AUDIO: Angry Tranny’s Legal Threats

If you’ve ever visited the contact page here, you might have noticed I have a phone number listed. It’s just my Google Voice and it exists basically for the purpose of recording hateful messages from people who are so angry text just won’t do. I got some voicemails last night from a very angry transgendered person. I had some fun with it, and figured I would share them with you.

The first came in around 9:30pm


I woke up around 3:00am for some reason and saw it. Since New Hampshire has some really bad wiretapping laws, recording calls can be problematic for me. So I responded via SMS to say “Go fuck your mother” and later “What’s wrong tough guy?”

At 8:41am I receive a text message saying “I am calling the police. And having you arrested for this. And so you know I am female”.

Moments later, another voicemail


To which I replied via SMS “You keep on telling yourself that, dude. Go call the cops you stupid tranny fuck. And when they do nothing, I hope you fuckin kill yourself”

Moments later, another voicemail.


To which I replied “Fuck you, sodomite. Leave me some more voicemails.”

My day is off to a wonderful start. I hope yours is too.

Oh, and in case you were curious. The number these messages came from is 803-979-1628 🙂

It looks like it is a commenter going by the name of destiny on Disqus. He has been commenting on my piece “Transgendering a Toddler Is Child Abuse” and making threats against readers. When that failed to gain him the appropriate intimidation, he tried to intimidate me. But I don’t give a fuckin shit about his stupid imagined rights. I sincerely hope this man commits suicide.

 Update 10:55am Eastern

Apparently “destiny” is interested in doing some cross promotion. No pun intended 🙂 I just got another voicemail from him.


Update 1:18pm Eastern

This just keeps on getting better. I got a call from Corporal Gymer with the Aiken Department of Public Safety in South Carolina. I called him back, and recorded our interaction. I don’t take kindly to legal threats, and of course the outcome was far from what miss Destiny Price had been hoping for.


Another update 4:47pm Eastern. Destiny Price appears to be a very disturbed and potentially dangerous person. I am in contact with the Department of Public Safety in Aiken, South Carolina.

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