Update on Legal Threats from Destiny Price

This morning I woke up to some legal threats from a mentally ill man who thinks he is a woman. His name is David Price, but he has been going by the name of Destiny Price.

Update on Legal Threats from "Destiny" Price
Update on Legal Threats from “Destiny” Price

If you haven’t already read it, you should probably get the back story from my previous post titled “AUDIO: Angry Tranny’s Legal Threats“, and if you read it early on, you might want to go back because it has been updated a few times, including of video of me talking to police about the matter.

From that video Mr. Price’s last name was revealed. We found his YouTube channel, his Twitter Feed, and his Facebook profile. And oh boy, Mr. Price has some very serious issues. I’m very concerned that he may resort to some kind of murder suicide to get revenge on society for not accepting his mental illness. So I sent this email off to Corporal Gymer at the Aiken, South Carolina Department of Safety, in the hopes he can stop Mr. Price from harming anyone else when he inevitably ends his worthless existence.

Good Afternoon Corporal Gymer,

Thank you for contacting me about “Destiny” Price, whose real name appears to be David Price. When Mr. Price’s last name came out in the YouTube video, one of my readers looked up Mr. Price and found his YouTube channel. Two videos in particular stuck out, which indicated you might be dealing with a dangerous person.
In this one, Mr. Price indicates he is suicidal because his hormone treatments are taking too long to turn him into a woman. That is especially significant because those hormones will never turn him into a woman, indicating it is only a matter of time.


That wouldn’t be too big a deal for the rest of the world, of course, except that he seems to have desires of getting “revenge” on others for “transphobia”. In the video description, he describes in some detail how he wishes to torture, enslave, and sexually assault his victims.

“if I ever catch a trans phobic. you better worry for you will not like what happens. I got plans for one of you. a big gay man will be your new owner but first you will be castrated chemically and well you will find out how we live. I hope you like a funnel shoved in your hip and mothballs size pellets dropped in. because that will happen. right after that watch the transformation begin
enough to never become male again. I will pass you past the one year mark enough your trans phobic ass will be stuck between male and female.”

Suicidal people who think society owes them some kind of acceptance that they will never achieve, and think they have the right to take revenge on the members of that society can be very dangerous. Kinda like Vester Flanagan, that guy who gunned down those reporters on live morning television not too long ago.

[Editors Note: David Price removed this video from YouTube after I published this piece. Unfortunately for David, the Internet is forever. I saved a copy of the video and have uploaded it to this website. Good luck removing that shit, you fuckin psychopath.]

Mr. Price continues to tangle with my readers in the comments section of the following blog post. I don’t mind, personally. And the readers can block Mr. Price whenever they get sick of listening to him spout off with his asinine ramblings. I’m happy to let Mr. Price parade his mental illness around for the entertainment of my readers. But I think it pretty significant that Mr. Price is filing police reports which claim he is being harassed due to his sexual identity, even while he continues to antagonize people who simply want him to get help with his mental illness. I don’t know when filing false reports becomes a crime in South Carolina, but I am pretty confident the police here in New Hampshire wouldn’t appreciate this sort of behavior.


Mr. Price’s Disqus profile (Disqus is a popular social commenting plugin for websites) shows he has some obsession with arguing with people about transgenderism on more blogs than just mine. Hundreds upon hundreds of comments, making threats and insisting people co-sign his mental disorder.

His twitter profile contains almost nothing but complaints about bigotry, but nobody seems to be paying any attention https://twitter.com/davidpr87939492

He is so obsessed with transgenderism, he appears to think Mr. Bruce Jenner isn’t transgender enough! Going so far as to call for a boycott on Mr. Bruce Jenner’s show!

“yet again Caitlyn Jenner shows us that they are not our advocate but our enemy set against us making a mockery of the Transgender community. all of us need to boycott Jenner’s show. and to remove her from the spotlight to ensure no further damage to our already oppressed community.”


This person is obviously very unstable. I don’t know how much you’ve dealt with these “social justice warrior” types before, but they attack me on a pretty regular basis. They make bogus legal threats, file false police reports with agencies like yours, they attempt to expose personal information, and frequently resort to threats or even acts of violence.

Hopefully this information helps to prevent Mr. David Price from harming anybody else when he inevitably ends his own worthless life for failure to seek psychiatric help with his disease.

Christopher Cantwell
Update – In the second video David “Destiny” Price claims police did nothing to his attacker. But on Twitter he says that the guy did a year in jail, and that he was attacked because he had “made a pass” at the guy. Well, Destiny, I’d wanna cut your throat if you made a pass at me, too. Don’t bother deleting the tweet either, I already screencapped it.




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