Radical Agenda EP077 – Cucktober in December

It’s been a hell of a weekend. There was another snoozefest Democrat debate. A drudging two and a half hours of communists playing sanity charades, trying to convince us that health care and college just magically appear by electoral wizardry. They desperately tried to paint Republicans as violent militant anarchists, while simultaneously promising to pursue the same foreign conflicts but in a more half assed and dangerous manner sure to continue the fighting for decades to come. The entire time, all I could think of was “I don’t have nearly enough guns, ammo, precious metals, or non-perishable foods. This is going to be a disaster.”

I have a hard time believing there are people out there who say there is no difference between the two parties. Surely as one traverses the moderation scale from Rand Paul, to Ted Cruz, to Donald Trump, and on down the line leftward to Jeb Bush, the conservatism of the Republican party leaves much to be desired. But the rhetoric of Democrats alone is so insanely toxic. That is what drives the lunacy on the college campuses and ends up with ridiculous lists of insane demands like we just saw come out of Oberlin.

Did I mention Barack Obama is pretty much the worst president ever?

Radical Agenda EP077 - Cucktober in December
Radical Agenda EP077 – Cucktober in December

Speaking of liberal nonsense, Mark Edge quit Free Talk Live. So much for political correctness. You may recall that Mark threatened to quit if I wasn’t fired from Free Talk Live a few months back. He then made a desperate plea to the audience to fund the program which they flatly rejected. Unquestionably because the show has become less and less entertaining with the more time that goes by. Mark wanted listeners to join the AMP program, which they claim doesn’t go in their pockets, but rather goes toward promoting the show. Yet, while they claim to have “hundreds of people” AMPing the show, they haven’t grown since my departure, they’ve actually been in decline. Meanwhile we’ve grown our audience by more than 50%.

There are a lot more stories to get to, but I want to revisit last week’s Trending Transgressions segment with a truly cringeworthy new update. Last week we spoke of Stefonknee, the 46 year old man who left his wife and seven children to live his life as a six year old girl. What I wasn’t full aware of at the time was that this fuckin fanatic hasn’t just been “adopted” by his “mummy and daddy” he’s actually their sex slave and handy man. Another show did a 23 minute podcast about the “family” and it is probably the single most repulsive thing I’ve heard this year, which is really saying something considering what a fucking trainwreck 2015 has been.

So we’ll review the audio from that program in a segment inspired by the Opie & Anthony show’s old “Jocktober” bit. If you’re not familiar, every October all the rock radio stations dub the month ‘Rocktober’ and run all kinds of stupid promotional stunts. O&A took this bit and called it “Jocktober”, pulling audio from shit morning zoo radio shows for the purpose of mockery. Well, we’re taking it to the next level with our new segment “Cucktober”, where we’ll take the most cringeworthy left wing degenerate filth and chuck it from a verbal helicopter to it’s squishy and well earned rhetorical demise. Expect a lot more of this come October, but we’ll dedicate a segment to this bit once in awhile during the rest of the year just because it’s too damn good to wait.

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