GOP Takes US Senate: Don’t Celebrate Yet

Even though all elections are scams, they can be very interesting to watch. I watched rather intently, and despite my distaste for both parties, a part of me was really glad to see the Republican party trounce Democrats last night. The GOP expanded their majority in the US House, regained control of the US Senate, and even managed to pick up a number of Governor’s seats. I haven’t checked the numbers yet, but I imagine they picked up a great number of State and local legislator positions as well.

Republicans Defeat Democrats in US Senate Races
Republicans Defeat Democrats in US Senate Races

On the upside, this would tend to indicate that Americans are rejecting the Obama agenda. It means executive appointments to the judiciary and other positions have the potential to meet real resistance in the US Senate. It means Cap & Trade, minimum wage hikes, tax increases, and other far left policies are pretty much off the table for the next two years.

A lot of that would have been, and has been, put off by the GOP controlled House of Representatives. If the GOP hadn’t taken the House in 2010, we’d all be paying carbon taxes right now. The really big deal is the judicial appointments, which a lot of people tend to overlook. If you pay attention to the Supreme Court of the United States, a lot of the worst decisions we get are split 5-4 decisions which are decided along ideological and or partisan lines.

While right wing/conservative/Republican judges have their horrific ideas, I do find the left to be far more destructive, and their expansions of federal power to be far longer lasting. So the check on judicial appointments at least means whoever ends up on those benches will have to satisfy both parties. That has its own problems, but I’ll call it the lesser of three evils for now.

Here’s what concerns me though. America had a similar backlash against Republicans during the end of Bush’s second term. The Bush Administration had more than their fair share of downright scary Orwellian agendas, and Americans caught onto that just a tad bit too late. They castrated Bush by giving him a Democratic House and Senate, leaving him a lame duck in the White House. That worked out pretty good until they also elected a Democratic President.

When Obama came into office with a Democrat controlled House and Senate, the Democratic Party had complete control over the federal government. That’s how we ended up with Obamacare as our 2009 Christmas gift, and we’re only beginning to feel the impact of that horrific legislation 5 years later.

If this pattern continues, we’ll have a Republican president in 2016. If the makeup of the legislature is left unaltered, we’ll have one party control of the federal government once again, and there will be no check on the power of the Republican party. In that scenario, we can expect all the worst habits of the GOP to be unleashed upon America and the world. A militarized southern border, further expansions of the surveillance/police state, bombings in Iraq and Syria could turn into full on invasions, and maybe they decide to straighten out those Iranians while their at it. All that “America is the battlefield” nonsense these lunatics have been screaming from their respective houses could actually become policy, and without the Democratic attempts to put a velvet glove on that iron fist.

Republican judicial and other appointments would be unchallenged. Don’t expect those judges to strike down anything pertaining to foreign policy, domestic surveillance, searches, border controls, or State getting too cozy with Church.

You really do have to hand it to the propagandists though. Even knowing all this, I couldn’t help but watch Fox News last night and feel the urge to do a little victory dance every time the Republican party gained a Senate seat. It’s a good thing I’m rarely in a house with a cable TV subscription, because it can really be easy to get hypnotized by this crap.

How quickly even the best of us can forget the abuses of previous administrations should terrify us. Surely our tea party friends aren’t thinking things through to their ultimate conclusions. I imagine a lot of these people are still drunk and waking up next to naked strangers after celebrating the victory of their next rulers. Little do they realize, that the expansions of power their chosen tyrants will make, will again pave the way for Democrats to take power, and wield that same authority against them.

We have dark times ahead of us friends, dark, dark times…

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