Dear Others

The vast, vast, vast majority of my readers/listeners/viewers are cisgendered, white, heterosexual, males. If you do not fall into this category, be you a cisgendered white heterosexual female, a transgendered black male, a gay hispanic male, or whatever, you are part of a very small demographic in terms of this audience, but I want you to know that I value your attention and support.

I cannot in good faith tell you that I value it equal to that of cisgendered white heterosexual males. They are my core demographic, they mirror my own identity, and it is only right that I cater to their interests and of course, my own. As such, the content you see here and on my podcast and YouTube channel, may at times seem insensitive to other demographics. You should know, and will observe should you choose to continue consuming my content, that this is not a source of hatred. Far from it. It is my sincere hope in fact, that an open discussion about the differences between certain groups will help us to understand each other better, and make for better relationships between these groups.

Dear Others
Dear Others

I find mainstream narratives about political correctness, calling all insensitive things bigoted and hateful, to be quite absurd. Making observations about groups is quite commonplace in society. You’ll never see a black comedian chastised for mocking white people. You’ll never see a transgendered person arrested for saying “die cis scum”. You’ll never see a gay person called a bigot for deriding “breeders”. It has even become quite trendy to say very nasty things about Christians. But especially as of late, the rules seem to have been altered in that some groups are not allowed to criticize and some groups are not to be criticized. To me it all seems quite arbitrary, and I intend to break these rules with little to no regard for whose feelings get hurt. 

People often say that I am a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, bigot. There was a time when I attempted to convince people I was not these things, as I took these for hateful terms, and I genuinely do not hate individuals within such groups for their membership therein. At some point however, I realized that hate on my part was not a prerequisite for being called these things. These slurs were thrown at me for the sole purpose of demonizing the group I happen to be a part of, the cisgendered white heterosexual male (herein CWHM) demographic.

I suppose some might see that as justice. A particular brand of justice, that of the social variety. We CWHM’s have, in the eyes of many, had it quite good over the years after all, and there exists this pervasive idea in human society that anybody who prospers does so only at the expense of others. In their view, prosperity is a scarce resource, and by bringing down the prosperous, this frees up prosperity for the rest of society. You may have heard of this philosophy, it is known as communism. Today it is sold under a myriad of brand names, socialism, progressivism, liberalism, diversity, equality, democracy, social justice, to name just a few. I despise communism. I think fighting it is a thing worth doing, and I will not let it hide under the guise of helping the downtrodden, as it has always done.

The people who believe in this tragically flawed philosophy have gathered together a coalition of gullible dupes consisting largely of blacks, hispanics, muslims, gays, trans people, and other minorities. In an act of extraordinary chutzpah, they have even managed to convince women that they, though being the majority of the population, are some sort of oppressed minority. Many CWHM’s have answered the call to “rescue” these “oppressed” classes and turned on their own. By bringing this coalition together, they have managed to marginalize the CWHM demographic. This is done for the purpose of justifying government policy which aims to do violence against us, and I feel threatened by it on a personal level.

Thus though I abhor identity politics, I feel compelled to respond in defense of my demographic. This will necessarily involve pointing out group differences, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and perhaps a bit of mockery. I realize that if you are reading/viewing/listening to me, you’re terribly unlikely to be one of the aforementioned gullible dupes. So if you get hit with a bit of shrapnel in the course of the fighting, I want you to know I genuinely regret that. But of course, if you’ve been reading/listening/viewing for any period of time, you’ve certainly seen me piss off a great number of people, and presumably taken some degree of pleasure in that. At some point, it might just be your turn to be pissed off.

I sincerely hope you do not take it personally, and will continue to enjoy the content here. Should you be a member of one of the demographics discussed, I invite you to comment on the blog, or call into the podcast, as I value your input in the topics here explored. Hopefully in time the current shitstorm of identity politics will subside, and we can return exclusively to fighting the great unifying enemy of all mankind, the State.



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