Interview: I View Them As Vermin

I was recently invited onto the “Liberty Hangout Podcast” to discuss the Syrian refugee crisis, and some critiques of my style in addressing issues. My hostility toward leftists and the Black Lives Matter demonstrators was of particular interest to the interviewers.

Interview: I View Them As Vermin
Interview: I View Them As Vermin

To the leftists, I said “I view them as vermin” an infestation which ought to be eliminated from our presence. I’m thoroughly convinced that sane people cannot live in the same geographic area as any considerable concentration of leftists, much less share an ideology, and certainly not a system of government.

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The interviewers seemed to have some really wrongheaded ideas on what the Black Lives Matter demonstrations were spawned from, insisting that it was a response to police brutality. When reminded that Michael Brown was the spark of the cause, one host said that Brown had been shot in the back, a common meme not contained within the actual evidence, which I attempted to correct.

A question commonly asked of me is why I alienate so many people when it is said I have the capacity to have broader appeal. I answered, as you can see in the video, that I think there has been far too much concentration on growing the ranks of the libertarian movement and that too many sacrifices have been made in this effort. We are inundated with left wing nonsense, and my focus is to point out their errors, and that doing this necessarily leads to accusations of racism regardless of merit, which obviously is going to alienate people.

See the full interview below.


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