“Democracy” Enslaves 45% of Scotland to British Empire

If we believe the vote totals – and I’m not sure we should – 45% of Scotland voted for Independence from the United Kingdom yesterday. Luckily for the British Empire, the majority of votes were cast against the measure.

Now, I was cautiously excited about this personally. Polling showed this was going to be a tight vote, and in my study of history, election fraud tends to favor the existing power. Breaking away from rule by another nation seems like the most common sense thing a given society could ask for. Many nations have broken away from the British Empire, such as the United States, Canada, Belize, Bahamas, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Honduras, Mosquito coast, Guiana, Falkland Islands, part of Antarctica, Nigeria, Gold Coast, Gambia, Malta, Gibraltar, Minorca, Ireland, Cyprus, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Oman, Yemen, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Buhrain, India, Pakistan, Burma, Hong Kong, Malayasia, Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and the Mediterranean Islands.

I don’t see any of these people clamoring to get back on board with the Brits.

I also kind of doubt most of them waited for 45% of the population to get on board with the idea. Usually the way independence from foreign rule is gained, is by taking it, and usually when independence is taken, it is taken by a minority.

So now, despite a 45% vote in favor of independence. Scotland will remain under British rule. Let us imagine this happening in reverse in the United States. Imagine if you will, a group of petitioners managed to get a referendum in the US, that we should submit to British rule. Imagine 45% of Americans said no, but the majority prevailed, and we were all to submit to the British crown. That US oil would be taken by the UK, that we would pay British taxes, that Parliament would decide what weapons we could own, that the Euro would replace the dollar.

Would you submit?

I imagine most Americans would say no. Perhaps some small number of you would even take up arms.

If that is the case, then why do we then submit to elections here at home? What is it about majority rule, that you people don’t understand? If 51% of the vote can force us under Barack Obama’s boot, then why not the boot of David Cameron? What makes one ruler any more legitimate than another?

Many would say the US Constitution, but when was the last time you saw any government care about any constitution? Pretty much all constitutions promise freedom of speech, of assembly, of conscience. They all promise participatory elections, freedom, and justice. Even in the former Soviet Union, North Korea, Iran, and China, there are constitutions that promise a “republican” form of government, and all these rights you expect here at home here in the US or wherever you happen to be reading this from.

But even here, we don’t actually experience those rights. America has some of the highest taxes on the planet. We rank 12th in economic freedom worldwide. We rank 46th in press freedom, according to Reporters without Borders. Weapons restrictions are being passed by US States at an alarming rate, and there is an ever present threat of new federal restrictions as well. The United States is now the least free country in terms of privacy, and that was from a 2007 report.

Doesn’t sound to me like the first, second, or fourth amendments to the US Constitution mean much to the US Government. How long before they stop paying attention to election laws? Have they already done so, and just not bothered to inform us?

Whatever the case, it doesn’t seem right to me that 55% of Scottish voters (if the results are to even be believed) should be able to subject 45% to rule by a foreign nation. Neither does it seem right to me that some percentage of Americans should be able to subject me to rule by a violent authority that doesn’t honor its own constitution, much less my existence as an individual.

Scottish Independence
Scottish Independence

If democracy is not going to be capable of righting the wrongs of this world, then what will? If the majority is steadfast in favor of tyranny, then what option is the minority left with?

I think that’s how Justin Bourque, Jared and Amanda Miller, and Eric Frein felt… Disagree with their actions all you want, but they ain’t wrong…

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