When Statists Get It Right, and Libertarians Get It Wrong

There’s an interesting article out by a local hate group here in Keene. They went about social media, observing the cannibalistic feeding frenzy libertarians went into in the wake of The Colbert Report episode featuring myself and others on Wednesday night. They took screen shots, and made commentary about how libertarians were turning on each other, all because some liberal comedian made fun of them.

I really do hate to give these people any credit, they’re terrible excuses for human beings. But when you’re right, you’re right, and this is a sad day for the movement.

The story reads in part;

The Moral of the Story

There’s plenty more, and I’ll try to update this article as I find them, but here’s the real moral of the story for all of us who love the State.

Libertarians are just as weak minded as the rest of us. If we can take them out of context and make them look bad on television, they’ll be even more vicious towards one another than we are towards them. These egomaniacs are so full of envy and self hatred, that they just can’t wait for an opportunity to smash one another publicly. For all Free Keene’s talk of “principles.” the truth is principles never come into play for most libertarians. They are spiteful, envious, self loathing little brats who will throw one another under the bus just because they think it’s the “cool” thing to do that day.

Like us, they are interested in making money, and winning elections, and being popular. Anything we can do to make them look unpopular, or lose money or elections will bring this threat to a grinding halt. All we need to do to stop the advance of libertarianism, is keep on saying bad things about libertarians in the main stream media.

See the full story and all the screenshots at StopFreeKeene.info

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