Critiques of My Self Defense Incident Refuted

I have remarked before, that it’s sort of my job to be hated. I’d venture to say I’ve become quite good at this. So whenever I draw a great deal of attention to myself, there is obviously a certain expectation of negative feedback. Often, this is intentional. I am saying controversial things that I know will get people into angry conversations, I do this for promotional reasons, and to get people discussing important topics, so it is not at all unexpected.

Critiques of my Self Defense Incident Refuted

Critiques of my Self Defense Incident Refuted

This time, I am quite surprised. After being compelled to pull a gun on some lunatics last weekend, there has been a rush to judgement on the part of so many people who I would have expected to be in my corner. Just as surprising, was the change of heart in some of my enemies who felt compelled to stand up for me on the subject. But hey, I love surprises, it keeps things interesting, so thank you to all parties.

In any case, I think there were some valid and invalid complaints, and I’d like to take the time to discuss them.

1. “White Knighting”

This is one of my favorites. One day I’m being branded a woman hating misogynist, the next I’m being labeled a white knight social justice warrior. Seems like you can’t take a position on gender issues these days without obtaining one of those labels. That’s rather unfortunate, as I think more people should get in on that discussion.

I used to write at A Voice for Men. I have been so hostile to feminists on the pages of this blog, that my audience is like 94% male. I despise political correctness in all its forms.

I also know that no small portion of my purpose for existence on this earth is to please, provide for, and protect, women. I am a man, a 220 pound man with combat training and a handgun. I protect the weak from the strong. Not just women from men, but citizens from cops, the productive from the predatory, and everything in between. If you choose not to, then I suppose your chromosomes might remain intact, but I don’t feel much more comfortable calling you a man, than I feel calling Bruce Jenner a woman.

In this particular incident, it turned out that the women were just as batshit crazy as the men. More so even. They did not deserve my assistance, but I had no way of knowing that, as I walk down a normally quiet street, and hear angry men yelling at women who are crying. If you would not intervene, fine, that’s your decision, maybe it’s because you’re a coward, or maybe it’s because American women have become so incredibly ungrateful for what we do for them that it doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

In either circumstance, it’s a terrible shame the gender role model that caused mankind to become the undisputed ruling species of the planet has been so deconstructed that it threatens our existence. Men should not be cowards. They should confront danger, protect the innocent, and fight evil, even if it puts their own lives in danger. That’s why we’re here. Women should say “Thank You” and show us some fucking respect for the service, instead of conning us into imprisoning one another over false rape statistics and other horseshit feminist nonsense.

2. Recording

I’ve identified two complaints on this subject, one is that I should not have recorded to begin with, and the other is that I should have stopped recording once commanded to. One variation is that I should have recorded surreptitiously.

I regularly record people. The vast majority of my recordings are never seen, because nothing happens. I record police when they pull someone over, I’ve live streamed swat raids and riots. When I sense something might be happening, my camera comes out as a matter of near instinct.

A camera provides an impartial record of events that is clear for third parties to make judgements about. Someone may or may not doubt my word about a particular series of events, but it is hard to dispute an audio/video recording. There is no better form of evidence than video. So if one is under the impression that something terrible is about to happen, recording it is an excellent way of not only documenting the event, but even preventing the event from occurring.

When people realize they are being recorded, they have a tendency to behave better. I’ve filmed dozens of traffic stops, where police let a person off with a warning, just because they don’t want to be seen giving someone a ticket. Who knows how many searches, arrests, or police brutality incidents I’ve stopped, just by standing there with a camera?

For this to be effective, the camera needs to begin recording before the incident occurs. I cannot sit waiting for something to happen, and then record the aftermath alone. In this incident, I heard what I sensed was an imminent violent conflict, and then I turned on the camera as I approached the scene of the incident. The conflict did indeed turn violent, so it would seem my assessment of the situation was quite accurate.

I did not stop recording when commanded to, because people who are behaving irrationally with a potential for violence are not good sources of advice. I am recording the scene, specifically because these people are dangerous. When dangerous people tell you not to record them doing dangerous things, the value of their opinions is not particularly high. Especially the final command of “Yo, put your fuckin camera away, now!” was not a request to be left alone, it was a threat of violence. If I had responded to that intimidation tactic by complying, I would only have emboldened my attackers.

Besides, since when did victim blaming become socially acceptable? We do not think it right to say “She was asking for it” when a rape victim dresses scantily and gets drunk at a party. How we could say that I was asking for it, by recording the scene of a violent crime, is quite beyond my comprehension.

3. They were unarmed!

Indeed they were, and I intended to make sure they stayed that way. I am carrying a gun at all times. Usually I openly carry that weapon, but this evening I happened to be wearing a light jacket that covered my weapon from plain sight. If dangerous violent people attack me, I am quite well prepared to defend myself in hand to hand combat. More than most. But when multiple assailants run at me in the middle of the night, to prevent me from recording whatever evils they may have been planning to commit, I cannot risk that they will gain control of my weapon.

I said of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin incident, that if Zimmerman did anything wrong, it was waiting too long to pull out his gun. It is incredibly dangerous to wait until you are being assaulted to defend yourself. I pulled out my weapon as my assailants came within 10 or 15 feet of me, because once they are within arm’s reach, the gun is not as effective of a tool. It can be grabbed, or I might become disoriented from a punch to the face, I might aim for the man, he might strike my hand, and I might shoot an innocent person as the direction of the weapon is changed outside of my control.

If they had bested me in hand to hand combat, they could have gained control of the weapon. People who are out in the middle of the night set on doing harm to people who might expose their bad behavior, are not to be trusted with the weapon of the man they unjustifiably assaulted. They could have killed me. My life was in danger. I responded with a threat of deadly force, and still they advanced on me. It’s a god damn miracle I didn’t kill these people.

4. “I guess you take back all that nasty shit you say about police now, eh?”

No doubt I’ve been quite vicious towards police. Especially as of late, the pages of this blog are chock full of angry and even violent rhetoric about law enforcement. So it is not lost on me, that some folks would find some amusement in me thanking the Keene Police officers who arrived on the scene.

I’ll say it plainly, I appreciated everything about the way they handled this incident. I’d have no business criticizing police if I weren’t ready to be honest about my interactions with them. These men showed up extraordinarily quickly, to the scene of an incident where I was nearly certain I would be forced to end lives. They saw the guy who wrote “Violently Overthrow the Government” pointing a gun at people, and they didn’t even aim their weapons at me. They were calm, and courteous, and professional throughout, at the scene of a violent crime where few would have thought twice about if they had opted to kill me. It was nothing short of brave and honorable that they behaved this way.

If anybody else had come to my assistance in that situation, you bet your ass I would be grateful. In that moment, I didn’t care if it was Murray Rothbard or Adolf Hitler who showed up, I just wanted the conflict to end. The fact that they are part of the same police department that imprisoned Ian Freeman, Rich Paul, and Derrick J, was not part of the equation at the moment.

That said, they were also the most frightening part of the entire ordeal. I knew I could kill my assailants and walk away from the incident. I did not want to, but I was prepared to. When the police showed up I feared I would be the one full of holes in a pool of his own blood, gasping for air, dying in terror, knowing that my death was utterly meaningless after I had worked so hard to do good in the world.

That same police department denied Derrick J a carry permit. So if he had been in my shoes, he might have been killed, or imprisoned, for doing the exact same thing I did. This sort of behavior causes me to view these men as my enemies, I have said as much to them plainly, and my position has not changed.

Police are the enforcement wing of the most violent institution in the history of the human race. They are paid by theft and coercion, coyly wrapped up in legal jargon called “taxation”. They threaten and harass motorists for doing perfectly safe and normal things on the highways. They kidnap people for possessing plants.

One good deed does not forgiveness command, when one is intent on continuing a pattern of victimization, the only excuse for which is “I’m just doing my job” which is just another way of saying “I hurt people for money”. Police are violent, evil, aggressors who should be punished for the damage they have wrought on society.

This does not mean I am not thankful when they bring that horror to bear upon my enemies.


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  • Anthrod90

    Isn’t it fucking hilarious when people use one good half ass deed done by police as proof positive that they are moral and neccesary? Any small group of people showing up at that moment could have helped him deescalate the situation. A private sector nightly security patrol could have been hired by that city block for less than it pays in a year through taxation for city police which would have prevented that dangerous situation altogether.

    • Tammy Hough


    • IRONMANAustralia

      Agree, it’s a poor argument as some people are presenting it. A false dilemma where cops did something “good”, so Cantwell should now think cops are a “good” thing.

      However, that door swings both ways. You can see here how Cantwell inescapably has to justify his actions after the fact, and ultimately that will be to “the majority”.

      In a Minarchist system, the government represents that majority, (via *spit* democracy – the least worst system), and rightly so in matters like this. In other words, there’s no problem when police are doing the fucking job they are (constitutionally) supposed to do.

      I acknowlege the Anarchist argument that government will degenerate into corruption, but Cantwell would otherwise have to justify his actions to the agents of some Private Defence Agency which again represent majority opinion in some manner, and isn’t immune to corruption either.

      A perfect example of the largely insoluble problem underlying both systems is a good old fashioned witch burning. You can have a small village with no centralised authority, and if the majority decides you’re a witch, you’re just as fucked.

      • Anthony Penrod

        The constitution that they swear by is completely meaningless, but the fact remains that they swear and sign an oath (a rigid contract) to protect the peace and dignity of the people they police. Despite the fact that they regularly and heinously break this contract, the ten percent of the time that they do something right, even by accident, they are celebrated as heroes. Not all police everywhere are as violent and sadistic as some of these big city departments but even the best of cops shouldn’t be treated as heros when they stop an assault in progress. Thats their fucking job description. It goes to show how terrible government monopolized agencies are, that people celebrate When they actually do their job right. Humans are imperfect so there will never be a perfect system, but at least among private defense agencies there will be SOME level of competition encouraging officers to perform well. There is absolutely no incentive for government police to perform, and absolutely no way for you to refuse their services. That’s why they have no problem hiring psychotic high school drop outs to go out with guns aimed at society.

  • paendragon

    Re: “In this particular incident, it turned out that the women were just as batshit crazy as the men. More so even. They did not deserve my assistance.”

    Often the seeming “victims” are Stockholm Syndrome-like masochists who will take any given rescue attempt as an opportunity to impress their oppressors with their “loyalty.”

    This has happened to me in the past, too. When I was younger and in public school, I often saw as I walked to school two kids – one larger and older, who was beating on the other younger and smaller one.

    After three days of witnessing this same routine, I stepped in and told the older one to stop. He came at me, so I decked him. To my surprise, the “victim” then attacked me, too. Turned out they were brothers, and the younger one felt his older brother was perfectly entitled to whale on him every day in public or something.

    Lesson learned!

  • Anthrod90

    The only situations in which you are morally obligated to stop recording someone are
    1) when you are on their property
    2) when you are under contract with that person specifically to not record them.

  • Ernest Ortiz

    Often, abusive relationships end up with the victim attacking the protector. I’ve seen a few instances of those while working security. Still, your heart is in the right place Chris and I’m sure people including me would do the same.

    It’s sad that those assholes think you shouldn’t record them but what about the CCTV cameras from businesses and government streets?

    I remember in middle school that I almost got jumped by a group of Mexicans. If people think hands and feet are not weapons then they are out of touch of reality. Violent mobs tend to overkill their victims.

    Anyone could have intervened and it could have been a group of armed people doing some sort of neighborhood watch. The only reason the police where there was because they have the monopoly on the use of force. People asserting their right of self-defense could get them arrested by the police especially in states like NY and Kommiefornia.

    • Tammy Hough

      Thank you and well said!!!! Sadly it’s a police state so that’s what he had to deal with! He did a great job! (Chris)!!

  • ThatWasClose

    The thing I’d criticize the most is having your damn finger on the trigger the whole time! You even said yourself, if it had been an automatic, the gun most certainly would have fired. Doesn’t firearms training teach you to keep your finger alongside the trigger guard?

    • jroelofs

      Can you screencap a few frames where Chris is holding his finger on the trigger? All I saw was that he dropped the phone for a few minutes once the altercation started.

      • ThatWasClose

        Like I said, it’s stuff he’s said himself (either in writing or his or other podcasts).

    • Tyler Hartt

      When you pull out your weapon you want your finger on the trigger ready to shoot. When youre not planning to shoot finger off the trigger. I’m not sure what firearms training you’ve taken but it’d the same most everywhere.

      • ThatWasClose

        According to the NRA, “2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. When holding a gun, rest your finger on the trigger guard or along the side of the gun. Until you are actually ready to fire, do not touch the trigger.”

        • Richard Chiu

          When you might have to drop someone with less than a quarter-second before they are in arm’s reach, then you damn well had better be ready to shoot.

          No, of course you never put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to shoot, but if you’re never ready to shoot, then don’t bother carrying a gun, because all it does is introduce another way for the other guy to kill you.

          • Tammy Hough

            Absolutely, nobody wants to think about taking a life. It is easy to say this or that but it seems a lot of people forget..until you’re in a life threatening situation it is easy to critique someone’s actions while watching a video. If you’re not willing to take responsibility of carrying a gun and the very real possibility you may have to use, you might as well just lock it up. This is ONLY my opinion! I’m a gun owner and carry and I will never judge( unless of course if it utter stupidity..common sense)as a intelligent person you know what I mean! I know in my soul if someone tries to harm my family, well enough said on that!!!

  • David Triana

    Maybe switch to a body camera if you have the money for one? Hell, the spy shops have some cheep hat/baseball cap cameras that can record pretty decent quality. Would have liked to have seen this from the first person view and not just the audio part after you dropped the phone.

  • Tammy Hough

    Does anyone know what it means if your comment is pending?? Never had that happen before. Thank you

  • The real men in all this designed and manufactured the gun. The camera. Built the stores you see in the vid. Invented and delivered all the goods to all the establishments. Provide clothes and food for the fiesty drunken lumpenproles. Build and maintain the streets and utilities and all kinds of capital that bring us wealth.

    Chris’ job is like the rodeo clown. He waits in the wings while the great men come on scene and quickly vanish. He defends and distracts the raging bull statists who just want to trample and destroy everything.

    Whenever cover is needed he becomes the focus of collectivist rage and hate to protect the great men who make our lives so rich. A bright and loud clown keeps all the angry beasts without reason and ability to understand anything at all confused and at bay so the market continues to abide and thrive.

  • Tyler Hartt

    Brilliant response. I was actually about to make a video that parallels your topics as almost exactly.

  • killslash

    Yeah, I disagree with most of your worldview, think most of it is crazy, but I did make a lot of comments on reddit defending your particular actions in that video.

  • Leon Thörnqvist

    I would like to see what the critics of your actions would do in a similar situation.

  • Coralyn Herenschrict

    “They saw [me] pointing a gun at [unarmed] people…few would have thought twice about if they had opted to kill me…I feared I would be the one full of holes in a pool of his own blood…knowing that my death was utterly meaningless after I had worked so hard to do good in the world.”

    Yes. Spot on. A pool of your own blood or a jail cell is exactly where your current approach is going to land you. This traumatic experience presents a golden opportunity to seriously re-think your choice of methods. Think through how earlier in the chain of events you can stand up for yourself, defend innocents, and see justice done while averting the need for you to physically confront anyone in the heat of the moment.

    We do not live in a free society where all men have equal standing to police individual rights. We do not live under a competitive, free, careful, fair justice system. We are attempting to move to that system. Meanwhile, we live in a police state. We live under a monopolistic, state-centric, fickle, unfair justice system.

    The state gives police carte blanche to use deadly force with the presumption it’s self-defense unless rigorously proven otherwise. In contrast, the state severely frowns upon civilians using force with the presumption it’s aggression unless rigorously proven otherwise. In the state’s eyes, civilian self-defense is a tenuous claim reserved for extreme circumstances that must be heavily substantiated to be considered credible. If there is a reasonable path you could have taken to avoid ending up in the situation of drawing your gun you can bet a prosecuting DA will belabor that point in front of a statist jury.

    For these reasons, “I heard what I sensed was an imminent violent conflict,” should to be your cue to call the police, not your cue to jump into the situation. If life-threatening events are not immediately occurring, stay out of it. If threateningly confronted, back down, deescalate, walk away if you can. And for goodness sakes don’t charge onto someone’s property yelling and pounding on his door.

    Because you carry, for all intents and purposes if you do engage or escalate into a violent situation, you have injected not just yourself but your gun into that situation. Thus you have dramatically fewer options to non-lethally respond to a violent attack than an unarmed man has. You can’t so easily tolerate physical altercations where you might end up knocked out or overpowered (i.e. many of them).

    Thus violent conflicts leave you dangerously vulnerable to being forced to kill someone whom you don’t want to kill, who doesn’t deserve to be killed, whom a jury in our current culture would perceive to be wronged. Zimmerman had to fight the legal system to within an inch of losing his life to a murder charge (and still had his life ruined in the process).

    With its cost this high, you should go to extraordinary lengths to reserve your courageous willingness to use force in self-defense for the right time and place where it’s really going to make a difference.

  • IRONMANAustralia

    Cantwell, (like Hitler), did nothing wrong.

    You can disagree with Cantwell’s choice in terms of him taking on risk to himself for the sake of some drunken idiots, but nothing he did was unwarranted at the time, under the circumstances as they occurred. Most of the objections imagine he somehow should have known the final outcome from the start. You can guess at probabilities, but you never know exactly where shit is going before it actually happens.

    • He did nothing wrong by recording on a public street, (and remember that’s ALL he was doing to start with).

    • He definitely did nothing wrong continuing to exercise that right and refusing to stop, (those dickheads getting pissy about it doesn’t change anything).

    This one in particular annoys the shit out of me, when demands, threats, and ultimately force, are characterised as “asking”.
    ie. “We ASKED him to stop recording”, (and he didn’t so we attempted to use force to stop him).

    If you’re ‘asking’ that implies I have a right to choose, so don’t switch to demanding/force when I “choose wrong” and still call it “asking”. You wouldn’t accept that argument from a fucking cop.

    • He did nothing wrong in his own self-defence – unless you’re arguing he was being “too nice”, (though that did save a lot of time, personal anguish, and paperwork by not busting a cap in anyone’s arse).

    You can’t look with hindsight at the final outcome and make a judgement
    as if Cantwell is solely responsible for causing the ultimate direction
    of events. It’s a sequence of actions and decisions – at least half of
    them by said morons. He simply responded to the developing circumstances … and pretty much perfectly actually.

    Having said that, I’m a big advocate of picking your battles. You have every right to intervene, but no force on Earth can obligate you to. Nothing can make someone else’s problems your responsibility. It’s ultimately your choice, because it’s your arse, so consider the probabilities and your own well-being as part of the equation then choose wisely.

    I’ve intervened and I have not intervened in various situations, and cowardice has nothing to do with it in the latter case. Hesitation is bad if it’s due to fear, or the ‘Bystander Effect’, (which you should google if you don’t know about it). Calculated delay on the other hand is often a smart move.

    Just two days ago as it happens, (good timing for this example), I stood by while a fight broke out ten feet from where I was standing in the street. It was in an area typical of senseless White Trash fighting, (city area with pubs and clubs, and in a rough town to begin with).

    A drunk guy was mouthing off to three Gooks for several minutes before they got into it. The length of time it took and the way they danced around each other it was obvious they were all fearful of actually engaging in a physical fight. I couldn’t work out what the actual problem was from the verbal argument, (who might be in the wrong or the importance of the altercation), but it looked and smelled like the usual drunken posturing and nonsense. This is a great example of a situation where you can definitely afford to ‘lurk moar’.

    I didn’t have my phone or any other cameras on me or I likely would have started recording, but either way it just quacked like a bunch of clowns that were limp-wrist “fighting” over basically nothing. Losers with less to lose than me – and that makes them a bad investment of my time and effort. Little upside, and a whole lot of downside – if not physically – definitely legally.

    It ended with only one guy’s pride being hurt. Literally fags strutting and fretting their hour upon the stage to be heard no more. A fight between idiots, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.

    Predictable, and I’m certain I made the right call, all probabilities considered. In the low probability event something bad happened, I still would have slept like a baby.

    Interesting thing is there was another bystander next to me who felt compelled to make an excuse to me even though I hadn’t said anything, “I’d do something but I’m with them”, (points at woman and young girl). I just nod and said something to the effect of the above, “Don’t worry about it. You’re under no obligation to deal with their crap”.

    I’ve successfully intervened in shit before, but that’s the kind of non-intervention that one can chalk up as a ‘win’ in itself.

    You want to minimise risk of injury to everyone involved, and consider yourself part of that equation. That’s why you’d come to a different conclusion if you saw some dude beating on a girl, Your risk of injury is less than the injury she’s definitely in the process of getting.

    In a situation with greater similarity to Cantwell’s I just happened to be walking through a carpark after karate class, (and was still dressed like it). A guy fifty yards away is yelling right in his woman’s face at the top of
    his lungs.

    Since I’ve had women make me angry enough to raise my voice, but never hit one, I’m not going to presume he’s necessarily about to either. So I just stood there leaning against a tree, (would have been more nonchalant were I a smoker).

    He quickly toned it down, but at the same time I wasn’t actually trying to
    threaten the guy or whiteknight – after all, he has the right to swing his arms in front of her nose. Had he shown any indication of doing more than that though, made an actual threat, or at her request, (verbal or non-verbal), I certainly would have gone over there to defend … not her … but her individual rights, (very important distinction). If he’d taken exception to me standing where I was, I wouldn’t have budged either because I’m exercising mine.

    I don’t know if me being there saved her from an assault or not. I honestly think it was just typical relationship crap, and for all I know this chick might have pissed him off by sucking his best friend’s dick or something. He may well have every right to be mad as hell.

    There’s no essential difference between what I did there and what Cantwell was initially doing. Mine turned didn’t progress any further, and his did.

    He wasn’t whiteknighting, and neither was I. Maybe if it was 1850 and women didn’t have or want equal rights we’d both be more proactive in defence of their delicate sensibilities, but even then people have significant leeway when it comes to verbal arguments, (especially when it comes to their personal relationships).

    A whiteknighting faggot doesn’t understand that. A whiteknighting faggot is too immature and/or hasn’t interacted with enough women to not get manipulated and used by them for proxy violence. A whiteknight faggot tends to know very little about the judicious use of force as a man.

    • Tammy Hough

      Finally an intellectual!! Thank you!

  • Tammy Hough

    This is off topic but who cares. It kills me how some people if you don’t agree with their opinion they respond with I quote”Here is a video of the guy’s dick you suck(Christopher Cantwell)” and there have been a few more like that! I laugh because You don’t know me and I certainly don’t know you, you have no bearing on my life at all! This is how I feel..I love the fact that there are different views out there some make you think ..hmmm great point, didn’t think about it like that and of course some options you think man they were dropped on their head as a baby. Those few who responded derogatory comments it only shows you are Not an intellectual, you have nothing intelligent or interesting to say but I believe in FREEDOM .you have that right just like I have the right to say I don’t believe in government AT ALL!!! I catch shit all the time because I believe in alot”99% of his opinion! My Husband and Christopher Cantwell are brothers from another mother. Lol!! So that probably explains more why “I suck Christopher Cantwell Dick” because my Husband is very much like him and I’m a chick but I’m just as Radical! I believe in having NO STATE at all!!! So those sorry few who think you got to me …the joke is on you!! Sorry for going on and on!!

  • Tammy Hough

    Christopher Cantwell thank you for the awesome conversation on your show! “260”! Have a great weekend!!