Free Talk Live 10/29/2014

Every Wednesday from 7-10pm EST, I cohost Free Talk Live. FTL is an internationally syndicated talk radio show that airs on over 160 broadcast stations across the United States. If it doesn’t air on a station near you, you can listen at or you can listen via the TuneIn app for smartphones.

This episode we spoke mostly about the “street harassment” video I wrote about yesterday.

Other topics included Warrant Canary :: Street Harassment Video :: Should it be illegal to compliment a lady? :: “Hollaback” :: Actress a Hypocrite? :: Talking to People on the Streets :: Aggressive Words? :: Naked on the Streets :: First World Problems :: Hang ’em High Pete :: Witt Calling Other Shows :: Calling Talk Radio :: Different Generations of Feminism :: Wrong Show


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Christopher Cantwell comedian, writer, voice artist, and Patriot.