Shirt Design Contest

This website exists because a lot of people feel like I have a way with words. Unfortunately, this talent does not extend itself to fashion design.

T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Design

Some of you may have noticed the Shop here has finally been populated with some items, but the checkout feature is disabled as of the time I write this. That’s going to change pretty soon, but first I need a solid design for merchandise. I had recently posted a rough draft to the Facebook page, and the response was basically that I had lived up to the “Asshole” part of my tagline. I’m neither offended nor surprised. I suck at this.

Luckily, I know there are some very talented people reading this blog. So rather than struggle in Photoshop like a chimp with a jigsaw puzzle, I figure I should reach out for help. 

I want you to design a T-Shirt/Hoodie with my cartoon character and website. I’m offering $25 in Bitcoin, a T-Shirt, and a surprise gift to the winning designer. I’m not terribly attached to any particular slogan or color scheme, I just want the cartoon character and website URL to be clearly recognizable. Some folks had pointed out that saying “Asshole” on the shirt might hurt sales, and I figure that’s some good advice, at least for the first run.

Officially the prize will only go to the design chosen for the first run, but I realize there may be more than one great submission. So I’ll give some consideration to runners up whose designs may end up on the next round of merchandise or other items like coffee mugs or mouse pads or whatever.

This is one time I’ll allow links in the comments section, or you can submit your design through the Contact page. Here is the full size cartoon character for you to use in your designs.

Cartoon Cantwell

Cartoon Cantwell

  • Jeff

    Is there a deadline?

  • Might be difficult to get an even semi-serious designer to create a T-Shirt design for only $25. On a side note, the designer will probably need the original design files for your cartoon character, or a graphic that is at least 300 .dpi and 1000px+.

  • GOD

    The State is beating the drums of war,
    Cantwell dances to the beat…
    That a good quote to put on a shirt?

  • Don’t Tread On Any1

    What do you think Chris? Drop me a line on twitter.