Facebook Panders To Drag Queens on Real Names Policy

I’ve written before about Facebook’s “Real Names Policy”, as well as their affinity for folks who are confused about what it means to have a penis or a vagina. Recently, these two concepts came into conflict as Facebook began banning hundreds of drag queens who were using aliases on Facebook.

Now, if you’re not a drag queen, and had your profile banned for using a pseudonym, you probably got a big ole middle finger when you tried to find some recourse. Facebook doesn’t tend to respond to support requests of any sort from users, because the users are not the customer – the advertisers are. Users are the product, and responding to complaints from a product is like a farmer responding to complaints from a cow, they don’t care unless it stops producing milk – or in your case, viewing advertisements.

The far left agenda of Facebook’s upper management though, it requires them to make some special exceptions. Yes, of course Facebook has to ban everybody with the word “Voluntaryist” in their name, because Facebook is ideologically opposed to a voluntary society. If you have “Voluntaryist” in your name, you probably already got asked for a government ID, just to really hammer that point home. Seek an appeal? Ask for support? Refuse to comply? Silence.

Facebook Panders To Drag Queens
Facebook Panders To Drag Queens

But, if your name is Sister Roma (who initiated the outrage on Facebook itself), Heklina, Bebe Sweetbriar, or Lil Miss Hot Mess, and you happen to be a man dressed up like a woman, hope is not lost. You will get a special meeting, in person, with Facebook decision makers, reports SFist.com.

As of right now, Facebook is not offering to bend its rules for these users, but they are restoring deleted profiles while talks are ongoing. A favor no libertarian should expect to have done for them anytime soon.

Among the drag queen’s concerns, are threats of violence that may be levied against them by religious zealots and others intolerable of their lifestyles. They want to be able to use their aliases on Facebook to hide their identities from those who would do them harm. A worthwhile concern, perhaps, but is the same not true for those of us who speak out against war, taxation, and disarmament? We face the greatest violent threat of all, the violence of the State.

But Facebook doesn’t care about violence, and for all their leftist politics, they don’t care about equality either. They care about pandering to special classes of people, and crushing dissent.

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