Straight Talk Galaxy S4 SM-S975L Root

For a few years I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy S2 from Walmart’s Straight Talk. I had installed CyanogenMod on it, and it was working quite well for awhile. Recently however, the micro-USB slot for the charger has been kind of fussy, and had difficulty charging. So when I saw Walmart had a black Friday deal on the Samsung Galaxy S4, normally $449, on sale for $249, I jumped on it.

Straight Talk  Samsung Galaxy S4 Model SM-S975L Root Access
Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S4 Model SM-S975L Root Access

Straight Talk is nice because it’s $45/month unlimited, with no contract, and you can still get really nice phones like this one. The downside is, the phones often vary slightly from the contract phones you get from other providers. Anytime you search for information about the Samsung Galaxy S4, you’re probably finding model numbers like SCH-I545, SGH-I337, SPH-L720, SGH-M919, and SCH-R970. The S4 that I got from Walmart however, was the SM-S975L.

Not all the information that you get for the other model numbers, is good for the SM-S975L. I tried using the MotoChopper method for example, and could not obtain root.

What eventually worked for me ended up being the easiest root I’ve ever obtained though. TowelRoot is an APK that you install directly to the phone from the web, and it roots the phone without help from the computer. So if you want root access on the SM-S975L, TowelRoot is the way to go.

First you’ll need to allow 3rd party apps to be installed. To do this, go into settings, tap “More” in the top right, select “Security” and check the box next to “Unknown Sources”. This will popup a warning message, just tap “OK”.

Then, on your phone, go to

Click on the lamda icon in the middle of the page, and this should download the APK file to your phone.

I’ve also backed the file up here, so alternatively just click here to download it.

Run the application. You may receive a warning about it trying to violate certain security policies, but that’s sorta the whole point, isn’t it? 🙂 Just acknowledge the error and continue.

The process should complete and notify you that the SM-S975L has been rooted. If your phone reboots, something went wrong.

You can verify the phone has been rooted with the Root Checker app from Google Play.

And there you have it, a rooted SM-S975L. I haven’t done a whole lot else with this phone yet, but if you subscribe to the blog, I’ll be sure and keep you posted as I try and get everything I can out of it. I hope to get CWM (Clockworkmod Recovery) and Cyanogenmod onto it at some point in the near future. I’m also having trouble recording my calls, which is going to require some troubleshooting and an article once I get it to work.

You might also be able to try One Click Root.


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