping death semen into the mouths and assholes of underage kids.

Kessler had reportedly had sex with the teenager at least four times. He was fully aware of the fact that he was HIV positive, but didn’t see fit to inform the teenage boy. Sadly, Rick Perry’s mandatory HPV vaccine doesn’t protect against HIV.

The teenager in question was not a student of Kessler’s, nor did the teen attend any school in the Richardson Independent School District. Still, it is quite troubling, I’d say, to have men like this educating the youth of the future. If children are going to school to learn how to live in the world as adults, it would stand to reason that people who have felonious under age sex without informing their partners they are carrying a life threatening sexually transmitted disease, aren’t the best folks to be handing out advice on how to have a good life. Even if you take the age thing out of the equation, and perhaps we should, knowingly spreading a deadly virus is assault and possibly murder. It is equally outrageous that the school district would continue to pay a man his salary, even while he sits in jail for felonious sexual assault of a child. A sexual assault that may well kill the teen after many long years of medication and suffering, if he contracted HIV from Kessler.

This doesn’t even make economic sense, much less any rational legal or moral case. If I found out my son or daughter was attending a school that paid a sexual predator, I wouldn’t continue to have my child in that school, nor would I contribute money towards them doing so. Public schools though, make that kind of tricky of course. The people of Texas are being forced to pay for those schools through the tax code. Presumably the school gets some sort of benefit from the US Department of Education, and so by extension, so are all Americans, and really everyone who trades in dollars anywhere in the world. That’s right, if you use dollars, you are paying a sexual predator to sit in jail, right now. This is certainly preferable to paying him to educate kids, but I just don’t want to give him any money at all.

It makes me wonder how often this kind of thing happens and it just doesn’t get mentioned. Kessler was only caught because his victim’s mother came home early, and because he was stupid enough to give a full confession complete with electronic records. Legally speaking, he probably would have been better off copping to the burglary than the sex. How many more public school teachers are knowingly spreading HIV to young teens, and having the good sense not to get caught? When they do get caught, and the government pays them anyway, how can we prevent our money from benefiting sexual predators? How long before home schooling is no longer an option in the United States, and our children are forced to sit in concrete classrooms with men like Kessler?

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