Radical Agenda EP032 – The Libertarian Bernie Madoff

Jeff Berwick – International man of mystery. Whether he’s escaping from a West Indian prison, lauding communists for their shoe collections, or ripping off customers in passport bribery schemes, there is never a dull moment for the Dollar Vigilante. From Canada to Chile, from the West Indies to Acapulco, Jeff Berwick always has a trick up his sleeve, and a story to tell. He is perpetually nipping at the heels of the Dos Equis guy for the title of most interesting man in the world.

He is an anarcho-capitalist, which as regular listeners are certainly aware, isn’t the most popular of political philosophies. It sure does have some very enthusiastic supporters however, and some of them are prepared to spend great sums of money to achieve the freedom they seek. Has Jeff used ideology to swindle some of those principled libertarians out of millions? Has he sold them pipe dreams of stateless existence despite the ever present threats of the modern State apparatus?

Radical Agenda EP032 - The Libertarian Bernie Madoff

Radical Agenda EP032 – The Libertarian Bernie Madoff

One of Jeff’s former associates, and Founding Partner of Galt’s Gulch Chile, is prepared to tell all. Ken Johnson joins me for the 32nd episode of the Radical Agenda. He has compiled quite a bit of data on the Dollar Vigilante, and has offered to come on the show to tell his story. I’ll quote below the damning email he sent me about Berwick’s activities, but before I do, I should mention that I don’t entirely trust Ken either. This will not be an easy interview, and I have told him that it will not be. You do not want to miss this episode.



We are writing you today because we have found you, or your company, to be linked to Jeff Berwick, his newsletter, podcasts, or other business schemes, or that we felt you may be able to assist in exposing what appears to be on-going fraud on the part of Berwick. Below, is a video of Berwick appearing to implicate himself in a range of serious crimes, with many victims.

Video link: https://vimeo.com/135162922

We are presently assisting federal authorities with recently obtained information pertaining to a fraudulent Mexico citizenship scheme that Berwick and his wife have been operating since 2013. It is evidenced in Berwick’s recent communications, that the Berwicks appear to have defrauded people possibly out of millions of dollars via their scheme. With assistance from bloggers, activists, writers and members of the media, Berwick publicly promotes his fraudulent citizenship schemes via his interviews, newsletter, podcasts, business conferences, and other venues. Some of those whom have participated in such promotions with Berwick are copied on this email. We have been asked to assist in the collection of information pertaining to parties that are involved with the promotions or operations of Berwick’s fraudulent Mexico citizenship schemes. We are obliging this request.

We believe that it would be in the best interests of those whom have participated in the promotions, or operations, of Berwick’s fraudulent schemes to avoid doing so in the future and to remove themselves from any content that is tied to The Dollar Vigilante, Anarchast, Anarchapulco, Shemitah Exposed, TDV Media & Services, TDV Global, TDV Passports, TDV Immigration, TDV Offshore, TDV Groups or any other promotional tools that Berwick has designed to steer people into his citizenship schemes.

Berwick has confirmed in writing that as of July 30, 2015, he is still soliciting $25,000 deposits for his citizenship scheme in Mexico, even though he owes large amounts of money to clients demanding refunds from him for this same Mexico scheme. He appears to be robbing Peter to pay Paul. We feel that it is urgent and necessary to ask for your help in warning others about this, as well as other items listed below, so that he can no longer profit from defrauding others.

In his Mexico citizenship scheme promotions, Berwick promises that his company can obtain “not fake” Mexican citizenship in as little as eight days, five weeks, three months, six months, etc., etc., etc. In reality, the minimum amount of time required to obtain legal citizenship in Mexico is seven years, and many times much longer. In a recent email from Berwick (at the bottom of this email), he confirms that he has processed 80-100 people via his citizenship scheme in Mexico. Assuming that Berwick’s numbers are correct, and each of these people were invoiced $25,000 by Berwick, this equates to $2,000,000 – $2,500,000 USD taken from his victims. This does not include any money that Berwick may have taken from more victims in the past month, while promoting his citizenship schemes via his newest gimmick, ‘Shemitah Exposed.’

As you will see in the video, from his rental home in Acapulco, Berwick outlines the details of his fraudulent Mexico citizenship scheme, while he admits to avoiding those whom are demanding refunds from him. He states that he wants no sympathy. Yes, you read that correctly. Berwick states that the newest corrupt official that he is talking to in the SRE (Mexico immigration) can be trusted because this official has “his fingerprints all over” what they are doing. Berwick then goes on to mention a 2014 personal investment into a marijuana production venture in Canada (Vida Cannabis), which he says he will earn him hundreds of thousands of dollars, purportedly to pay back some of those whose money he has taken via his citizenship scheme. To date, and to the best of our knowledge, the Vida Cannabis operation has not been granted a license to grow marijuana for commercial sale in Canada. The Vida Cannabis venture morphed from a suspect venture known as Biologix Hair Systems, which apparently raised money from investors, to then go dark. The principles of Vida Cannabis and Biologix have a history of trouble with the SEC, as is seen here, and in various articles that can be found online.

In his blogs, podcasts and interviews over the past couple of years, Berwick has publicly touted his own personal investments. Yet, he hasn’t publicly touted that such personal investments apparently may have seemingly been made with funds obtained by Berwick in a fraudulent manner. The company that sent us this video believes that Berwick may also be putting fraudulently obtained client funds into his wife’s name. We are not exactly sure how much in fraudulently obtained client funds have gone into the Vida Cannabis venture in Canada, if any, but we are quite sure that the authorities currently investigating Berwick will find out soon.

Video link: https://vimeo.com/135162922

We do hope that you will share this video about Berwick and his fraudulent citizenship schemes with your clients, colleagues and family in an effort to help put an end to more people being defrauded. Also, please feel free to forward this email and/or copy/paste this information as needed in order to get the word out about Berwick defrauding others of their money and quite possibly their freedom.

Thank you for your time,

Ken Johnson

Founding Partner, Galt’s Gulch Chile

PS – Below, is information on other highly unethical, and seemingly criminal, conduct on the part of Berwick and his wife.

In March/April of 2013, Berwick lied to national news outlets, such as FoxBusiness, in order to get invited onto their shows. He lied about being the founder of BitcoinATM and that, at the time of the Cyprus banking crisis, BitcoinATM was going into production on BitcoinATM machines that were to be installed in Cyprus, the US and all over the world. It was all a lie on the part of Berwick. Berwick was not the founder of BitcoinATM. He did not have any type of management, or ownership, contract with BitcoinATM whatsoever. BitcoinATM, at the time, consisted of a website and a used ATM machine with Bitcoin software installed on it. That’s it. Nothing more. In May of 2013, the actual founder of BitcoinATM told Berwick to disassociate himself from BitcoinATM. This proved to be a prudent move, allowing BitcoinATM to move past Berwick’s, soon to come, negative writing about BitcoinATM after he was told to disassociate himself from the company. Email communications are on file outlining the events surrounding BitcoinATM and Berwick’s public lies pertaining to it.

Starting in June of 2013, Berwick orchestrated millions of dollars in damages to the Galt’s Gulch Chile real estate project, and its clients, of which is outlined in communications and documents on file. In early 2014, Berwick was instructed by the founding partner of the project to cease and desist from any further public marketing of the project, and Berwick’s intentional damages to the project. There are criminal investigations underway in Chile into those whom assisted Berwick in harming the project. Such criminal investigations and actions have been filed by the founding partner of Galt’s Gulch Chile, as well as other shareholders of the project.

Videos can be found on the Galt’s Gulch Chile website about Berwick’s crimes: www.galtsgulchchile.com

Videos and information about Berwick and his cohorts crimes can be found on Galt’s Gulch Chile Facebook page: www.facebook.com/galtsgulchchile

Berwick is known to closely associate with convicted criminals. One such party is Edward J Lashlee, a federally convicted felon, whom pled guilty in 2003 to his involvement in a massive Ponzi scheme, known as the Genesis Fund. Lashlee also pled guilty to the theft of client funds, the creation of fraudulent trusts, and more, which can be found in the US Department of Justice links directly below this paragraph. Berwick and Lashlee are tied contractually to one another via Power of Attorney documents, of which, the originals are being held in safe keeping by the shareholders of GGC, whom are pursuing them in criminal court in Chile. Berwick and Lashlee have been aided by Josh Kirley, whom has criminal investigations underway against him in Chile as well. Kirley, Berwick and Anthony Wile (Vida Cannabis, The Daily Bell) were instrumental in the August 2014 smear campaign against GGC and its founding partner. Since such time, Kirley has filed a handful of frivolous legal actions, as part of his apparent hostile takeover attempt. Four of these legal actions have been dismissed, with two more soon to be as well. These parties have aided a real estate swindler in Chile, whom has numerous criminal investigations well underway against him, which were also filed by shareholders of GGC. This swindler’s attorney of many years renounced his representation a few days ago, as justice is closing in on the swindler. The PDI and prosecutors are in possession of a large amount of evidence that implicates the swindler, Kirley, Lashlee, Berwick and the handful of others who assisted them, whom referred to themselves as the “rescue” team. Here are two links pertaining to the crimes of Lashlee:



In March of 2012, Berwick and his wife, Kena Lisette Moreno Berwick, falsely accused an innocent man of rape. Numerous articles can be found online pertaining to their false accusations. Civil and criminal actions are being investigated at the present time against the Berwicks in Argentina, which is where the events took place, in the town of Cafayate. To the best of our knowledge, the Berwicks have not returned to Argentina since they made these false, and public, accusations in an attempt to destroy this man’s life. It is rumored that this heinous act was done in order to cover up their promiscuous and predatory sexual lifestyle.

Here is a link to one of many news articles (in Spanish) about the Berwicks’ false accusations and the court trial:


Following this paragraph, is a statement provided to us by a young lady, named Sophie, whom met Berwick, with her boyfriend David, while visiting Paraguay in August of 2012. This is similar to other emails, documents, etc. on file that outline Berwick’s predatory, and sometimes criminal, treatment of women whom he has attempted to prey upon.

“Now about Jeff Berwick… I admire and respect his anarchist views and ideas but on the other hand I was disappointed in him as a person\man when we met in Paraguay…
My boyfriend and I met Mr. Berwick while traveling. We had been following his TDV blog and were happy to run into him. We agreed to all meet for supper (Mr. Johnson, Mr. Berwick, my partner and myself). Mr. Berwick had a few drinks during supper and continued drinking after supper when we went to a bar. My boyfriend and I were sober. At the bar, Mr. Berwick grabbed my waist and said I was beautiful. I removed his hand and thanked him for the compliment. Later on at a different bar when my boyfriend went to the washroom and Mr. Johnson went to order, I was left alone with Mr. Berwick. He complimented me again and then started to make inappropriate sexual overtures. I immediately asked him to stop and I let him know I was uncomfortable. He stopped for a minute but then went back to being inappropriate. I told him he was out of line and thankfully my boyfriend came back. I shared what happened with my boyfriend and asked him not to leave my side. Needless to say, this event turned us off to what Mr. Berwick and TDV had to offer.

Best of luck to you Ken and your pups!


Also, attached, is an email from Berwick, to Ken Johnson, the founding partner of Galt’s Gulch Chile, in August of 2012, just prior to flying to Chile to look at GGC’s land for the first time. Berwick made the trip to Chile, but never viewed the land with Mr. Johnson while there. Berwick chose to stay in bed with a prostitute he had hired the night before, to then fly home to his wife that afternoon, less than 24 hours after arriving in Chile.
Finally, directly below, is an email exchange between Berwick and a potential client of Berwick’s Mexico citizenship scheme, outlining the on-going solicitation of funds by Berwick. The last name and email address of the client have been removed for privacy reasons. These emails, and others, which outline Berwick’s direct involvement in his schemes, were sent to us recently by one of the parties that have been defrauded by Berwick.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Jeff Berwick” <[email protected]>
Date: 30 Jul 2015 2:17 am
Subject: Re: Confirmation before payment
To: Fathi

Hi Fathi,

Sorry again for my late reply, in between airports again on my way to Vancouver to speak at three different conferences in the next 5 days!

If my answer seemed vague it is because, as I told you, I am not involved in any of the day-to-day or management operations of TDV Global. But, as I said, Chris Martin can answer all of those questions easily and as I mentioned I have total confidence in Chris as I have known him and worked with him for a long time.

While Mr. Martin would have to double-check the accounting as he manages TDV Global, if I had to estimate, TDV processed about 40-50 clients for Mexico alone from 2013-2015…although when adding spouses, children, etc. the total number of applicants was probably closer to 80-100, albeit many being children…

But again, if you ask what our total client base was for, for example, Saint Kitts, or Cyprus, or Dominica, etc. throughout the years…I could only (barely) even estimate as I simply do not track these things from day to day nor month to month, nor year to year…any more than I track my total subscriber base for my financial newsletter from day to day, nor do I track the total number of “Hong Kong offshore bank accounts” opened by my TDV Offshore team on any given day of the year.

We have separate management teams and accounting teams for all of that.

Even so, that total client base processed (for Mexico) is a bit misleading as TDV’s legal teams in Mexico City and Acapulco had already processed hundreds of applications from foreigners throughout the years and decades in Mexico previously. Those Mexican immigration law teams only partnered with TDV starting in 2013 to present, though, so we (TDV) cannot take credit for their Mexican immigration/citizenship successes prior to 2013. We can only jointly claim their success from 2013 to present when it was in partnership with TDV.

As for average processing time, unless something has changed drastically in the past month or so (if so, I’m sure Mr. Martin and Ahmad would have informed you of it already), it just depends on how quickly a client submits the necessary documents requested.

From what I know and have seen, some clients have them (required documents) in place immediately and are completed in 3-4 months…sometimes in less than 3 months…and sometimes even in just barely 2 months…while other clients submit incorrect documents, or have extended delays in their document collections, and can take 6-9 months as their new document takes months to arrive, or they just delay even applying for it, etc..

While a median processing time is around 4-months in recent times, TDV Global has had many document reviews that were much, much quicker than that, while they’ve also had other clients that took literally one full year to even assemble all their necessary documents as their new passport wasn’t a priority for them (often retirees from the US or Europe who don’t feel the impetus to expedite their processing as much as the average Chinese or Indian or Middle Eastern applicant might feel)…

That being said, if you do not delay in submitting the necessary documents to Mr. Ahmad and Mr. Martin upon request, your process should easily be finalized in the median average of 3-4 months from everything I that have seen of current processes.



On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 3:30 PM, Fathi wrote:
Dear Mr Berwick,

Your last response doesn’t give me great confidence in pursuing my passport application. It seem’s vague and diverts away from my line of enquiry. This is my concern.

Please respond with an answer to the following:

1. How many successful applications have TDV done for Mexican Citizenship? Single numbers, double digits? “numerous clients” could be 2 it could 22
2. On average how long did it take from starting the process to completion for your customers to getting the actual passport?

Thank you dear,

On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 8:05 AM, Jeff Berwick <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi Fathi,

Chris has spoken to me about some of the issues you have and also how flexible you are on the process (which is good because it gives TDV Global a lot more options in case there is a problem/delay).

Just for your information, Chris Martin is TDV Global’s Managing Partner while Ahmad runs the Canadian and UAE representative offices, also a partnership.

But TDV Media is the original parent company of which I am CEO. Chris Martin oversees all of TDV Global but was previously Managing Partner on TDV Passports. So his duties have remained virtually the same even though he has advanced the business tremendously.

I operate TDV Media and I trust these men with my business interests, both Mr. Martin and Mr. Ahmad.

And yes, I can verify that one of the programs (the one I think they will likely put you on) has had a 100% success rate and numerous clients. If you do need to come to Acapulco (which you probably don’t) I am very happy to meet you here. If you do end up having to come for residency or naturalization then it is part of TDV Global’s service to attend to the client from the moment they arrive at the airport and while I am not involved in the day-to-day operation I am happy to meet nonetheless.

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Jeff Berwick
On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 1:05 PM, Fathi wrote:
Dear Mr Berwick

Thanks for your response. I attach the agreement that I need to sign and the authorized signature is yourself, so I was expecting you to give me some indication on the Mexican program that you offer and attach your name too. I was told I am requested to come to Acapulco which I can see from the website is where your located. I would expect that you would meet and greet your clients when visiting to get there passport? I sure would like to meet you to discuss some investments in Mexico property as I may be relocating with my wife.

Please dear would you give me some assurances as the authorized signatory of my TDV contact on an estimate of how many successful applications you have done for Mexico citizenship and an estimation, based on those successes, on how long it usually takes from beginning to end.

I will not feel comfortable wiring $80k to TDV unless I get some concrete numbers which I trust you can provide because so far Mr Martin & Mr Ahmad have been somewhat vague.

I trust you understand dear, this is alot of my money and I want it to be spent well.

Thanks, Fathi

On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 7:30 AM, Jeff Berwick <[email protected]> wrote:

Nice to meet you. I’m sorry for the delay and to be so brief with my response but I travel internationally extensively and I am currently in-between conference speaking engagements.

Yes, I know Mr. Martin (a dear close personal friend for 15 years) and Mr. Ahmad in Abu Dhabi…and his father (Ahmad’s father in Abu Dhabi)…they are very good men and very loyal to customers….Mr. Ahmad and Mr. Martin manage the Passports operations and I am sure either Ahmad or Mr. Martin can answer any questions you have.

Let me know if I can help you in any other way.



On Sat, Jul 25, 2015 at 10:56 AM, Fathi wrote:
Dear Mr Berwick

Could you be so kind to revert to my below email.

On Fri, Jul 24, 2015 at 5:47 AM, Fathi wrote:
Dear Mr Berwick

I am strongly considering your Mexican passport service and have been in talks with your colleagues Mr Chris Martin & Ahmad.

As your based in Acapulco and run TDV I was hoping you could rest my mind and confirm how many successful applications you have done for Mexico, if there have been any rejections or complications and if it has indeed been just a few months to get the passport? Your clarity will comfort me in proceeding.

I intend to make my first payment next week and just want to get a clear idea from all parties involved as there will be alot of good faith from my side.

I also look forward to hopefully meeting you on my visit to Mexico?



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  • Max Sand

    “working with federal authorities” yeah, I mean we are inherently going to mistrust this guy, but if he is a scammer, it should be exposed so I’ll be tuned in.

  • Thomas Gordon

    Why’s this a surprise? You only have to watch his presentations on the Shemitah or Flat Earth Theory to get a flavour of the guy. Then watch his interview with Cathy Reisenwitz.
    He’ll say anything he feels will benefit him: a bit like another Bitcoin-pushing “libertarian” linked to (but not owner of) this website.

  • Ken Johnson is the main character involved in the real estate fraud scam in Chile. He sold land before he obtained permission to subdivide it. He was the man on the scene who ran the scam

  • IRONMANAustralia

    I was planning to call in today on a tangentially related topic, (as long as we’re talking about dubious behaviour of Libertyfags), but since you were deep into the weeds on this particular issue I didn’t think it was going to work out. So I’ll raise it here in case I don’t get another opportunity, but it also leads into something I have to say about this guy’s attitude, and a more general problem in “the movement”.

    So a couple of days ago there was a video uploaded to Cop Block that really pissed me the fuck off: “Killed By Police: A Visualization in BBs”, (I’d link you to it but Cantwell’s spam filter is fucking gay). A guy was dropping BB pellets into a pan to represent the number of people shot by cops over a two year period. To save time I’ll just repost my comment here:

    IRONMANAustralia 1 day ago (edited)

    Yeah, that seems scary, but how many of those people shot by police were running from a bank carrying a bag with a dollar sign on it at the time? If you state a raw statistic like this as if it’s proof of something in itself, you’re no better than idiot feminists who run around saying 1 in 4 women are raped on college campuses, without questioning where that statistic comes from or stating what their definition of ‘rape’ is.

    I’m not defending corrupt/incompetent police, nor shitty laws that result in unnecessary violence like the Drug War, but I’m also no fan of misleading statistics. There are real criminals that need to be shot – whether that’s by someone with a badge or not, and whether that criminal is wearing a badge or not, and that’s why you have the Second Amendment in the first place right? To defend your life, liberty, and property?

    How about you make this video again, and be clear about how many of those deaths were unwarranted? Do you even know? Did you even stop to ask? Why don’t you go find out? Do you really want to, or do you have some agenda that you’re afraid genuine facts will not serve so well?

    I don’t know how many deaths are justified. Maybe it’s a little. Maybe it’s a lot. I don’t know. I’m have no agenda, I’m just interested in the truth, and I’m not buying this statistic as proof of anything in itself.

    If you’re an Anarchist, I understand you may think “all police are bad mmkay?”, and therefore don’t believe anything they do is justified, but if that is the case you should state that also. And how many criminals per year do you expect private citizens and Defence Agencies to kill per year in an Anarchist Utopia exactly? Are you just assuming those will all be justified? That no Mall Cop will be some Paul Blart wannabe?

    How about you just compare the number of criminals currently shot by private citizens per year to the number shot by cops? Are cops likely to at least be justified in some proportionate number of cases?

    tl;dr: Here’s one guy who was shot by cops because he had a Wii controller in his hand, and here’s the number of people killed by police. Non sequitur.

    Looking through other comments there, I notice I wasn’t the only one who picked up on this either.

    This had been bothering me for a while. I’d seen websties claiming that one American is shot by police every 8 hours, again not mentioning whether that shooting was in any way justified, and thought that irresponsible.

    This video takes that misleading statement of fact and explicitly relates it to one particular shooting of an innocent man, then concludes the statistic suggests there is a “war” on the civilian populace, (as if none of those killings were justified).

    Fuck this bullshit. Libertyfags cannot afford to be this sloppy and unskeptical.

    If a high percentage of those were justified killings, then it’s a dirty fucking lie. If on the other hand, there was a very low percentage of justified killings, then you don’t need to include those to make your point.

    Libertyfags need to stop repeating this bullshit for the same reason that fucking Feminist cunts need to stop repeating their statistical rape myth. For the same reason that gun-grabbers need to stop repeating the statistic of how many people are shot per year as justification for anti-gun laws, which ironically probably includes some police shootings justified and unjustified, and almost certainly includes civilians rightfully defending their own rights.

    Actually, while I’m on that topic, I realise that the government does a shitty job of maintaining data and statistics on police (mis)conduct. This goes back to the case I make that ‘policing the police’ is the responsibility of “We the people” in the first place, and there’s no way to abdicate that responsibility. So I have nothing against these organisations who do collect data and generate these statistics in and of themselves. You shouldn’t trust the fucking government to conduct its own quality control on anything. It’s lazy, ineffective, and expensive – so you shouldn’t even demand they start doing it, and just do it yourself.

    Which brings me to this Galt’s Gulch clusterfuck. I don’t profess to know much about the case, but that guy’s attitude should annoy any Capitalist.

    A contract is not just an agreement, it’s a contingency plan in case one party doesn’t deliver. But it goes deeper than that. Just as Tom Woods points out the US Constitution doesn’t grow teeth and attack people who violate it, neither will your piece of paper. Anarchists fuck this shit up all the time with some unstated assumption that the NAP will magically cause ‘something’ like that to happen – and this a perfect example.

    There’s a cost to going to court, a tribunal, or whatever the fuck. So you want to consider that fact when you make the contract and not just assume everything will go off without a hitch, because if it doesn’t you can just wave the piece of paper in the guy’s face and get results. Just look at this arsehole dancing around. That’s what actually happens when shit goes pear-shaped. The same way Commie fucks will argue the position of a comma in the fucking Bill of Rights to say it doesn’t mean what couldn’t possibly be stated more clearly.

    So you have a responsibility to think things through. The same way you wouldn’t lend money to someone who has no prospects of paying it back, and if you did, that’s your problem.

    Capitalism works by limiting responsibility to individuals. That means if I book John Tesh for a convention and sell tickets to “come hear John Tesh” then I have a responsibility to make that happen. I can’t just walk out on stage and say, “Sorry everybody, John Tesh got rabies and couldn’t appear tonight”. I have to have everything sown up in case he doesn’t show. Whether that means buying insurance or John Test being personally and financially responsible. The buck has to stop somewhere, and it has to stop with someone capable of providing a refund at the very least.

    Now honest businessmen go bankrupt, you have genuine misunderstandings, legal disputes, and creditors lose money sometimes despite everyone’s best efforts and precautions. An asteroid can hit your house – shit happens. But this fucking guy saying that he just makes agreements, gives them other people’s money, and sends them on their merry way hoping they’ll do what they’re supposed to, and no plan but to say, “Sorry guys”, when they don’t? Fucking incompetent idiot.

    Now you might argue that people should not have given him their money and they bear that same responsibility. You’re right, but that doesn’t make him any less of an idiot.

    A real Capitalist, (as opposed to an ideologue playing Capitalist), wouldn’t entertain excuses for a second. You’re either capable of getting real results in the real world, or you’re DOING IT WRONG!

    • lowell houser

      “And how many criminals per year do you expect private citizens and
      Defence Agencies to kill per year in an Anarchist Utopia exactly?”

      I think I can answer your question pretty easily: A LOT. A lot, LOT. Think of what they are now multiply them exponentially. You know how moral hazard stacks up bad investments? Drug prohibition and social welfare stated driven single mom society has done the same thing with people. So expect a lot more to die the first year as the new system purges itself of the people that the current system actually protects in many ways. After that first year or so expect the actually violence level to drop to almost nothing, as micro level mutually assured destruction finally sets in and absolutely everybody understands that everybody left is willing to kill everybody else. Then it will all level out about like in Robert Heinlein’s book, Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

      • IRONMANAustralia

        I’ve yet to read that book, it’s on the list though, I’ve heard good things about it and I like the cut of Heinlein’s jib in many ways. It’s definitely on the list.

        What’s important to consider here though is: How many Murder Death Kills by cop would you find an acceptable number, (including genuine misunderstandings/accidents)? I take your point about that number changing with crime being disincentivised, but anyone who says, “One is too many”, is no better than the gun-grabbers who think citizens shouldn’t be able to keep and bear arms because a kid might get a hold of it and shoot himself. Guns are dangerous, so people can, do, and will shoot themselves accidentally, and each other in unavoidable misunderstandings.

        I’m okay with that, the same way I’m okay with the risk I take on the road. If you reduced the speed limit to zero, you’d have no accidents there either.

        Likewise, there is an acceptable non-zero number that this figure should be pitted against, or for simplicity we can deduct it.

        eg. If 1216 average (per single year) are killed and three quarters of those were justified, that would leave 312, then if we subtracted some arrived at ‘acceptable number’, say 100, then police misconduct would account for 212 deaths.

        Which still sucks, (just because something is unavoidable doesn’t mean isn’t undesirable and vice versa), but that wouldn’t fill a tea saucer with BBs, so is far less dramatic.

        That’s my point.

        Also, another example of this kind of crap I see done all the time is by hippies. It’s easy to stand at the arse-end of a factory and point at the amount of waste coming out as if it’s an environmental disaster, but if you divide that amount of waste per unit product and spread it over the area it ultimately disperses, it becomes obvious just how fucking insignificant it really is.

        It’s just the old Vivid Example fallacy that sways a lot of treehuggers, but at least that’s because many of them are genuinely too stupid and emotional to think it through.

        You certainly don’t need to create that kind of emotionalism out of thin air in relation to police misconduct. There clearly are systemic problems and it’s worth talking about and addressing, but the pattering of every BB one can statistically scrape together isn’t helping anyone look intellectually honest.

        • Richard Chiu

          If the whole population started committing “justifiable” homicides at cop rates, there would be hundreds of thousands every year. So of course that couldn’t last for very long. But every serious analysis of the problem I’ve examined indicates that police only directly affect non-violent crime rates, criminals mostly avoid violent crime because of the risk presented by non-police. When non-violent crime is unchecked, this can escalate rapidly into increases in violent crime (whether or not it does depends on cultural factors).

          If police were the only, or even the most effective, means of keeping non-violent crime in check then I could see putting up with them as long as they weren’t committing murders at too extraordinary a rate. But there are several private and non-government community based property-rights enforcement models which are far more effective in both preventing and resolving non-violent crime (without all the rampant murdering) than a strong police presence.

    • Richard Chiu

      To be fair, there isn’t really a publicly accessible, reliable way for people to know whether any particular homicides by police are justified. We know that some high profile cases appear to be justified, we see other high-profile cases in which the presented facts indicate otherwise, but the statistics on homicides by police are mostly a black box, and that in and of itself is a pretty good reason not to believe many of them are justified.

      Additionally, if we peek at the data that is available, comparing how many shootings by non-police are counted as justified compared to how many non-police actually die or are directly subject to violent (or property) crime (the numbers are different, the trend is not) then we can see that there is a massive divergence from how many police shootings are counted as justified compared to how many police become victims of crimes it would be justifiable to use force to prevent.

      Some of this difference can be explained by the phrase, “when seconds count, it sometimes turns out that there are still enough of them to add up to the minutes it takes police to respond”. But this is actually comparatively rare (one reason the saying is not very popular) and such ‘reduced immediacy’ incidents have a fairly low probability of ending in lethal force. Most police shootings occur in highly immediate circumstances, and including deaths in custody (which would ordinarily be considered unjustifiable killings) does nothing to help the argument that police aren’t killing far more people than they should. So, the general population commit a fraction of justifiable homicides compared to the number of murders committed against them (between 1/50 and 1/4, depending on how elastic your definition of ‘justifiable homicide’ when applied to non-police), while police commit several times as many justifiable homicides compared to murders committed against them (a multiple of 7-20, depending on reliability of statistics and what counts as a homicide by police).

      Far more of the difference can be explained by the fact that, as the police are frequently going about doing things that would be immediately recognized as criminal activity if they were done by non-police, the standards of ‘justifiable homicide’ which are applied to police differ so radically from that applied to non-police as to effectively function as a license to commit murder. Even if we’re very generous and posit that police are justified in homicides exactly as often as they are victims of murder (which is an invalid presumption, because the likelihood of criminals surrendering to police rather than resisting to the point of justifying lethal force should be far higher), the numbers mean that the overwhelming majority of homicides by police simply can’t be justified in any normal sense of the term. We’re really only arguing whether perhaps 1/7 or 1/70 homicides committed by police are justifiable in ordinary terms.

      So, go ahead and knock off the full 7th, I think that figure requires you assume that police are inherently functionally worse than useless organizationally and socially, and if you assume that there is some kind of point in having police forces at all the true number should only be 1/30 (at a maximum), but I’m of the opinion that police, however useless in concept, are not inherently worse at convincing criminals to surrender than are non-police, so something more like 1/20 of the homicides they commit could be justified. Whether it’s 95% or 85% of police homicides that are unjustified cannot matter as much as the fact that the overwhelming majority of them are unjustified. Multiply either number by the number of homicides police commit, and then divide that by the number of police, and it is shocking that we allow such an organization to continue to exist, let alone publicly fund it and support it with innumerable special privileges.

  • aletoledo

    If you lie down with dogs, then you’re going to get fleas. Someone needs to start a reputation based DRO to keep track of all the accusations flying back ad forth.

    • IRONMANAustralia

      Someone please send this important health information to Asa Jay.

      • UsedtobeaSuitBoi

        i’m sure he’s fine with it; extra protein.

  • mary sunshine

    Thank you for having a show on Johnson’s passport scam. In the first hour, you beautifully cornered Johnson, showing that he did run the passport scams for Berwick, and that, frankly, he’s lying about not knowing they were illegal. His hypocrisy is over-the-top unbelievable.

    You also cornered him in one very important point about Galt’s Gulch Chile, a point that investor Josh Kirley has stressed over and over: how could Johnson have had 99% ownership of GGC without putting in one single dime of his money, and what do the investors and erstwhile partners think about it? This is the smoke, but Christopher, there is plenty of fire underneath that you couldn’t expose because you and Terence weren’t prepared. This is a very complex situation and Johnson has not been forthcoming with the information we need to understand it all.

    You mentioned that I use the phrase “future convicted felon Johnson” in my writing. There is a very good reason for that and I will give you definitive evidence from our lawyer in Chile supporting that statement.

    I need to speak out in support of my fellow investors. They are people who merely bought into a dream that Johnson has turned into a nightmare. They have done nothing to deserve the slander and libel that Johnson dishes out on a regular basis.

    Josh Kirley first took the load of trying to understand what went wrong. He spent untold hours and over $100,000 to cut Johnson’s Gordian knot and he hasn’t given up yet. He has supported the rest of the Recovery Team emotionally and financially throughout. We’d be nowhere without him. Both Tom Baker and EJ Lashlee are incredible, stand-up men. They have always been kind and supportive in their dealings with me. I trust all three implicitly. To hear the likes of Johnson insult and slander these fine men is more than I can stand. They absolutely don’t deserve it.

    Thanks again for the platform. You will be hearing more from us soon.

    Cathy Cuthbert
    GGC Recovery Team

  • Terence

    From: Ken Johnson

    Subject: 2nd Passports with No-Qualifying In-House Financing – $150/month!!!
    Date: July 9, 2012 at 12:05:25 AM PDT
    Our two programs in Paraguay also fit most all budgets. One program, which is more economical takes approximately four years to complete for your citizenship and our exclusive expedited program allows clients to obtain citizenship in only eight months! Paraguayan citizenship affords you visa free travel to over 100 countries! Only eight months to freedom! I’m going through this program this month. If you’d like to join me in doing so, just let me know!

    Was Johnson lying on the podcast or lying in this e-mail to his “Clients”?

    Johnson was Jeff Berwick’s mentor or defrauding people with the same scam in PY in ‘012.

  • Rothbardian Slip

    Brutal to listen to. I think I made it through 45 or so minutes. The guy was squirming like a crackhead. It sounds like that whole industry is shady.

    • index1000

      really?? i must have listened to a different podcast. he did not sound like a crackhead at all the guy who rang in though? and the fact that berwick and the others would email the show but wouldn’t ring in ??? Probably easier to cast aspersions via comments i suppose.

      • Apparently you didn’t understand my comment. I apologize if I was unclear. I said he was “squirming like a crackhead”. In other words, he was unable to give precise, lucid, or direct answers to the questions he was asked. I never said he was at fault or guilty or anything of the sort. As far as casting aspersions, again, I said he was squirming. He was. I don’t think you could listen and say otherwise. I have no dog in that race. I couldn’t care less about the people involved. The whole industry sounds shady to me. I think I would avoid it. You can pay someone 25k to do things you could’ve done yourself if you’ld like. Have at it.

        • index1000

          Well it pisses me off that the fraud Berwick is walking away from this . He was the only one i ever saw promoting this thing. Trying to sell it on his dollarvigilante site constantly for months on end. He even moved one of his colleagues Gary (someone forget his surname) who edited the site down there and then what? It just never gets mentioned again, his mate Gary is never heard from again and now its all this guy Johnsons fault.
          Johnson could be the biggest crook in the world, i don’t know but he fronted on the show. Berwick was emailing in but didn’t have the balls to ring in, same with some of the Rescue squad?
          You and i will have to disagree as i listened to the whole thing and he did not sound anything like you have described. he answered every question he was asked.
          I never suggested you did accuse him of being guilty i was referring to berwick, you didn’t listen to the whole thing if you had you would have heard the presenter saying that Berwick was emailing him during the show ranting that Johnson is a crook etc etc, he wouldn’t ring in though to confront him when invited to. neither would the other rescue crew member who was emailing the show,

          • I’ll try to give it another listen and respond later. It’s been awhile.

          • index1000

            hahah good luck as its hardly prime time entertainment. Look i don’t want to be seen as defending Johnson. I don’t know enough about him and the fact that he ended up with 99% of the project shows that something is wrong. However, having said that, the slimeball Berwick is now being talked of as a victim here and that is not right. he is in it up to his drunken neck.
            Look at the Libertyme site today running his article as though it is fact.
            That bastard did his best to get me involved in that scam. Emailing me constantly over a 6 – 9 month period, talking about this wonderful community of individuals ( hahah ) then nothing. Just silence. never mentioned for nearly two years and lo and behold he is now a rescue group member.

  • Brady2600

    I’m going to hazard a guess that no meaningful documents ever arrived.

  • Morris

    It’s very obvious with an hour or two of internet research that both Berwick and Johnson are dishonest scam artists. I feel for the folks they have scammed.

    That said, I think it is now time to start asking why so many apparently intelligent and otherwise truthful “personalities” continue to appear on Berwick’s podcasts, allow him to speak at their conferences and attend and speak at his conference. The video of Berwick alone is enough to draw the obvious conclusion that a person with morals needs to distance themselves from him until he is able to show that he is a legitimate business person in any way. A lot of folks I otherwise have respect for continue to associate themselves with this guy. It is time for them to justify that association or not continue it.